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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RAVE: Epic lightening storm last night over DC, just after midnight. It lasted about 30-40 minutes and the sky was AMAZING. Green lightening, white lightening, the sky as bright as day for 3 to 4 seconds at a time. It was absolutely incredible.
    RANT: The battery was dead for my DSLR. Took some photos with my iPad, but the quality stinks πŸ™

    • what kind of DSLR do you have? I am going to europe in a month and have been thinking it would be a great time to invest in a good camera. My budget would be maybe 300-400$ (for everything)

      • I have a Nikon D40 (it’s about 8 years old). When I bought it, it was Nikon’s entry-level DSLR and you could buy a package with a lens for about $700. I think you could get a used package on eBay for probably $300. Nikon’s new entry-level DSLRs are the 3000-series. I think they retails from $450 to $700, depending on body and lens package.

        • I also have a D40 from years ago. If you can get one in good shape it’s a great basic DSLR camera and the photos, even on “auto”, are really great!

      • Whatever you do, get it ASAP.

        DSLRs have a bit of a learning curve. So, you’ll want to play around with it as much as possible before your trip to actually get some good pictures.

        I have an older Canon Rebel that works great. I’d also suggest getting the canon cheap prime lens (~$99) because you’ll need it to take pictures inside of dark old cathedrals, etc.

      • I got a Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR from Amazon in that price range (included a tripod, memory card, bag, etc. all the stuff you’d need). I’m definitely not an expert photographer, but I think if you want a reasonably priced DSLR that takes some great pictures, it’s definitely an option. Lots of good options on Amazon. I’m sure some of the more experienced photographers can chime in with a few recommendations as well.

      • Though, I’d strongly recommend getting a high-end point-and-shoot. The new point-and-shoots are incredible and will blow away anything I could shoot with my old DSLR.
        When I’m on vacation, I find that having my large DSLR is a hindrance to shooting photos. It’s large, heavy, and it takes too long to pull it out and get the shot if I’m trying to get a quick photo. I also have to carry various lens lengths with me. TBH, it’s a hassle.

      • I have a Nikon D5100, there are newer versions out now but mine is pretty sweet. I paid almost $1,000 but I got a lot with it. I got it from Costco and would recommend you giving them a shot because they have bundles that make it worth the cost. I would also suggest that you skip the entry level camera and get a mid-level camera. A lot of people regret buying entry level because it is basic and can’t do as much as a mid-level. You are likely to get to a point where you would want to upgrade sooner than later so skip that and get something that you can continue to learn on. Hell, if nothing else, I would get a nice point and shoot before I got an entry DSLR. Just my two cents…

      • pablo .raw

        My advice would be to look for an fuji x100. Super light, easy to carry, probably you can find a used one in that price range. You won’t need to change lenses and it comes with the 35mm equivalent.

        • is buying a used one on craigslist a bad idea?

          • pablo .raw

            I don’t think so. I have sold cameras on CL and bought cameras and lenses on CL. It’s hard to know how a stranger treated his camera so all you can do is look for the cosmetic state of the camera, if a lens is attached, make sure it’s not scratched. Take a couple of photos with it to make sure it’s working properly.

          • pablo .raw

            I forgot to mention, if you can, find the shutter count of the camera. I’ve heard that cameras are designed to take around 100,000 photos. This is not an absolute number of course and it probably varies from one camera to another. But at least you’ll get an idea of how much a camera was used.

    • I thought the storm was cool for the first minute. Then I started to hate it, as the strobe-like flashing began to trigger a migraine and I had to hide under a heavy blanket to prevent it from getting worse. I have a nice DSLR and was wishing I could go out to take pictures, but I think my head would have exploded.

  • Rant: Cab driver this morning who at the end of the trip asked with indignation: “You don’t have cash?”
    No, no I don’t. It’s 2014 and you just have to suck it up and take my money through my debit card. Would you have preferred to continue driving down North Capitol with an empty cab, as you were before you picked me up?

    • Last night, my cab driver asked if I could pay in cash due to the system taking 10% off each charge. I sympathize, and I actually did have some cash with me, but not $25. So no, sorry sir.

      • I had a cab driver conveniently “forget” to turn on the meter and when I got to my destination and pulled out my credit card, he says “Oh sorry I forgot to turn on the meter, you can just give me cash”. Well, I didn’t have cash, so I got a free cab ride.
        I too sympathize with them to a degree, and if I have some cash (but not enough to pay the entire fare), I’ll pay the fare with my card and try to give them a cash tip. But yes, it’s 2014, and the times that I have cash on me are extremely rare.

        • I had a cab driver tell me the other day (as I waved off another cab b/c he said his credit card machine was broken) that I should just get in the cab regardless. If their machine isn’t working, it’s their problem. Seems like a few drivers are sick of others pulling this too.

    • This. This is why people use Uber. And this one of several reasons I have no sympathy for taxi drivers losing business to Uber. Even though Uber is a terrible company. It’s just. Ugh.

      • I sympathize with cab drivers because I understand how it can be a difficult profession and it can be difficult to have money automatically taken our of your paycheck because customers used a credit card. However, every (or most) major cities allow credit card usage, and you don’t see their cabs complaining. When I go to a new city and ask at the airport whether cabs take credit cards, they look at me as if I am insane. This is just a cost of doing business, and I am afraid cabs will have to get used to it.

        Regarding uberX, I can’t stand how they have no idea where anything in the city is. I literally have had to tell a driver how to get to 16th street from 15th street. I thought they would have learned the geography by now, but it appears not. Given this inconvenience, I am often drawn to taking cabs because at least they know where they are going.

        • I absolutely agree with you at uberX drives have no freggin clue where they are going. It makes me crazy.

          • A friend recently booked uberX to take her from my house to DCA. Watching the driver try to find my house, even with the help of GPS, was enough to convince me to avoid uberX in the future. And my house is within the original L’Enfant grid — not exactly hard to find.

        • Ha! This. We were pulling out car out of the end of our our dead end alley the other weekend when an UberX rocketed down to where we were. Laughed and laughed as he tried to turn around and frantically figure out where he was going.

        • I would rather take an UberX and tell them how to get where I need to go than deal with a cab who knows where to go but will and shaft me any number of ways. At least in general, the UberX will be clean, have A/C on and spacious enough in the back for me to cross my legs. DC cabs, despite being in large Impalas generally, have zero leg room, are dirty, usually smells of cigarette smoke, the driver ALWAYS wants to have the a/c off and either 1. won’t take credit card 2. tries jacking up the fare either by extra charges or takes the slow route or 3. won’t even take you to where you want to go because it’s inconvenient for them.

        • Its also very frustrating when you originally call for uber x on your app. You will see the car slowly coming towards you on the app….and then somehow they will go completely the wrong way. So what turns into a 3 minute wait becomes a 10 minute wait because they go the wrong way…as you watch on your phone.

          Agree that uber black is awesome, but pretty expensive for regular use…

          • Agreed. I’ll watch in disbelief as they go way out of the way, start spinning, and then sit for minutes at one location as they try to GPS your address. I’ve canceled numerous UberX’s when it became clear they had no idea where they were going, but will unfortunately end up with the same driver anyway. Sometimes I will call them and ask where they are going, but they are usually unwilling to take any direction and admit they have no idea where they are going.

        • I’ve frankly had the same problem with regular Uber. I now really can’t take it anymore. The software doesn’t map my workplace and there is no way to put in an address. I try to move the dot to near where I am (rather than 5 blocks away), but then when the car comes, they call me and tell me they’re here (but here is always between 3-5 blocks away). Then I have to tell them where I am and most of the time they can’t find me. By that time, I’ve waited 10 minutes for an Uber that basically didn’t show up, then get a nasty gram from Uber for cancelling my ride. Uber seems like a great idea, but I’ve never really gotten it to work for me.

      • I’ve had mixed results with the Uberx drivers (though the Uber Black Car drivers are always exceptional, if you don’t mind forking out the cash). Most X drivers do okay with their GPS. I find it best to have them tell me the route its recommending up front, then I can change it before we get started if need be.

        Still, hands-down, better than cabs who, even when I book them online in advance, will not show up to my neighborhood (Hill East). Years of cabs refusing to take passengers to certain neighborhoods and refusing to take credit cards; that’s why Uber is doing so well.

        • I’ll also add that I do not walk alone at night for security reasons. Uber coming to DC has given me back my night life (I live no where near the path of most cabs and they only come to my neighborhood 50-60% of the time when called). I hate to sound like a cheerleader, but Uber has really been life changing for me.

          • I’m with you Ally. Uber makes going out ten times easier and I’d much rather pay more to have door-to-door service in a comfortable car than deal with DC taxis or drive my car and spend 40 minutes looking for a parking spot.

          • Same here. I’ve been sexually assaulted by cab drivers on two occasions, and it’s hard to get cabs to come to Capitol Hill anyway, so I stopped taking them and as a result stopping going out at night. Uber is a lot safer because there’s more accountability (I realize incidents still happen but they’re a lot less common) so I’ve started going out again.

          • We started using Uber exclusively (and UberX after that) the third time we tried to call a cab to our house and were told it wasn’t a valid address (our house number and street combination sounds generic and possibly made up, but there IS a house there!). When the dispatcher for 3 different cab companies can’t be bothered to freakin’ verify on a map that your street exists why would we ever give them business? Taking cabs is an expensive transportation option in general, the extra 15-20% for an Uber isn’t swaying that decision when you factor in the convenience of not dealing with incompetence.

  • Rant: Security clearance delayed, no idea why, affecting my income. Contacted Elanor Holmes Norton because we have no Senate reps that can help. πŸ™

    Rave: Wind on a hot day, leading to rain, leading to a temporarily cooler day.

    Rant: Runaround with t-Mobile, they tried to get me to pay 300$ for a replacement phone even though my lemon phone is still under warranty, is there a better carrier in DC? I’m done with them! Bah!

    Rant: Traffic has gotten worse lately, Horrible drivers that don’t obey laws, no police monitoring aside from speed cameras on local roads, it’s lawless out there, with plenty of bicyclists to complicate matters. At least I can drive to work listening to the radio in comfort sheltered from the rain and heat. πŸ˜›

    Rave: Peppermint oil works wonders for keeping mice out of my house, but my house smells like a candy factory now.

    • In all seriousness – you should send a tweet at the T-mobile CEO. I have actually seen him respond and resolve issues.

    • GiantSquid

      How did you distribute the peppermint oil? We have a mouse in our kitchen who is lingering.

      • I tried this once and just put a few drops of the peppermint oil on a few cotton balls and put them in a small glass cup. I bought the oil at Whole Foods (they sell both edible and non-edible I bought the non-edible kind). The smell lasted for a few days and did seem to do the trick.

      • I mixed the oil with a little bit of water and put it into a spray bottle… The oil should be as concentrated as possible though to have a lasting effect.

        I also dabbed a little bit on my A/C unit filter. That ensured that my entire house smelled like a giant candy cane, but haven’t seen a single mouse since…

    • OMG, I had somewhat of a similar issue with T-Mobile that caused me to leave. My phone was not able to receive a charge. The only options they provided were buying a $300 phone outright or cancelling my contract and assume about $300 worth cancellation and start-up fees to start a new plan. Meanwhile, then boyfriend/now husband got we a port charger and it worked like a charm. I moved to Sprint about four years ago. Overall, I have not had any issues with them or the phones I’ve had with them.

  • Rave: Went to see The Fault in Our Stars last night. An adaptation is always going to leave some things out, but I thought it was pretty faithful to the book. All the tears in the theater, including from the guy who wouldn’t stop talking throughout.
    Rave: New haircut, just in time for the heat/humidity. Looking forward to seeing how it washes out.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I was concerned about that Shaliene chick playing the lead b/c her acting on Secret Life was so terrible (everyone’s acting was terrible!). But then I saw her in something else and now I’m excited to see what she does with it. I pictured the guy as Ben from Dance Academy, so I’m a little bummed with what the guy looks like, but I’m sure he’s fine.

      • I, too, was concerned about Shailene Woodley – she’s a little too waifish for the role when the book specifically mentions the effects of steroids etc., but she was fantastic. They both were fantastic.

  • Rave: I had an awesome dinner with my bestie, who is in town for work, and some other friends.
    Rant: My bestie flies back to CA tonight. I think I may cry when we drop her off at the airport.
    Rave: An awesome weekend ahead: clothing swap, bbq at a friend’s place, and my first appointment at the herbs clinic.
    Rave: Having people over on Saturday = motivation to put away wedding gifts and clean my messy apartment

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: People keep complimenting my hair. This I why I love humidity!
    Rant: Work expect me to be able to concentrate when there are IMPORTANT international things going on!
    Rave: Just realized Jun 26 is my work at home day. Mesut!

    • Same rave about the hair! I even got a compliment last night when it was pulled back in a ponytail and couldn’t be appreciated fully.

  • Rant: Can’t decide if I want to get the Galaxy S5, wait for the new Iphone or wait for the new line from Samsung that will replace the S series. I was up for an upgrade back in December but held off. I am tired of holding off now but I am hearing rumblings about a lot of new phones coming out at the end of the year or so. Any phone lovers have any insight or suggestions?


    Rant: Almost t-boned a lady yesterday while my wife and baby were in the car because she decided she wanted to make a U-turn from a parked position on the curb on a curve in front of her house without looking. Who does that? So freaking dangerous.


    Rant: So tired


    Rant: No raves

    • The LG G3 is apparently the bee’s knees.

    • I bought a nexus 5 in January. Unlocked, no contract for $350. Put my iPhone 4S to shame. One of the best tech purchases I’ve made. No way in hell I’d pay $600 (or $200 under a 2-year contract) for an iPhone 5S.

      • Same here, love love this phone. Unlocked, no contract, pay as you go from t-mobile.

      • Where did you get the phone for that price? My iPhone 4 is ready to bite the dust and I’m sick of overpaying AT&T for my service (that said, I have unlimited data grandfathered plan)

        • You can get the 16 GB straight from Google at any time with that price. Just google “google devices”.

          I’m currently with T-Mobile with unlimited data, unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and 2.5 gigs of free tethering thrown in for $70 a month. I couldn’t be happier. It’s a 40 dollars savings from my far more limited plan at Verizon.

    • There will always be some new phone on the horizon. Just get one.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Driving to Upstate NY tomorrow by myself.
    Revel: Get to see Mr. Squid and in-laws on the other end.
    Revel: When I return to DC, I get to see a best friend who lives in FL and I haven’t seen in over a year and my new bike will be ready!
    Rant: Feeling antsy, need a change. Just not sure it’s a big one or a small one. Mr. Squid isn’t crazy about haircut, tattoo, or nose piercing. New job?

    • +1 on your rant…i’m driving to upstate NY by myself tomorrow also! and some jerk put a meeting on my calendar for 5:30 tomorrow, so I can’t sneak out of the office early to get my drive started.
      additional driving rant: rush hour traffic, which seems to go from 3pm-7pm. it will add at least an hour onto an already 8 hour drive.
      rave: my boyfriend hid a box of chocolates in my bag. super sweet surprise when I got to work and opened my bag!!

      • Can you take your meeting from the road and just call in via Bluetooth?

        • GiantSquid

          It might be tough depending on where she is. Cell coverage in parts of PA and NY is spotty.

        • i did that last time i had a driving buddy, but this meeting entails looking at slides, commenting on them, taking notes, etc. hard to do even if the cell service was good!

      • GiantSquid

        Upstate NY FTW? I’m a get up and head out early traveler because I don’t like being on 81 at night. Vacation day to travel it is. Here’s hoping the road construction is minimal for us!

        • We too are driving up the upper NJ tomorrow. Any road side attractions that are worth stopping at if you’re not on the turnpike?

        • If you’re a Wegman’s fan there are a couple right off of I-81 in Harrisburg and Wilkes-Barre. They are a great for pit stops.

          • +1 for wegmans! i always feel silly getting so excited for a grocery store, but when i need a pit stop anyways, i might as well make it a delicious one! πŸ™‚
            and i guess upstate NY FTW! i’m heading to the daks for some time in the mountains.

          • GiantSquid

            Yup, that’s my halfway lunch stop!

    • Aren’t you pregnant squid? Soon your body and your life will be going through a lot of changes πŸ™‚

    • If you’re into recorded books on CD while driving, the Chevy Chase library has a great selection. I picked up 4 yesterday for an upcoming drive to RI – Alan Rickman reading Thomas Hardy to me is so delicious!

  • Rant – I absolutely hate my office. No one speaks to anyone. No one helps anyone. No one cares about anyone. The boss has created this environment by having pets and not treating us like the professionals we are.
    Rave – having lunch with old friends and then working from home for the rest of the day.

    • Do we work in the same office? It’s so quiet in here I can hear the wall clock ticking. Nobody speaks to anyone! Sigh. I need a new job.

    • Are your colleagues jerks, outside of the work environment? I ask because in my office, it’s as quiet as the grave, except for the tippety-tap of keyboards. However, we all take a break at lunchtime and have an awesome hilarity-filled half-hour around the conference table. I guess it’s just recognizing and respecting that people have a lot of very cerebral work to do, and also that folks need to eat and socialize. We don’t, for example, do “drive bys”. You know, when you saunter up to someone’s desk and ask them a question that forcibly takes them out of their mindspace? In my office, that’s a little disrespectful. Put it in an email if it’s work related, save it for lunchtime if it’s not.
      I bet people would think our office is stuffy and horrible… unless they saw us at lunch. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Trying to figure out how to get to and from the Beyonce/JayZ concert in Baltimore is proving to be a pain in the ass
    Rant: So much work to do.
    Rave: It’s Thursday. So close to the weekend!

  • justinbc

    Rant: AC barely working again this summer, thankfully we got a portable unit for the bedroom this year. Tech scheduled to come out and do maintenance tomorrow, whew. It was 83 in the house last night, any hotter and I’m gonna start worrying about corks popping out of all the bottles.
    Rave: Heading to Redline at lunch to watch the Colombia match.
    Rave: The Aus vs Ned game yesterday was easily the best of the tournament thus far.
    Reminder (for any who’ve missed the updates thus far): PoPville HH one week from today (26th) at Mockingbird Hill, right off the Shaw metro.

  • Rave: I love the heat. Related Rant: My pup does not love the heat. At all.
    Rave: Cookies and cake tastings and my wonderful dentist.
    Rave: Finally filled a long vacant position in my office! Very excited for the new person to start next week.
    Rave: Cleaning out my closet this weekend and selling some clothes to Twice!

  • Rave: I thought of a rave!


    Rave: Today is Juneteenth. Happy Juneteenth.
    For those that have no clue what I am talking about, Juneteenth (June 19th, 1865) marks the end of slavery. It is the day that the Union soldiers reached Galveston, TX and shared the news that the war had ended and that the slaves were now free. Yes, the Emancipation Proclamation technically freed the slaves two and a half years earlier but in some areas of the deep south it could not be enforced because lack of Union troops so slave owners and such continued to do what they wanted until that day when enough troops had finally arrived to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation.

  • Accountering

    Rant/Rave: Bringing in my preferred hire as a temp on Monday. She is great, and instead of hiring her full-time on Monday, we have to post internally and follow all of these extra steps, which basically got implemented in the last week. We already went through the 60 day PIP and such, I am ready to move on and bring in the new person! She will be such a tremendous addition to the team!
    Rave: Getting invited to a meeting in MN with my CEO, and our parent companies VP and Senior VP. Wasn’t sure I was going to be in, but our CEO definitely wants me to come.
    Rave2: Zoo on Tuesday was super cool. Finally got to see Bao Bao, and got to see the male lion for approximately 10 seconds.
    Rant: Missed the baby lions. Was excited about them.
    Rave3: Company at the zoo. This girl is awesome, and I am a fan. She may be meeting the friends this weekend, so that will be fun.
    Rave4: Costco was fun yesterday. Got some new stuff, a new vacuum to replace the one now in the suburbs (I think that was the last thing I need to replace! Hooray!) and a variety pack of Flying Dog. That will be terrific on the roof this weekend!
    Rant2: Spent $450 at Costco. It is damn near impossible to get out of there without spending a lot of money haha.

  • Rant: Had to poop in an old 7-11. Zero toilet paper.FML.

    • Hope your day gets better! I had that situation on a run on Roosevelt Island with the most disgusting port-a-potty EVER. I held it. Or as my nephew says “I saved it for later”.

  • Rant: Does any one else get frequent calls from foreign-sounding men saying that they are from the police and making claims that will lead to arrest? I’m not dumb enough to actually believe the crap they are peddling, but the calls are frequent enough to be annoying. I called Verizon, and they said they have been inundated with these types of calls. I just hang up, but this has been going on for over a year. Anyone else been subjected to this stupidness? Any tips?

    • I don’t know how effective it is, but you could file a complaint with the FCC:


    • There were a lot of Indian-accented calls around tax time “from the IRS” saying that a lawsuit was going to be filed against you TOMORROW if you didn’t cough up what you owed today. Some of my friends had a lot of fun with them. “Oh, you work for the IRS? Me too! Do you know Carol? You don’t? That’s weird. What department did you say you were in again? What’s your badge number?”

  • Does anyone know if the Little Caesar’s across from Walmart in Brightwood has opened yet?

  • RANT: When you ask a colleague for information and they act like a total b*. I don’t deserve to be treated like dirt. If you can direct me elsewhere for the information, then just do that. Acting huffy and imposed upon is completely unnecessary and makes you a crappy colleague!

    • Did you read the manual? Did you search the shared resources? Because if you were given documents to read and access to a shared drive, and you didn’t look yourself, and you come to me and ask for information that is readily available in what you have, I’m not going to be all sunshine and smiles. Especially not if you do it habitually.
      This is a BIG problem with the younger professionals. I think back to my professors, saying “*sigh* It’s in the syllabus.” And now I feel their pain.

      • Based on this post and your last one, I’m just grateful I don’t work in your office! lol πŸ˜€

        • You’re grateful you don’t work in an office that values professionalism, respect, morale, and a top-notch product? You prefer a mandatory 9-5, over a flexible arrangement that promotes the quality of the work and the well-being of the staff? Ooookay.

      • It wasn’t that type of question and I’m not a “younger” professional. Regardless, you don’t act like a jerk when someone asks you a question; you politely give or direct someone to the information they need. And quite frankly, sometimes it’s way more expedient to ask the person with that knowledge than spend time searching on the shared drive.

        • +1. This is why places like Google have their ridiculously open office spaces. While I don’t like them, the idea is to promote an open exchange of ideas and information. You should be able to ask questions within reason- it is a lot faster than consulting books, handbooks, rules, and guidance. It takes two seconds to ask a guy who already knows. In the name of efficiency, just help a person out and stop grumbling!

          • I’m going to stand against the tide here and say that’s a terrible idea. I mean, I guess if your job is a series of small stand-alone tasks, like data entry, or order processing or something, that could work. But if you’re researching/ writing, “helping out” the colleague who didn’t bother to find his own answer and couldn’t possibly wait til lunch or type an email can set you back a lot.
            Of course, when I have a big writing project, I work from home. But I assume most people don’t have that flexibility, so those “two seconds” that it took you to get the answer from your boss just killed 20 minutes of your boss’s day. Depending on what your boss does.
            I wonder if the people at google who are doing things that require sustained concentration, like writing code, have access to a do-not-disturb space. My whole office is a do-not-disturb space, sort of, and it is the most productive, pleasant place I’ve ever worked.

          • Wdc, I’ll agree with you on this point: the nature of your work may indeed dictate whether open space offices or quiet, private office is space is more appropriate. I’d prefer privacy (studies show humans have higher levels of cortisol, get sick more often, and are less productive in open plan offices). However, there is something to be said for having easy access to people with information that can make your job easier and faster. It all depends on the nature of the work and the nature/tolerance of the individuals doing the work. I don’t like to bother people, but if someone can answer a question quickly, I’m not going to waste time consulting guidebooks and doing an exhaustive web search.

          • Just as an FYI, I’m in a research position and have no problem when colleagues ask me questions. It’s part of my job. If I need sustained concentration, I close my door. Just because you found a work environment that suits you, doesn’t mean that’s the only effective work culture there is. Based on your description, I wouldn’t be happy where you work, nor would many of colleagues. And there’s still a polite, respectful way to get your expectations across without biting someone’s head off for asking a question you think they should know.

          • Our shared drive is so insane it’s common place to call someone and ask for a link or to be helped to a location. I usually always try to find it on my own first, but it’s not always straight forward.
            What I love is the admin who scheduled a telecon with an external group at 2pm and only sent a US number. I sent her the roster 5 times and there are 2 Europeans in the group, so I have to tell her to change it to the morning and send the appropriate numbers. Her response? “No one told me.” The document I sent you five times told you!!!

        • disagree. there are sometime just really dumb questions. one of my coworkers called me up a few days ago because she needed a citation for an op-ed she was writing. when i asked her if the # she wanted a cite for came from our department, she said, “no i just made it up right now, and need to back it up.” HEADDESK. clearly she doesn’t understand how citations work, but i’m a physicist, so it’s not my job to teach an English major how citations work.

      • Sheesh, y’all. It’s like everybody got up on the wrong side of bed this morning.

      • I agree! We have this issue at my fed job too – – the newer hires are not proactive and will go straight to management – not even peers – with really mundane questions. I help them b/c how else will they learn and I am a nice person…but it is an interesting shift in how one comports oneself in a work environment. When I came in 13 yrs ago, it was very much a make yourself useful be proactive network with your PEERS and if you still are not sure, THEN ask someone more senior type thing and they would be more then happy to help.

    • I totally work for her male counterpart. What makes it worse is that I had his job before I got promoted, which makes his exasperation all the more ridiculous.

  • Menu advice request: I am having a dinner party with four vegetarians tomorrow. I have all kinds of vegetarian side dishes in my regular repertoire, but the way I usually cook is to start with the meat and use it as the main element, matching the sides and the sauces to the meat and its preparation. How to craft a vegetarian dinner that doesn’t just feel like a bunch of salads?

  • Rant: My dad is still admitted to the hospital.
    Rave: But it’s for testing that he needs to in order for them to figure out what’s going on, and right now he feels fine. It’s the best place for him.
    Rave: For a brief moment my mom thought I should come home for the weekend, but instead the parents are going to come over Sunday for a day at the Spy Museum. No extended driving, time with the family, and a fun day together.
    Rave: Not messing up the fun plans I’m already looking forward to this weekend
    Rant: I’m fully aware that this may change on a whim.
    Rave: That’s okay too.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hopefully they will find out what’s wrong with your dad quickly and it is easy to fix. My mom was in and out of the hospital one winter for lung infections, but it turned out to be asthma. Quick and easy fix, once they figured it out.

  • RANT: My 30-something brother has inexplicably gone completely deaf in one year. Doctor has ruled out blockage or allergies, so it’s getting a little scary.
    RANT: I spent the better part of the day scrubbing the interweb of an image that my company head thought made him look fat.
    RAVE: Day off tomorrow and date night with the S.O.!
    RAVE: The person above taking their vegetarian guests into consideration when meal planning. Trust me, they will be very appreciative of whatever you end up cooking for them!

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