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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • So best case scenario against Portugal is win or tie? Portugal has a 5 goal differential, it’d basically have to be a Dutch-Spain situation where they score 4 or 5 goals.

    • Huh? Are you talking about best case for the US? Regardless, I think “win” is by definition the best case scenario, not “win or tie”. And Portugal has a 4 goal differential, not 5.

      • Portugal conceded 4 goals
        United States conceded 1, scored 2

        Portugal = -4
        USA = +1
        The differential is 5

        • If that’s what you mean then you have to say so. In soccer “goal differential” means goals scored minus goals conceded.

          • I didn’t write the original comment, just guessing what they were after. What ultimately matters is the distance between the US and Portugal’s goal differentials. If people don’t know a ton about soccer, I try not to tear them down but hear them out. You don’t win fans by making people feel stupid.

          • elly2, I’m not trying to win fans nor am I not trying to make people feel stupid. I know you didn’t write the original comment. Domrep’s post lacked context and was confusing and unclearly written. I’m posting for informational purposes – I’m sorry if you feel there’s tone implied in my comments.

    • If the US win, they automatically go through to the next round, Germany result wouldn’t matter.

    • US barely escaped yesterday. Ghana did a really bad job of putting the ball in the net. They controlled the game from about halfway through the first half. Although a good win, it felt like US could have easily lost that game 4-1.

      • Completely agree here. I’m very happy that we won, but I can’t say that we looked all too great doing so. Ghana missed a whole lot of chances, and our backline/back-mids didn’t look too great either. (Beasley had a particularly horrible game all-around.)

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: it’s going to be really hard to work at 3:00 today.

    • Totally agree! I’m trying to convince myself to hold out and take a super late lunch and head to the bar at 3. We’ll see how that goes. If not, I’ll be watching at my desk.

  • Rave: USA! USA! USA!
    Rant: hangovers

  • Reminder: The meeting about the future of the former Hebrew Home is TONIGHT (Tues. 6/17), 6:30-8:30 p.m., at the Petworth Library, Kansas Ave. NW.
    Rant: The heat. And sloppy neighbors who can’t be bothered to pick up litter in front of their houses, mow their grass/weeds, or properly dispose of unwanted items.
    Rave: Going to get some breakfast. I love breakfast food!

    • Thanks for the reminder. This site has a lot of potential, and I’d like to see some sort of affordable housing incorporated into the redevelopment plan. BTW, 3232 GA Ave won an award yesterday for one of the best affordable developments in the region. Maybe that team will be part of the development team.

    • Here are my thoughts:

      • Create a sustained tax base to better serve DC’s disadvantaged population (these revenues must be used to break the cycle of poverty, a la the Harlem Children’s Zone)
      • Pursue non-market distorting solutions (the best solution to housing is to increase supply – and this helps everybody; for set-asides for the disadvantaged, use vouchers)
      • Use zoning regulations to provide required set-asides for the disadvantaged using proven models (pursue mixed income models)
      • Respect neighbors by limiting height, sustaining reasonable set-backs from property lines, and adequate parking based on hard data from Park Place, the Swift, and Three Trees apartment buildings
      • Require an adequate number of units be designed for families

      The fronts of 1125 and 1131 must be sustained for the historical meaning. All else can go. I want to see row houses where the Robeson School is, and then a modern apartment building covering the lots containing the existing structures at 1125 and 1131 that integrates the historical facades.

      I think this is the right approach because?

      • It supplies mixed income opportunities to give people an opportunity to succeed.
      • It requires no tax-payer subsidy and establishes sustained tax revenues
      • It increases housing supply to keep down costs while providing additional family housing
      • It brings new children to the neighborhood to sustain the efforts to improve Raymond Elementary

  • RAVE: POP is in the Washington Post. Great read!

  • Rant: Hate job today.
    Rave: I have a job.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Commentators for last night’s USA v Ghana match. They kept referring to the win as “purely American in style” in some manner of wording. Really? First, that’s so nondescript that it’s difficult to even know what they mean, but secondly, the arrogance that any type of win is emblematic solely of American culture seems more “American” in nature than the win itself.
    Rave: But yay USA for at least winning, and getting that monkey off their back, despite some aggressively and overtly physical play by Ghana, not helped by some pretty lackluster refereeing.

    • “the arrogance that any type of win is emblematic solely of American culture seems more “American” in nature than the win itself”
      You’re misunderstanding them. “purely American in style” refers to *how* they won, not *that* they won. And you’re criticizing sports commentators for being “so nondescript that it’s difficult to even know what they mean”? Is this your first time watching sports on TV?

      • agree. it was how they won. The chips were stacked against them and they still pulled out the victory.

        • justinbc

          You’re wrong in that I misunderstood. That’s exactly how I took it to be, and to assume that the above description is somehow uniquely American is just purely arrogant.

          • you should start your own blog. you go first, we’ll all follow.

          • justinbc

            I’ll get right on that, right after you create a username.

          • I’m sure there weren’t ANY German commentators remarking on their victory’s German style…

            And from what I saw immediately after the game, it was only Alexi Lalas and everybody else was like yeah whatever looking him. It was a messy win. It was a nail biting win. It was won by an unexpected source. It was pretty typical of US World Cup play. I don’t think there was any kind of exceptionalism implied.

          • ok, please remember to be put out next time you hear any other nationality be “arrogant” about their style of play…

          • justinbc

            Please remember this is an open rant forum, and what bothers me doesn’t have to bother you.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I got annoyed with the commentators trying to make the US goals better than they were. It’s great they won the game etc etc but do they really have to say “6th earliest goal in the World Cup”? seriously, sixth isn’t all that special. Then the second goal, “first US goal in the world cut by a substitute.” That’s just dumb. Quit trying to make US goals more special than any other goal. They are special enough just being goals!

      • It’s annoying, but it’s common to all US sports. You’d be amazed at how many baseball records are broken every game (“That’s the first hit ever by a left handed player from Wyoming in the fourth inning on a Tuesday when the temperature is exactly 86 degrees!”)

      • US sports is all about stats. That being said, 6th is kind of special seeing how many matches have been played since 1930. It’s ok to be proud of the USA…

      • I don’t get ESPN, so I watched the game on Univision. Even though I don’t understand spanish, I don’t feel like I missed out on anything because sports commenting is usually terrible. They also more than sufficiently alerted me to when a goal was scored.

      • Well, considering the number of years that the World Cup has been played, and the number of games in each cup, the 6th earliest goal is kind of a big deal. But I guess I see your point. You definitely should not follow ESPN Stats on Twitter, because, as someone else already mentioned, they pull the most obscure stats out of the ether and try to make them relevant. But hey, I guess they gotta fill that air time with something. Just wish it was something a bit more relevant/interesting.

      • A US goal in the first 30 seconds of play in the opening match of the World Cup against a team that bested us the last two times is not SPECIAL? You don’t seem to know much about USMNT soccer.

    • I know you didn’t intend for it to have racist connotations, but the use of the phrase “getting the monkey off their back” in reference to Ghana is unfortunate. Way too much of a reminder of how awfully the Ghanaians (and other African footballers) are treated by some European fans.

      • It didn’t have racist connotations until you mentioned it. Well done, thanks for keeping racism alive and well.

      • The history of that phrase has nothing to do with race.

      • justinbc

        Yeah, I’m just going to ignore the race baiting part there and say that perhaps to a non-native English speaker, especially a European, I can see how our common phrases may be lost on them and they would read it more negatively. I doubt the majority of this blog’s readers matches that demographic though.

  • Rant: feeling overworked and under-compensated. Burn-out feels imminent.

    Rave: had a long, open conversation with my boss about this last night. He agrees with me and wants to help, just not sure how.

    Rave: Starting next knitting project tonight! This is the first garment I’ve made – hope it fits the (thankfully very tiny) friend I’m giving it to!

  • Rant: Remodeling projects are so stressful. Just found out that I need architectural drawings to get building permits for my project. Anyone know an architect that will do drawings for a reasonable price?

    • Oh, and Rave: USA, USA, USA.

    • gotryit

      I recommend finding a drafter or architecture student who can draft plans for a flat fee rather than a percentage of project costs. The drawings just need to be accurate / proportional, not stamped.

    • What;s reasonable? As I understand it, when architects submit drawings they become legally connected to the project — their name is on permits and such — so it’s hard to get a guy to dash off a few drawings for a modest fee and then disappear. They kind of have to do the whole shebang.

    • Well . . . the designing aspect is already done. I just need some drawings for permits. So, my hope was to find someone to draw everything up for a few thousand bucks and then disappear.

      • gotryit

        Someone drew up my house (interior only) for a bit over $1,000, inlcuding existing conditions and renovation plans. I took care of the design part.

      • The contractor should provide those as part of the overall project cost. If it’s a DIY project, then I don’t know.

      • Find the list of FHA 203K inspectors for DC. Some of them will do drawings for you for around $1000

  • Accountering

    Rave: USA – of course!
    Rave2: New things
    Rant: DC Summer came quickly. Go away!

  • Rave: Survived bonnarroo 2014, had a good time with my two best friends. I almost died in the pit of pusha-t and elton john had a few tears run down my face during Rocket Man, when some guy who had been carying around a buz light-year ballooon attached to a string throughout the festival (who i had seen at almost every show i went to) cut the balloon and let buzz fly off much like a rocket man. It was a pretty epic moment.
    Rant: Feelin tired and a little fed up with reality (Which was waiting for the bus for 15 minutes) darn you 16th street!!!
    Random: This was my first time out of DC for multiple days in about a year – and wow people are a lot nicer and a lot more friendly outside the city. Need to do that more often.

    • nice man, i heard it was good this year

      about the people being nice thing… you were at bonnaroo lol
      if the world were that nice we would all be in a better place

      • agreed, but it wasnt just the people at bonarroo that were nice and friendly. Just at all the stops along the way to the trip, we had to stop a few times a long the way and every time the people just seem happied and well…a lot less pretentious. It was really refreshing

        • i know what you mean…
          i mean the south is more welcoming regardless
          but i know exactly how you feel, the night i got back after my first bonaroo a few years ago i was walking up H st speaking to everyone and all the people i walked by seemed so rude lol
          was like i was having culture shock coming back home

          • msmaryedith

            My brother and I drove home (South) one year at Christmas and were trying to decide when we were officially in the South. We determined that it was when we reached a rest stop somewhere in Southern VA where the cashier was friendly as can be and called you “darlin’,” even though she was working the graveyard shift. Southerners are definitely nicer!

  • Meh: I wish I cared about soccer. Everyone is so hyped, but I just can’t seem to get into it. I do, however, like that there are no commercials and that the clock just keeps on running!

    • skj84

      agreed. I watched the Ghana-USA match with friends yesterday and on a social level it was fun, plus good to see the US win. And I tried to get into it I really did. But honestly? Soccer is freaking boring. At least for me. This isn’t some sort of judgement of soccer fans or World Cup madness, I’m glad people are so passionate about the sport. But it’s not for me. I’m not the biggest sport fan to begin with, but I’m always willing to learn. But yeah can’t get into soccer. I’ve watched American Football, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball and even Golf willingly on my own. Soccer has to be a group activity where someone already has it on.

      • I did not become a fan of soccer until I started watching the English Premier League matches on the NBC Sports channel. Soccer played at a high level is incredible to watch.

      • Emmaleigh504

        For the World Cup I like to get irrationally blood thirsty over matches I don’t care about. I put players on a “dead guy” list . When players mess up chances for teams I like, they go on the list. This makes matches that I don’t care about, like Belgium vs. Algeria more fun.
        BTW rooting for Algeria right now b/c they have better hair even though Belgium has better uniforms.

    • skj84

      Rave: I don’t have Pink Eye!

      Rant: I do have an eye infection and have to take antibiotics, nor can I wear my contacts for the next week. I have a show on Saturday and this means I’m going to have to blind through it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m not able to be in Brazil right now.
    Rave: The USA GHA game. Ghana didn’t win, but it was an exciting game to watch!
    Rave: The Ghana players have way better hair than the US players.

  • binpetworth

    Did anyone go to the ANC4C meeting last week? There was a tweet mentioning the eyesore of 4000 Kansas Ave (abandoned now for 2 years) but it was unclear whether anything is happening on it. Would love, with all this talk of the Old Hebrew Home, for this building to get refurbished and have residents other than the local rat population.

    • I agree! I worked hard on this buidling, as did several of our neighbors. I understand the group that owns it is looking for more DC taxpayer money to fix it. And if I recall correectly, that’s after DC taxpayers gave them the fiunding they needed to get it in the first place. It may be time to call it a blight and just cut the losses and sell it to the market. But that should also include how we will handle the residents who lived there before and presumably have a right to go back. There was no way those folks could live in dignity witht he way that building was maintained. My notes on the Hebrew Home are above.

  • Rave: I’m late to the bandwagon but I have World Cup fever after last night!

    Rant: DC Bulk Collection can no longer be scheduled through 311 online, you have to call now. What a step backwards!

  • Rant: will I ever become a morning person or at least get to a point where I don’t hate getting out of bed in the morning? I’m fine once I’m up, but that initial part is so painful!

    • I’m more excited about summer break than my kids are. I work on my own schedule, so the only thing getting me out of bed at 7am is the need to get kids to school. When they don’t have school, I sleep til 8 or later, and it makes all the difference in the world.

    • epric002

      i’m the same way, always have been, probably always will be.

    • I will never be a morning person! At one point I worked in a school and I HAD to be there before 8:00 am (which meant getting up by 6:30 am). I was miserable.
      My most productive time is in the evening, usually after 8:00 pm. Fortunately I’m a consultant so I can usually set my own work hours : )

      • Emmaleigh504

        me too. Luckily my work has started to need people to come in later and stay later than the normal 9-5:30 or 8-4:30. Thank heavens most people do not want to work the later schedule!
        Sadly, Donna is a morning cat. She’s up with the sun.

        • Fortunately my dog will sleep until I get up, the only exception is when she REALLY has to go out NOW. Then she’ll wake me and I’ve learned that NOW really does mean NOW (plus the time it takes me to get dressed and get her out the door).

    • I’ve never been a morning person and I never will be. But I can be up early if I have to. I think it’s like being right- or left-handed. With enough practice you can can become better at the other, but you can’t change the fundamental nature of it.

    • It sounds dumb, but when I regularly take vitamin D supplements I find getting up in the am so much easier, and I am a confirmed nightowl. For winter, I also use a sunrise alarm clock – that makes a HUGE difference for me.

  • Rave: We beat Ghana yesterday. It definitely was not pretty but a win is a win.


    Rant: Jozy possibly being out for a while with a strained hamstring. We need Donovan now more than ever. Even though Eddie Johnson is ehh, he possibly could help at this point.


    Rant: Demarcus Beasley in the back, Jurgen needs to NEVER put him back there again, he looked very suspect and I assure you that if he is there come our next matches, Portugal and Germany will exploit that weakness. He is an attacking midfielder, let him be him and not force him to defend because he can’t and he made that very clear yesterday.


    Rant: Our overall defensive play, piss poor. You can’t have three defenders standing 5-10 yards away from the ball and not close the gap to tackle. If we play defense like that again, we will not get out of the group stages.


    Rave: All we really need now is to tie out to move on but I prefer to get the wins to be safe. I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!

    • I actually feel good about our chances against Portugal, but, as you mentioned, our defense yesterday left a helluva lot to be desired.

    • Beasley will be playing leftback, that is Jurgens design. he has been playing in that position all through the WCQ, he’ll be there all thru the Cup.

      The defense played well enough … the midfield… not so much. Worst game ever from Bradley. You can’t expect the defense to defend for 89 minutes. If your midfield can’t hold the ball and pass accurately to a teammate…. the defense is going to get hammered. And I have to admit… Berckerman did better than I thought he would.

      Donovan is not a replacement for Altidore. Johnson perhaps, but not Donovan. Totally different players. And… he ain’t there, no use talking about him.

      Man that was a great win. Not a great game for the USA… but whew, we nicked it.

  • Rave: I had a great time watching the game at Queen Vic.
    Rant: there’s always that one fan that’s too intense and becomes inconsiderate. No, spiking your drink, which is in a glass, is not an acceptable goal celebration.
    Rave: I love social nights that end with me in bed before 10:30.
    Rant: my brain is in summer mode, but my work load is not.

  • Rave: Survived bonnarroo 2014, had a good time with my two best friends. I almost died in the pit of pusha-t and elton john had a few tears run down my face during Rocket Man, when some guy who had been carying around a buz light-year ballooon attached to a string throughout the festival (who i had seen at almost every show i went to) cut the balloon and let buzz fly off much like a rocket man. It was a pretty epic moment.
    Rant: Feelin tired and a little fed up with reality (Which was waiting for the bus for 15 minutes) darn you 16th street!!!
    Random: This was my first time out of DC for multiple days in about a year – and wow people are a lot nicer and a lot more friendly outside the city. Need to do that more often.

  • Rant: I really wish I had a puppy
    Rave. Mexico plays Brazil today!

    • epric002

      if you can’t have one permanently, can you try fostering or volunteering with a shelter/rescue? that way you get all the puppy action w/o the full time commitment 🙂

      • Definitely agree with you on volunteering, but fostering is almost more of a commitment than adopting a dog. In addition to regular dog responsibilities, you need to arrange and meet with potential adopters, work on potential socialization/behavioral issues, bringing the dog to adoption events, etc.

        • epric002

          not necessarily- you could also do short term fostering or be a foster sitter, so you can arrange having a dog in your house for periods of time that are convenient to you. long term fostering can definitely be a bigger commitment though.

  • Rant: My dog seems to have started taking an interest in a piece of furniture with some lead-based paint on it. I hadn’t gotten rid of the table before because he’d never even looked at it until now. I noticed all this while leaving (late) for work this morning and didn’t have time to think of what to do. Now I’m really worried about my dog getting lead poisoning.

    Rant: Air conditioning has been broken for a month. I’m supposed to get a new unit on Thursday, but the property management company is not good at getting things done when scheduled.

    Rant: My face is breaking out in a way that I haven’t seen since middle school. I’m 33, fer cryinoutloud! As if I don’t have enough to worry about regarding my appearance.

    Rant: Pretty much everything seems terrible these days.

    • ASPCA has a poison control line – you can call them to discuss it. They will charge for the call (not hugely expensive, in my recollection), though it’s free if you have a Home Again microchip for your dog. Otherwise, call your vet and I’m sure they’d be happy to discuss it with you. Good luck!

  • Rant: Some inescapable soccer thing going on. This is America, dammit!

    Rave: Capital Hill meter maids continue to my non-Ward 6 parking permit. Not sure what caused the change, but I’m loving it.

  • KSB

    Rant: DC is wearing me down. Just all of it – the people who double-park during rush hour, the school administrators who don’t return emails, the general sense of entitlement, the summer heat, everything. Trying to maintain focus and reminding myself that no place is perfect, however.
    Rave: The people who follow the #1 rule of life (“Just don’t be an assh*le”) keep me sane.

  • Rave: Had a great time watching the game last night.
    Rave: Planning to take a day trip this weekend to Annapolis. Any suggestions for things to do or places to eat?

    • Re: Annapolis —

      Spend some time down at the Market Space, but don’t bother eating there, all the restaurants are mediocre and overpriced. But do drink there, as long as you find it pleasant: Dock Street Bar and Grill and Pusser’s are two perennial favorites. Walk around the Naval Academy campus. Walk around the St. John’s College campus — two really gorgeous institutions. Stroll down Maryland Avenue. Find your way to Mexican Cafe in West Annapolis for some stuffed deep-fried avocados. If you’re feeling flush and want a great steak, go to Lewnes’ Steakhouse in Eastport for dinner. If you’re looking for something more laid-back, check out Davis’ Pub, also in Eastport. If you insist on eating in downtown Annapolis, try the Galway Bay pub on Maryland Avenue — but eat in the bar, avoid the dining room.

    • If you’re into historical buildings, check out Paca House. You can also get free tours of the Statehouse, which played a bigger role in American history than most state legislature buildings!
      If you do want to eat near City Dock, Factors Row is an option. Level on West St is excellent. Another Eastport place is Vin 909, a wine bar with good fancy pizza (Washingtonian just wrote it up as the best place to get pizza “in DC” – not sure I’d go that far but it is a nice place, but expect to wait). Surprisingly, there aren’t many places to get a drink and sit on the water – Pussers is the only show in town for that. I like Pussers in the afternoon and early evening but by later in the night it gets crowded and loses its ability to deliver a quiet drink on the dock. If you want crabs, avoid the touristy places downtown and go out of town to Cantlers. And save room for ice cream, there are 5 or 6 ice cream shops downtown (more than in all of DC, I think!).

  • Rave: Of course, go USA!
    Rant: I wish DC had a better public viewing option. ESPN always cuts away to fans viewing the game under the Brooklyn Bridge or Grant Park in Chicago. Why can’t we have a public viewing at Merridian Hill or the Mall? I haven’t been to Dupont Circle but it seems like it would be crowded and not an ideal spot. Can someone work on that please, lol.

    • It would be pretty sweet if they showed it on the Screen on the Green screen down on the Mall.

      • Some friends had people over last night to watch the game and we were asking this question too. It seems it would be perfect for the screen on the green screen. Only uncertainty was whether you’d be able to see the screen while it was still light out.

        • Maybe one issue is getting a wifi or reliable enough cell signal for a streaming thing to the middle of the green? For the movies they can just pop a DVD into the machine, but the games have to be shown live..

  • Rave: Had our first short-term foster dog this weekend and she was the cutest.
    Rant: Had her for less than 24 hours and became wayyyy too attached.
    Rant: Feel like we are just not made for fostering after this experience. Any tips from others who do it on a regular basis?

    • epric002

      congrats! who are you fostering with? are you interested in doing a foster fail? are you only doing short term fostering or will you do long term too? i’m on my 3rd foster sitting right now. the first one was glaringly obvious that he wasn’t a good match with us. we actually really liked the 2nd one but he was adopted while we were out of town one weekend and we didn’t get to say goodbye- that was hard. we LOVE the 3rd and current foster, and may try and keep him. before you decide that fostering isn’t for you- get another one. even though i miss the previous fosters, once you have another one in the house you get to focus on loving/training them, and not solely on missing the others. remember it can take weeks to months for a dog’s true personality to come out, so while they might be on excellent behavior initially, after time you may come to realize that the dog’s issues make him/her a not great fit for your lifestyle, which makes it a LOT easier to send them to a family that is the right fit. good luck!

      • Thanks! We fostered through Pet Rescue Alliance, which is where we got our dog from. We don’t want to foster fail and I’m the one who wrote a while back that we’re nervous about getting our dog walker involved with any foster we may have so I think we want to stick with short term fostering.

        I hope I can convince my fiance to let us try again. This dog looked exactly like our current dog and was super cuddly, so we bonded almost right away. But our current dog really didn’t get along with the foster, so it realistically would not have worked out. It was just sort of heartbreaking to give her up even though I met the family adopting her and they seemed awesome. My fiance and I both ended up crying over it. And he rarely cries. Since we can’t really adopt another at the moment and our funds are lacking to donate, I really want fostering to work out. Perhaps we’ll stick to volunteering at events if we can’t work up the nerve to try it again.

        • epric002

          aw, i’m sorry that it was so hard for you guys to let her go. fostering definitely isn’t for everyone, but i hope you guys decide to try again. keep reminding yourself that you know your home wasn’t the right one for her, and try and find satisfaction in knowing you helped save her life. the WHS foster coordinator always reminds us that fostering saves 2 lives- the life of the animal you take into your home, and the life of another animal that can now take that spot in the shelter. i’m sure you’ll find a good way to volunteer even if you decide you aren’t cut out for fostering.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I have fostered with Bengal Rescue Network .three times – to me its important that I be involved in selecting and meeting the new parents. The first time I was sure the Bengal wouldn’t go with the new people and he was all over them like a cheap suit! When you see they are going into arms of love it is worth it.

    • I think it would help to have a better understanding of why you don’t think you’re made for fostering. Was it because of the attachment factor? Was the dog you fostered not a good fit for your family? Too much work (e.g., house training, crate training)? I’ve fostered and it was difficult on all those fronts, but so rewarding. Although I needed time between fosters to regroup whereas some fosters are already lining up there next foster before the current one is out the door.

      • Ours was the attachment issue. Well that and the dog kept us up all night (she was a puppy and full of energy). But we got so attached in such a short amount of time, we didn’t want to give her up even though we are in no place to adopt a second right now.

  • skj84

    Not a rant or rave but we are a few weeks out from the second PoPville brunch! June 28th. I created a survey for potential venues. Vote away PopVille citizens!


  • Random question: If I live in DC and buy a new car, does it make a difference if I buy in MD or VA?

    • saf

      No. Buy where it is most accessible for you.

    • @anon at 11:29am, it does not matter where you buy your car, you will still be charged DC sales tax, which I believe is 6%. You will not be subjected to VA or MD sales tax.

    • It could make a difference in terms of convenience if you negotiate for free oil changes or something like that, since you’d have to take it to the dealer for those. But in terms of what you pay, it doesn’t matter. Although I just bought a car and found out that Virginia dealers seem to have a higher “dealer fee” than Maryland dealers.

      • When I was buying a car last winter, a couple of people told me that maryland has better consumer protection laws. I was buying used so inventory was the bigger issue, but if I was buying new I probably would have gone to the MD version of whatever car dealership rather than the VA version. Same tax implications (you pay DC taxes) either way.
        Also, wherever you buy a car, check your invoice CAREFULLY when they write up the purchase. I bought from a massive dealership that must sell 10 cars to DC residents every day. There is no way they don’t know the correct tax rate for DC. But on my invoice they had the wrong tax rate (in their favor). When I pointed it out they quickly changed it and apologized for “missing the recent changes in the tax rate.” There was no recent change in the tax rate, so I suspect this was a bit of a scam.

  • Another random question- does anyone have a favorite tent camping place near Front Royal to recommend?

    • I really like a place in the George Washington National Forest, called the Hawk Recreation Area. It’s not too terribly far from the end of 66, in West Virginia. You don’t need reservations, I recommend bringing drinking water even thought there is potable water, and they say alcohol is prohibited, but I’ve never had a problem. The turn is really hard to find though, I used to study google street view before driving down there.

  • Question: I’m moving and in need of some boxes. I haven’t moved in about 10 years, where does one procure decent sized boxes for free? Thanks in advance!

    • When I was in college, I’d go to Safeway or Albertsons and ask if they had any empty produce boxes. They’d give them to me for free! Big sturdy boxes that are made for delivering stuff.

      • Accountering

        Liquor stores for strong small boxes. Freecycle for bigger boxes. One quick suggestion, don’t try and sell used boxes on here after your move is done. People will not take kindly to it 🙂

    • craigslist!

    • craigslist! when I moved, I was able to pick up someone’s boxes completely for free, which was great. otherwise, liquor stores, grocery stores, etc., though there you have to collect them a few at a time, but booze boxes are great for moving!

    • Call a grocery store, they will give you the boxes but you have to get them before they are broken down and recycled. My girlfriend called the Harris Teeter on Kalorama and they held a bunch of boxes for her, she did have to get them at like 7am, but still they were free and very sturdy.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Check out freecycledc – almost always boxes on there.

    • Try the freecycle DC group. Seems like moving boxes are being offered weekly and you can send an email to the group asking for some.

  • I quit my job last week and starting a new one next week that will have me moving to San Diego after 7 years in DC. Life is grand!

  • Does anyone know of a bar near Dupont that is NOT showing World Cup matches tonight? I need a place to gather about 10 people for conversation and networking and no soccer. I’m really worried that the place we picked will be crammed from 3:00 on, since it has TVs.

    • skj84

      maybe one of the hotel bars? I don’t think Urbana has a TV and they have a nice lounge. Hanks Oyster Bar has also has a nice lounge area.

  • Rant: I’m told my cat needs surgery for bladder stones. I’m scared for her. And it’s expensive. (Anyone have experience with this surgery?)
    Rave: Nearly 12 years with a truly wonderful cat. So thankful for being able to love her!

    • saf

      My childhood cat had this. He lived another 10 years after it, although he did have to go on special food.

      • Thanks. Hopefully, she’ll be fine. And she’ll enjoy the new diet.

      • My childhood dog also had the surgery and lived for 12+ years after. She didn’t have a special diet, but we gave her acidic foods fairly often (read: tomato sauce), which she certainly did not complain about!
        The vet gave us the stones in a jar after the surgery, it must have been nearly a cup of stones in a beagle-sized dog. Poor thing!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Oh poor kitty! Hope everything goes well.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave (that isn’t about sports!): Quotia Zelda gave me some cream earl grey tea that she got in Vancouver(?) and it is the oyster’s earrings! I’m in love.

  • In such a quandry about my boyfriend right now. Why do men insist that they arent flirting when I watched his reaction to some of the things this frind of his. if another girl or a guy said the same thing the reaction was no where near last nights reaction. THEN when I was upset and had left the room he called and asked said friend about what I said. It was said in complete confidence and not for public knowledge. I feel like he has such a double standard towards me. If I tell a problem to one of my girlfriends (who actually have no interest in him) then its the end of the world but its ok for him to call up this person?

    UGH so upset :'(

    • Sounds like this is not a one time event. Do you trust him?

      • Yes actually I do I have hung out with other friends of his that have been girls but this one I do not like and I hung out with her for the second time last night. The first time being Saturday night. He’s a casual smoker and every time she said I am going to smoke he literally hit the ceiling with excitment. I have never seen him have that sort of reaction with anyone else. He claims I am over reacting but I do not know.

        • dcgator

          Sorry to hear this, but to be honest, without periods or at the very least commas, I can’t really even tell what the issue is.

          Good luck with whatever is going on.

          • +1. I was having a hard time figuring out in the original post who had said what to whom.

          • Per PoP ” no need to correct people’s grammar”

          • justinbc

            S/he’s not correcting grammar, it’s pointing out that if she’s seeking advice her OP is very difficult to derive a chain of events from. I too had very little idea what was being described.

          • epric002

            @ GMR- pointing out that you can’t follow a post is not the same as correcting someone’s grammar. i tried to follow the original post and gave up.

          • thank you for attacking me while I am upset. yes I maybe i shouoldnt have used run on sentences but if thats all you are going to comment on please dont say anything.

          • Nobody is attacking you… just pointing out that they can’t follow your story.

          • justinbc

            OP, if you’re just ranting to get it out, by all means rant away. But it sounds like you’re asking for advice / opinions on the situation? What we’re all trying to say is that it’s difficult to decipher what actually transpired. If you are indeed seeking input, you might be better off rephrasing the original post when you’re less emotionally upset about it.

        • Is he cutting you off with “you’re just overreacting” or does he really listen to your perspective?

    • Are you happy? Be honest (to yourself, at least; the Internet commentators don’t matter). If this is the only thing that’s bugging you, and you’ve tried to talk about it but he’s just half listening, let it go. What else can you do? Keep harping on him and stressing yourself out? If this is one of many things bugging you, again, are you happy? Or are you staying because you’re comfortable, are hoping things will get better, don’t want to be alone? I think you have some thinking to do. Good luck.

    • Sorry you’re having a tough day. If I’m understanding the issue correctly (which I may or may not be), it sounds like he has a close female friend and that his reaction to and closeness with her is of concern to you? If so, most women worry a tad about their boyfriend’s female friends and, in my experience, most boyfriends worry even more about their girlfriend’s male friends. At the end of the day, all you can do is trust him until he gives you reason not to. If there are some concrete things he can do (such as not sharing personal relationship details with the friend, etc), maybe you can nicely suggest that. But, if it’s been an ongoing fight for a while, expect him to be less receptive until things calm down. It sounds like you both have some concerns about boundaries with one another’s friendships. I know this sounds weird, but have you thought about explaining how you feel and seeing if he could think of a solution that might work well for you both? If he’s an arse, nevermind. But, if he’s a decent, good guy, he’ll probably be happy to work with you so you can move past the ongoing bickering. Of course, I’m in my mid-30s and my boyfriend is nearly 50, so we simply fight less because we’re old farts without any energy; I remember relationships being a heck of a lot more volatile in my 20s 😉 Good luck!

  • Rant: My organization’s HR/payroll departments are useless. Can anyone here tell me what I need to do re: tax forms if I have moved from DC to MD, and my job is in DC? I’ve looked online and the guidance is a little confusing.

    • saf

      You need to pay MD state income taxes. It’s one form for your payroll office.

    • ***Non an expert, but have moved a lot recently***

      If you work in DC but live in MD, you will pay MD taxes. MD/DC/VA have income tax reciprocity. You just need to fill out a W4 for your employer for now. When you do taxes at the end of the year, you’ll have to file in both states as a partial-year resident

    • Google “Maryland withholding form”, pull up form 507, complete it, and hand it to your HR/ personnel people. The rest is up to them. When you get your next paycheck, read it very closely to make sure that they withheld MD taxes, and did not withhold DC taxes. It’s pretty common for payroll companies to add the new jurisdiction but forget to remove the old jurisdiction, so you must check it out yourself. It will be laid out on your paystub.

  • rant: trying to deal with the news that my mother will likely have to undergo another stem cell transplant, this time with a donor (hopefully one of her siblings will be a match)
    rave: at least I was working from home today so I can be upset without anyone else bugging me and asking me what’s wrong

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