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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: public meeting on Tuesday at petworth library for the future of the old Jewish home on spring street being turned into subsidized housing. Come and give your opinion.

    • Heh, great minds think alike. 🙂
      (I guess your rant is about the prospect of the old Hebrew Home being turned into subsidized housing, not about the meeting itself?)

  • Rant: Monday.
    Rave: Went to a lovely wedding over the weekend.
    Not a rant/revel but a reminder: The meeting on the future of the former Hebrew Home is tomorrow night (Tues. 6/17) at the Petworth Library (4200 Kansas Ave. NW), from 6:30-8:30 pm.

  • gotryit

    Rave: Fathers Day
    Rant: explaining to my 4 year old that I won’t be at her play because I got subpoena’d for a domestic violence taht I witnessed / called 911 for
    Rant: school boundary proposal drama… I realize its a big deal, but there’s no use running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Calm down.

  • Rant: the moron riding her skateboard down U Street during rush hour.

  • Rant – those who need to run on 7th street through Chinatown – you are worse than the tourists walking 3 / 4 across. Drivers and cyclists should agree to gang up and focus all hate on them. I seriously wanted to grab a guy shake him and say just go one block over an run where there are no people.

    • +1 And add to that H Street in Chinatown. As a fellow runner, I don’t understand the appeal of having to weave around everyone. It’s hard enough trying to walk around there.

      • And M Street in Georgetown! It’s hard enough trying to walk on that narrow sidewalk. Whenever I’m on M Street I always see runners struggling through the crowds and attempting to weave through tourists. Why, runners? Why don’t you just go down the block and run on the canal path?

        • UGH I HATE that. those sidewalks are tiny and always busy. And then they sweat all over you….yes, use the awesome trails. That said, I don’t understand runners who use the bike lane, either

          • They also terrorize dogs and scare people when they run up behind them on sidewalks. If I had a weaker heart I would have had a heart attack by now because of some inconsiderate runner.
            I don’t know what the solution is. Outdoor public treadmills?

      • Farragut

        The appeal is preparation for the apocalypse. Obstacle racing!

      • skj84

        At risk of opening a real can of worms can I add runners who use the bike lanes? It’s hard enough to get cars to respect the lanes, it’s even worse when a runner decides to make the lanes thier private track.

        • Agree – runners should NOT be in bike lanes!

          • I will take your rant seriously 1. when every biker uses the bike lane when there is one and 2. when bikers start following traffic rules as they’re supposed to when they’re on the street and in bike lanes

            until then, I will continue to run as I please just as you bike as you please 🙂

            Happy Monday

          • Dupont Resident YOU are part of the problem. Just be considerate and get out of the bike lane.

          • epric002

            +1 to anon @ 11:29. “i’ll follow the rules after everyone else does first”?! very mature and helpful.

          • Agreed with Anonymous 11:29 am. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

          • Ridiculous logic. I’ll stop shooting people when everyone else stops shooting people. I’ll stop breaking and entering when everyone else stops breaking and entering. You are the problem.

          • great, dupont resident: i’ll continue mowing down runners in the bike lane, since i have the right of way. i clipped a runner the other day after yelling “heads up” and they looked back, saw me, and continued running in the bike lane.

          • justinbc

            It’s illegal for you to run in the street when there is a sidewalk. It’s not illegal for bikes to use the road if there’s a bike lane, or even the sidewalk, provided they’re outside the Central Business District. There really isn’t an argument here, you’re breaking the law.

          • way to be an a-hole!

        • skj84

          Wow DuPont Resident way to miss the point. As a biker I do my darnedest to stay in the bike lanes for my own safety and the cars around me. When runners run in the bike lane you are compromising not only your safety, but mine as well. Please learn to respect others space.

          • Dupont Resident – Aren’t you scared of being hit by a car? I mean, you literally are running on the road with no obstacle between you and the automobiles. You choose to place yourself in the path of DC drivers.

            Being on DC roads is scary in a car, terrifying on a bike, I can’t imagine running on them.

        • It’s illegal for pedestrians to walk along the roadway if a sidewalk is available. Is a bike lane considered part of the roadway, or is it designated as a pathway or something else?

          • @anonymous 11:29am, be considerate and get IN the bike lane then, don’t run red lights, don’t ride through cross walks

            @epric002 and text doc, if bikers aren’t going to use the bike lane, why can’t I? that seems like a waste of resources – bikers want to bike in the street. skj84, you are one of the few that then, assuming you are being honest, use the bike lanes properly.

            @Anonymous 11:44 – it’s illegal for biker’s to ride on the sidewalks in the business district which I see everyday, and I actually get run down bikes in the business district while running

            this is not a tit for tat, this is a – do what’s convenient and safe for myself because that’s what I care about. Rules only work when the ENTIRE community respects them.

          • epric002

            everyone has pointed out how idiotic and illogical your thinking is, but all you care about is you. when YOU decide that everyone else is following all the rules (as determined by YOU) then you’ll start following them too? thank goodness the city isn’t populated by more people like you.

          • 100% agree with epric002. Get out of the bike lane unless you are on a bike. You’re putting yourself AND bikers at risk when you run in the bike lane.

          • “Rules only work when the ENTIRE community respects them.” So your solution is “I won’t follow the rules until everyone else does”??
            PoPville has seen some pretty entitled-sounding bicyclists trying to justify their breaking of the rules, but this might actually top them in sheer selfishness.

          • The US shouldn’t deal with climate change until China and other major polluters also agree to follow the same rules. See how well that logic is fixing the problem? Sometimes you shouldn’t aim to be the same as the lowest common denominator. It’s a community – don’t be an asshole just because others around you are.

  • Did I miss the memo on the new food craze? There is a mustard food truck of sorts hitting Union Market. A mustard truck?? WTF?

    • Biscuits … MmMM Biscuits and Mustard

    • One truck and it’s a food craze? I think that was just an established mustard company reaching out to new customers. Kind of like the Nutella trucks they send out sometimes (annoyingly only to places the tourists go). Besides, it’s pretzel season!

  • Rant: I broke up with someone over the weekend. It was the right thing to do but it wasn’t easy. I even felt guilty enjoying the rest of the events I already had planned for the weekend knowing that someone else was hurting. If only we could control the way we feel about things! “I’m just not feeling it” doesn’t seem like a good enough reason, but if I were in the other persons position, I would want to know that.

    • I think “not feeling it” is a good reason to end a relationship with someone. If you let it progress too far and you’re not feeling it, it’s ultimately going to be much worse for you and the other person.

    • The amount of people I know in unhappy relationships because on paper everything is good, but they aren’t feeling it otherwise is astounding. Good for you for taking the hard step to end it! A little hurt will be better for everyone in the long run.

  • Rant: It’s Monday, I have so much work that I was supposed to do last week, and I feel like my brain has just broken. I have NO motivation.
    Rave: Finally have groceries in the house after a week of being too busy/the car not being available.
    Rant: My tomato plants are growing really quickly, but only foliage. No flowers or fruit. Any ideas?? The foliage looks healthy.
    Rave: Beautiful weather.

    • Luxurious foliage without flowers or fruit can be a sign of too much nitrogen in the soil. Adding potassium and phosphate to the soil can counteract that, but I’d do a soil test first to make sure that’s the problem.

      • Agree – and sometimes over-fertilization is the culprit. I’d recommend UMass for soil testing.

        • They’re in a pot, so it’s just a soil mix I made from potting soil and tomato food. Still worth testing, or should I just experiment with a different type of food?

          • What’s the tomato food? And what kind of tomatoes? Some tomatoes are later than others to set fruit. Cooler nights also means delays in setting fruit.
            You might try suspending the feeding for a few weeks and see what happens.

          • Full disclaimer: I am very new to gardening and don’t really know what I’m doing.

            The tomato food was some sort of organic mix that was sold at Target. I can’t find it on their website to look up the details. I just mixed it into the soil when I planted (as per the instructions on the bag).

            The tomatoes are Super Sweet 100.

          • How big is the plant? If it’s still small it might be worthwhile to get different soil and not adding food. Otherwise I’d suggest putting the plant on a fertilizer diet (stop feeding it) for a few weeks and see what happens. If you can find a source for good compost that might help. Is the plant in full sun?
            The sweet 100’s can grow to over 6′ tall

    • Yes, I totally feel your “my brain is broken” rant :-/

    • I feel you on the tomato rant. This is my first time growing anything and I didn’t know to cage my tomatoes. Oops – I think it is too late now. Live and learn, I suppose.

    • Lush green foliage, especially in a cherry tomato is also a d ing if not enough hours if full su nnettes each day.

    • Super Sweet 100 takes about 65 days to mature. When did you plant them?

  • RAVE: USA! USA! USA! So pumped for the game tonight! Trying to figure out the best place to watch it.
    Rave: Watched games all weekend! I love the World Cup.
    Rant: Want to take off work for the rest of the tournament, but I can’t.

    • Also trying to find a place to watch the USA game this evening. Supposed to find a spot for some friends and I.

      • Yeah, I’m trying to figure out some options, but probably couldn’t get anywhere until about 5:30 at the earliest. I’m assuming places will already be pretty busy by then.

        Added rant: wish I could watch Germany/Portugal live today. I’d catch the replay, but I’m sure the result will be spoiled at some point tonight.

      • tonyr

        I ended up at Patty Boom Boom for the England vs. Italy game on Saturday and there was plenty of room, excellent sound system and tasty patties. Beer selection not so good, but nothing’s perfect.

  • rave: WORLD CUP. Too much excitement to handle.
    RAVE: US game today! I believe!
    rave: amazing weekend with my boo!
    rant: none today!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: After promising myself I wouldn’t get into the addiction of the world cup, I ended up watching 3 games yesterday.
    Rant: Latino teams losing (except for Argentina)
    Rant: Guy sitting next to me at the bar correcting the pronunciation of the Bosnian names of the players.
    Rave: Slowly starting to go back on the streets to photograph.

    • Sorry but Honduras deserved that loss. It’s football not wrestling.

    • The rant about the pronunciation corrector reminds me of the time I was on a BoltBus and had to listen to this extremely loud guy behind me talking about his recent trip to Italy, and even though he was speaking English he insisted on using the Italian names for all the cities. Like the guy he was talking to would say “Did you visit Florence, I always liked Florence” and the loud guy would go “OH, FIRENZE? YES I STOPPED IN FIRENZE ON MY WAY FROM ROMA TO MILANO AFTER STARTING OFF IN NAPOLI” and it was just setting my teeth on edge for some reason.

      • That would be annoying… although I have done it in the past with germanic cities….

        The names of the players.. not so much (to me). It kills me when announcers can not pronounce names properly… especially as they are given the names and phonetical cheat sheets.

        To me that is bad form – get their names right!

        • pablo .raw

          The thing is that he was very loud about it, like “it’s ….. not …… WTF” “it’s …… ARE YOU KIDDING Me!” “STOP pronouncing it …. DAMN IT” The TV guy couldn’t hear him, but he was screaming in my ear!

      • That shit is unacceptable. I lived in Paris for a few years. And you will never EVER hear me say Par-ee (unless I’m speaking French– which I will only do with someone whose French is better than their English. And that’s another rant: native English speakers who try to speak French with me, also a native English speaker. Tools.)

        • Please don’t hate those of us who like your language and just want to practice it with a native speaker! We don’t have many opportunities.

          • But Anonymous 12:26 is saying that he/she ISN’T a native French speaker.

          • Sorry, I meant fluent speaker (ok I guess that’s still an assumption).

          • Sorry, can’t do it. To speak a second language with someone who shares my first language is just the height of douchebaggery. I would only do it in a) a formal instruction scenario or b) if I wanted to talk smack about someone within earshot, which is a very bad idea, because a LOT of people speak French.
            If you want some kind of formal instruction from (or practice with) a fluent speaker of your target language, please don’t make the assumption that just because I’m fluent, I’m willing to provide it. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Speaking of last names, I was watching an Arsenal game and the announcers kept talking about Giroud, but I had no idea they were b/c they pronounced the way he does (I assume) and I was reading it with a Cajun accent. I finally figured it out and made the mistake of telling my pal who teased mercilessly.

      • Reminds me of another Arsenal player, Santi Cazorla. Given where he’s from in Spain I’m sure the correct pronunciation is closer to “Cathorla,” and that’s how one or 2 TV announcers say it. But most say Cazorla, and here’s the interesting thing: so does the announcer at Emirates Stadium. So I figure if it’s good enough for his home-stadium announcer, it’s good enough for me. I have been corrected on that by some native Spanish speakers, though.

        • pablo .raw

          As a native spanish speaker I can tell you that I know of at least 3 ways of pronouncing that last name. Depending on the area of latinamerica, the “z” is pronounced closer to the “th” as you mention, like and “s” and even like a “j”.

  • rant: there was a fire at the 11 S ST NW home (that has been the focus of both a pop up and good deal or not post) on Saturday. Apparently they received a stop work order (for what i dont know) a few days prior and then this happened. Anyone have more info??

    • Don’t have any more info, but that unit seems to be under contract already. Wonder how that’s going to play out now with the fire…

  • Rave: The new Czech pilsener at Franklin’s brewpub. I wish they would brew it all year round.

    Rant: Soccer.

    • Not sure why that would be a rant. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

      • saf

        Soccer prevented me from watching the Nats game at the Pint on Saturday. All those TVs and I couldn’t get ONE for the Nats? That’s not right.

        • And if nothing else, it must be annoying to have to scroll through all the comments here and on other social media.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Welcome to my Hell every baseball season. Except for the 1994 season, that was a pretty good season for me 😉

  • Rave: An accessible location of Surfside!!
    Rant: It’s Monday and I’m so very lethargic. I got plenty of sleep last night but still feel like I’m about to pass out on my desk. I have so much to do at work so this is so very poorly timed.
    Rant: I need to meet someone interesting soon. I’m quickly losing hope
    Rant: Making new friends. I have plenty of friends in the city but I’m trying really hard to reach out of my comfort zone and make more. I can’t tell if I’m uncomfortable around them because its been so long since I’ve made a conscious effort to become friends with a new group or because we don’t mesh well.
    Rave: Talking to my father and uncle yesterday. I love my family, they’ve given me so much.

  • Rant: Inverts house at the zoo is closing this week. It’s been showing its age and the state of neglect in recent months now makes sense, but this was one of my favorite places at the zoo. I will miss you, mantis shrimp!

  • Rave: Father’s Day beers with the Boy at the Red Derby.
    Rave: Seeing the Girl in Richmond when I go down for a race next Saturday.
    Rant: Lost a race by 7/10 of a second on Saturday, due to the age handicap the other boat had. That damn 23-year-old in our boat cost us the race!

  • Rant: the city obviously needs more affordable housing and the outrage around turning the old Jewish home into one is pretty shocking. Making dc an exclusive enclave of the young, white and rich isn’t an admirable direction to be headed in nor is pushing out the poor from the centers of opportunity and development. Go and give your thoughts at the meeting, it’s not right to make the poor and poverty in general into societal bogeymen.

    • I agree with your rant 100%.

    • epric002

      we know that the city needs more affordable housing, but we also think that mixed use with affordable housing is the best for this building and this neighborhood in order to help deconcentrate poverty and revive that block.

      • Agreed with epric002, the city may need more housing, but we don’t need a repeat of southern Columbia Heights with blocks and blocks of affordable housing and no mixing so you have essentially a ghetto surrounded by wealth. If you’re gonna help people make buildings with more than 10 units 20% affordable. Then gentrification and socio-economic integration raises all neighborhoods.

        Last point, there are plenty of yuppies that aren’t white…please don’t lump race and wealth together.

    • Accountering

      I don’t think its remotely fair to say that the city obviously needs more affordable housing. I certainly don’t agree with that statement whatsoever. We already have a disproportionate amount of it, and the suburbs should certainly be responsible for their share.
      Petworth specifically also already has more than its fair share of affordable housing, relative to DC as a whole. I am not making anyone into a societal bogeyman, just saying that Petworth already has plenty of affordable housing, and I would strongly prefer to not add another building with 100 units of 100% affordable housing. Why is it unreasonable and “shocking” for me to prefer that they add 80 units of market rate, and 20 units of workforce housing instead, as opposed to creating another building that will be undoubtedly become a problem building for the next decades?

      • +1000000

      • It’s unreasonable (but not unfortunately not shocking) for someone to assume that a 100% affordable housing building will be a problem for the “next decades.”

        • 100% Affordable housing has proven for the last 50 years to be a problem. Buildings that are mixed have market rate tenants who can complain to the management company and get results, who can call the police and if the police don’t show they raise a stink, who have a nanny or stay at home parent so that little Johnny from downstairs in a single parent apt can come over, play video games and have a snack.

          You’re not helping the poorest parts of society to put them all in a building together and you’re not helping the neighborhood because none of them will have spending money. If the building is 80%, then a small grocery can open across the street and the 20% in affordable housing can gain from it, but if you make the building 100% then the grocery lacks a sufficient customer base and never opens….thus the 100% makes the building a problem. It’s the number, not the people themselves.

          • See Sursum Corda, Clifton Terrace (you can rename it Wardman Park, but it’s the same thing) or Carver Terrace (the most dangerous part of the city)

            Just step back and look at it holistically….would you make an entire neighborhood exclusively affordable housing ala the Bronx? No…good, then don’t make a building exclusively affordable.

          • “Just step back and look at it holistically….would you make an entire neighborhood exclusively affordable housing ala the Bronx? No…good, then don’t make a building exclusively affordable.”
            And by extension, your argument could easily go as follows: “And would you make an entire building exclusively affordable? No…good, then don’t make an apartment exclusively affordable.”
            Your argument here isn’t a very good one.

          • The REGION needs more affordable housing. DC should not be the dumping ground for MD and VA poor.

          • “The REGION needs more affordable housing. DC should not be the dumping ground for MD and VA poor.”

            Not at all sure what you are talking about. The poverty train has been going one way from the cities to the suburbs for awhile now. The demographics that abandoned cities in the 70’s and 80’s have now decided that city living is for them. It’s MD and VA that should be complaining about becoming a dumping ground for DC’s poor.

          • @Anonymous 12:07

            You don’t make an exclusively poor city, you don’t make an exclusively poor neighborhood and you don’t make an exclusively poor building. Once we get to the apartment level, you’re at the individual level.

            Stop trolling on a neighborhood blog, it’s juvenile.

      • Agree with Accountering, epric002 and Mintwood. They covered all the bases.

        • The one thing not addressed is what counts as “affordable” in the 80/20 buildings – the rents are often still too high for someone who is really struggling to afford housing and the income limits are set fairly high – I’ve seen something like 50K for a single person. That really doesn’t help solve the affordability problem in any real sense. Someone needs to take a hard look at what affordable really means for low income people.

      • Agreed. Mclean, Arlington, and Montgomery county need more affordable housing. They have better schools for families in need.

    • Yeah it’s really unreasonable to want to live in a place where there isn’t constant crime and garbage.
      This city was the murder capitol of the world and now it’s starting to transform into something respectable, but for reasons that are completely beyond me some would rather it revert to it’s old form. We’re not talking about ancestral lands here. No one has a “right” to any of this.

  • Rave/Rant: Does anyone know what movie they were filming at 21st and Virginia this morning? And closing streets for a race car during rush hour?

    YMCA Rant #1: The weight room at the Anthony Bowen Y.
    YMCA Rant #2: Guy in there last night in apparently his outfit for the Ascension Party. Dude no one wants to see your junk while working out.

  • Rave: Game of Thrones finale was awesome. I can’t wait for next season, so many questions to be answered.


    Rant: Game of Thrones is over until next spring.


    Rave: Portugal vs. Germany


    Rant: I will be at work when it comes on


    Rave: I dvr’d it


    Rave: USA vs. Ghana. Hopefully we can come away with at least a point if not three.


    Rave: Possibly leaving work a bit early so I can catch the game in full.

    • justinbc

      Yeah, I loved the finale. There were so many loose ends out there and they managed to somehow tie up almost all of them while leaving lots of intrigue going forward.

      • Exactly! I don’t want to post in spoilers for those who haven’t seen it but damnnn I want to talk about it so bad with fellow fans. I will say that I think it was very appropriately titled “The Children” and not just because of “The Children” but because of the overarching theme of the whole episode. It was pretty deep stuff when you sit back and look at everything. Well done GoT!!!

        • justinbc

          I will say (minor spoiler alert, but not really since nothing actually happened) that I was a bit disappointed they never showed Robert’s bastard son this whole season, despite previewing him in a flash back in the first episode. What was the point of mentioning that scene again to just never actually show him? Oh well, here’s hoping he’s not gone for good.

          • Yeah, they just left Gendry at sea the whole season. Dude can’t swim and has never been in a rowboat. My guess is that he somehow mysteriously ends up in “Bravos”…

    • …couldn’t you just read the books?

      • The books are dreadful – first one was interesting but it was downhill after that. The last one had me skipping chapters filled with convoluted story lines that went to town and back again without really going anywhere.

        • my husband read them. I’m not a fan of the show. But I don’t get the “OMG WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” stuff when….there’s books. I’m a Veep/John Oliver show fan.

          • that’s not to say the books are for everyone. but, what’s happened is out there! And I wasn’t comparing GoT to the others…I just hang out on the ipad and watch them while he’s GoTing

          • justinbc

            Because to some people the suspense of visually seeing something happen is more appealing than reading through 600 pages to find out.

        • epric002

          oh i disagree. thought the first 3 books were WONDERFUL. 4 and 5 were tougher to slog through. and the daenerys chapters just sucked.

          • Interesting, I would rate the books (best to worst) 5, 3, 1, 2, 4. (one and two kind of tied).

          • Agree with this. 3 was the best. I also hate how they made Clegane into a moderately sympathetic character in the series. There was far less of that in teh novels, and it made him more interesting, in my opinion.

        • I was doing that in Book 4 (I think) — the one that introduced a whole bunch of new characters and had several chapters set in Dorne. I ended up skipping those chapters.
          The books are definite page-turners, but none of them have lived up to the promise of the first book. The series has still only fleetingly addressed the White Walkers who made such a compelling appearance in the prologue to Book 1.

          • I agree – none of the books were as good as the first. The last was 1152 pages, a perfect example of tl/dr . I skipped lots of chapters in that book!

          • I was hoping that Book 5 would redeem Book 4. (Book 4 reminded me of those mystery/spy TV shows where one character says to another, “Let’s create a diversion.” Aaagh!)
            But it didn’t. I hope Martin will come up with (or has come up with) some good storylines to conclude the series — the storylines really seemed to be floundering in Books 4 and 5.

          • Just goes to show, different strokes – I loved the Dornish storylines. I do agree, though, that the introduction of numerous new storylines in 4 and especially 5 made the whole story cumbersome, especially when it’s planned to wrap up in 7 volumes. Very Robert Jordanesque, and not in a complimentary way.

      • The show and the books are two entirely different beast. They do not follow the same path and the same characters aren’t alive. In fact, the show is or is about to be farther along than the books. The show honchos have met with Martin so they know how he wants it to end but they don’t have to follow that…

  • justinbc

    Rave: Awesome weather this weekend allowed for lots of house projects (including hanging new ceiling fan, removing a massive wall of mirror over the fireplace, and completely clearing and releveling the patio for the new furniture).
    Rave: Also had time to catch almost every World Cup game in between projects, even if only for 1/2 or 2/3 of the match. So many great matches too, love all the scoring! And extra rave for being so close to East Coast start times so we can watch everything live during “normal” hours. Taking off lunch today to catch the Germany v Portugal match at Penn Social on their 22 ft screen.
    Update on HH: It will be Thursday the 26th at Mockingbird Hill from 5’ish til whenever. Sorry for those who wanted the 24th, after talking with Chantal at the bar this was the date that worked best for them (and it was about a 50/50 vote here as well). Hope lots can make it! If it gets too crowded or folks want to bar hop, I’ll post in the RRR for that day if we head to Southern Efficiency / Eat the Rich / etc…

  • Rave: very happy that our new nanny is working out – she’s excellent and kiddo seems very happy and adjusting quickly.
    Rant: Still want to be home. Home here, and then home move to where we are from home.
    Rant: 90s all week. WTF? SO not ready for this
    rave: Made a deeeelicious thai quinoa salad to pack for this week’s lunches. OMG so good

    • Would you mind posting recipe or link to it, please? That sounds delicious – especially for this week’s weather. Thank you!

      • Delicious and quinoa, two words I never thought I would hear in the same sentence. Unless that sentence was “Everything tastes so delicious when compared to a quinoa salad!”

        • see, I think if you didn’t like quinoa this is a good recipe because of the yummy dressing. that, and maybe you need to rinse your quinoa? Either way, you can sub rice or any grain and the salad would still probably be yummy

        • I can’t wait for the quinoa trend to go away!

          • epric002

            why? how exactly is (other people eating) quinoa affecting you?

          • I’m just tired of hearing about it when there are so many other obscure grains that are so much better!

          • I’m a different anonymous, but I worry not about how it affects me but how it affects the people who grow it, who can no longer afford to eat it.

          • epric002

            but isn’t any food (grain) trend going to be annoying? next it’ll be “i can’t wait for the spelt trend to go away! there are so many other obscure grains out there”. are people really talking about quinoa all the time? i don’t see it. but i do agree with anon @ 12:12’s concerns. i like quinoa, but don’t want our consumption of it to ruin those who farm/depend on it.

          • Yes, of course. I dislike food trends in general.

          • I ate quinoa before it was a trend. you can make it with farro or barley or rice. Not going to feel guilty about liking what I like. Good thing I never liked kale, I guess!

          • I saw U2 at the 9:30 club before anyone had even heard of them!

    • Recipe? 🙂

    • here’s the recipe: http://tastesbetterfromscratch.com/2014/01/thai-quinoa-salad.html

      The only differences for me were 1) I didn’t add the cabbage because I forgot 2) didn’t add the edamame because I was lazy, but I definitely will next time and 3) I added toasted coconut chips to it because…why not? I use natural PB and lots of sriracha. It’s really good!

      • That looks delicious! Thanks for posting. Agree that the key to cooking good quinoa is rinsing it for a few minutes or else it will taste weird and bitter. I like the Budget Bytes blog and the author has a great recipe for black bean and quinoa tacos that I make all the time. Yum!

        • Rinsing it is so hard though! It slips through the holes in a fine mesh strainer, and sticks to cheesecloth. Not worth the trouble.

          • Try putting it in the pot, adding water to cover plus a few inches. Swirl the quinoa around then drain the water out holding the quinoa in with the lid.

        • I just started looking at that blog….that, and dangerously delicious. Thanks, Pinterest! 🙂

    • the link for the recipe is awaiting moderation…so check back.

  • Rave: Went to Joe’s Stone Crab for Father’s Day dinner last night.


    Rant: Stone crabs are DEFINITELY overrated and very expensive for what they are (I think it was something like $50 for 5). I thought they would be something special but the only thing special about them is that they are sustainable. From now on I will stick with my Alaskan King Crab Legs from Costco. Thanks.


    Rave: Service was great and my halibut was delicious.

    • Interestingly, Tom Sietsema in his review said Joe’s stone crab claws were not up to snuff, as well. They’re not cheap, even retail, but the are pretty good and in season you can get them fresh at Black Salt.

      • Well I am glad I am not the only one who thought that. I love Blacksalt but I am not sure that I would like their stone crabs.

        • I’ve tried them several times and in several places, but still don’t get the appeal. Guess I have to keep trying them!

          • Yup. I had them in Key West a few years ago. They tasted bland to me. I’ll stick to my beautiful swimmers from my home state!

          • Yeah, I am not going to keep trying them, once is enough. If they are not all that at the place the supposedly invented them then I have all I need to know. They were just so bland. Again, I think the fact that they are sustainable is the big draw. The get the crabs, take their claws and throw them back to let their claws regenerate and repeat…Sounds more like a huge money maker to me.

  • Farragut

    RAVE: Go Cardinals! A very nice sweep of the Nats with a home run each game by Matt Adams. (Sorry Nats fans, I support the Nats in any other situation but the Cards).

    RANT: The cafeteria at work is closed for the foreseeable future due to “rodents and cleanliness” issues. Gross…

    RAVE: Allison’s birthday this past weekend, we had a great time (and great cake!)

    • Rant: Cards fans. If St. Louis is as awesome as they say, then why are they not still living there. I work with a bunch of St. Louis fans, and they can’t shut up about it. Enough! Go back then! Oh wait, you can’t find a job there? Guess it’s not so awesome then. (Not saying this is you, Farragut, and yes I know I’m being a biotch.)

      • jim_ed

        Your feelings about the majority of Cardinals fans is totally justified. No one can take that much sanctimonious self congratulations. An easy way to combat this is to follow @bestfansStLouis on twitter – easily one of my favorite twitter feeds.

      • saf

        I never understand the “I like the Nats until they play MY REAL TEAM.” Look, you live here. The Nats are DC’s team. Deal with it. Be a real Nats fan.

        • I’m not into sports, but the idea of having an allegiance to one’s hometown team as well as to a D.C. team seems fine to me. Kind of a “make new friends, but keep the old” thing.

        • Really? I have to give up my allegience to the team I grew up watching, through (incredibly) lean years, to an epic World Series win, then back to incredibly horrific lean years, just because I want to also root for the Nats? And if I move to, say, Boston, I need to become a Sox fan? No thank you.

        • justinbc

          For some of us our loyalty doesn’t revolve around where we happen to live at the time.

      • So being a Cards fan automatically means you should love ST. Louis so much that you want to live there? Couldn’t it be a team that you grew up with or just really like? Bitter much about the sweep this weekend?

        • Not bitter about the sweep at all. Bitter that I have to hear people talk about St. Louis so much, and the whole “we have the best fans in all the land!” viewpoint that winning teams send to have, until they start sucking two years later. My view of cards fans is based around a very small sampling of coworkers and extended family who ramble incessantly about the heaven on earth that apparently is St. Louis. I don’t buy it.

          • That would make sense, but the Cards really haven’t sucked in a long time. They’ve been in the world series four times in the last 9 nine years. That should allow the fans some leverage to feel good about the team. What’s wrong with uniting in a good way about something positive like baseball? Since when is having team pride a bad thing?

            I would be surprised if any of your co-workers/extended family have ever called St. Louis “heaven on earth.” It’s a great place to grow up – lots of nice people and a slower pace – and once people grow up and move away, a lot think back on St. Louis fondly and with an appreciation for the people and mid-west mindset. Would I move back there now? No way, but that doesn’t take away from the way I feel about the city and sports teams. Who were we supposed to root for before the Nats arrived?

          • justinbc

            You’ve apparently never heard fans from Boston speak.

          • The Boston accent alone is enough to make them the worst fans, even without the sanctimonious BS.

        • Plenty of Cards fans have never lived in St. Louis. Plenty of folks in Arkansas and West Tennessee & Kentucky love the Cards because they grew up listening to KMOX. So stop generalizing!

      • Yes, because a person should decide where to live and work based upon their favorite baseball team’s location. Great plan. Stop crying. Nats got smoked.

    • It is not possible to support the Nats and the Cards. Go back to the Lou. We don’t need you.

    • Like who you like. (although having 2 NL teams ia a tad weird, but enjoy it!)

      I wonder what all these new Nats fans were doing when there was no team in DC?

      • saf

        Waiting for one and watching the Orioles. Also minor league and independent league teams.

        • So… you cheered on the O’s but now don’t? (I get it, I too went up to Balmore to watch the O’s… esp. when they played the Twins).

          People move to new locations, that doesn’t mean they abandon the teams they cheer for. That they also cheer on their “new” hometown teams… isn’t that a good thing?

          If ever I move away from DC, I will never stop being a DC United fan.

          • saf

            I grew up an O’s fan (Rochester NY. We used to have their AAA team.) The husband grew up a Phils fan. But we live here now, and have for many years. We are Washingtonians.
            Yeah, we used to have a ticket package for the O’s. But once Angelos bought them and fought so hard against DC getting a team, we gave it up. (I mean, you can’t have it both ways. Saying “There are no baseball fans in Washington,” and “All the baseball fans in Washington are MY MARKET,” is just silly.)
            We also used to have a ticket package to the Baysox.
            Now we go Nats game, some Potomac Nationals games, and occasionally road trip to other places.
            And it strikes me as ridiculous that people who live here and not going back where they came from maintain those ties. I find it especially ludicrous when they train their children to cheer for the teams from Grampa’s home town when these children have their own home town team.

          • dcgator

            Wait a minute (this is to saf @12:40 pm), that’s a ridiculous argument. Because I grew up loving a team, but moved to another city that may possibly have rooting conflicts, I can’t keep my old team?

            In my opinion, it’s more sell-outy (I know this is not a word) to just start rooting for a team because you live there. And indoctrination of children and loved ones to root for your team is kind of an inalienable right, in my opinion.

            I can’t be the only who feels this way.

          • And it strikes me as ridiculous that people who live here and not going back where they came from maintain those ties. I find it especially ludicrous when they train their children to cheer for the teams from Grampa’s home town when these children have their own home town team.

            Kids are one thing but it strikes me as especially ludicrous that any adult would switch lifelong allegiances.

          • Well, if you really want to explore ridiculousness, then being a fan of any sports team at all should be part of the conversation.
            The bottom line is that being a fan is an emotional thing, so in the end there’s no explaining it. Some people here feel strongly that you should root for the team where you live. Others feel strongly that you’re born into your fandom. Me, I think you should cheer for the team that gives you the most joy.

      • Cheering for the Phillies. Because I lived in Philadelphia. Moved to DC in 05 (the same year the Nats did), became a Nats fan. So I can say I’ve been a fan from the beginning. 🙂

        • Ditto. Glad to see another Phils traitor here. I’ve been a Nats fan since they started. Before that, I rooted for the Phils since that’s where my family lives.

          • saf

            My husband’s brother keeps sending him Phillies gear. I think M thinks that L can still be redeemed. No, no, he is a Nats fan.
            One of his other brothers put a Phils magnet on my car. Really, did he think I wouldn’t notice? Oh, and the nieces turned our curly W magnet upside-down.

          • Worst kind of “fans.” The I moved so I changed my team “loyalty” types. No actual fan would do that.

          • I’ve lived in DC longer than I’ve lived anywhere in my life and it is my home. Why would I root for some random team just because I lived there at some other point in my life.

          • So that makes three teams (Philly then Baltimore then Washington) for saf’s husband? Ok lol Huge fan.

          • @anon 1:45 If that actually has to be explained to you then you likely aren’t a big or serious sports fan.

          • @anon 1:45 If you were actually a fan of any team or where you previously lived i.e. Packers fan, no real sports fan expects that person to become a Washington football fan upon moving. If you never cared before you moved then go ahead and bandwagon Washington teams if you choose.

          • What is there to be a “fan” of, in modern professional athletics? What element of fandom could POSSIBLY trump a sense of camaraderie with your neighbors, the people you actually live among now? The players change, the owners change, even the home cities change. But if you’re always rooting for the home team, no matter where you live, you’re always part of something.

          • Or perhaps you have a stronger attachment to the place you grew up (or a decision you made at 5 to follow a team) than some others. If a requirement to be “a true fan” is that you had to be born into it, then the only Nats fans would be children.

          • @wdc, maybe the sense of camaraderie you share with your family and long-time friends who don’t live near you now? Rooting for your hometown team after you leave lets you have a bit of all of what you describe, just with a different circle of people than your new neighbors.

          • Often, a shared sports allegiance is the ONLY thing I have in common with my neighbors. I have lots of other things to share with my far-away friends and family.

          • Anyone who switches teams is either just a casual fan or just a baseball fan in general. There is a difference between that and being an actual fan of your team. It’s fine to do whatever you want but don’t claim you are a diehard Nats (or anything) fan if you abandoned another team you once claimed to be a fan of. No one takes people like that seriously.

          • This discussion is interesting. I don’t understand how people can switch team loyalty when they move to another city, but more power to you. I grew up in Philly and will always remain a fan of Philly sports teams even though I’ve now lived in DC for over 20 years. It’s not really a choice to me in that I couldn’t just decide to start rooting for the DC teams. I love living in DC, but my heart is with the Flyers, Phillies and Eagles and always will be. Even when we suck… (This would be a great season, for example, to switch from being a Phillies fan to a Nats fan, but I just can’t do it. It’s not how I’m wired.)

            I know a lot fo you probably hate Phila fans, but one thing to say for us is that we’re loyal.

          • Yep, I’m a general baseball fan. Just love the game. I’ll cheer for whoever plays it in my hometown. Calling oneself an “actual fan” is like calling yourself a “real American”. You think it’s an insult to the others. But it tells others something not very flattering about you.

          • As a former casual Phils fan, a general baseball fan, and a Nats fan since the team moved from Montreal, I can only speak for myself. I have family all over the country and Canada, and never was a total fan of any particular team growing up simply because we moved all over the country, caught games live wherever we lived, and our family was not based in one region long enough to develop location-based fandom. Now that I’ve been in DC for 15 years, bought a home here, and have been a fan since the Nats came to DC, I have found both my home AND my team. Perhaps ya’ll were conceived and born wearing your team’s jersey, but that’s not the case for everyone. One thing I like about baseball fans is they typically don’t do the “you’re not enough of a fan!” b.s. that some other sports fans do.

          • saf

            Nah, he was Philly, now nats. I was Baltimore, now Nats.

      • You know your state is doomed when you have more fans in cities like LA, NYC, and DC than in the original metro area *looks at hack fans from Michigan, PA, and Ohio*

    • Farragut

      What the heck? I wasn’t expecting this kind of response. My support of the Cardinals is the only thing I’ve kept from growing up in St. Louis. The Nationals get a lot of my money, anyway, and any future kids I have will be raised to celebrate Harper and Strasburg and Rendon and the rest.

      I’m sorry some of you have bad experiences with some STL fans, but please don’t take it out on me when I’m just happy about one dang 3-game series.

  • skj84

    Rant: I’m pretty sure I have pink eye. Going to the doctor to get checked out this afternoon. I’m too busy to be quarantined this week.

    Rave: Epic weekend!

  • Rant: I stayed up late reading and didn’t get nearly enough sleep.
    Rave: Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan
    Rave: Fun weekend – race, pong, Delaware for Father’s Day, picking crabs, clams casino
    Rave: Another fun week ahead 🙂

  • Rave: Drum circle in Meridian Hill park yesterday was especially good – the entire park was full of people and abounding picnics. I think this would definitely be a good PoPville meet-up on the next gorgeous weekend. I think it doesn’t really even need to be planned – maybe we can think of a way to mark a space? A PoPville flag?

    Anyone could show up, put down their blanket, raise the flag and anyone else could feel free just to join in.

  • Rave: Think I’m finally coming out of the first trimester slump!!
    Rave/rant: Timing is good, I have a big week at work this week
    Rant: Hard to focus, I just want to watch soccer all day, eat snacks and enjoy the sunshine
    Query: Has anyone ever found cute maternity suits/business wear? I’ve struck out at the major chains so looking for any recs…

    • Japanese weekend. Check out Guilt and Zuilily. Or just stick with the chain stuff with a coupon. My feeling was the last thing I want to spend money on before baby was clothing with a very short shelf life.


    • I had a hard time with actual suits. What I ended up doing was wearing my regular suit jackets unbuttoned with maternity dresses. Buttoned jackets looked too strange anyway. Zulily has good options for dresses as there is something new in maternity every day.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Car service caught damaged serpentine belt before it broke and I was stranded on the side of the road somewhere.
    Rant: Foolishly wore new sandals to walk around Annapolis while waiting for car service. Chewed up feet, had to buy emergency flip flops.
    Rant: Let down by WABA’s Bikefest on Friday. Maybe I’ve been a part of event planning enough that I can’t not critique.
    Revel: Walked 6 miles on Saturday with Mr. Squid. Gorgeous weather, nice little meal at Jaleo with two hilarious older Spanish gentlemen at the table next to us.
    Rant: Got to BicycleSpace and they had JUST sold the bike I was going to buy.
    Revel: Ordered bike and it’ll be in this week!
    Revel: Had brunch Sunday with friend I met over Twitter and turned out she lives down the street from me.

    • What bike did you order? Do you like Bicycle Space? Walked in there last week, and nobody – not a soul – spoke to me. And I’m looking to buy a bike!!!!

      • GiantSquid

        I will soon be the proud owner of an All-City Space Horse. I wanted a steel touring bike for riding around the city and longer rides with a rack and panniers. I took it for a test and fell in love.
        I like it there, it has a very chill feel, clean shop, and they’re not pretentious about cycling. I figure, since they get a lot of folks in there who need different levels of assistance, if any, and they’re often busy, you might have to find someone, make eye contact, and say ‘hey, can you help me?’ Kind of like going to the Apple store. What kind of bike are you looking for?

        • gorgeous looking bike! i wish i didn’t have 3 bikes already…or maybe good thing i already have 3 bikes, or i would be tempted to pick up one of those. and +1 for bicyclespace; they are always really friendly and approachable. sometimes they get pretty busy, and it can take a minure or two for me to get someone’s attention (went in last week to get new brake pads, and they were behind the counter so i couldn’t help myself), but once you have their attention, they will spend as much time as you need and not hurry you…

        • I think part of the problem is that I’m not sure WHAT I’m looking for!!! I don’t plan to bike to & from work (although I admire those who do), and I’m not a mountain biker. I would bike for fun & exercise mostly, yet want gears/speeds to help me up hills. Haven’t bought a ‘new bike’ since my 10-speed Peugot in 1976!!!!! Now that I’ve typed that, I am even more freaked out about approaching a bike salesman. I don’t have thousands to spend, either. Please help!!

          • GiantSquid

            Do you want a bike shopping buddy? I’m happy to volunteer. I could meet up with you at a shop and walk you through stuff if you were interested. I’m closest to Capitol Hill Bikes but I’m also over at BicycleSpace often and could get to Daily Rider on H without much hassle.
            Ok, so there’s some good information here. You want gears. You don’t want a mountain bike. You want something for fun and fitness. That’s a great start. Think about your budget, how much are you looking to spend? Will you be biking mostly on pavement, crushed stone trails? Then you can start getting into what feels best for you in handlebar types, riding position, and such.

          • GiantSquid

            Hey PoP/Dan, can you send Florista my email address?

          • I just bought a new bike, my first new bike since I was 15 years old and my dad bought me a mountain bike from Sears. Like you, I wanted a bike for exercise and fun, not for a commuting or racing. Mostly just for rides in Rock Creek Park or on the Mt. Vernon Trail on weekends. Anyway, the bike salespeople will ask you what you plan on using the bike for, your experience riding, and your budget, then make suggestions on the kind of bike they think would be a good a fit. They recommended flat bar hybrid bikes for me. Test ride the bikes they suggest and give them feedback and what you liked/didn’t like. Go around to different stores and test out different brands. And then pick the bike that feels the best. I tested some bikes at Bicycle Space and found them to be super friendly and patient with me even though I wasn’t on the market for an expensive bike. I loved the Jamis Coda I tested at Bicycle Space and it was my top choice, but then I rode a Specialized Vita at another store and like it better, so I bought it and I’m so happy with it!
            I went to four different bike stores and I have to say that every one was really nice to me and not at all snobby. And if you do find a store that’s snobby, don’t buy a bike from them. We have so many bike stores in DC, so shop around and have fun!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Can’t take off work for world cup or quit my job for it like my college roommate did.
    Rave: My work has TVs that will be playing it, so I can sneak down for 1/2 of the Germany game today.
    Deutschland, Deutschland über alles!

    • You do realize that “Deutschland Uber Alles” is closely related to Nazism, right? Though part of the national anthem for Germany, it’s closely tied in with Hitler, especially after the 1936 Olympics.

      • Das Lied der Deutschen precedes the national socialists… it has a long history.

        But yes, the 1st stanza is not in use since WWII, instead the 3rd verse is the national anthem.

        But it wasn’t about world domination when it was written – it was about germany over all for unification of germany (not conquering other lands).

        It’s very similar to Rule Britania.

      • So is Volkswagon and any number of companies. Just because Nazism appropriated something doesn’t make it national socialist in nature.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yes I know about the song. I’m using it in relation to the World Cup b/c I want them to win. (I am not a Nazi etc etc)

      • Godwin’d.
        Un-bunch your panties.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rant: THE TVS AT WORK ARE TURNED OFF!!No bonding with random coworkers during lunch over matches 🙁 no watching matches 🙁 sob

  • Rant: i bought a pack of ‘mega stuffed oreos’ thinking that they would be awesome. but sadly and surprisingly, no. the cookie to icing ratio is just all wrong. too much of a good thing is not good at all.
    Rave: oreos are my only rant today. life is good 🙂

    • Wow, I forgot about Oreos. Don’t think I’ve had one since I was a kid! I’ll bet they’re not nearly as good as I remember them being.

    • saf

      I wish I could buy oreos cookie only. I love oreos but hate the cream. And no, “Famous Chocolate Wafers” are not quite the same.

      • Growing up there was a kid in our neighborhood that we’d sometimes invite over. One day she snuck into our pantry, licked the cream out of all the Oreos, and stuck them back together. My parents didn’t force us to invite her over after that. 🙂

    • I eat lots of Oreos before I have to give blood. They have a nice bit of iron to ’em. Yea for Oreos and yea for me! (Although I don’t eat the double or mega stuffed; too much icing.)

      • saf

        Really? Wow. I used to eat spinach before bloodletting. Now they won’t let me donate though.
        But having had my life saved by a blood transfusion, let me tell you how grateful I am to you, and to all of those who do donate blood. Thank you!

  • Rave: we went to a beautiful wedding in WV at a gorgeous woodsy resort, nestled in the foothills.
    Rave: we stopped at my favorite ice cream place in Harrisonburg…twice.
    Rave: Sometimes I get antsy about road trips and just want to get to the destination, but we took our time with nice stops, including a wine tasting, and checking out a new brewery near my alma matter, a pizza place we liked from an anniversary trip, etc. It really made the travel much more enjoyable and now I have a delicious bottle of Pinor Noir Blanc to drink.
    Rave: it’s adorable to see my bf nerding out with his college buddy who was at the wedding.
    Rant: summer hours. The concept seems great, except when you want to get to happy hours and other things during the week, but you’re working an extra hour.

    • GiantSquid

      Pinot Noir Blanc? What is this sorcery?

      • I know, right? Just leave out the skins and you’ve completely confused and intrigued people.
        I rarely drink whites, but this one is great. It has a champagne like quality to it and of all the whites at this place, Rockbridge Vineyards, it was my favorite. I don’t think Virginia reds are all that strong, at least the one’s I’ve had, and that held the same here. Their merlot was just okay, not worth buying.

  • Becks

    Rave: Had a fantastic relaxing weekend with zero planned. I puttered around the garden and repotted the seedlings AND took a four hour nap Saturday!
    Rave: Naps rock!
    Rant: Three days till my four day holiday in Oklahoma. My mind is already on relaxing outside and Braums Dairy! Braums Dairy has homemade ice cream and the best Brownie Fudge Sundaes!
    Rave: Braums Dairy Brownie Fudge Sundae!
    Rant: Back is still stiff and painful. Hopefully a short vacation will help.

  • Rant: collectively weakened by a cold/allergies, slight sunburn, killer cramps/PMS, and the aggressive air conditioning in my office. Just want to crumble into a ball on the floor.

    • Oh god, I have the exact same rant today! I completely understand how you feel. I just want to go home, collapse on the couch, watch Veronica Mars reruns, and eat gelato. I should have called in sick today, I am getting absolutely nothing accomplished.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: As a Wizards fan, watching LeBron and Co get run out of the gym like a YMCA team for 3 consecutive games was just superb.
    Rant: Nats giveth, Nats taketh away. I still don’t know what to make of this team.
    Rave: Life is easy enough at the moment that I can dwell on sports. That’s never a bad thing.

  • Rave: Great weekend full of outdoor activities in the city.
    Rant: Awkwardly shaped sunburn despite applying oodles of sunscreen. Ouch!

  • Rant: Death of Tony Gwynn, perhaps the last truly great hitter in MLB.

  • Rave: I was at a happy hour last Friday and I overheard a guy telling his friends a story about how he was walking his dog in DC and saw a red dildo with a suction cup on the sidewalk!

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