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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • binpetworth

    Rave: Day off tomorrow.
    Rave: Petworth Safeway opens in 2 weeks! I’m hoping they have a big opening with free samples, coupons, etc.
    No rants today! Trying to ride my positive mood through the weekend.

  • Rave: World Cup!
    Rant: 77 Italian jersey options for men…13 for women. All of which are designed to show way too much cleavage.
    Double-rant: everyone back home in Rome gets to watch all the matches for free, while soccer fans in the US get deal with the ridiculous ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC rotating schedule (or the hassle of Univision and some semi-legal work arounds to watch for free).

    • justinbc

      How much cleavage is too much?

    • Seriously – I had to go to a men’s tshirt because I could barely squeeze myself nto an addias women’s xl. And it was boderline porno when I did. I’m a size 10-12 btw. Crazy European sizes.

    • Other than going to a bar, Univision is the best way to watch the cup!

      • Absolutely! I just miss being home (like I was for our 2006 win) and having the games on every public/free channel

        • also the American commentators are so blah… They have gotten better over the years but still no where near the level of the Univision personalities.

          • Very true. I wonder how the Univision folks train to yell GOALLLLL for 5 minutes straight without passing out πŸ™‚

          • justinbc

            Speaking of too much cleavage…Univision…yowza.

          • I find the Univision commentators completely annoying – they’re the soccer equivalent of NFL commentators. Basically they’re always talking and always trying to artificially jack up the excitement and intensity of what you’re watching.

          • Watching Gus Johnson and Eric Wynalda call the FA Cup final this year was painful. Wynalda in particular. Johnson is generally clueless about the sport, but at least seems to be learning more. Wynalda, on the other hand, has no excuse. His musing aloud to Arsenal’s manager (“Zonal marking doesn’t work, Arsene. Never has”) and then strongly advocating taking Aaron Ramsey off (he wound up scoring the winning goal) are just two examples of this guy’s idiocy. And they were just as bad during the Champions League final.

          • @justinbc – that’s another reason to dislike the Univision coverage. Talk about blatant sexism.
            @Anon 10:30 – agree, Gus Johnson is awful. Exactly the kind of commentating I hate, breathless and overexcited.

    • Why don’t you just buy a men’s jersey?

    • My Italian friend got a normal-looking one at City Sports.

    • That’s almost a jersey for every flop!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Technology is amazing. Transferring internet from one apartment to another can be done remotely because they can access your modem/router.
    Rant: Technology is scary. Transferring internet from one apartment to another can be done remotely because they can access your modem/router.

    • Comcast isn’t really very high tech… All cable channels and Internet are open on all of their connected lines, it’s really the router and cable boxes that simply decode the signal. For as long as I can remember, it’s always been a case of bribing a technician, you can get all unlocked channels by just buying an unlocked (bootleg) box or router. I don’t do that though, I just pay for Internet and I get everything I want through my connection.

  • RANT: There can’t be anywhere in DC that has more people just wandering around in the street than H St NE. Seriously it doesn’t even matter what time of day, these people are always just walking right in the middle of traffic. What makes it worse is there are always cops patrolling H St but do they ever do anything? Nope! What makes people think it’s ok to do this? Stop being so lazy and walk the extra 5 feet to the crosswalk sign and wait your turn. It seems like the same 100 or so people are always just loitering around up and down the street. I wonder if some of them walk into the street hoping to get hit so they can sue someone?

    • +1000. Especially at night in dark clothing further down H Street where the street lights aren’t working.

    • You should test it out- hit one of them and let us know if you were sued.

      • btw– I personally think the more people on the streets lined up at cross walks, tends to guilt others into going to the cross walk vs just randomly crossing. H street doesn’t have that density that say U Street has, so people tend to just cross wherever they see fit.

      • Just wait until streetcars happen! Most of the jaywalkers and car drivers think they’ll be able to stop quickly or turn.

    • I’ve been guilty of doing that a few times. It seems like the blocks are extra-long on the eastern end.
      Usually this sort of thing is a sign of poor design. I’ve had the most near-misses with pedestrians in my hometown, which is not designed to be pedestrian-friendly at all so the people that do walk are always darting across poorly-lit highways.

    • saf

      Mt Pleasant Street is bad that way too.

    • A few weekends ago I was walking my dog up 6th St and some guy was literally just standing in the middle of the intersection of 6th and F NE blocking traffic. Just standing there. Cars were honking, but he wouldn’t move. Finally someone drove right at him and came within an inch of running him over and he started screaming and yelling at them. I don’t know what happened because I got the hell out of there- I don’t like getting in the way of crazy.

      • Poor guy. I’ve seen people have a psychotic episode in the middle of traffic and it’s never pretty. Whenever you feel inconvenienced by one of those people, just remember the mental torture they might be going through. If you see someone who may be having a truly serious episode, the D.C. Department of Behavioral Health has mobile crisis teams that can come to their aid from 9 am to 1 am everyday if you call (202) 673-9300.

  • epric002

    rant: i am not a good puppy-proofer. will definitely have to work on that.
    rave: he didn’t chew up anything expensive/irreplaceable.
    rave: he is such a sweet boy! i hope he will be a foster failure πŸ™‚
    rave: petworth food trucks tonight with alvin!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Donna Martin is a bad bad weebus.

    Rave: cream earl grey tea. divine!

    • What did she do?

      • Emmaleigh504

        She played with the blinds (makes a lot of noise and wakes me up) all night long, then when I opened them so she couldn’t play with them anymore she found ALL her loud toys to play with. After that she just started knocking pictures off the walls and things off of tables. She was determined to make the most noise possible all. night. long.
        Normally she sleeps most of the night and plays quietly until she thinks it’s breakfast time.

  • Rave: Had dinner at Roses Luxury. It was good, but I don’t think I’d go for seconds.

    • What made it less than great to you (the food, the service, ambience)? I’ve only heard raves about this place being the best thing since sliced bread…

      • I enjoyed the ambience, the service was great– Just a very limited menu- with weird (but edible)combinations- which makes it good for a one time try, but nothing that I’d crave to return for. For whatever reasons it seemed like a lot of their dishes has some type fruit in them giving them a sweet/savory taste. ie: strawberry spaghettie

    • It’s kind of refreshing to hear a less-than-stellar review for once. I live up the street but still haven’t been, and I worry my hopes will be impossibly high due to all the hype now.

    • I had great service when I was there, but I wanted a little more balance in the menu. I like indulging every once in a while, but there wasn’t anything light to refresh your palate in between slurps of buttery popcorn soup, fried cauliflower, fried chicken, and creamy pasta. But that is my personal preference for what I would consider a perfect meal.

      No complaints about execution, service, or ambiance.

      • Uh oh, that could be a dealbreaker for us. My girlfriend and I aren’t so keen on heavy food.

      • HHHmm that sounds like a totally different menu from what I had, I guess in that case I’d be willing to see what the menu looks like in the future. As it stands right now once is enough.

  • Rave: Last day of the work week for me! And I’m not back in the office until Wednesday.
    Rave: I made a blueberry ginger gin cocktail last night. Delicious and refreshing. Thanks for inspiring me, Popvilleans.
    Rave: The weather looks like it will be sunny and clear for this weekend’s bbq.

  • justinbc

    Rave: New patio set finally shipped yesterday!
    Rave: Using ShopDiscover to buy it netted me 20% cash back, sweet! Half the time I buy stuff online I always forget to check there first, but the times I do I’m always heavily rewarded.
    Rave: Rain! Plants love free watering.
    Rant: Dumping all the pots every day to prevent mosquitoes. Do any of those anti-mosquito plants really work?
    Rave: John Oliver’s rant against FIFA, really loving his new show.
    Rave: So many good auditions already on SYTYCD, shaping up to be a great season. The puppet guy was easily my favorite thus far.

    • Re anti-mosquito plants – the citronella plant advertised to keep mosquitos away is a variety of scented geranium. The small trace of essential citronella oil won’t make a difference to mosquitos – it’s a different oil than what is used in citronella candles.
      Despite not working as mosquito deterrent, scented geraniums are lovely plants.

    • This reminds me that I need to dump the water out of my plants’ saucers — thanks!

      • justinbc

        I’m debating going saucerless. We found a really nice outdoor baker’s rack for them on Amazon, which holds about 12 pots, so they’ve now got stability plus ability to drain.

    • I’ve never had luck using citronella or anything commercial, but rosemary is a decent natural mosquito repellant – try growing some around your patio and hanging clippings off the chairs, umbrella, etc. You can also rub the leaves to get the oil on your hands and apply it to your neck, arms, and legs for a natural repellent while you’re sitting outside. Happy patio season!

    • Seconded Rave: SYTYCD! Love that show!

    • +1 on John Oliver’s rant. This was my second favorite.

  • Rave: I’m going to try to follow the World Cup this time.
    Rant: I’ve never gotten into any sports (not even the Olympics). I seem to be missing the competitive gene or something. Can anyone recommend things a complete newbie can do to get enthusiastic about soccer?

    • Fill out a bracket, so you have a “stake” in the outcome of each game (or at least particular games). That way you’ll have a team to cheer for or a score to check the next day.

      • Looking at the schedule, I can usually pick a team based on some personal connection (e.g. I’m half Italian and half German, my in-laws are Brazilian, my friend does development work in Cameroon, I’m reading a book about Ghana, etc).

    • Go somewhere where there will be a big crowd for a game, you have to see other people getting hyped.

      Lucky Bar is a huge soccer bar in DC, but it will probably be packed.

      I loved watching games at the Pug when I lived over by H St.

      • justinbc

        Queen Vic, Argonaut, and Biergarten Haus will all be open early every day for the matches. With regard to “getting excited” for it, that’s relatively difficult if you don’t enjoy sports in general. Soccer struggles here in the US partly because of the lack of scoring, when compared to sports we’re more accustomed to like basketball and football. So yeah, definitely surround yourself by others, so you can at least absorb some of the vibe and people yelling about things you likely won’t understand πŸ˜‰

    • Do you watch other sports but not fully grasp soccer? This should help: http://grantland.com/features/how-to-watch-the-world-cup-like-a-true-soccer-nerd/

      In addition, I’d recommend trying to watch a game or two with just a couple of friends (who hopefully like soccer) so you can test your understanding of the game in a positive, helpful atmosphere.

      A few WCs ago, I got my dad into World Cup mode by buying him a beer or two from every country I could. That way, we had something to drink while watching the games. It was good fun.

      • No offense, but my head is spinning after reading the first two sections of that guide. I feel so overwhelmed and confused now.
        The only time I’ve ever sat through a sports game was when I was in high school marching band, and most of the time I wasn’t paying attention. πŸ™‚

        • Well, it sounds like you’re obviously not really into sports. What’s wrong with that? Why are you trying to like something that you know you don’t?

          • I think I could like it. I feel like it would make me feel more connected to the rest of the world, and I think watching sports is good for the brain and the soul. So I’d like to give it a try. Never too late to learn. πŸ™‚

        • justinbc

          On the way to a Nats game I sat in front of a young couple where the obviously baseball obsessed guy was trying to explain the game to his Eastern European (sounding) girlfriend. It was all going somewhat OK, until he got to the point where he was explaining the multiple ways someone can get “out”. That was just too baffling, not helped by the fact this was occurring on a train and not during an actual game. Maybe watch your first game at home, with a rule guide, so you don’t feel silly using the cheat sheet to understand.

          • I think baseball must be the most difficult sport to explain. It’s one of the only sports where the defense has possession of the ball. I went to a Nats game and ended up trying to explain what was happening to these French dudes. Somewhere between tagging up, fouling out, balk and uncaught third strike, I gave up.

          • justinbc

            Oh man, I wouldn’t even attempt to explain a balk. It’s confusing even for people who understand baseball.

          • Ha, I took some foreign colleagues out to a Nats game when they were in town for meetings. I tried to explain it to them while watching, but it was insanely confusing for them. The only guy who “got it” was a Brit and he was very familiar with cricket.
            Seriously though, the rules for baseball are fairly incomprehensible.

        • No worries. That guide is a bit dense.

          My only recommendation, then, is to hit a bar with some friends who know what’s up and get swept up in the revelry/heartbreak!

        • Learn some cheers and get into the cheering part. Go along with the crowd. Being in a fun environment is most of the fun of watching sports if you are not all that into the game.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I pick teams by how attractive their outfits are (US always fails at this), the number of cute guys, and/or the theatrics of their players. More theatrics, the more I like them. Then I pick teams I hate based one ugly outfits, annoying players, etc. The annoying players go on my dead guy list and I root for them to get red cards. Man I love the theatrics of the refs when they hand out yellow and red cards. I live for it!

      • I like your system. πŸ™‚ Can you save me the trouble of figuring it out and just tell me who your favorites are based on that criteria? The more theatrics the better please.

  • Rant: Lifeguard for a work event this Saturday just canceled on us due to health issues, now scrambling to find someone else. Sent an email to the AU Aquatic Center and someone involved with DPR’s lifeguard training. Anyone else have other thoughts if neither of those pan out (although hopefully one of them will)? Not something I’m familiar with, the two lifeguards we use have been used by my organization for the last ~5 years, well before I came on board.

  • Rant: My car always smells at leas a little like I have a fermenting pair of sweat socks somewhere inside it, even when I don’t — even when it’s been weeks since I did, even after I checked to make sure that there are no leaks and it’s not getting wet.
    Rant/rave: Becoming addicted to over the counter caffeine pills. Sure, I’d like to start the day sharing an artisanal triple latte, the New York Times and meaningful smiles with a beautiful woman clad only in one of my dress shirts, but that’s not likely to happen on a Thursday morning, and popping one of those little buggers first thing is almost as good as speed. But, as my Times-reading weekend co-latte-iste asked: “isn’t that a little Judy Garland-ish?’

    • I get that smell in my car too and it drives me crazy. I think it’s from wet feet getting the carpets damp, and the carpets not getting totally dry after.

    • I used caffeine pills in grad school while working full time – they were a life saver. I thought they were healthier than lattes in many respects, most especially because you know exactly how much caffeine you’re getting, you can hydrate (with plain water) appropriately to ensure the caffeine doesn’t dehydrate you, and you don’t suck down a ton of sugar and fat when your objective is plain caffeine. I love the social aspect of my morning joe these days, but those pills really worked when I was a woman on a mission!

    • I find the “damp foot” smell in my car is actually a sign that I need to get my air filters changed. They might be growing mold.

      • My apartment smells like damp feet all the time…but that’s prolly cause my roommate is a workout fiend and goes running all the time. He doesn’t know it yet, but I bought a Costco sized bottle of gold bond to attack it.

        • Isn’t your roommate Accountering?

          • Accountering

            One and the same. Mintwood is a classy guy πŸ™‚ Good luck to him if he thinks he is getting a bagel sandwich and a coffee from me tomorrow morning, after kickball/bar tonight!

      • Just got the filters changed Tuesday so I’ll see id there’s been an improvement

        • Check for stuck/rotting leaves around your windshield (all around, but especially around the A-pillars up front). Most cars have air intakes around the base of the windshield, so if you have a bunch of leaves/etc stuck in there, it can cause the smell to reek over time.

    • Irving Streete, is your car by chance a VW?
      My friends who had VWs always seemed to find that there were leaks that resulted in water accumulating in the rear footwells.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I had a Lancer in grad school that always had a puddle in the front passenger seat floor, because the ac drainage thingy always came loose and emptied water there. It was so annoying.

  • Rant: Funeral Saturday for a very dear friend, after a long illness. (“Rant” doesn’t begin to express it… Huge rant. Massive rant. Universal rant.)
    Rave: Previously planned vacation trip starts Sunday which will provide a much-needed diversion and change of scenery.

    • So sorry for your loss.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My condolences.

    • Sorry about the loss of your dear friend. A good friend of mine passed away from a long illness way too young a year and a half ago. It is tough and your non-mutual friends may not understand. I found it especially tough to deal with my own feelings of sadness when I knew that I was the one who was lucky to be alive — like I should be relishing in my mere existence, not pouting. I don’t know the answer, but whatever you are feeling, you are not alone.

  • Rave: Love to watch Soccer.
    Rant: Ethnic nationalism makes me uncomfortable.

    • Ethnic nationalism in what sense? Cheering for your home country or country you are from has nothing to do with ethnicity it has to do with a pride in your country and pride in your heritage…what ethnicity is allowed to cheer for the USA or Italy? Do Mario Balotelli’s parents have to cheer for Ghana while their son plays for Italy?

      Every major country…Italy, Germany, France, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, USA has multiple ethnicities in their starting line-ups.

      • I assume ethnic nationalism in the sense of, well, nationalism based on ethnicity. This is not the same thing as what country you cheer for; it’s more like *why* you cheer for them.

  • Mostly Metro rants…
    Rant: Metro riders’ etiquette seems to be getting worse. I mean you two in suits who stand by the door and make what should be an access/egress point for two at a time a single file, thus doubling the time it takes to exit the train. Even one person standing in a door can do this. Also, don’t look at me like I butchered your first born when I politely suggest you step off the train so people can exit the train.
    Rant: older guy in a suit who yelled at a younger guy in a suit as older guy rushed to red line platform at Metro Center. Younger guy was in the right and even apologized and said excuse me. Older guy berated younger guy, couldn’t let it go, and went back to berating him more as younger guy went to the trains on lower level. Well done, old guy. You looked like a damn fool.
    Rant: people who insist on sitting on the aisle side of a Metro train seat hoping no one will sit next to them.
    Rant: people who sit on the aisle side and refuse to get up to let someone in or out, instead they just slide their legs into the aisle. THAT DOESN’T WORK.

    Rave: NBA Finals tonight.
    Rave: WORLD CUP!!!
    Rave: I hope/think my model train set arrives today. My gf is such an enabler.

    • justinbc

      Always having a bag is a great way to accidentally bop those buffoons who slide to the side πŸ™‚

    • I’ve started hitting the door standers with my bag as I try to enter/exit the metro. You refuse to move, I refuse to try to sidle past you.
      Sometimes, when I’m particularly ornery, I sit by the person who looks like they least want someone to sit next to them. Your bag is in the seat? I’ll politely ask you to pick it up so that I can sit. You’re in the aisle seat? I’ll politely ask you to let me sit down. You have your feet up on the seat? Same deal.

      • I do the same thing when someone has their bag on the seat next to them, especially if people are standing in the aisle. This happens a lot on the bus.

      • KAC, I agree with all but your first point. I don’t think people learn from being smacked by a bag. I’ve stepped on toes, accidentally, and I know the cause (them standing in the door while people exit) and the effect (pain) did not find intersection in the door blockers’ feeble brains.

        As for people insisting I squeeze by, I really wish I could fart on command.

        • It’s probably a futile hope on my part that if it happens to them frequently, maybe they’ll make the connection! I like to think that people might be smart enough to think, “Hey, I’m standing in the doorway and multiple people are hitting me with bags/stepping on my toes/elbowing me as they try to enter and exit the train. Perhaps if I moved out of the doorway, this might stop happening to me.”

      • Ha, I do these too on public transit. Glad I’m not the only one! It’s so satisfying. Sometimes I hate carrying around a big purse but it does come in handy for “accidentally” hitting people who stand in the doorways. I draw the line at stepping on toes, because that actually hurts.

    • I always sit on the aisle side if there is not a sideways facing seat to avoid being “boxed in” by creepy guys who try to hit on your or accidentally rub your leg. It is very violating. It’s much easier to get up when on the aisle. I will happily stand up to let you sit on the inside if you want, though. Everyone has a different story.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I agree with all of those metro rants and will add my own: Guys who refuse to keep their body parts in their own space. There is no need to spread your legs into the person next to you space, or lean forward to play your video game so people can’t pass, or take up all the room with your arms. It’s tiring to always have to fight to keep the asshat next to you from invading your space.
      Then when I do stake my claim to my metro seat the guys who take up all the room push back to invade my space. Several times guys like this have gotten fed up with me not letting them invade my space that they get up and stand or sit next another woman so they can take up their space. It’s infuritating.

      • Saw a dude doing this yesterday… in the aisle seat. He was alone, but somehow managed to take up the entire bench. Skinny guy. Works for the US House of Reps. WHAT AN AWESOME DUDE.

      • justinbc

        If it makes you feel any better, they do it to other guys too. I’m always taking a stand for my seat space.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yeah, I see it with other guys too. Frequently the other guy is forced out into the aisle, but then he too is all spread out in the aisle. It’s humorous but annoying. I wish all the spreaders of legs, arms, bags, etc would just stop!
          Ugh the the chicks with long hair that comb it with their fingers and pull out the loose hairs and drop them. They always seem to be standing over me. So gross!

          • Also the nail groomers. I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve seen clipping their fingernails, cleaning underneath them, filing them, etc. on the metro. AND the nose pickers, of whom there are a surprising amount. Not even the sly ones who try to disguise it, the full-on, finger jammed in there up to the first knuckle kind.

          • I often wonder if that’s cultural. You rarely see someone raised in the US doing the unashamed enthusiastic public nose-pick. But I see it every damn day, always folks (ok, men) from elsewhere (ok, latin america). I think they weren’t told “get your finger out of your nose, that’s gross” as kids.

          • epric002

            don’t forget the teeth flossers!

          • flossing on Metro? I just threw up a bit. Thanks.

          • epric002

            hey i wasn’t the flosser, just the lucky observer.

          • Emmaleigh504

            WDC, I ‘ve seen people who look American doing the nose pick and EAT on metro. Hell, I saw an American baseball (the all American game) pick his nose and eat what he found ON NATIONAL TV! ugh I hate baseball and metro.

          • justinbc

            WTF @ pick and eat? People really do that??

  • Becks

    Rave: It’s Thursday and not too humid.
    Rant report: Talked to neighbors kid who speaks English. I asked him not to pick the flowers and he said. ” We don’t go over there.” Sounds like his parents may have already talked to him. Still have to talk to parents and group house tenants about trash.
    Rave: Lady Carlotta was super friendly and wanted to play all last night. She will let me pick her up and doesn’t struggle anymore.

    • Has Lady Carlotta been in the Afternoon Animal Fix yet?

      • Becks

        Not yet. I keep meaning to send in a photo or two but then life and Lady Carlotta gets in the way. She was so cute on Tuesday when I was working from home. I was on my laptop and she came over to the table put her paws on the edge and looked at the screen with this look on her face , “Why you so interested in screen and not in pats? “

    • I happened to look out my window and saw some school kids picking my flowers. I went out side and told them not to do it, they looked shocked that I caught them, but then apologized and went on their way. Floors haven’t been touched since.

      • Becks

        Glad to hear that the kids stayed out of your yard. I am not old enough to be the old lady on the block who yells at the neighbor kids to stay out of her yard. But I am in training! πŸ™‚

        • Well I’m in the early 30’s, male and I didn’t yell at them but more so asked them not to pick the flowers. I have planters that are hung on my rod iron fence in the front yard that butts up to the sidewalk- so it’s tempting to pick them. They liked the purple flowers and would have probably picked them all…

  • Rave: the wedding we’re driving to this weekend is in WV and we have to go through Harrisonburg to get there. Kline’s Dairy Bar here I come!
    Extra rave: the flavor of the week and the one downtown is Chocolate Peanut Butter!!! That is their best flavor.
    Rave: Today is my Friday!

    • Rant: There was a TERRIBLE stench outside my house this morning New Jersey Ave and New York Ave area). It smelled like an open sewer. I nearly lost my breakfast. Not a good way to start the day.
      Rave: I checked my shoes and it wasnt me, so thats something.

  • Rant: Why are the vegetables at the Columbia Heights Giant ALWAYS rotting…. ALWAYS. Every time I go in there to get food for the rabbit all of the lettuce is wilted and mushy. I have to go to target for food for her. Who do you talk to about that?

    • The manager. You can ask any of the employees to call the manager over.

    • You don’t. That Giant is fucking disgusting. I have seen several employees go from unloading boxes or cleaning and then open up plastic containers of tomatoes, berries, whatever and take a big handful of food and close the packaging. For real? Totally disgusting.

      As soon as the Trader Joes opened up on U Street my boyfriend and I started using them exclusively. Totally worth lugging home heavy bags of groceries.

    • justinbc

      Safeway on 17th Street was the same. I so do not miss that store.

      • Soviet Safeway on 17th is the worst!! You can’t go there looking for anything in particular (especially fresh veggies) because they usually won’t have it in stock. You have to go in with broad categories and a sense of adventure, such as knowing that you might (on a good day) find something edible from the plant kingdom that is not frozen or in a can. I often find myself in the dilemma of wanting a specific item like wheat thins and then talk myself down into the mindset of “I want crackers or bread or something starchy, preferably with some gluten in it, but rice/corn/oat-based products are also acceptable.”

    • I regularly shop at this Giant and can always find an ample supply of non-rotting vegetables.

    • Maybe try Yes Organic or the new Wal-Mart up on Georgia? We are doing a half share CSA through https://fromthefarmerdc.com/, they do weekly billing, home delivery in insulated picnic hampers, you can suspend delivery when you leave town, and get more greens and sweet potatoes than we know what to do with. We could use a rabbit for the leftovers!

    • Becks

      I shop at Giant about once a week or so and they always seem to be restocking the veggies. Everything I’ve seen is either fresh or out of stock. Try a different day or time.

      • +1. I was just saying last night about how much quicker all the veggies from the farmers market go bad than the stuff from Giant. Obviously, it’s the chemicals but I have never had a problem with bad produce from the Giant.

  • Rant: I have a long Rave about my jury duty but I’m still having problems with this site on my work laptop and I don’t like to type long entries with my phone.

    Rave: i’m now an expert on PCP.

    • Well, what’s your position? Are you pro-PCP? Could you make it yourself, and would you recommend it as a secondary source of income to the average office worker, or perhaps a stay at home parent?

      • Don’t reccomend it. PCP has a very strong smell which is why dealers often store it outside. Wait this is just a trick to get me to tell my stories!!!

      • I used to work for a judge who said you could tell what a terrible drug PCP is by the fact that the dealers so seldom use it themselves. Also, the stuff it’s mixed with (like tractor starter fluid) is also super dangerous.

  • Looking forward to camping, the beach, sailing, fishing, hitting the pool, water parks with the kids, the new Safeway opening, grilling out…summertime!!!

  • Rant: I usually try to avoid washing my hair on weekday mornings but sometimes it has to be done. It’s still quite damp and probably won’t be totally dry until after work.

  • Rave: I just told the rest of the staff that I’m leaving my office. This decision just became much more real. Especially when the old guy that sits in the next cube (who has been caught clipping his toenails before) comes over and says to me “well, this job here just seems so much more secure than that…are you sure?” I responded with: “I’m less risk-averse than most people.” Really? This is still a rave!
    Rave: My boss has offered me to work part time through the summer as a transition (slash she’s hoping I won’t like it and will amp back up to full time) so it won’t be as much of a shock as if I just leave one day.
    Rave: Reading this site having met a few people is so much better πŸ™‚ When’s the next HH?
    Rave: Bacon and scallion cream cheese…delicious
    Rave: All smiles…it’s been a great week so far and today is my Friday.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I agree that’s it’s more fun or a different kind of fun to read Popville after having met a bunch of people πŸ™‚
      Bring on the happy hours!

    • justinbc

      I’ll throw out some dates tomorrow. It’s going to be harder now with the World Cup taking over so many bars (and having to plan around games), but I’m sure we can collectively figure it out.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Great dinner at Smoke and Barrel last night. Great drinks (OTWOA on tap!) good food (awesome sweet potato donuts!) and terrific company. Awesome server too.

    Rave2: Coffee and bagel sandwiches from So’s Your Mom this morning. Spot on as always.

    Rave3: Excited for the weekend away with the guys at the river. Should be a good one!

  • Rant: I am definitely not a pro at plant identification, but I think I have pinpointed some poison sumac in my backyard. Anybody else have this, and if so how do I get rid of it?

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