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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • epric002

    rave: made a spur of the moment decision to take in a new foster dog last night- he is such a sweet boy! if you’re looking for a new dog, check out alvin on the WHS website.
    rave: my grouchy corgi is getting better and better about warming up to new fosters in the house.
    rave: my fabulous neighbor and dear friend who helped me to do the doggie intros and get him settled in last night.
    rave: no rants!

    • Thank you for saving a life! I wish I could still foster. My two dogs (the second was a foster failure) do not care for new dogs so I had to give it up 🙁

    • houseintherear

      Yayyy, that’s awesome! Hope it works out well. If you’re on Twitter, the @Wash_Humane handle is a great way to advertise your foster dog.

      • epric002

        thanks! not on twitter, but i always put them on FB, and he’s the first to get to wear the “adopt me” vest on walks. a couple stopped us this morning and asked about him 🙂

    • You seem great with dogs, and so I’m wondering if you have any tips on coaxing an older dog to warm up more to a younger dog sibling? We added a second dog last August, and our first dog tolerates her, but doesn’t want to play with her or be that close to her (He’s never been a social dog). The second dog just adores the older one, so it kind of breaks my heart that he hasn’t warmed up more, but maybe that’s just the way it’s going to be? They don’t fight, and everything else is okay, but I do wish I could figure out how to warm up my older dog’s icy heart. . .

      • epric002

        thank you! your older dog sounds like my older dog. she is dog-reactive, but will warm up to other dogs (on a faster and faster timeline now thanks to the fosters!) but she is very rarely playful. i don’t really have any tips other than gently encouraging play both with you and with your younger dog. are there any toys/games that the older one does like? i think this is often just a dog-personality thing. i would honestly describe our dog as an introvert. she loves us, is very excited to see us, likes going on walks and (sometimes) meeting new people, but she is quite content to hang out on the couch in the basement, or in the backyard by herself. i think her lack of playfulness is in large part b/c she was a stray before she came to us. we had to teach her how to play with us, and teach her how to play with the beagle- she honestly didn’t know what toys were for or how to use them. was your older dog ever playful? i wish ours was a little bit more playful, and we do encourage play with us and other dogs. i know though that even though she doesn’t want to play much, she still likes having another dog in the house as a companion. she acted depressed when the beagle left- she was mopey, didn’t want to eat, and just seemed down. she is much happier to have a buddy, even if they’re not wrestling and snuggling together. does the young one have any opportunities to play with other playful dogs?

        • Oh, he loves to play with us, he’s just never been great with other dogs. He’s definitely grown more tolerable of the newer dog overtime, but if we are in the middle playing tug, for example, and she tries to get in on it, he just drops the toy like it burned him. I think he likes having her around, but can’t seem to get them to play together. We do make sure she gets daily interaction with other dogs (she’s very social), but I swear she looks depressed some nights because he won’t play with her, and it kills me!

          I haven’t really been able to find a solution, and maybe there isn’t one, but wanted to see if other multi-dog dog owners had gotten better results.

          • epric002

            aw, poor girl. will he play with other dogs? are there other kinds of play they can do together like chasing a ball or frisbee or something? i have definitely played tug with 2 dogs by having a toy in each hand. you might want to ask a trainer for some suggestions too. good luck! one last thought- have you tried a longer toy so that when they tug they don’t have to have their mouths right next to each other?

          • I don’t really have advice, but I had a similar situation when we got a second dog. My older dog was probably 9 or 10 years old when we got another puppy. The puppy tried his best to play with her, but she was just an old, grumpy girl who wanted nothing to do with him. It was adorable because the puppy never gave up hope trying to be her friend, he would bring her toys and try to cuddle with her when she asleep. Eventually our older dog learned to tolerated the puppy. She stopped moving to another room when he came in, let him sleep on a corner of her dog bed (as long as they were not cuddling! She hated that). Basically she stopped hating him, but she never really did like him. So give it time, especially if your dog is significantly older than the new sibling. Maybe they won’t be BFFs, but hopefully they will not hate each other. And give the older dog extra cuddles 🙂

    • Any advice on jumping into fostering? We really want to, but are a little nervous on how to handle everything with our dog walker since we’re out of the house during the day. Also, all of my family thinks it’s a terrible idea.

      • epric002

        do you know which shelter/rescue you want to foster with? i imagine it’s a little different with each one. we foster with the WHS, and this is the only place we’ve fostered with so i don’t have any to compare it to. in addition to looking for long-term (2-3 month) fosters, the WHS is always looking for temporary fosters and foster sitters (what we’re doing with alvin) for when the foster parents are out of town- so that might be a great way for you to put your toe in the foster water. we’ve foster-sat for as little as a weekend, which is a great way to get comfortable fostering since you’re there in the house with them. have you talked about it with your walker? what are your concerns? good luck! i find it really fulfilling and i love getting to meet the sweet dogs.

      • City Dogs Rescue often needs temporary fosters–overnights, weekends, sometimes a week–for dogs who have just arrived in DC or whose regular foster is on vacation. That may be a great way to dip your toe into fostering without the pressure of feeling like you have to foster until the dog is adopted, which can take a couple weeks or a few months. They also have a Facebook page for fosters and adopters, where people can post questions, ask for advice, etc.

      • Do you already have a dog and aren’t sure how to ask the dog walker to take on another dog?
        Or are your currently dog-less and are wondering about the logistics of getting a dog-walker for a foster-dog?
        If the logistics are challenging, you might want to foster a cat. 🙂

        • We have a dog walker for our current dog and she’s great, but I feel weird asking her to take on what could be a rotation of second dogs. We actually just got a call from our rescue to do a short term foster over the weekend, so we’re going to try that out!

          • epric002

            congrats, and good luck! i hope your dog walker is understanding. if not, there are definitely ones out there who are, and some offer discounts on walks for fosters.

    • I know Alvin! My friend was fostering him but is traveling now. He is a great little guy. Thanks for taking him in!

  • Excited for Spike Mendelsohn’s new speakeasy coming to Dupont. Just heard it will be opening soon! I’m a big fan of his (minus Bearnaise).

  • Rant #1: Discovered the foyer door ajar and the cat missing last night. I *may* have been out front in my boxers shaking a bag of Meow Mix over my head.

    Rave #1: It worked and the cat returned within seconds.

    Rave #2: Having freakishly long legs (see new visual of Rant #1) I finally found some shorts online with a 15″ inseam that don’t make me look like I am wearing Daisy Dukes.

    Rave #3: I’m able to access and post on PoP after having issues on my work PC for two weeks.

    • I have really short legs but have the same problem. my thighs and butt are very rounded so most shorts look like a diaper on me. Unless I go with middle aged lady shorts that go down to my knees and look hopelessly frumpy. Why can’t more shorts hit mid-thigh?

    • Becks

      I have a hard time buying shorts as well. I went shopping for new shorts about three times this year and I didn’t have any luck finding a decent pair that weren’t too short or too long. The modern low waist shorts aren’t attractive on anyone! Bring back mom jeans and mom shorts!

      • I’m LOOKING for shorts – they are everywhere, but I can’t seem to find what I want. Doesn’t anyone make cotton denim and lightweight 100% cotton shorts?! (And hopefully cute, too!) Those faux fibers everybody’s selling stick to hot DC skin – can’t stand that!!

        • I just bought a pair of super lightweight cotton denim shorts at J Crew Factory. They sell the factory products on their website and there is almost always a sale going on.

          • Great – thank you! I should have added that I abso hate to shop – which makes it all the more challenging.

      • All these rants about shorts are due to the fact that shorts don’t flatter most people. Just skip them.

  • Rave: Anything Blueberry.

    Rave: Pancakes.

    Rave: Coffee.

    Rant: Not getting an itemized receipt that allows me to see that I’m getting overcharged for items at pretty much every store in DC these days. I just get a receipt displaying the total? When did this trend start?!?

    Rant: The rising burdens of a pseudo-capitalist society where competition is an illusion that allows prices to be fixed rather than lowering prices and raising quality of goods.

    • That trend started shortly after stores stopped putting price tags on items as well as on the shelf tags. This way it’s almost impossible for most people to actually remember what the prices of the items are. If you don’t know the prices, you CAN’T check them using the receipt. And, of course, if you don’t have itemized prices on the receipt, you can’t verify that you were charged the correct price. Grrrrrr.

    • Huh? I haven’t noticed that. I guess the only stores where I’m buying multiple items are grocery stores, though, and they still itemize.

    • If they don’t itemize them on the receipt you should ask them to ring each one separately so you get a separate receipt for each one. They won’t like (and may not do it) but you’d get to make the point at least.

  • Rave: I hosted a small dinner party for my supper club last night. It was great to see them and catch up. I made all new recipes and one was just okay, but the blacked fish tacos and Joy the Baker’s new snickerdoodle strawberry shortcakes were fantastic.
    Rave: left over snickerdoodle strawberry shortcakes.
    Rant: hosting a dinner party on a Tuesday night is rough, I’m zonked today.
    Rave: US District Court accepted my request to be excused from jury duty because of travel and I didn’t even have to show up today.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I wish I could trade my never getting jury duty status with some of y’all who get called like clockwork. I want to do my civic duty at least once in my life!

      • Next time a notice comes in I’ll be sure to have you stand in for me. Just be prepared to tell them you’re a 40 year old black man.

      • Me too! I’ve been called, but never gotten to actually serve on a jury. And because of where I work, I probably never will.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I never get the summons 🙁 It’s like DC doesn’t even know I exist!

          • pablo .raw

            I was even getting summons when I was not an american citizen yet! who knows what is the logic for choosing people.

          • Same here! I have never gotten a summons in DC. Yet my husband gets called every two years to the day. Part of me wants to call up and offer my services. Although I think I did my duty in Arizona when I called called to Jury Duty on Christmas Eve and still showed up.

      • Me too! Almost every very time I get the notice I end up not having to go to the courthouse. And the one time I did, and went through the orientation, they dismissed my group after a couple of hours.

  • Rave: Yoga last night. I really wasn’t in the mood to go, but showed up because I had a date to go with two friends. It was an awesome class, and I slept well for the first time in weeks.
    Rave: I have been really productive this morning. I hope the trend continues.
    Rant: I want to be in a supper club!
    Rave: It is Wednesday. I’m off on Friday. The weather is looking good for this weekend’s picnic.

  • Revel: Eric Cantor – buh-bye.
    Rant: We live in a world where Eric Cantor has been deemed insufficiently conservative. WTF?

    • Rave: Leaving for bonnaroo tonight
      Rant: Sweating my ass off after carrying my normal laptop bag and then my 30 lb bag of clothes on the bus. I have never sweated so much on my walk to work, thank god it was overcast….
      Rant: Dont really feel like doing a lot of work today, i just want to get out of this city for a few nights, clear my mind and come back fresh

    • pablo .raw

      I’m not happy that he was defeated by someone more radical than him; but I hope they now understand that they have created a monster that now is coming to eat them!

    • This was my rave too! I’m a little concerned about the long-term consequences, but in the mean time I’m letting myself enjoy the short-term schadenfreude.

      • Yes, the consequences are not palatable (nothing’s going to get done in the house for a good long while), but we can certainly still enjoy this. Confusion to our enemies!

    • jim_ed

      Re: Cantor – It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. I grew up in his district, and used to work at a restaurant that he’d occasionally speak to the local Republican Women’s club at. Dude treated wait staff like they were morons, and was constantly prattling on in his weaselly, high pitched ferret voice. Serves him right for getting in bed with the tea party, he danced with the devil and finally paid his due.

      • He and his staff have a reputation for being cold, calculating, arrogant, and generally heartless. It is, to be fair, a tough job to be in leadership because you have to balance long-term national interests with pleasing smaller constituencies like the Tea Party. However, he was clearly cocky about his place in Congress and was not liked or respected enough in his district — or among his party. That all of that is coming back to bite him is rather delicious.

      • I’m not familiar enough with his district – does this put the seat in play? My instinct says no – any district that continually returns Eric Cantor to congress is unlikely to vote for a democrat, even when the alternative is a loon of a Republican – but I’d love for someone to tell me I’m wrong. And faculty meetings at Randolph Macon are going to be a ton of fun.

        • Maybe. This guy has had little Tea Party support, he doesn’t have a lot of money, and people don’t know who he is. He won, in large part, by being the alternative to Cantor. I think it makes the seat one to watch, but it’s no clear that there’s a good chance at a Democratic victory. However, you can bet the Dems are going to pour a whole lot of money and resources into it.

        • Accountering

          Not really. This district picks up the wealthy/conservative suburbs of Richmond, and then picks up all sorts of rural places from Richmond up to Culpeper. It went 57-42 for Romney in 2012. I don’t think people know what this means yet, but my thinking is this eliminates any chance of the republicans compromising on immigration or anything else in the short term, which virtually ensures us Mrs. President in 2016.

        • jim_ed

          Probably not. This is a very conservative slice of central Virginia, stretching from the Richmond exurbs where people are scared of the inner city ‘thugs’ through the northern edge of the bible belt in Louisa, Orange, and Culpeper. Only chance for a flip is if Brat says something jaw droppingly stupid ala Mourdock, or the opposition research finds something insane in his old published work. Both of these are distinct possibilities, but if he keeps his yammer shut and plays nice, he’ll coast to election.

          • it’s too bad the Dem candidate can’t brand Brat as an elitist college professor holed up in his ivory tower.

    • Can some policy wonks help me understand something? The news keeps on saying that Dave Brat will be the second highest ranking member of Congress if he would be new to the post? I don’t get it. I don’t know the minutiae of House politics. It seems strange to me that a new person would get this status.

      • He defeated the second-highest ranking member of Congress. If he wins, he’d be just another freshman Tea Party back-bench agitator.

      • He won’t. They’ll be an intra-party election among House Rs for leadership come next Congress. (and us Hill rats will geek out over it). It’ll likely be Kevin McCarthy, who’s the majority whip and the guy right behind Cantor, who will move up.

      • Ah, I get it now. Thank you.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: People at work are kind of making me crazy. We have Jacob Two Two, Typhoid Mary and Marvin, people who won’t try new folks to do research so all the work goes to the same 2 people, and a micromanaging boss who can’t seem to manage task distribution.
    Rave: I’m loving this weather, if it were a wee bit hotter it would be perfect!
    Rave: I’m obsessed with looking at jewelry at pawnshops on eBay. So much ugly and so few styles!

  • Rave: my co-workers are awesome
    Rave: one offered to pay all our student loans if he wins mega millions (small office perks)
    Rave: being able to leave work early for happy hour
    Rant: having to try very hard to not make it one long bitchfest about our old job

  • Getting my dad some beers from Bluejacket for Father’s Day and would like something else to go with with them (probably edible), any ideas?

  • Rave: Eric Cantor
    Rave: peanut butter M&Ms
    Rant: Having a difficult time adjusting to working again. This nanny seems to be working out exceptionally well (and once our baby is adjusted, we will be seeing if anyone wants to share with us! heads up!). But it’s much harder for me to feel OK about, say, getting a babysitter and seeing a movie with my husband. Or balancing my time to make an even remotely healthy dinner. to vaccuum. just to feel organized at all, which makes my mornings difficult and I’ve been late to work every day. It’s frustrating because my nature is to be highly organized.
    Rave: When my baby falls asleep on me after nursing before bed. And he smiles in his sleep. We’ll probably never do this again, so I try to cherish what I have left of it.

    • Awww – I love your last rave. My daughter just turned one and she still often falls asleep in my arms during nursing. I’m hoping to have at least a few more months of this – it’s just so sweet. I also love peeking in on her before I go to bed. She’s just so sweet when asleep 🙂

      But I hear you on the organization, etc front. We finally caved and got someone to come clean the house every other week, and it has made things SO much easier. Between that and doing most of the cooking/food prep on the weekends, we can pull off relatively clean house & relatively healthy meals most of the time.

      • we had to get rid of the house keeper because of the insane cost of childcare – I can’t afford it even though I really need it (we have a dog…it’s spring…so much fur!). We moved to a 2 bedroom rental, so it would cost more to have it cleaned. For now, I just try to make sure the kid’s hands are clean after crawling all over the fur-filled rugs. And on weekends, I’d just rather be with the baby than cook! And I love to cook.

        • Just look at it as immunity building. 🙂

        • Does your baby nap somewhat predictably? I do a bunch of cooking during naps. And sometimes I can pull off cooking with her playing in the kitchen around me. Other times, I cook after she goes to bed. But it is tough – I hear you on wanting to spend time with baby instead of on chores, for sure.

      • I’m starting to love bedtime more and more. There is nothing sweeter than cuddling your baby to sleep – such sweet moments 🙂 Now the pumping…that I won’t miss!!!

        • ugh – I pump all. the. time. to maintain supply – he’s very picky – not into solids at all (partially worried, but…) and has to be in the “mood” for formula (GASP yes, I have to supplement). So I pump for an hour at night and have just stopped waking up since he seems to be sleeping through the night. I should, though, do it in the middle of the night. I do it three times a day at work. blech.

          as for cooking, hard to do after bedtime simply because of the noise – still in an apartment, even with white noise on he’s a light sleeper. I aim to make a bit more this weekend and we are just starting a schedule, really. the weekend was a crapshoot with it. I intended to make gazpacho, that’s the hope when I get home!

          • I do it 3x a day at work as well, but don’t pump at home at all. An hour sounds excruciating! I do 7-10 mins each time and am done. Dont’ be worried about solids – we didn’t really get into solids until about 7 months. My guy couldn’t hold them down, he just wasn’t ready. But about a month and a half ago, we tried again slowly with a little bit of oatmeal cereal in his bottle (tiny bits like 1/4 tsp and worked up) and he was slowly able to take in solids. Cut to today and the child eats 3 (pureed) solid meals a day along with his milk. Solids definitely help to take the demand off of your boobs!

          • ^SFT. Logged me out.

          • Until I started weaning from the pump, I pumped three times a day at work and then again at night before bed – and pumped before bed on weekends/other days spent with the baby. So yeah, I hear you on the pumping. So glad to be giving that up – this Friday is my last day! In my opinion – take it or leave it – your health/sanity is more important, so I wouldn’t recommend getting up in the middle of the night to pump. Your sleep is important.

            That’s hard with the cooking & noise. I’m lucky that our kitchen is far enough away from the baby’s room that it doesn’t wake her up.

    • I’ll volunteer to come babysit for a movie if it means I get to kiss the baby’s head while he snuggles. Nothing better than that.

      • hahah you are welcomed to, but he’s at that age where he doesn’t really sit still in your arms anymore, that’s why I enjoy it. He just wiggles. He’s on the move move move! He’s still super sweet though:)

  • Becks

    Rant: My back seized up several weeks ago and I am still in pain. I do have a Chiropractor appointment this evening.
    Rant: New co-worker is an off key hummer.
    SUPER Rant: The new neighbors still dumping their trash and snack bags between houses. But it gets worse! Tuesday morning I walk out of my house and the rose bush I have fostered for three years which had FINALLY bloomed, had had the lower branches with blooms torn off! The first year I didn’t have any flowers, last year I had one, I have been watering and feeding this rose bush and it finally thanked me with branches of blooms. I don’t want to blame the kids next door, but the braches were lower and close to their yard. The higher blooms which haven’t fully opened weren’t touched. First they throw trash, then the kids play with the rocks in my yard, now they have (no I don’t have proof) torn branches from the rose bush. New neighbors henceforth called, Bad Neighbors!

    • epric002

      have you brought any of this up with your and their landlords?

    • Ugh. There are people like that on my street (letting litter accumulate between houses), but fortunately the next-door neighbors aren’t litterers.
      Sounds like it might be time for a polite confrontation with them about the trash. (Easier said than done, obviously.)

    • Becks

      I have told the Children not to throw the rocks from my yard and Tuesday morning I caught a guy leaving the house and asked him to tell the children not to pick my flowers. However, it is a group house so I don’t know if the message got to the Families. Also, They speak Spanish and my Spanish is No Bueno. I would like to catch the family as they are sitting on the stoop and then I can clean up their mess in front of them and ask the kids not to pick the flowers. They may think that the trash belongs to someone else in their house or whoever is picking up the trash in their house is really messy as they keep leaving it on the steps.

      • Why don’t you compose a note stating that if this doesn’t stop you are going to contact the landlord and the city (no need to be nasty – just be clear that you’ve repeatedly asked multiple residents in person and the problem hasn’t stopped yet) and then get someone to translate it into spanish for you. Maybe include information about trash cans and which day trash gets picked up. I’m betting the threat of city involvement may be enough to stop your problem, or at least curtail it.

      • There may be a cultural component here — they may come from a place where littering is acceptable. (Not that that makes it OK for them to do it here, next door to you.)

  • justinbc

    Rant’ish: There’s this house on the corner down the street from mine that looks like an old abandoned market / corner store, but I think someone might possibly live in it? Rarely, you will spot a light on or something, but it’s mostly all boarded up. The other night after we were biking home we saw it was all taped off with police tape and a bike cop was sitting out front. I asked him if the place had been vandalized or something, and he responded rather nonchalantly “nah, someone got stabbed”. Couldn’t find anything about it on the police blotter, so I don’t know if it was inside the house or just out on the street. I’m hoping the former.

  • Rave: BLTs! Not the sandwich (although they’re great as long as there’s no mayo on them) or the restaurant (haven’t been yet). I meant the cocktail – Bourbon, Lemon and Tonic. Tried it for the first time last night and I think it’s going to become one of my new regular summer drinks. Very easy to make and very refreshing.

    Rant: Drank too much bourbon last night.

    • Becks

      That sounds wonderful! Is it a specific restaurant specialty or do you think I can get that anywhere?

      • It’s something I make at home. A friend of mine told me about it this weekend and I was skeptical (since I usually drink bourbon straight.) It’s real easy. Pour some bourbon and fresh lemon juice over ice and stir. Top with tonic water and stir again. Garnish with lemon slices if you want to. I’ve seen recipes with exact amounts of each ingredient, but I just eyeball it. You could probably also mix everything but the tonic in a shaker, then add the tonic.

      • Any decent bartender will probably know how to make one.

      • I think I saw it on the HH list at Redline, so you can definitely get it there.

      • That sounds really good, I’m going to have to try one and get out of my box. I always go gin and tonic at bars for a quick refresher.
        I ripped off a simple cocktail from St Ex that is my go-to summer refresher at home: bourbon, lemon, ginger liqueur (Domaine de Canton). Basically 1:1:1, but I go a touch heavier on the lemon.

    • Thank you for this! I think you just revolutionized my cocktail of summer. I’m going to try a BLT tonight!

    • My favorite summer cocktail is lemonade with blueberry vodka – with frozen blueberries to keep it cold and lemon balm added for garnish. Delicious!

  • Accountering

    Rave: Decided to bike home from Bethesda to Adams Morgan instead of going to the gym last night. Had a great ride south on the Capital Crescent trail. Just mapped it, and did about 10 miles on a CaBi. Amazing ride, and just a bit more inspiration to get a bike.

    Rave2: Metro to Bethesda and then the drive to North Bethesda wasn’t too bad. I will very likely do this ride again soon!

    Rave3: Eric Cantor is gone. That loser so did not fit in with that district. That was great news after getting off the bike last night – especially as he has made it one of his personal missions to strip all funding for anything besides highways from any sort of transportation bill. Good riddance!

    Rave4: New things, and fun night tonight.

    Rave5: Heading to the river with a few buddies this weekend. Going to take the boat out and start working on the joint best man speech with little brother.

    Rave6: Haven’t had a legitimate rant in months. Life is good!

  • Rave: white pants
    Rant: spilled coffee

  • Rant: Boss from hell.
    Rave: About to slam down a fat ass sex u all harassment lawsuit against her. Ironically she’s about to be so screwed!

  • skj84

    Rant: Not so great day yesterday. I had a terrible Uber experience, got cat called about 4 times, and I went to bed feeling like I was coming down with a bug.

    Rant: Severe feelings of insecurity. Last week a date stood me up. Saturday the friends who were supposed to join me at a concert ditched me at the last minute(they were tired and it was a late show). Yesterday the friend who came to my show had to leave early and I didn’t know it. I didn’t get to see this person after the performance. Even though its probably a coincidence that each incident happened in a weeks span, I’m starting to feel like people don’t want to be around me and I’ve done something. I had some serious issues with making friends when I was younger and it’s hard for me to really trust people sometimes. I hate that the same insecure feelings are creeping back in.

    Rave: I heard back from the potential job in Minnesota. The hiring manager is willing to make arrangements for a Skype interview! Hopefully everything works out.

    • so is getting cat called, ‘good or bad’ for a girl, coming as a guy if an attractive girl gives me a look or says Hi its a great thing. But i can see how it could get old…but 4 calls in one walk…you must be attractive (not the worst thing in the world)

      • epric002

        seriously? to begin with, looking at someone or saying hi is not cat calling. cat calling is harassment.

      • skj84

        If I ranted about it than no. I don’t think being cat called is a good thing. It’s freaking demoralizing to be treated like an object by strange men.

      • cat calls =/= compliments

      • Ditto to what Epric002, SKJ84, and Ash said above.

      • So tempted to come down on you, but will opt for educating you instead. Maybe there are women who think catcalls are complimentary, but I don’t know any. Most women find it annoying and juvenile at best, but more often aggressive and frightening.
        To say that skj84 must be attractive to “deserve” that kind of attention is very close to blaming the victim, which contributes to the rape culture, etc etc. I realize I’m verging on hyperbole here, but this is how it starts. It starts with people saying “lighten up”. It ends in a very bad place, with no compassion and no justice. Please be careful before you start down that road.

        • justinbc

          From what I’ve witnessed on the street, attractiveness plays only a marginal role at best in getting cat called. Basically being a female is the only qualifier most guys who do this type of thing are concerned with.

        • I would say it IS victim blaming. It shouldn’t matter how “attractive” a woman is. She has a right to walk down the street without being treated like a piece of meat by men. I don’t care if she’s half naked. It.is.never.ok.

        • Almost nothing to do with being attractive. I am at least 70 lbs overweight and wasn’t terribly attractive when I was thinner. Definitely not attractive in any real sense. Sure, I don’t get catcalled as much as I did when I was younger and thinner, but I still do. It is much more about power and making women feel uncomfortable.

      • Weirdly, it seems to have little to do with being attractive. I’m just as likely to get cat called in January, on my way to work, when I’m bundled in a coat with trousers and sneakers and my face is red from the cold as I am when I’m looking my best.

      • Ugh – Cat calling is NEVER acceptable. EVER.

      • Different lady here. It is most definitely BAD. Simply saying “hi how are you doing” to a person while passing them on the street is completely fine and I’ll gladly reciprocate a friendly greeting. However, some men don’t seem to understand that “Hey baby you got a fine ass” or “mmm damn girl, you so beautiful” are neither appropriate nor friendly greetings. The tone is “you are not a person, but a pretty thing for me to look at and I don’t care if it makes you uncomfortable.” It’s incredibly rude and after several times a day, I want to throat punch the next person who looks at me the wrong way.

        • houseintherear

          This morning the trash truck guys did an interesting “team effort” cat call. I was walking my dog, and they were driving behind me in the alley. One said, “Good morning, nice of you to walk your dog so early.” I responded in kind. Then his buddy on the truck yelled, “And nice of you to look so good doing it in that dress (etc).” And the first commenter nodded and did one of those “mmmhmm” things. I wonder if that’s their routine.
          To the person who posted above, I spent most of my morning after this happened feeling disgusting and wondering if my dress was too short or revealing (I teach little kids, so it’s most definitely not) and then replaying the incident in my head repeatedly. So no, cat calling is absolutely not ok, not ever, not to anyone or by anyone. It’s a horrible thing to have to go through every day, multiple times a day. And I’m in my mid-30s and overweight… not that it matters, but I cannot even imagine how terrible it would be for a very attractive woman. What a nightmare.

          • Ugh, the bait and switch cat call. I hate that because you feel bad about being cat called, but then extra bad because you were nice and responsive to the cat caller.

    • I feel you. I feel like I have nothing in common with my friends from college any more. They’ve all kind of moved out to the burbs and I’m just here by myself. My boyfriend has a huge group of friends that are constantly texting, calling, trying to make plans, and I have none of that. I’ve tried meet ups, I’ve tried going out and being friendly, I’ve tried making friends with friends of friends, but no one seems to want to stick around. I want to just move away and start over (which hopefully I’ll be able to once I graduate next May) but I just get really lonely and insecure and no matter what I do I can’t get rid of those feelings.

      @Anonymous 12:04 – Cat calling, for most women, is definitely a bad thing. There’s a difference between a guy saying hi, or smiling, or holding a door open for you, than just walking down the street and someone screaming out their car at you.

      Good luck with your interview. Things will turn around.

    • I’ve had weeks like this before. It stinks that all the things are happening at once, but you have to remember that there are some weeks where you’re in the position of having multiple commitments and having to leave early or change plans, or have offers that you have to turn down because of plans you’ve already made. I have a bad tendancy to get all “whoa is me” if I’m sitting home on a Friday night, but what I should be doing is reading a good book and realizing that when I’m busy I could use the break. Keep your head up and good luck with the interview!

    • The biggest problem with all us humans is we each think everything is about us. The odds are absolutely none of these events have anything to do with you. Don’t let our natural hubris get in the way of your self esteem.

      These are non events, don’t rent them space in your head.

  • rave: My first hello fresh veggie box is coming today. I’m excited to try something new and learn to “enjoy” cooking
    rant: My Cataloging and Classification class for library school is taking over my life. It’s so complicated and tricky and there’s so much reading. It definitely takes a very specific personality type to be a cataloger.
    rant/rave: My veggie box is 3 meals for two people. I am one person. This means I get three dinners and three lunches! But it also means that because my boyfriend works weird hours and has a lot going on during the week, I am dining and cooking alone

  • Rave: Looking forward to tonight and this weekend, with a break tomorrow for a much needed run (right up until someone mentions HH…just saying)
    Rave: The impending career change is starting to sink in and anxiety is giving way to excitement…I’m ready for this.
    Rave: No rants…It just feels like one of those times where life is good and I am thankful!
    Mini-rant/query: How do I get into a supper club?!?!?!!!

    • justinbc

      Lots of them send out solicitations through those sites like Urban Daddy. Many of them can be much more expensive than just going out to eat though, just FYI.

      • I just assumed it was when a small group got together and cooked for one another on a rotating basis. I didn’t know these were a thing!?!?! I learn something new everyday (usually from Popville)!

    • epric002

      check out feastly. also, there’s a great indian supper club in DC called hush. you can also check out chez le commis- haven’t tried it yet but am excited to!

    • GiantSquid

      Cogito Ergo Saute, a personal chef service, has started a supper club called Hits and B-Sides. I think they’re trying to hold it monthly at various locations around DC, in partnership with the Historic Preservation Society. The last one was held a the Wonder Bread Factory, I think. It’s definitely more expensive that most folks’ typical dinners out but it’s a guaranteed small crowd with high-quality food. You can find out more info if you look him up on Facebook or Twitter.

      Speaking of supper clubs, did the PoPville one get figured out for Rose’s Luxury?

      • Thanks for mentioning our Supper Club Project. I just wanted to be clear that it is a little different from most supper clubs, in that it starts with a cocktail hour followed by a five course tasting menu. To confirm a couple of things you mentioned, the dinners will be once a month (Sunday, 13 July is the next one,) seats are limited to 12 people (there are 4 seats left for the July dinner, and yes, there is lot’s of information on the website and facebook page.

    • My supper club is a group of friends, though not my main core of friends, which is nice. It has been going on 5 years, I was invited to join 3 years ago. As time passes we’ve all gone different ways, so it’s our way of keeping up with everyone bi-monthly. We come up with our own themes for the year, this year is an unprecedented cooking at home year, and then we come up with an order, we all have new homes, so we’re rotating through who moved the longest ago so people have time to get settled.

  • Rant: people finding my photos on Flickr while looking for porn.
    Rave: people finding my photos on Flickr while looking for porn. I hope that photo of the fountain in front of the Library of Congress ruins their mood.
    Rave: picked up some father’s day gifts and a little desktop model train for myself.
    Rant: need a new job. Getting out of bed in the morning is becoming overly tough.
    Rave: Eric Cantor comeuppance.
    Rave/Rant: lots of pun potential with this Brat guy. Hope he’s not the worst!
    Rave: watching the Spurs whip the ball around. That third quarter ball movement was something to behold, even if it didn’t net a lot of buckets.
    Rave: finally beginning to write down my many cocktail recipes.
    Rant: I make a terrible margarita.
    Rant: just because someone has the ability to start a blog doesn’t mean they should, especially when it covers nothing new or exciting and presents no new perspectives on the subject matter. Rahhh.

    • GiantSquid

      The best margaritas follow the KISS method. I make mine with blanco tequila, lime juice, and either triple sec or Grand Marnier. Lime juice around the rim, kosher salt, stir with ice, drink….several.

      • My recipe is almost identical – in equal proportions (tequila, trip sec, roses lime). Sometimes if I am making a pitcher I’ll squeeze a lime or half lime into it. Watch out – those things will getcha 🙂

      • Thank you. I guess I didn’t know it was equal parts. I just tried to make one by taste. I kept adding different components until I had about a pitcher’s worth. It didn’t help that I was using tequila I’d soaked with an ancho chile for a week, either. Too spicy! Too tart!

    • How do you know they’re looking for porn? At least 90% of my Flickr traffic comes from “unknown source” which is weird.

      • If you click Stats, then click All Referrers, then click the flickr.com button under referrers, then All Referrals, you will see a list of searches within Flickr. “nude”, “ass”, “hairy arms”, and “sexy redhead” are usually in my top 10. Occasionally, I get some good ones like “bike train trail” and “dominicans.”

    • Extra rant: when an ex takes over a group of friends after a breakup. I don’t want to run into her, which means not hanging out with about half my remaining DC friends from law school.

      • Yep. Lost most of my friends from undergrad this way. Made me realize I never really made my friends of my own in college.

        • Well, these are/were my friends for about 8 years now. One of my ex’s jealousy issues was that I have a big group of friends and she doesn’t have as many friends in DC. She definitely found a way to take care of both.

      • Any chance you guys can still hang out in a group and be cordial, but not close? Ran into my ex over the weekend when he accidentally sat down next to me and my friend at Boxcar Tavern. I was about to say hi and leave it at that, when he cursed and stormed out of the restaurant. It’s been close to 2 years we broke up (mutually) and I wish him the best and could care less if I run into him. Apparently it’s different for other folks.

  • RANT: My 9 year old cat is sick for the first time ever. The emergency vet gave me antibiotics for a UTI Sunday…didnt do ultrasound or anything. He was still miserable so I took him to his regular vet yesterday. He has 7-8 bladder stones, needs special food, and a ton of meds. A little mad the e-vet didnt catch anything. He’s improving but my poor little kitty! I am not emotionally prepared for this.

    RAVE: He looks funny stumbling around on his drugs. And he’s getting better.

  • Rant: Coworker has been absent for several days, and I’ve been picking up the slack.
    Rave: My boss noticed, and I think it’s earned me some points towards a promotion/some future travel.
    Rant: Trying to coordinate with a group of friends for drinks and it’s like herding cats.
    Revel: Finished watching True Detective last night!!!

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