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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: went with family to Mintwood last night (thanks, Popville brunchers for the suggestion!) and my family loved it. Food, service, and drinks were great.
    Rave: this nice cool weather.

    • I have never had a bad dish at Mintwood, and even though it’s not the cheapest, I’m never disappointed I spent the money. And they have some great bourbons behind the bar! It’s such a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

    • skj84

      Glad you enjoyed Mintwood Beau! They have a great brunch as well. I need to go back for dinner myself.

  • Rave: Chewy Lemonheads and Friends. I’m so glad Mr. Lemonhead has friends and they are so sweet and tangy.

    Rant: Eating too many of them!

  • Rant: Finding it hard to control my stress levels – taking the LSAT on Monday
    Rave: Coming weekend looks like it will be fun and hopefully ultimately relaxing.
    Rant: Unrequited crush is distracting me from being a responsible human

    • good luck! My huband took them over a year ago and has decided to tak them again in September so we can try to move back to Philly (he’ll go to school). don’t stress too much – you can do it!

    • Becks

      Good Luck on the LSAT! When I took them people told me to get plenty of sleep, don’t change my schedule, and get a good breakfast. They were right. But it is a fact that a small amount of chocolate right before the exam will raise scores and level out your stress. So good luck and have some chocolate! You will do great!

    • Hate to tell you this, but the LSAT is a walk in the park compared to the bar exam.

      • Thanks so much jindc & becks! I appreciate the support! Will definitely bring chocolate with me for the exam!

        anon – I would be a poor future law student if this wasn’t something I already knew.

        • Considering the price of law school then you most likely will be a poor future student and poor future lawyer too!

  • Rant: I never thought anything could top the apparent hate that bicyclists and car drivers have for each other. That was until yesterday’s cat thread. I’ve never seen such behavior from people. What makes DCers get so upset about everything online? It’s like they become completely different people, so full of judgment of others. People they don’t even know!

    • I don’t think it’s DC so much as online. I stopped reading the cat thread early because it was apparent where it was going. As a frequent biker and driver, I’m also convinced that this conflict exists mainly in the blogosphere, where the pissed off and self-righteous go to vent. In the real world, most people are indifferent.

      • Agreed with KenyonDweller on “the pissed-off and self-righteous” going to the blogosphere to vent.
        Some news sites are rethinking their policies of allowing anonymous comments, for this very reason.

    • People move to DC precisely BECAUSE they care about things. Deeply, and vocally. If they didn’t care, they would’ve stayed home, married a football player turned insurance salesman, and settled down in that new RyanHomes development on what used to be the outskirts of town.
      Makes perfect sense to me that you’re going to get a higher level of passion about every topic imaginable in DC, than you are in a place where a majority of people make their livings doing something other than being passionate about something. DC is ALL ABOUT making rules for people you don’t know. All about righteous anger, and justice, and being the change you want to see in the world. (And by “being” we of course mean “imposing”.) It’s why DC exists, isn’t it?

      • RyanHome-owning insurance salesmen care deeply and vocally about things as well–it’s just not cats or the never-ending struggle between cyclists and city drivers.

      • Sure, I guess more passionate people are going to post about things, so it’s a self selecting group already, but I really hate this description of DC. First of all, not everyone who lives here moved here from somewhere else. Not everyone here is trying to save the world. Not everyone here works in politics, non-profits, advocacy, or the like. I think there are insurance agents in DC. You seem to only see one small class of people here. What you described is Washington, where I live is DC. It’s a much more diverse and less elitist place.

      • Sorry, but I don’t buy this. Many, if not most, of us not here in jobs making rules for others. If anything, the higher level of education here would make us more thoughtful and less angry than the rest of the country, but that too seems a dubious proposition. My theory is that the ability to post anonymously brings out the worst in people because they don’t feel constrained by the usual social norms and rules of civility. This is not a good thing. It’s also not something particular to DC but applicable everywhere.

        • This. ^^^ And if you think commentary here is bad, check out the Post.

          • Reading user comments in the Post is utterly discouraging. It will make you question your faith in humanity.

          • I never, well almost never, read the comments in the Post for this reason. On the rare occasions when I do, I always regret it and want to scrub my eyes immediately.
            But let’s not be too self congratulatory about PoPville’s relative civility. PoP serves as our benevolent overlord, benevolent to be sure, but an overlord just the same, who deletes the worst and keeps us on the straight and narrow.

      • I care about things, but that’s not why I’m here. I was born in Maryland, lived there most of my life (still do) and only work in DC because it’s where I found my current job. Before that, I worked in Howard County.

        As a long time dog owner, cat’s mean very little to me. “Any dog under fifty pounds is a cat, and cats are pointless.” -Ron Swanson

      • First, for the vast majority of us, DC is about raising our families, making a success of ourselves, seeing friends on a regular basis, living a good life – in short, pretty much the same as that insurance salesman for whom you have so much barely-concealed disdain. This ridiculous “we care more deeply” attitude just feeds into the mispreception that much of the country has for DC. It’s just the other side of the pernicious “real Americans” coin used to such effect by Sarah Palin, et al.
        But as a more fundamental matter, “we care so much” isn’t an excuse for the boorish, abusive behavior that the OP is talking about. You can have all the righteous anger and passion for justice you want – just conduct yourself like a decent person. It isn’t that hard – or it shouldn’t be, at least.

      • I hear you, but I think it has a lot more to do with people being bored at their jobs and that cat dude being a pretty easy target for folks to take out pent-up aggression. Football bro’s would do the same thing, though maybe at a different topic.

      • Those metro ads (Can we just talk about shoes? and Dude, it’s just a bus.) remind me much more of my midwestern roots than of DC. I come from a place where people actively dumbed themselves down. To express great passion about anything except sports and maybe god was considered weird.
        In my DC experience, the accurate metro ad would be “Do you think we’ll get to ride the new X2100 series bus?” “I read an article that said the fuel efficiency on those new buses isn’t anywhere near good enough to offset their manufacture. We should have stuck with the older models.”

        • Yeah, DC, where reading and hearing a few things about something makes you an expert. I am a huge fan of learning and understanding, but I’m also a fan of knowing when you only have an incomplete or superficial understanding of something.

    • LOL I cannot believe you just tried to equate vitriolic internet comments with DC.

      Are you kidding? Do you ever go on the internet?

    • I clearly missed something yesterday…..

  • Rant: distracted by a job posting and can’t get any work done
    Rave: went for a long run last night and my hip isn’t bothering me like it has been
    Rave: crock pot carnitas I made last night were delicious!
    Rave: got caught in the light rain last night while on a beer run
    Rave: scheduling some “doctors appointments” forMonday as an excuse to take the day off for a massive Ikea run.

  • rave: um…trying to think of something
    rant: feels like eveything…sigh…

  • binpetworth

    Question: How often do you go to a sit-down restaurant for a meal? It seems like many PoPvillers eat out a lot, as evidenced by the many raves about recent dinners. Truthfully, I eat out (with the exception of carry-out/lunch) only about 10 times a year. I enjoy cooking, and also tend to socialize with people who host potlucks/BBQs/home meals. Given this, would you recommend on my rare eating out excursions I should go someplace new each time or stick with my favorites?

    • About three times a month, on average, between quick-service places (like a pho joint) with my kid, and boozy kid-free dinners with my girlfriends.
      As for trying new things or sticking with winners… I’d split the difference. Go new places, but ONLY ones that people you trust have tried and recommended. Don’t go trailblazing if you’re eating out less than once a month. Let the folks who eat out twice a week do that. πŸ™‚

    • 3 to 4 times a week, I think. It’s gratuitous, I know. Do you have any food restrictions and/or preferred cuisines?

    • Depends on what you mean by a sit-down meal. I go to some of my local bars for a beer or two and something to eat (usually pizza or a sandwich) several times a month. But a full meal at a table? Maybe twice a month.

    • Twice a week. It’s expensive but facilitates marital peace.

      • Approximately 18-20 meals a week, though I travel for work, so grocery shopping just never happens…but does going to So’s Your Mom count as eating out?

      • Accountering

        I live with him. This is true. I would say I am probably around 8-12 times a week, depending on whats going on. I do try to eat breakfast at the house at least, and have been cooking a bit more lately.

      • epric002

        + 10 on facilitating marital peace. when my husband and i were out to dinner once while engaged, an older married couple overheard our conversation where my husband was asking whether dinners out/dates were an individual or joint expense. i said they were joint. the older gentleman leaned over and chimed in and agreed that making time to take each other out to nice things (not just dinners) was an investment in your marriage. as the person who does the bulk of the shopping/cooking, i appreciate going out to eat more than he does, even if it’s just the local place up the street. and while spouse will complain a bit about going out, we make a point to try and go out with each other at least every other week. once we’re there and we’ve each had a glass of wine, we really enjoy getting to relax, talk, and spend time together away from house/chores/dog/dishes/etc.

    • justinbc

      2 or 3 times a week for dinner, once or twice a week for lunch. I pretty much always try to pick new places, but there are some that are always in the rotation as regulars (mainly ones in my own neighborhood). If we’re not eating out we’re trying new recipes at home, I almost never do “take-out” style food. Williams Sonoma has a great series of “365” books for soups, salads, one pot meals, etc that provide a new recipe for every day of the year, and make sure to keep each one seasonal based on the calendar. I highly recommend them for avid home cooks!

    • depends, have you been to any of the following?
      – Red Hen
      – Rasika
      – Rose’s Luxury
      – Thai X-ing

      • binpetworth

        No, I have not. Would like to try all of them, especially Rasika as I love Indian. I have no food restrictions and enjoy a variety of cuisines, though tend to lean toward eating vegetarian roughly 75% of the time.

        • We’re mostly vegetarian too, and Rose’s and Thai X-ing are next on our list of places to try (we intended to go to one for our anniversary, which was a couple weeks ago, but we haven’t gotten around to it yet). We tried Rasika a few years ago and want to go back one of these days!

        • Hint on Rasika. They have a pre-theater special until 6:30pm each night (even weekends). It’s 3 courses for $35.

    • Reading about all the restaurants people here go eat out at with such frequency makes me feel so poor. πŸ™

      • Farragut

        Haha, don’t! My wife and I eat out occasionally, and we don’t consider ourselves poor. I’m honestly shocked at some of the numbers I see in this thread. I wouldn’t mind going out more than I do, but I don’t think I could do it this much…

      • Just a reminder…comparison is the thief of joy. πŸ™‚

      • It’s just a matter of priorities. We eat out once every week or two and almost never do carryout. But I love cooking, and can produce meals that are cheaper, healthier, and more varied than what we could get at a restaurant. And now that the weather’s nice we can dine al fresco in our backyard, enjoying a bottle of wine that hasn’t been signficantly marked up. So it’s kind of hard to convince ourselves to go to a restuarant, given that the alternative is better in almost every way.

        • Same here – I could afford to eat out much more than I do, but I enjoy cooking and would choose to eat at home over middling restaurants/bar food/carryout.

    • Twice a week or so for dinner. I almost never eat out at lunch as I pack my lunch and eat at my desk so I can run during my lunch break.

      • I’m the same. (I don’t do the running part) I am huge believer of packing my lunch because I would rather splurge on a good dinner or two with friends. Lunch always seems like such a waste of money because it’s never that great and I’d rather hang out with my friends over my coworkers.

  • Becks

    Rave: More Bluebonnet sprouts!!!
    Rant: There is a tiny hole eaten from the middle of one of the Bluebonnet sprout leaves. I will have to buy bug spray this weekend. But what kind? I couldn’t see the bug that had created the hole. I checked the snapdragons and one or two of them had holes as well. The tomato sprouts are about 6 inches tall and are clear so far.
    Rant: Office luncheon today. Forced civility is no fun!
    Rave: Happy Friday Eve!

    • Plants can survive holes in their leaves – usually doesn’t affect growth or flower production. Bug sprays aren’t selective – they’ll kill everything including any beneficial insects that might feast on the insects that are eating the leaves.

  • Rant: WORK

    Rant: I doubt I’ll be able to take the long vacation I’m fantasizing about.

    Question: I just found out that a three-hop round the world plane ticket is only about 10% more than a plane ticket to Australia. If I can finagle myself into being able to take 5-6 weeks off, where else should I go? I’m thinking I’ll stop in Europe to visit a friend, but where should my third hop be for about week stopover? I’ve already been to New Zealand, Thailand and Cambodia and most places in central Europe. Single late 30s female and the trip would likely be in August, if that matters

    • Becks

      What interests do you have? Do you like architecture and history? Germany, Brussels, Amsterdam, China. Do you like sports and outdoor activities? Columbia, Brazil, Alaska. Do you like to speak English or another language? Taiwan, Gold Coast, Thailand. What are you looking for?

      • Ooh, all good ideas.

        interests: I like a lot of different things. I love the architecture and history of most places -Europe (churches, castles, etc), Thailand and Cambodia (temples, Angkor, etc), Turkey (mosques, and their very different form of architecture). I love seeing the way nature plays out in different countries – the Australian outback is different than the Cambodian forest around Angkor is different than the Cappadocia region in Turkey. So, I like being outdoors, but am not terribly sporty. Last time I went to Australia I did a 10 day camping/light hiking expedition and did some kayaking on several trips, but probably can’t do more than light hiking on this one because of a recent injury. I’m a certified diver, but don’t necessarily need to dive. I am not much of a beach bum. I basically just like seeing new places. Probably, because of the injury, it can’t be a terribly taxing physical trip. No hiking in Nepal, for example (although that would rock).

        • There’s a lot to do that’s non trekking in Nepal, Kathmandu has a lot of lovely temples/stupas and history. Pokhara is beautiful, and you can go to the Elephant sanctuary in Chitiwan. I’ve gone a few times for work and am not a trekker by any means. There are a lot of great day hikes too!

          Also, the Philippines are beautiful and pretty affordable to get around, the beaches are amazing, especially if you like to dive or snorkel. Malaysia is also great!

          Have fun and safe travels!

    • I’d highly recommend a smaller town (possibly Split) in Croatia or any city that is not Manila in the Philippines if you’re looking for an interesting relaxing place to settle down for a week. If you want a more activity based week I’d say Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina or Istanbul!

      • “activity-based week” in Sarajevo? What do you mean by that? I’ve spent time there and love the city but I’m just not quite sure what you’re referring to.

    • Just to clarify: you’re going to Australia, Europe, and looking for a 3rd place? And it can be anywhere? Or would it have to be between Australia and Europe?

      Israel is great (and I say that as a non-religious, non-jewish person) and you can see a decent amount in a week.

      Myanmar is supposed to be great.

      Malaysia is cool.

      August is a good time to go to Bali (the dry season).

      Kenya or Tanzania

      Kyrgyzstan is supposed to be beautiful, no visa required for Americans.

      And of course there is all of South America (if that’s an option)…

    • You can easily spend a week in Japan (and don’t waste too much time in Tokyo). The only drawback I can think of is that It will be hot and humid in August — however, that will be true of many possible Northern Hemisphere destinations at that time.
      August in the UK tends to be pretty nice. Somewhere in Scandinavia might also be a good bet. (I went to Stockholm at the end of August and found it too chilly for my liking — if I could do it over, I’d go earlier in the summer.)
      I found Taiwan to be incredibly hot and humid in June. It might be even worse in August.

      • Seconding Japan! Okinawa might be neat to visit – I’ve heard they have some great beaches. Kyoto is beautiful, I’d recommend it over Tokyo.

    • More information on this 3-hop round the world ticket, please!

    • Bali – hands down. It’s a quick hop from Australia but feels like a world away. Cheap and amazing – beaches, jungles, volcanoes, mountains.

    • So many great options – via SEAsia, you could try and stopover in Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan (Uzbek Air flies from Tashkent and Bishkek to Bangkok). I haven’t been in these countries (yet) but friends highly recommend Georgia, Armenia, Slovenia.
      Laos is amazing, Burma (although infrastructure isn’t well developed), and as others have said the Philippines offers a wide variety from the north of Luzon (Banaue, Sagada) to islands in the south (Palawan, other places in the Visayas). Via Middle East – Jordan would be my top choice, also Israel or Egypt. And many great destinations in Africa that have direct flights from Paris, Frankfurt or Amsterdam.

    • justinbc

      Hong Kong, one of my favorite cities ever. Singapore would be my second suggestion.

    • I am highly biased, but I would go for Eastern Europe. Poland, Western Ukraine, even Budapest. Laos would be amazing too, especially Luang Prabang up north. Or georgia and some -stan country.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I just got cornered in the bathroom by a coworker who diagnosed with some medical condition that makes me socially awkward. What kind of person does that? Even in jest.
    Rave: It’s the wrong diagnosis. I’m not socially awkward, I just dislike the person who diagnosed me b/c she is mean, and kind of bat-shit, so I’m just smiling and nodding my head. It’s not me, it’s you.

    • she diagnosed you with some medical condition? She isn’t diagnosed with some medical condition that makes you feel awkward?


      • Emmaleigh504

        She diagnosed me with a medical condition that makes me socially awkward, and said, “I won’t make fun of you anymore now that I know it’s a medical condition and you can’t help it. Weird quirks of someone’s personality, is fair game. But I never make fun of people’s medical conditions, so you are safe.”
        She’s not someone I like, so really I’m always trying to get away from her. I guess she sees that as a medical condition.

    • Your coworker just told you you’re socially awkward? Wtf? I just assume my coworkers know I’m socially awkward, but I appreciate that they don’t say anything. My coworkers do like to loudly diagnose other female coworkers as pregnant…and they’re usually wrong.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yep. I’ve never liked her much, but now I give myself permission to call her a See You Next Tuesday-bag, only I won’t use the euphemism. Though that might be too good for her, since I actually like the c-word.

    • skj84

      Ugh. Who does that? Unless your a licensed psychologist diagnosing people is not ok.

    • Seriously WTF. That is so incredibly rude and weird!

    • Quotia Zelda

      What’s especially weird is that you are pretty much the opposite of socially awkward.

  • Rave: My new bike mirror! http://www.rivbike.com/product-p/m5.htm

    Rant: I wanted to grill pork tenderloin last night and I accidently bought a loin roast instead. I don’t know when they started packaging the small loin roasts the same way they do the tenderloins.

    Rave: Grilled the loin roast and it came out great. Got lots of leftovers for sandwiches as well.

    • Unsolicited suggestion, but the next time you grill a tenderloin, there’s a Williams Sonoma marinade that is fantastic – fresh rosemary, garlic, balsamic, soy sauce, olive oil – it’s one the first google hits on a “Williams Sonoma Pork Tenderloin” search. I puree the whole marinade in the greatest kitchen invention ever (aka, a Vitamix) to get it nice and smooth. Then, after you take the pork out, add some chicken stock and simmer it to the right consistency to make a fantastic sauce. (Be sure you simmer for at least 10-15 minutes, for safety reasons – this may require adding more stock than you normally would.)

  • skj84

    Rant/Rave: Getting my eyes checked today. Rant because I hate going to the eye doctor. I had a full blown phobia when I was a kid that has downgrade to extreme dislike. Rave because this means new glasses and contacts which I am way overdue for.

    Rave: Orange is the New Black starts tonight! I have been counting down the days to the premiere. I promised myself I wouldn’t binge watch, but limit to 2 episodes a day. Trying to savor the experience. Lets see if that actually happens.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Ugh I hope you have better luck than me with eye-doctors. Mine are always perfectly good doctors, but with a mildly creepy beside manner. I’m almost positive my creepy, vampire like eye doctor from New Orleans is now my eye doctor in DC under a different name.
      On the positive side: new contacts are soooo wonderful! And I can’t wait to force myself not to binge watch Orange is the New Black. I almost succeeded last season πŸ™‚

      • Farragut

        Dr. Stephen Glasser is one of my favorite optometrists that I’ve had. He’s pretty funny, and my wife and I have both appreciate his work and “bedside” manner. He only takes VSP, though.

        • skj84

          Hehe. When I had VSP I had the hardest time finding doctors who took it. Now I’m off it and I get a doctor recommendation.

          • Farragut

            Haha, sorry! I saw Dr. Glasser when I didn’t have any vision coverage, but I liked him so much that when I did get dental/vision I made sure to pick the one Glasser had!

    • I thought it was coming out tomorrow and I got excited and went to Netflix to check, but it says it will be available in 15 hours. I’ll definitely be asleep then lol.

    • I’m a huge wuss about going to doctors and dentists appointments, but I never minded going to the eye doctor. Plus my eye doctor here in DC looks exactly like Dr. Kelso from Scrubs, so that helps too.

      • skj84

        Goodness I hope he doesn’t have Dr. Kelso’s temperament! For some reason I’ve never minded dentist appointments. Even when I had a root canal.

        • He’s much nicer than Dr. Kelso, but just as funny. And the dentist is my #1 most hated medical visit!

          • binpetworth

            Mine too. It’s those damned X-rays. Make me gag and choke every time.

          • Ugh, I too hate getting the X-rays done; the inserts make me gag.
            When I had x-rays done at the dentist a few weeks ago, they’d added THREE new ones (I think focusing on the teeth from the front) to the routine, so it was seven instead of just four. And adding insult to injury, my insurance didn’t cover the three new ones!!

  • mtpgal

    Rave: My tomato plants have a ton of flowers! Fifth try is the charm!
    Rant: I am impatient, when do most folks have their first ripe tomato?

    • For me it’s usually early-mid July although some varieties fruit early (ie Early Girl) and some fruit late (heirlooms like Brandywine). It’s also been a cool spring so that might push back ripening time.
      Tomatoes from your garden are the best — “Only two things that money can’t buy, That’s true love & homegrown tomatoes” (Guy Clark)

    • I planted my first vegetable garden this year, and I’m overjoyed by how well everything’s growing! I feel like we’re having the perfect balance of sun and rain to make the plants happy.

  • Rant: It’s so hard being a Phillies fan right now. We suck, but fans are loyal so there’s no way I’d switch allegiances. But being at the games the last two nights was tough.
    Rave: In about 20 years, we’ll be back to kicking your butts, so watch out Nats fans. πŸ™‚

  • epric002

    rave: talked to family member last night about adult ADD and he totally agrees and says he’s had it since he was a kid. whew. just acknowledging that that’s what it is is a relief.
    rave: dinner tonight with some friends who are…
    rant: moving out of DC πŸ™
    rave: DC pride this weekend!
    rave: bought tix for a supper club event to surprise spouse for his birthday later this summer πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Pup seems to be on the mend after spending yesterday morning at the vet getting fluids and meds.
    Rave: Trader Joe’s mini tacos for lunch
    Rant: Finding it difficult to get back to the gym, work out on a more regular basis.

  • My new rant after reading through this: People who try to blame every pet peeve in their life on “DC”. I have lived in other cities and they were not utopic paradises where everyone was perfect and nothing ever irritated me, so why is there this idea that DC is unique in this way? Ugh, I am getting so sick of it.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Had dinner last night with a friend I hadn’t seen in four years.
    Revel: another fantastic meal and drinks with exemplary service at Rose’s Luxury. I also appreciate that they didn’t try to rush us through our meal and let us linger over dessert and our drinks. If that’s a result of not taking reservations, I’m all for it.
    Rant: The fried chicken from heaven is gone.

  • Rant: Will need a biopsy done for a nodule found on my thyroid. The scary part is that the hospital called me to schedule it, not the other way around. I thought they were going to give me some time to arrange it. Getting nervous even though the odds are in my favor that this is not cancer.
    Rave: The odds really are in my favor when it comes to thyroid cancer, and thyroid cancer is not the worst thing out there.

    • They’re probably just pressuring you with the scheduling thing to ensure you remain a compliant patient, not because they think it’s something really bad. Sometimes people who are told they need a biopsy either A) freak out and don’t schedule it for fear of finding something, or B) think it’s nothing and don’t schedule it for that reason. So, the patient ends up waiting around and *if* the doctors find something, the delayed treatment makes it harder than it would have been. But like you said, odds are in your favor and I’m sure you’ll be fine. Even if they do find something, treatments for certain types of cancer have come leaps and bounds, and many –particularly thyroid — are very very curable.

    • saf

      It’s probably just a nodule. Get it done and then you will know. I waited too long, as my doc minimized it to me. Had the hospital not called, I might never have had the biopsy done.
      That said, I had thyroid cancer about 8 years ago. If you want to talk about it, ask PoP for my email.

      • Thanks, Allison and saf. I appreciate your input. It’s time to just do it. The hospital staff were very nice on the phone, and were understanding about my concerns.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Skirt today is of a decent length.
    Rant: As usual, the sleep deprivation is killing me. I really need to be vigilant about going to bed on time.
    Rave: Mr. Zelda dealt with the vacation cat care problem. Thank God for Mr. Zelda.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave (follow up on yesterday’s UPS rant): UPS delivered the package to the wrong apartment in my building and my neighbor gave it to me yesterday.

  • Revel: Found an amazing fellowship to pursue investigative work in a new city
    Rant: The fellowship stipend is very small —

    Follow up question: Does anyone know of a law firm or a philanthropy that might fund a grant for an individual to pursue indigent criminal defense investigations?

    • You could try contacting Equal Justice Works. Even if you don’t qualify for one of their fellowships, they can probably point you to some resources.

    • Check with your law school to see if they have anything – they may have grants for grads or know of other resources.

  • Rave: Petworth Safeway! Only 2 more trips to the Harris Teeter!

  • Rant/Question: POP, any chance that you can have links on the site open up into a new page? As is, when you click on a link it takes you away from the page you are on. Can be a bit distracting; obviously not a big deal on the scheme of things though! Thanks!

    • Try hovering over the link, right click and choose “open in new tab”

    • GiantSquid

      I second this! target=”_blank” those links

      • GiantSquid

        It’s suggested in some web circles that links that stay in your website should open in the same window/tab whereas links that go to locations beyond your site should open in a new window/tab.

        • I think everything should be in the same window, on different tabs. I hate it when a new window pops up, even if it’s for an external link.

          • I think target=”_blank” automatically opens a new window. Not sure if there’s a way to automatically open a new tab instead.

        • why would people think a new window is a good idea?

          • So you don’t lose your place in whatever website you were looking at when you decided to click on the link.
            I thought most people knew about the option to right-click on a link and select “Open New Tab” or “Open New Window,” but maybe not.

          • a tab makes sense. a new window doesnt.

          • Some of us grumpy old people actually prefer windows to tabs. *shakes cane in air*

    • Also is there way for the title of the post to not show up in the browser when the title link is clicked on? Sometimes some of the titles contains words that(flag) against internet monitoring tools(even though its not a true nsfw link.)

      • I think that’s determined by how the title is specified in the HTML. If there’s a particular title that you’re worried is setting off a monitoring tool, you might ask the Prince if he’s amenable to changing it for that reason.

  • Rave: NPR Music. Really has expanded my musical tastes.
    Rave: In New Orleans all next week! Yes!
    Rave: Rescue dog is doing superb having roam of the apartment during the day/night. It helps that he sleeps a lot, doesn’t bark, and doesn’t chew furniture or shoes. Been four months with him now (time flies!).

  • Rave: Realized today I have paid down $30,000 in student loans
    Rant: $40,000 left to go
    Rant: All the other things and increased financial security I might have had if I had not borrowed that money for school

    • Congrats to you for making such a huge dent! I’m with you on your rants though (well, I have *much* more to go than you). Of course hind-sight is always 20/20, and I truly do value education, but if I could go back in time…let’s just say I would have made some decisions that would not have resulted in me being so indebted (and yes, I know it was my decision to take out massive amounts of debt all in the pursuit of a fancy smancy grad degree; I don’t fault anyone by myself…and well the fact that it’s so darn easy to take out a student loan for an obscene amount of money).

  • Rave: I get summers off from my job and I’m done next week! Any suggestions from fellow POPers about summer employment? I’d like some supplemental income to pay for some upcoming travel plans.
    Rave: THIS WEATHER! We’ve been seriously lucky lately!

    • I perused taskrabbit.com and it honestly made me wish I had spare time. One persons’s dreaded chore is another person’s fun hobby!
      Plus, what with your screen name, it’s kinda perfect.

  • justinbc

    Rave: The lunch special at Del Campo. For $12 at the bar or patio you get any sandwich (price normally ranges from $12-$20), fries or yucca, and a beer or glass of wine. Just had the smoked burger, which was fantastic, topped with some of the thickest bacon I’ve ever seen.

    • Makes me wish I worked closer to here! That’s a fantastic lunch deal.

    • skj84

      Whoa, what a great deal! Thanks for the tip Justin.

      • justinbc

        When you see how massive the sandwiches are it becomes an insane deal. Two of the ladies I ate with had to take half of theirs home. For people always eager to complain about DC food prices, this is a shining star haha… I was hoping the deal ran late in the day so I could just extend it into a HH πŸ˜‰

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