Pulpo Becoming a BBQ Spot from Owners of Cleveland Park Bar and Grill – Shiner Bock Coming Soon Sign Up

3407 Connecticut Ave, NW

Last we heard back in Feb. there was some scuttlebutt that Picca Pollo A La Brasa would be taking over the former Pulpo, former Tackle Box, former McDonald’s space in Cleveland Park. Thanks to a reader for sending word about the new Shiner Bock coming soon signage:


The Washington Post reported:

“The owners of the Cleveland Park Bar and Grill will take over the space and turn it into a barbecue joint.”

3421 Connecticut Ave, NW

Here’s to hoping it’s good BBQ and that a BBQ joint will last here.

Side note: I like how the front door says “Welcome. Out of Business”:


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  • “Shiner Bock” is really the intended name of this place? Or are they just using an old beer sign here?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      No, Shiner Bock in not the intended name of this place. It is however a commonly sold beer (from Texas) at some BBQ spots (like Hill Country). Presumably it will be available here too. 🙂

      • maxwell smart

        There’s Nothing Finer Than a Nice, Cold Shiner!

        • justinbc

          Shiner to me is the Texas equivalent of Fat Tire. It’s just barely above Budweiser quality, but enough so that people who move away crave it for some inexplicable reason.

        • justinbc

          Shiner Bock is an amber lager (annoyingly not an actual bock beer), Yuengling is a pale lager. The flavors are slightly different, and both are pretty bad, but I would give the slight edge to Yuengling. If you like the Shiner Bock style and want something much better that’s pretty easy to find here look for Great Lakes Elliot Ness or Brooklyn Lager. Hell, even Sam Adams Boston lager would be an improvement in my mind.

  • Love CPB&G, the friendly staff and the good food. High hopes for a BBQ place being put into action by the smart owners of CPB&G. Wishing you all the best guys! Looking forward to some Carolina style Q!

    • Yeah, like Cleveland Park residents would put up with wood smoke coming from a BBQ joint.

    • The couple times I ate at CPB&G, the food was awful and overpriced for the quality. However, this was a few years ago. Have things gotten drastically better?

    • justinbc

      Is there some other press release where they say it will be Carolina style? I find that hard to believe, but it would be a nice surprise (assuming they actually do it properly).

      • And what kind of Carolina? East or West?

      • I would do seriously dirty things for quality SOUTH Carolina style bbq in the DC area… But I’d settle for “Carolina” (read: NORTH Carolina) style.

        • justinbc

          Which SC style? It varies across the state, just like NC.

          • It would be great to have mustard base South Carolina style, like you get at Bessinger’s in Charleston. (I know Bessinger is (was?) a terrible person. Still, gotta have it…)

          • True. I was referring to the mustard based, you can’t find that anywhere and it’s truly unique to SC. But vinegar and tomato would make me just as happy, as long as they do it right.

          • justinbc

            I would be in favor of seeing some SC mustard based style here. It’s not my favorite, but it is definitely rarely represented in DC.

      • I don’t like Carolina style because they add the sauce to the pork before serving it. I like my sauce on the side. I have a Big Green Egg and I can cook authentic pulled pork at home.

        • justinbc

          That generally depends on whether you’re having it chopped (sauce added in during the chopping) or pulled (sauce put on top with the slaw).

          • When I was in Charleston I ordered a pulled pork sandwich at a barbecue joint and it was drenched in sauce. I could barely taste the meat or the smoke. I prefer Memphis style.

          • justinbc

            LOL well that’s because you ordered BBQ in Charleston. When people say “Carolina style” they’re almost always referencing North Carolina. South Carolina has its followers too, but Charleston is far from one of the hubs. The mustard style mentioned above is more commonly found in the middle of the state. I enjoy the ribs in Memphis too. Frankly, I like all BBQ styles, as long as they’re done properly. There is so much bastardizing of styles done though that unfortunately causes people to create strong false associations with them.

        • A lot of places in a lot of regions use a finishing sauce of some kind. It’s usually lightly applied. Also, just so we can clear something up – true Carolina BBQ is NOT very smoky. It is traditionally cooked over wood that has burned down to hot ash and coal, and as such, does not produce much smoke. To put it another way, it is not “smoked” in a traditional sense, and as such, is not smoky.

      • WaPo article says they are going to do all types since people here are from all over.

  • I have to confess that I find CPBG a bit loathsome — too many TVs, lousy food, indifferent service. The kind of place I’d open if my only concern were wringing money out of the locals with as little effort as possible. The idea that the same owners would invest the time and care needed to actually produce quality barbecue seems more than a little farfetched — especially as the owners seem a little unfocused.
    But, one can hope.

    • maxwell smart

      Okay, well to be fair it is a Sports Bar, so I think having too many TV’s is to be expected.

  • True. I should have said “too many TVs for me.” Though “sports bar” still strikes me as a pretty low-effort project (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    • I’ve always thought CPBG has the best “bar” food for a sports bar in the city. The food at CPBG is leaps and bounds better than Buffalo, whatever Touchdown was (gross), Duffy’s (except for maybe the wings), Lou’s, and even H St Country Club (though that’s a different type of food). I think CPBG is a great spot to have in the neighborhood, and hopefully this BBQ place is as good.

      • surely you jest. as someone who has been to CP bar and grill the food is vastly overpriced for the quality (excluding their happy hour/daily specials). we’re talking basically decent restaurant prices or just below those which is crazy when you can walk down the street to ardeo bardeo which has vastly superior food for not a whole lot more.

        • maxwell smart

          I think you missed the point – it isn’t the CP Bar and Grill is the best food in CP; rather it is the best “sports bar” food. I don’t think Ardeo is considered a sports bar.

        • I’m not sure where else you eat that $10-12 is overpriced for a good sandwich or hamburger, or $13 is overpriced for a pizza. I’m assuming if you live in DC this wouldn’t be a surprise to you but it sounds like it may be. Head to Ardeo and get an entree + side and you’re looking at $23-25. Your prerogative, but I’d rather spend that extra $10 on two beers.

      • Their pizzas used to be good, way back when the place was called Bricks Tavern, but brick oven pizzas were a bigger novelty back then. And I agree about Duffy’s. I love the place, and their wings are incredible, but the rest of the food there is not good. The reason I stopped going to Cleveland Park Bar & Grill was the angle of the TVs over the bar. They were so far up that you would end up with a sore neck halfway through the game. Have they fixed that issue in the last few years?

      • Um, have you ever had Stoney’s?????????? That is the best bar food in DC by leaps and bounds.

        The rooftop is nice but the food is mediocre.

  • With all due respect to Texans who seem to love it mostly out of regional nostalgia, Shiner turns out pretty bad beer, in lots of styles. Damn I love BBQ, but I have no faith in this place. Nothing about the Cleveland Park Bar and Grill has ever given me any indication that they have the culinary interest or experience to pull off really good BBQ. My guess is that this is basically going to be another sports bar whose menu just happens to be centered on mediocre BBQ, but will no doubt also have wings, burgers, and all manner of fried pub grub.

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