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  • Please remove the second photo. It’s disturbing and NSFW without a warning.

  • That first picture chokes the heart-strings, very proud of our LGBT community. We are many things from talented to extravagant to flamboyant to grandiose. The one thing everybody needs to know, and understand is that we are also just people like everybody else and this picture demonstrates that. Look at what makes us the same instead of what separates us.

    On a side note I think this guy was a member of the US Armed Forces Color Guard. This was the first time in the history of the world that the DoD Color Guard has marched in a Gay Pride parade. Let this be the first of many. Choked me up when i saw them marching, it was unexpected but very welcomed.

  • PoPville does upskirt photos now? Classy.

    • That’s a tutu. Maybe if she (and it seems to be a woman) were rail thin, you wouldn’t even notice.

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