Owners of Menomale opening sister Restaurant focusing on Pasta in Brookland

12th and Evarts St, NE

Today’s big Brookland news remains the long delayed opening of Brookland’s Finest today (have a look inside and at their menus here) but here’s a close runner up according to a reader:

“Was at Menomale [2711 12th Street, NE] last night and got to talking with several of the folks working there. Apparently the owners of Menomale are going to be opening a pasta location down on the block (12th and Evarts). Similar to how Menomale focuses mainly on pizza, this new location will focus mainly on pasta. Said they should be opening by September December. Spoke with 3 employees independent and they all confirmed the new location!”

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  • KSB

    Yeeeeeeees! This was the location of the horrible religious cupcake place so I’m stoked to hear that there will be some pasta dropping in there soon. Can’t wait!

    • What was religious about it?
      Very excited about this, but I think that Brookland needs more density stat with all of the new restaurants opening up… What’s up with 901 Monroe?

      • The name was something like “Divinely Delicious” or something as such, can’t remember as the name was as forgettable as those dry-ass cupcakes, but in all of the literature for the place, the owner credited Jesus with have inspired her to bake.

      • KSB

        According the website, the owner had a calling to start the business but after two cakes collapsed on us and a third was half stale/half not, we had to call it quits on giving them business. The cupcakes were occasionally good, but occasionally not… disappointing overall.

      • On the religious thing, did anyone go to the house and garden tour yesterday? It was a lot of fun, but my husband convinced me to go into the convent. I don’t think I have ever felt so uncomfortable in my life….

        • I’m nowhere near religious and did not think it was bad at all – the sisters were very friendly and didn’t spontaneously start performing an exorcism on me or even try to convert me. If you go into a religious order’s residence there will be religious symbols. This surprised you?

          • OP on the convent issue: I actually thought they were also very young and sweet people, and none of it surprised me….it actually just felt like a religious dorm. More than anything, it just felt uncomfortable because of my personal beliefs, and I wouldn’t have gone in if my husband didn’t suggest it. I was more just curious about others thoughts…

      • I suggested this once on a previous post about new restaurant openings in Brookland (i.e., is there really enough demand to support all of these new restaurants), and every person who commented said I was wrong. I certainly HOPE Brookland can support this new development, I just have fears that it can’t when I walk around its quiet streets.

        • what post? I cant image everyone said you were wrong.

        • brookland_rez

          I guess we will have to see. There’s a lot of density with all the new apartments around the metro, plus Catholic students. Also, Brookland is central to upper NE, so a draw of restaurants will pull people in from Woodridge, Michigan Park, Edgewood, Brentwood, Langdon, etc where they currently have nothing. I even know some people that come to Brookland from Maryland.
          I went to Brookland’s Finest on Sunday (opening day), and even for a soft opening, it was packed. I got there around 11:30 and it was half full. By the time I left an hour later, it was filled.

          • Agreed. Hard to say that density will be a problem if there is high occupancy of the several hundreds of new units.

          • Yes, it’s been packed since it opened – even on a Tuesday night! Then again, with all of the drama surrounding the liquor license it has attracted an unusual amount of attention – I suspect that some proportion of people visiting now are coming from elsewhere in the city and probably will not be regulars (at least there were a LOT of people I don’t recognize, unlike when I visit Menomale or Ricky’s). So things may quiet down a bit after awhile. Also re: Woodridge, etc. – that assumes that nothing’s going to crop up at RIA Metro or along the Ave.
            I’m sort of of two minds about this one – but I’d like to see the 901 Monroe and WMATA development happen soon to ensure that these businesses have enough customers. And hopefully attract some more businesses! My life would pretty much be complete if we had a full-service grocery store, a dry cleaner’s, and a gym. If I’m getting really greedy, an Indiana place and a bakery would also be nice.

  • Queue the irrational Steptoe protest in …three…..two…..one

  • I’m all for restaurant choices in Brookland but my experience with Menomale has gone down hill recently. They have (what I hope is) a new server who is AWFUL. She had to come back 4 times to get our drink order and still brought my boyfriend the wrong beer. A friend had a similar experience and eventually just ordered from the bar. And their dessert menu has changed to some Good Humor looking prepackaged gelatos served in plastic cups. For $6 each, could you at least put it on a plate? Couldn’t find a manager to speak to either. I hope this location has better service.

    • Wow. That’s shocking and disappointing. I hope it was just that server and that now she’s gone. I love Menomale, and it would suck if they’ve gotten bad so quickly.

    • Just ate there on Saturday and had great services and great food (salad, pizza, and the incredible sausage and prosciutto sandwich). Didn’t have dessert, so can’t comment on that.

    • i hope the bartender at menomale finally got around to reading the instructions on the small batch tonic syrup he was so proud of.

  • Having recently moved to the area when there were hardly any restaurants, all of this news is so exciting.

  • brookland_rez

    I agree. I’ve been here for 5 years, and except for Col Brook’s Tavern, Menomale, and San Antonio, there has been nothing to keep my bar/dining out dollars in the neighborhood. I had a couple of beers Sat night at Brookland’s Finest, and it was so nice to be able to just walk up the street to go out.

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