New Ducks on 14th Street


Thanks to a reader for sending word that the prolific duck muralist has added a new design to 14th Street at the former 3 Por 10 Tienda store at 3616 14th Street, NW that’s turning into condos:


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  • binpetworth

    Ducks? Is that what that guy is supposed to be? 🙂

    This block could definitely use the transformation, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to buy a condo there, waking up to drunks and hookers on your front stoop each day.

  • can someone explain who is doing these murals? I found a duck sticker at a water station in bonnaroo (Tenneseee)
    A) who is making these? (i love them and want one for my apartment)
    B) where can i get some duck stickers?

  • This project seems to be stalled. Did the developer run out of money? Would be nice if they cleaned up the rest of the graffiti.

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