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  • jim_ed

    Oh God, I hope #all8wards isn’t going to be transferred to the administration and plastered all over city documents, because its just like ‘One City’, except dumber.

  • at least is not trashy gold plate

  • the fact that watch exists makes me not want to vote for her. plus the fact she takes no real stand on any issue.

    • And exactly what has Catania stood for???

      • Catania has one issue (at least in the mayoral campaign): Education. He has clearly stated opinions, which he promotes and stands by. Is that enough to warrant voting for him? Not yet for me…but I’ll wait and see.

      • He knows the Department of Health thoroughly. He has been holding the OCFO’s feet to the fire for over a decade, and understands how DC agencies work operationally and financially. He will hire attract, recruit, and hire good people and hold them accountable.

        • What about Catania makes you think he will hire good people? (Asking seriously). Seems like he has a history of antagonizing folks and does’t seem to have strong allies in the city.

      • I’m not big time fan of Catatnia, but he busted his ass to hold education forums in all wards and has taken a stand against redrawing the school zoning boundaries. He has demonstrated that he actively working the city’s issues, which is a positive. Bowser seems to not have a “proactive” bone in her body and appears to be the textbook “wait and see” politician. No thanks.

      • He also fought to keep United Medical Center open in Southeast: http://www.davidcatania.com/umc

    • how does the watch negatively affect you? it’s just a watch.

  • Did Barry forget that he’s calling someone in that first pic?

  • Does a crackhead Barry endorsement help one’s campaign?

    • yes, it does, especially among those who

      a) remember Barry before he started using drugs and/or know about his civil rights work
      b) are impressed that he managed to get off drugs, beat most of his criminal charges, and return to power
      c) have a lot of mistrust of Republicans, white politicians, and recent changes to the city’s demographics.

      most of PoPville’s readers don’t fall into any of these groups. But a lot of DC voters do.

      • He still uses. Or was as of a couple years ago. Is he finally clean?

      • PDleftMtP

        I get that Marion Barry was once – a long time ago – a serious force for civil rights and that he was returned to office because he can go to Ward 8 and say “none of the rest of these people cares about you,” and he’s right. But seriously – we’re celebrating that he beat (most of) the criminal charges? He doesn’t pay taxes – and there’s no question he just didn’t pay taxes – because he thinks he can get away with it by saying it’s only the man trying to keep him down. He puts his mistresses on the city payroll because he can. You and I and his constituents in Ward 8 go to jail for that kind of stuff. That bothers me more than the FBI crack sting – and yes, I was glad to see the back of Jim Graham too.

        • And you forgot to mention his infamous racist comments that appear every so often against Asians, etc… He is the gift that keeps giving. Most outspoken racists are fired or have to resign. This guy stays, and there is no shame, which is more a reflection of his supporters than him.

      • I remember OJ Simpson when he was a great football player. Doesn’t mean I would let him walk my wife home at night.

  • I strongly dislike Bowser for mayor anyway, but that picture was the icing on the cake soldifying my vote for Catania…

    • since Catania has curse Barry out in council, it’s pretty much a no brainer that barry would support bowser. that in and of itself is no reflection on bowser.

  • Reason #792 to vote for Catania…

  • And now I’m officially voting for Catania.

  • Time to find a new candidate.

  • The general election is going to have all sorts of fun racial undertones. This is going to be an all-out bruiser of a campaign. My guess it even makes national news. It’s going to be ugly.

  • Wondering if Barry is making a sly reference to this gogo standard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGCB_gSFnME&feature=kp

  • Poor Adrian Fenty. Oh wait. ..he’s dating Steve Jobs widow.

  • Yeah, an endorsement from Barry pretty much puts the nail in Muriel’s coffin for me. Definitely going with Catania unless he majorly messes up between now and November.

  • Barry’s endorsement of Bowser reaffirms my vote for Catania!

  • I thought he was going to support the white guy

  • I can’t think of a better ad for Catania than this. I was considering Bowser, but not if she’s this happy with Barry’s endorsement. This criminal practically destroyed the city, and it took Williams and Fenty to put it back together.

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