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  • handsome.

  • wow what a great new building, i wish developers would follow this style.

  • will it all be retail?

  • looks very suburban to me

  • Nicely done.

  • A three story building near a metro–what a waste.

    • It’s a two story building. The large front window is part of a taller second story, but it’s only two.

      The building will be 100% retail. It’s been finished for about three months and there’s been zero buildout in the interior so they don’t have tenants.

    • you can finance the popup.

    • Would you prefer a 10 story building surrounded by rowhouses?

  • Like the structure and lines, but would have preferred more traditional windows, especially the stiles and rails.

  • Clearly a massive step up from 2011

  • I like the style and definitely an improvement over what was there, but it doesn’t really fit in with its surroundings. It’d make a good grocery store, but it’s right by HT. No idea what else could go in that space in that area.

  • This better not affect Lucky Carryout. Their wings are all kinda awesome.

    • Not that it will affect Lucky Carryout, but it will soon be the last carryout on Pennsylvania Ave SE. The building with Gourmet Express, at 1302 Penn, is now up for sale for a cool $950k.

  • What will be interesting is how this plays into the development that is finally getting underway at Penn at the bridge (used to be a used car dealership). Also, directly across the street where the Dominoes was is a purely/mostly residential building from some private equity group called Goldstar. Supposedly going to be 40 units possibly with retail.

  • This just had to have been designed by the same people who did the Georgetown Safeway. It looks like its little brother.

  • loooks exactly like the renderings. surprised they build without a tenant in place. this stretch is a mixed bag architecturally and hasn’t been very successful at attracting retail tenants. Trusty’s, Wisdom… Mangialardo’s has been there forever… Jenkins Row has the Harris Teeter and little else. Fragers is planning to permanently move their garden center to the 1200 blk of Penn nearby. There is a lot of apartment building underway so maybe the developer is trying to get ahead of that.

    • I agree about building without a tenant. It’s also a mixed bag economically, an area that everyone thought would really take off but has yet to happen.

  • Love it!

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