Heads Up – Crowded Dupont Metro after Train Unloaded due to Smoke


@EricaLawton tweets us the photo above around 8:35am:

“Train offloaded at Dupont due to smoke – most crowded platform I’ve seen”

@metrorailinfo tweets:

“Glenmont-bound Red Line train offloading at Dupont Circle, brake problem causing smoke. Next train at Woodley Park. 8:30a #wmata”

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  • That looks fun!

  • justinbc

    This is pretty much an every day occurrence on the Red line.

    • That simply isn’t true. take the red line about eight trips a week, and in two years, have experienced something like this twice. Twice in two years is very, very different from every day. I’m even willing to suppose that I’m extraordinarily lucky and only got caught in say, 10% of the snafus. TWENTY times in two years is very different from every day. Why would you say that? It’s a serious question.

      • I agree with this. I take the Red Line everyday to and from Silver Spring from Chinatown. Over the past 2 + years, I can say that maybe 5 times the RL has been a total cluster. Other than that, it is very uneventful. The thing is, when Metro screws up, they make it count.
        I also have a theory that the RL is much worse coming in from the Rockville area – toward DC as opposed from DC, outbound. So maybe that accounts for people’s hatred of the RL?

      • justinbc

        Because virtually every day one friend or another is tweeting / posting to Facebook a photo just like this, and it’s always the red line. That’s awesome you were lucky, but the train runs all day long even when you’re not on it.

        • But it only matters at rush hour. Other times of day, the platforms don’t get crowded like this, so it’s just a longer than usual wait. So to claim ^this^ is an everyday occurrence is disingenuous.

          • justinbc

            You realize rush hour runs from like 7 to 9AM, and then again from like 4 to 7PM. So to assume that your own personal 20-30 minutes on the train encompasses “rush hour” is disingenuous as well.

  • I was on the train that must have come directly after this from Woodley. It seemed like a decent number of people were able to get on our train, and the driver gave clear instructions about how everyone would not fit, but there was another train immediately following.

    • Of course there was a train just behind… It was rush hour, so there is one train every 3 minutes. Time to offload your train: 2 minutes. So there should not be more than a 1 min gap before the next one. Even less if the train was slow down because of mechanical problem.

      What should alarm us is:
      Why are the WMATA trains starting smoking/burning?

      Overcrowded platform is annoying and in some way dangerous, but it is far from uncommon in many metro system in the world (Paris, London, Beijing)… Trains burning while passengers are inside is much more bothering…

      • Agreed. I rode the NYC subway everyday for 9 years and never once encountered a smoking train. It seems to happen all the time here.
        I wonder if it’s related to the organic brake pads? Or garbage coming into contact with the electrified 3rd rail?

  • Why sure, let’s have the Olympics here! It’ll be fine!

  • instead of WMATA, emailing me constant updates about the silver line. An email letting me know that there are crazy delays on the redline would be much more helpful. Sat on a non-moving train for 30 minutes.

  • God, I love my bike.

  • Let’s replace the Red Line with lots of express buses. Only half joking. My friend/colleague said she sat on the floor of the train today, it was so crowded.

  • Accountering

    I got on at Woodley this morning, and it stunk. Not good at all. Dupont must have been horrible.

  • I was on a train sitting at Metro Center for 15 minutes, in the direction of Glenmont. Our train operator kept announcing that we were holding due to a train malfunction behind us. No one could figure out why that prevented us from going forward.

    • They hold so they can pick up as many people from the platform as possible – since they know another train is not coming for awhile.

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