Good Deal or Not? “perfect for the world traveler, a night owl or even a whistle blower looking for the perfect hideout” edition

DC8366450 - Exterior (Front)

This unit is located at 245 15th Street, Southeast. The listing says:

“STARTING A NEW CHAPTER? COME TO THE AXIS CONDOS! This treetop one bedroom is perfect for the world traveler, a night owl or even a whistle blower looking for the perfect hideout. Forget a car and telecommute in you jammies from the large kitchen island, WIFI incl. Electric Avg. $87mo. Bedroom w/two ELFA closets, balcony, W/D, hardwood, pet approved…Vacant and unfurnished. Close before Summer.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $387,000 ($304 monthly fee.)

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  • I think a unit from this building was featured in an earlier post but I want to say the list price for that unit which I think was a one bedroom plus den, was in the $500,000 range. I didn’t think it was worth that but this seems like a bit more reasonable. I will say that I think the decor for that was done to the nth degree.

  • Oh was I wrong. The list price for that was SIGNIFICANTLY higher but it was supposedly the top floor and was listed as a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath so ……..

  • Is the electric for 1BR at $87 really high? My bill for my 1BR usually only runs about $30-$40.

    Also, that is the most unappealing copy for a condo I’ve ever read.

    • It’s much higher than my two bedroom apartment that also has an additional 300 sq ft.

    • It strikes me as on the high side. I don’t understand why they’d mention it in the ad copy; usually an agent does that only if the amount is surprisingly _low_.

    • They should not have put the electric in the ad because the first thing I though of after reading it was how expensive it was. The average in my townhouse (2100sf) is $85 per month (this is the average combining winter and summer costs – we have gas for heat).

      • Is that low of electric most people’s experiences? I live in a 750 square foot 1 br and in the worse summer/winter months the bill approaches $200. $40 is what I pay during the two mildest months of the year, average bill I would put easily about $100. I have noticed heating/AC struggles to meet the set temperature during the hottest/coldest months, so I wonder if that is the explanation. (Of course the rental agent pegged the monthly bill at $60-70)


  • Nice size and layout for a 1BR, but a bit overpriced for the location. I would bite if it were $350K.

  • Too much for the location–especially without a parking spot. I would rather pay over 400 for a less recently remodeled one bedroom in NW.

    • in NW…? where….. it’s a whole quadrant, not a neighborhood.

      • West End, Dupont, Logan, Shaw, Mt. Vernon, Chinatown, Penn Qrter. Anywhere closer to the office buildings. This price just seems high for a generic one bedroom condo on the far side of the Hill.

        • You do realize there are a lot of office buildings near this location, right?

          • I think you’re missing the point.

          • You’re right, I didn’t really follow what this person was getting at. I assumed that wanting to be “closer to the office buildings” means that they wanted to be close to work, so I thought I should point out that this location is close to work for lots of people. It would only be a 20-minute walk from here to the office park where I work, for example.

          • Translation: he wants to be rubbing elbows with powerful K street lobbyists, not lame Navy and DoT employees.

      • not just a whole quadrant, but the biggest quadrant. I agree that “in NW” is no longer a useful description, if it ever was.

        • agreed, the only thing more annoying than people saying NW as if it is a neighborhood is people referring to it as if it is still the only nice quadrant in DC.

        • I thought the only time people use NW as a neighborhood was in real estate listings where the broker doesn’t want to write the actual neighborhood. When I was looking at apartments years ago I just skipped over those listings.

  • i think it is priced relatively well, perhaps slightly high. but a nice condo for someone who likes a quieter neighborhood but wants something nice and updated.

  • Not a good deal. Went to the open house when it was listed at 410k (I believe) and I knew it wasn’t worth anywhere close to that. Then they dropped it to 394k, now 387k. The unit itself is nice, but no parking, and the rooftop “deck” is sad. The condo fee is so high for what you get (seems like nothing). That area isn’t bad, but it hasn’t completely turned. I don’t think it will sell for more than $360k.

  • blah. definitely no deal.

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