From the Forum – Wednesday Night Karaoke and Boxes of Books

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Wednesday Night Karaoke:

“Anyone know of any fun places for Wednesday night karaoke other than Hill Country?”

What to do with two boxes of Books?

“I have two boxes of books with everything from airport fiction to Stephen Jay Gould, paperbacks and hard copies. Any suggestions as to what to do with them? I’ve recycled out-of-date travel books and crates of magazines, but I’d really like to find a home for at least some of these keepers. I am moving from a large house to a much smaller condo and just can’t bring all of the books with me.”

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  • Carpe Librum is a used-book nonprofit downtown that accepts and sells used books. I believe proceeds go toward D.C. public schools. It’s on 17th between K and L NW.

    • Do you know if Carpe Librum picks up? I am not the OP but have loads of books I would like to donate.

      • That I don’t know. But the Turning the Page info that the commenter below posted is the same thing. Turning the Page is the nonprofit, and Carpe Librum is their book shop. I’ve donated and purchased before. Last time I got a bunch of kids books for the newborn and “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” for me, for a couple of bucks. I’ll probably get around to reading that at about the same time as the little one gets around to reading anything.

  • If you want money for the books (in the form of store credit for more books!) you can try taking them to a used bookstore, but I found that the couple I went to really didn’t want the airport novels and best sellers, and seemed capricious about which non-fiction books they took.
    At the rec of someone here at PoPville, I took a ton of books to Turning the Page. Super easy to drop books off, took less than 5 minutes to hand over the books and get a receipt emailed.
    Turning the Page
    1625 K St. NW, Suite 102
    Washington, DC 20006

  • The Lantern is a used bookstore on P Street west of Wisconsin in Georgetown. It’s run by the Bryn Mawr alumnae association and the proceeds go to supporting scholarships.

    • They have a sign on the door right now (went up last week or so) saying they’re overstocked and not accepting any donations.

  • Used bookstores might take some of your books if you want credit for buying more, but I found they mostly didn’t want best sellers and were capricious about which non-fiction books they wanted. At the rec of some folks here, I took a ton of books to Turning the Page, super convenient and it took less than 5 minutes to drop off my books and get a receipt. And they just took everything, they didn’t sort and reject books (I had already done what you’ve done, getting rid of the true junk).

    Turning the Page
    1625 K St. NW, Suite 102
    Washington, DC 20006

  • Books for the World in Dupont is a worthy nonprofit.

  • District Karaoke is where it’s at Monday-Thursday. Wednesday nights are at Policy starting at 7pm.

    You may or may not be ready for this jelly.

  • Turning the Page, a nonprofit supporting D.C. public schools and families, is currently collecting books to sell in their pop-up bookstore, Carpe Librum. You can contact them for information on donating:

  • Probably not what you’re looking for but I’ll just toss out that Muzette is open every day and is awesome every day. But it’s private room karaoke so you need a fun crowd with you.

  • might be a little high-effort for two boxes of books, but it’s a great way to get new-to-you books in exchange for your old ones.

  • maxwell smart

    I think I remember seeing that Upton Tap House has Karaoke on Wednesday’s after 9pm. I think they also have some deal where you sign up to be bartender and get free drinks or something. Honestly I think that place needs any business they can get.

  • If you don’t care about getting the charitable-donation deduction and just want the books off your hands, and/or if taking them somewhere is too much of a hassle, you could list them via Freecycle or the Craigslist free section.

  • Try the Petworth Library if you want to donate. The Friends of the Petworth Library does book sales a couple of times a year.

  • Petworth Citizen’s reading room might take some of those books off your hands!

  • On Wednesday night, Shaw’s Tavern has open mic piano bar. Only place like it in the city. The pianist is awesome and knows hundreds of songs, and it’s a great community of singers. Starts around 9pm each Wednesday.

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