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Looking for a Barber:

“Looking for a barber referral in northwest DC.”

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  • Look no further than Diego’s in Dupont. $20 (cash only), great haircut, and great vibe. Appointment only during the week, walk-ins on Saturdays.

    • maxwell smart

      I feel like no matter who I get or what I say I leave Diego’s with the conservative republication comb-over.

      • I’ve had two terrible haircuts from Diego’s. The woman wouldn’t even listen to what I wanted (or maybe she didn’t understand me). Never again, ugh. Haircuttery around the corner is $20 for a cut and a wash, would rather go there.

  • Re: Diego’s, you can still walk-in during the week but you’ll have to wait. Making an appointment is better. You’ll often find yourself getting a haircut sitting next to some powerful people including SCOTUS justices, national & local pols, and diplomats.

    • There are 10 different barbers so you never know what you’ll get. Plus if you come without an appointment you are likely to be grilled in front of everyone. Quite annoying

  • Cut n Edge in Van Ness does a solid, no frills cut for about $20. If you’re a bit picky, VSL in Dupont always does a great, more stylized haircut.

    • We take our sons to Cut n Edge–the haircuts seem perfectly adequate, and they’re kind & patient with the fearful 3-year-old. Cash only, though.

    • Cut-N-Edge is the best hands down. $18. Solid, consistent cuts. I’ve been to cheap places like Diego’s and more expensive salons like VSL, Salon Blu, and others. I found Cut-N-Edge to be much better.

    • All the barbers are solid at cut n edge. It’s my go to…with a lot of chairs, the wait isn’t long, and they have a good selection of current magazines as well as sports on tv while you’re waiting.

  • Camilos in Tenlytown

    Cash only, no appointments, $17, usually no wait.

    They have been doing me right for 12 years now.

  • What kind of hair do you have? That’s an important part of finding the right barber…

    I prefer a close straight razor shave for my head (though I’m not bald at all).

  • justinbc

    Barber of Hells Bottom if you want a true barber experience. It’s about twice as much as Diego’s, but I think Diego’s provides terrible service, so to me it’s worth it. If you just want a great spot to get a man’s haircut, check out Trim in Adams Morgan.

    • Agreed. Pricey, but my friends work here and I get a hook up. They do great work if you are looking to spend the money. I think a cut starts at $60. They always have an apprentice who are also very good and will cut for $25 I believe.

    • whats a “true” barber experience?

      • jim_ed

        Apparently its hipsters extorting you for $110 for a cut and a shave.

        • And the quoted price is alot even for a fancy place. When I had more hair, I used to visit a now gone carriage trade place in Georgetown where a friend worked. Even there, and adjusting for inflation, it wasn’t near $60.

          • I guess you have not researched what current “fancy” place prices are, or possible do not know what a “fancy” place is. I can get a burger for $1, $10, or $15+. You get different quality, experiences, products depending on what you want and where you are.

  • cap barber at 2nd/d ne

  • Is it taboo for women with very short hair to use a barber (who will charge much less than a salon)? Seriously thinking about getting a pixie cut but it will require a lot more frequent trims than my long hair.

    • justinbc

      I’m pretty sure most of the better ones are trained to work on both men’s and women’s hair.

    • I have a pixie, and I’d be leery of going to someone who’s never cut one before. It’s actually a surprising amount of styling and art to get it to look right. I’d be more apt to go to a men’s standard barbershop to get a bob trimmed.

    • Thanks for your replies! Still working up the courage to go short so I have plenty of time to find a good salon/barbershop.

    • Don’t do it. The only people who find pixie cuts attractive are other girls. Have never seen a girl who looked better after a pixie cut than before.

      • I think pixie cuts are cute – maybe you don’t like them but others do.

        • i’m a man and i’ve seen some women that looked great in them.
          but then again, it’s more important how you feel about your own hair than how someone else feels about it.

      • Yeah that’s not true at all. Pixie cuts are like most cuts, they look good on some and not so good on others, and they seem to come in and out of fashion.
        I don’t quite get the hesitation of women to try a short haircut. It grows back!

  • Georgetown Hairstyling at 35th and O NW. Appointments and walk-ins.

  • Go see Bathsheba @ Charles Barbershop at 18th and K NW (202-347-9515) or Carmelo or Phillip @ La Bella Vita in the Marriott Woodman Park: 202-299-0770. I’ve been going to both of them for years and never had a bad experience.

  • I go to a Moroccan dude named Reda at Charmed, right under Science Bar on 19th St. He only charges me $25 and does a great job!

  • While It’s not cheap and the wait can be a nuisance if you don’t have other errands/activities that you can engage in while you wait., I’ve consistently received great haircuts at the Wise Owl Club in Adams Morgan.

    • How much for a cut? I always wanted to stop in but the only time I walk by it I’m all sweaty coming back from the gym.

    • It’s outrageous that they won’t take appointments. Stopped by one afternoon and the wait was 2.5 hours. No thanks, I’ll take my business somewhere that wants to accommodate me.

  • Puglisi near GW University — Jose or Abel are the bomb! $24

  • Carl’s on P St. betw 14th and 15th. $18 for a haircut.

  • Has anyone ever been to Eastern Confederate (under the Western Union – ha!) on Mt. Pleasant St? Any good?

  • John Gillums at Afrocuts on Georgia Ave in Silver Spring – just a few blocks over the DC line. Master Barber.

  • Weird my reply never posted….though it’s in Spring Valley ‘hood off Mass. Ave I love Spiro’s at the Sangamore shopping center.

    As a female (have males and female barbers) they were great and CHEAP! In and out in 15 min. with no appt.

  • Mohammed’s on Georgia Ave!

  • Not in NW DC but I gotta plug for The Suite in Silver Spring on Sligo Ave.
    Full disclosure I’ve known Drew (the owner/head barber) for almost 20 years but he is a great barber, can do a straight razor shave and his prices are very reasonable.

  • I’ve tried Diego’s, American Barber Shop (Mount Pleasant Street), Victor’s (8th and T NW), Cut-N-Edge and Camilo’s and recommend all but Diego’s. Since I live near U and 15th Street, Cut-N-Edge and Camilo’s require a metro ride which I don’t like. I don’t know why a guy would pay more than $30 for a haircut unless you have an incredible head of hair.

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