Dear PoPville – Modern Day Grave Robbers?


“Dear PoPville,

I came into work on 12th NE in Brookland. Lots of cops with dogs next door to our complex. Evidently the funeral home was robbed again. This is the 2nd time in less than 6months. Turns out they robbers are also taking chemicals from funeral homes to process drugs. Not sure what kind but but I know embalming fluid is put in the PCP process.

Not sure of other robberies besides these but seems to be trending that “modern day grave robbers” are stealing jewelry and what not off corpuses and also taking what they can from the funeral homes also. I guess the days of diggin people up are over.”

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  • Exactly what kind of “what nots” would a thief be after on corpses in funeral homes?

  • They can take all the formaldehyde they want, it’s not really going to make PCP…but the situation will resolve itself.

  • The formaldehyde is used to soak joints or cigarettes and then smoked when dry. Still popular in DC. Sometimes called love boat.

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