Dear PoPville – Anyone Know the Purpose of the Street Construction on 14th?

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“Dear PoPville,

Two days of messy, loud construction on 1700 block of 14th street, nw — for what?

All they have done is first saw a wider path (along one that was already opened a few months ago and covered over), jack hammer all the asphalt, tap down the soil, lay plastic sheeting, then fill it all in with cement. Obviously (?) there is some purpose for this. Also, this is the same channel / ditch where the bus got stuck in the cement at 14th and S St.”

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  • Same thing happened on M St NW b/w 18th and 20th. It has left a nasty scar that is not fun as a cyclist:

  • They are likely replacing a putting in a new pipe. (Hence the length and width of the digout)

  • They may be putting in a new bus landing… The problems we’ve been having with sinkholes around here are a constant issue caused by weighty vehicles placing constant pressure on the roads. The concrete bus pads (which lie under asphalt roads) are meant to distribute the weight of buses at stops, over time they deteriorate and need to be replaced. This is just a guess though…

    As a side note… I have seen numerous buses at stops lately (GA Ave/Petworth Metro specifically) idling at stops spewing out diesel fuel and heat for hours at a time. I think that schedules could be handled a bit better by metro to prevent this.

    • The bus pads would be far more functional if the stupid bus drivers would properly pull over onto them when making a stop, instead of only pulling over halfway, blocking half the lane of travel. So many Metrobus drivers are terrible drivers.

  • It’s just as bad along 14th Street downtown. I’ve lost track of thr number of times road crews have dug up, paved, dug up, and replaced various stretches between F and K. If they’re replacing infrastructure, it looks like they’ve accomplished that goal several times in the last two years.

  • They are preparing the road for the newly proposed streetcar route down 14th street.

    • Not streetcar related. Not sure the exact purpose, but as 3:17 stated, these are almost certainly utility cuts to replace water pipes and/or buried lines.

      @Atlas Cesar – those are utility cuts related to DDOT’s streetscape project on CT Ave.

      • nothing went in the trench – I watched. They dug it , lined it with plastic , then filled it with cement. And yesterday they paved over most of it with asphalt.

  • The reason is obvious, the city has contracts with large contractors (e.g. Fort Myer). Whether there is a need for work or not the contractors MUST BE PAID.

    Forward all questions to Anita Bonds.

  • It’s utility line work. The plus is that eventually (once all done) they will repave around the scar (so about a quarter of the street). They’ve done this elsewhere in the city, so you can see the finished work elsewhere. The newly paved road portions are pretty nice, though. No clue how long it’ll take for 14th to get repaved (I’d guess something like 6 months).

    • 14th Street will get repaved when all major construction is finished on it. Otherwise, you’ll have the heavy trucks absolutely destroy the new asphalt. My guess it’s another 12 to 18 months before all major construction and development is finished on the main drag of 14th Street.

  • Verizon does have a city wide franchise agreement to deploy FIOS so it might be for fiber. I forget the three phase neighborhood deployment plan off the top of my head but I do remember that downtown is last which is now slated to be 2019.

  • Utilities. Additional ppl require additional utility work. Deal with it.

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