Old Church for Sale in Logan Circle

1527 12th St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

This is a “church” (church is in quotes because in 21 years I never saw a congregation enter this building”) at 12th & Q Sts in Logan Circle. It is in pretty awful shape. Just up for sale $850K”


The listing says:

“Property is be sold completely as is, currently tenant occupied. Should go fast get your offer in. Offers will be presented as they come in. Owner reserved the right to accept or decline any offer. Come take a look Monday June 23 from 11-1 don’t miss out!”

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  • justinbc

    I used to run by this place daily, often on Sundays, and concur that I never once saw anyone coming or going. It says 5BR, which seems quite large, depending on how they’re split up. I’m guessing some are barely over closet sized though. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if they get close to asking, depending on how bad the inside turns out to be. Corner lots always carry a huge premium, especially if they’re able to convert it to commercial property.

  • I would think the dirt alone is worth twice this amount.

  • The watermelon house is gonna be surrounded by even more condos in no time!

  • I walked through it and it is in pretty dilapidated shape. But a lot of original woodwork (interior doors, railings, floors, etc.) The realtor says that with a good quality renovation, the property could fetch $2,000,000.

    • Only if you can manage to convince the tenants to move out! They may be on a 5 year lease, and possibly at a really low rent rate from 1998! 🙁

  • I’ve got 7 (yes, that’s right SEVEN) of these in the space of two blocks in my neighborhood !

  • Wow. I really hope it isn’t torn down. I’d love to see this returned to its former glory.

  • Is it the whole building or just a unit? I see two meters outside so not clear if it is a condo.

    • I believe the upper floors have apartment units. That said, the buyer will inherit the tenants and it will probably take somewhere close to 6 months to get them out of there.

    • I believe the upper floors have apartment units. That said, the buyer will inherit the tenants and it will probably take somewhere close to 6 months to get them out of there via the legal eviction process.

  • I’ve always wanted to open up a New Orleans style bar in this space!!!

  • real estate question.. say you bought this and wanted to make the red door your front door… how much of the sidewalk can you fence off so you can have a bit of a “yard”. maybe it’s not possible? how can you find out?

    • I would guess “none.” Not sure how you’d find out, though — hire a surveyor to tell you exactly where your property line is?

    • Yeah, the answer is “none.” This is the part of town where your property line starts at your wall.

  • Is this in the historic district? That would affect what a developer can do with the property.

  • Half of the lot is behind the church building and is just used for parking. A developer could put a new building on the back and rehab the front and cut this into five to seven units easily. With the rental rates in this neighborhood, there shouldn’t be any problem making the math work. My bet is it sells for $1.1-$1.3.
    PoP – any interest in putting up one of those t shirts of yours as the “prize” for an over/under bet?

  • The property is located within Fourteenth Street Historic District. It would be pretty difficult to take it down without substantial cause.

  • So, the person that owns this non-taxable non-church church will walk away with $1 million cash after contributing to blight in dc for decades? She/he will then pay themselves handsomely with big salary and perks? Wondering if there any municipality in the USA that assesses property taxes for churches?

  • So when this church sells, who gets the proceeds? Presumably it’s off the tax rolls as a non-profit?!??

    • The church organization (the legal entity) will receive the proceeds. It must continue to use the funds in its exempt activities (i.e., as a church). It cannot pay them out to the minister, or other leaders. It can transfer the funds to another exempt organization (church or other charity, depending on DC law) but it would likely need the DC attorney general’s approval to do so.

  • I’m just confused about the name of the church. Does that imply that there’s a “Second Genesis” in their Bible somewhere? And isn’t “First Genesis” an oxymoron anyway? Or is this just a church that worships Phil Collins?

  • reminds me of that 3BR house on N st that was featured on here yesterday. This is a better location, larger and in comparable shape compared to that house, but is still almost $500k cheaper.

  • Ward 2 denizen and jumping jack: look at the deed. It’s not owned by a nonprofit.

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