Check Cashing Place Closes at 14th and U St, NW – Moving around the Corner to 1500 Block of U Street


Thanks to a reader for sending word and the photo above showing the check cashing place next to McDonald’s on 14th Street just south of U has closed. It’ll be interesting to see who takes over that space. The check cashing place will be moving to 1515 U Street, NW under the new Primp Beauty Bar:


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  • check cashing places are designed to take advantage of those that need the most help. shame on these businesses.

  • I live very close to the new location and am not a happy camper about this. I’d rather see the space remain vacant. 🙁

  • Drat — was hoping that the new location on U meant that the check cashing place at Florida and 18th was moving. My hope for a better use of that corner location goes on….

    • Hard to believe we need two check cashing places within 2 blocks of each other (one at 18/FLA, a second at 16/U). I’m hoping this is the first step in consolidation?
      As far as these places being a shameful business, I fully agree. They serve a short-term useful purpose for the un-banked, but charge what are effectively usurious interest rates. The city should help support/subsidize community banks while clamping down on the effective interest rates check cashers charge. Maybe that would wipe out these scum.

  • This is great news for those of us dying to see this corner cleaned up! Hopefully the whole building will get its new paint job soon… I wonder if McDonald’s will still get it’s new signage I saw in a rendering a while back?

  • I wish we could close down all of these damn places! Shame on them. Plus it takes up quality retail space for more legitimate businesses that truly serve the community.

  • Bagel place, good sushi, and probably ramen place still lacking near U and east of 15th. If they add those three I’ll probably never leave the area to eat.

  • I wish the city would add a garbage can near the bus stop on 14th and U in front of the McDonald’s for all the trash people litter the ground with. Oh, wait – there is one there already.

    • It’s much more than just the McDonalds. I ran down U St about 6:30 last Sat morning. The amount of trash (especially &pizza boxes) was utterly astounding. So sad.

  • But they can sell it inside and on the sidewalk. I work right near there and have seen some deals go down.

  • for all that 14th and U street represents in peoples mind, it is in fact one of the worst intersections on U street IMO. You got the nearly vacant offices, subway (i personally dispise the place), Boot mobile on the other corner?, or a sports clothing store, and of course Mcdonalds, a bus stop where there is always people hanging around, smoking (not that i mind that at all), its horrible! Not only that but it sucks for busses as well its such long intersection. I hope there is someway to improve that intersection…sigh dedicated bus lanes and a bike lane and reduce the car traffic? Maybe…i kid can dream

  • My guess would be that the McDonald’s will expand into there with they convert it to a McCafe.

  • Payday lenders can charge anywhere from 300%-800% APR…that is nuts, they are a suck on our society and should be banned.

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