Boutique Condos Coming to 15th and V St, NW Check out Some New Renderings

Rendering courtesy WDG Architecture

From a press release:

“Bozzuto Homes, a division of The Bozzuto Group, announced that the company will begin construction on 96 condominiums at V Street NW and 15th Street NW this summer, with an anticipated completion date of late 2015. The development is a joint venture with NVCommercial Real Estate Fund I.

The V Street development, a nine-story building, will offer 96 condominiums with a mix of studios, one- and two- bedroom floor plans in the popular U Street Corridor neighborhood. The building tower will be constructed with a concrete frame and the façade will be cladded in masonry and large spanning windows.

The development will feature a community lounge, meeting room, ground level patio, rooftop deck, and a parking garage with 37 parking spaces, as well as storage closets and ample bicycle storage. All residences will be finished with European-style cabinets, quartz countertops, and wood flooring. Other features available in many of the residences include floor-to-ceiling windows as well as balconies.

The project team consists of general contractor Bozzuto Construction Company, WDG Architecture, Metropolitan Engineering, Inc., SK&A Engineers, and Wiles Mench Corporation. NVCommercial Real Estate Fund I is the equity partner, and M&T Bank will serve as lender.”

Rendering courtesy WDG Architecture

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    • Definitely FUGLY. DC really needs to establish some aesthetic standards. in 10-20 years, these buildings will all be so outdated and tired. They start out ugly (The Solea….. ugh….) and get worse.

  • Looks fine, but do they really need that ugly capstone doodad over the roof?

  • What’s a “European-style closet”?

  • It looks like they’re building on the parking lot of what I think is a Senior Center and then blocking the balconies of all the residents on that side fo the center.

    • That’s exactly what it looks like. Well, folks are going to be *very* familiar with their neighbors…

    • They are indeed, but the trade off was (I think) a significant amount of rehab in the senior center as a trade off. Also the people who are losing balconies are being compensated somehow was what was explained to me.

      • Nobody is losing their balconies, just their views. Look at the second picture, there’s a clear separation between the two buildings.

  • Wow. I walk past this spot every single day and never imagined that there was sufficient space for this. Shows how much I know. Not a fan of the design (just my personal opinion) but I’m sure they’ll be scooped up before construction is completed.

    • Probably by investors with cash on hand that they will turn around and sell for $100,000 more once the project is finished.

  • I live down the block — WHAT will be the parking situation here!!

  • 96 units?!? These apartments are going to be miniscule. That lots isn’t very big.
    My guess is 350 sq studios starting at $349K. 2BR will be less than 900 sq feet.

  • You’re all correct–“boutique” in real estate parlance means really small. How small is subject to the builder.

  • Based on the second architectural rendering it looks as though 15th street will be reduced to two lanes and people on the west side of 15th will gain expansive front lawns (or maybe they plan on razing those townhomes).

  • Between this and the redevelopment of Portner Pl, this block is going to be quite different. Is the entrance going to be on V or on 15th?

  • Too bad they can’t redevelop that Senior housing.

  • Thank god it will be boutique because this city is filling up with mere luxury-bobo-riff-raff. If we could please just skip to the exclusive executive gated au courant communities that we as a elite and chrysostomatic citizenry DEMAND!!!!!!

  • figby

    This news is such a relief because I was worried the city was going to run out of tiny, overpriced condos in ugly, glassy-masonry-clad boxes stuffed onto corners and whatnot. Who is going to live in these cheap crapholes when the glut of millennials marries and moves to better school districts??

  • what a shame for the area as a whole, this ugly monstraosity will sit here for hundreds of years

  • i still cant get over how freaking ugly this building is!

  • The upgrades to the Dunbar senior housing are definitely a plus. The big drawback is going to be the loss of all the trees on the south side of V St.

    • So true. I think most of them are cherry trees. And there’s that beautiful (ilex?) hedge bordering the lot.

  • I find the hatred here misplaced as this won’t even be the ugliest building on the east side of the 2000 block of 15th Street NW. And surface parking lots in U Street are a horrible use of space.

    Yes, yes, we all wish that someone would build architecturally gorgeous and tasteful homes that are inexpensive and located two blocks from the Trader Joe’s and the park and ineligible for purchase by developers and those luckyduckies who receive help from their parents or just earn more money than I do. And I’d like mine to have a pony stable too. And a free pony. And while we’re at it, I’d like designers to make clothes that look just as good with my paunch as they do on these spoiled brats with their personal trainers and their kale shakes. Nobody even wants to live on U Street anymore; it’s so crowded and expensive. There’s no demand for it.

    But back in the real world, this imperfect development is probably progress for our city.

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