Another Assault and Robbery on MBT – Props to the Cops – Quick Arrest Made


From MPD:

“Greetings! A woman on the Met Branch Bike Trail was assaulted and robbed earlier this evening [Monday. The address of the offense is the 300 block of R Street, NE.]. Due to the rapid response of Mountain Bike Officers a subject was stopped and identified as the perpetrator. The woman was uninjured. Because the offender is a juvenile we can not release information on the offender.

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  • Nothing to fear – this little punk will be back to assaulting ‘n robbing folks on the trail in no time!

    • brookland_rez

      Yup. It’s summertime folks. The punks are out looking for easy targets Don’t make yourself one.

      • How does one not make oneself an easy target? Not taking the MBT? For me, that’s not going to happen.

        • I can’t believe anyone still wants to take MBT. holy cow there is some assualt/robbery here all the time.

          • I’m not willing to stop using the MBT. It’s too convenient to get from upper NE down to Capitol Hill. I don’t ride with buds in, I’m not texting on my phone while riding. I ride with my u-lock tucked in the back of my belt in case I need to defend myself. And I am a big guy.

            But I feel when there are a pack of youths, they do not give a shit about things like that because they have mob mentality. Unless you are coming down dressed and armed as Wes from the Road Warrior, anyone is an “easy” target.

          • Are there enough folks using the trail there to make informal convoys possible?

          • Good point. That is also why I don’t drive or use sidewalks next to roads. Do you know how many car collisions there are? It’s crazy that people still drive them.

        • Don’t wear your iPhone earbuds while running on the trail…

        • When I walk on it, I have a 90 lbs German Shepherd mix with me. I’ve never had a problem.

        • I love the MBT, but I’ll be honest, I’m afraid to ride my bike on the trail alone. The part of the trail these incidents are happening in, is that Ward 5? If so, what has McDuffie said about this? Where are the ANC commissioners?

        • brookland_rez

          Automatic easy targets are women and petite males. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the trail, you just have to understand you’re the person they’re looking to rob. So you have to take extra proactive steps to be aware. Their primary method of attack is by surprise. If you see a group of kids, make sure they know you see them. This will reduce the chances of them doing something. Known places of attack are where streets intersect the trail, like R St, etc. Anywhere where there’s buildings where they can hide and jump out at you. Be extra aware at spots where someone can easily hide. The MBT is not the place to be jamming to your Ipod or be texting. If you’re a female or petite male, especially not. Carry a weapon. Knives are legal in DC. If you’re not comfortable potentially using a knife in self defense, carry mace or pepper spray. Finally, as with anything in life, there’s never a guarantee. These are just steps to reduce your chances of becoming a victim. I’ve used the trail regularly since it opened day or night, and have always followed my own advice as outlined and have not had a problem. My past success is no guarantee of future performance.

          • this is very helpful. thank you!

          • Carrying a knife is awful advice for anyone that doesn’t have experience with knives. Mace or Pepper Spray are great ideas. Bringing a knife to protect yourself without knowing how to use it can cause more problems for you than it can solve.

    • Saw the guy in cuffs on my way home. He was a big, strong guy. Early 30s. Hardly a teenage “punk.”
      And yeah, let’s blame the victim, brookland_rez. Makes it easier to pretend that it cannot happen to you.

      • The statement from MPD states quite clearly that the offender was a juvenile.

      • Pointing out the obvious, which is that some people are more appealing victims, does not equal “victim blaming.” Grow up.

      • brookland_rez

        Not blaming the victim. This is NE DC, not Disneyland. In a perfect world, you would be able to do whatever you want and not have a worry in the world. If you want to be somewhere where you can do as you wish and not have to worry, the MBT trail is not for you and I suggest you find alternate routes, or go west of RCP until NE is no longer transitional.

  • Is it time for a volunteer bicycle vigilante gang? I’m available today after 4.

  • FYI, this happened during evening commute hours. I had previously thought the trail would be fine when its a bit more crowded during rush hour. I guess that’s not really the case.

  • Anyone see a PATTERN here? There are NO CONSEQUENCES for JUVENILE offenders in DC. Thank you, DC Council.

  • What ever happened to installing police cameras that actually work at the problem locations / choke points? Make them obvious to the perps, make them go elsewhere. For fucks sake..

  • I have no familiarity with the MBT. How long is it? What is it about this location that seems to attract these loser punks?

    • The trail runs along the west side of the Red Line north of Union Station (which, in turns, runs along the B&O’s “Metropolitan Branch” railroad, hence the name). A trail has been signed most of the way from the Capitol to Silver Spring, but most of the assault problems are in the 1.5 mile stretch from the NoMa station up to Franklin St. in Brookland.

      It’s a direct route from Brookland and Eckington to downtown which avoids nasty streets like NY Ave and Florida, but OTOH it lacks “eyes on the street” and so criminals think they can target sitting prey.

      The other two off-street trail segments (along McCormack Drive by CUA and in NoMa) are more visible to passerby.

    • brookland_rez

      The trail backs up to Edgewood terrace, notorious housing projects where the punks likely live.

  • The fact that a suspect was caught so quickly is a good thing and shows that the police were nearby. Perhaps this is a start of better patrolling of the area. If more and more perpetrators are caught, less people will think the MBT is such an easy target.

    It’s when an incident happens and no one is ever caught that you should be concerned.

  • It is a shame. But, stay off the damn trail!

    At this point, taking the MBT trail is a little like building a house on a floodplain or trying to ride out a hurricane at home. You are intentionally putting yourself in harms way when there has been repeated warnings about how unsafe it is.

  • I really think a big problem with the trail is that the stretch from NoMa station to R street gives you no escape options. If you see something ahead or behind that you would normally avoid on the street, you’re stuck. The city needs to put pressure on the new owners of Pepco to finally sell off the huge empty lot that runs along the path. Having housing or commercial in that area would bring more eyes on the path and provide better options for avoiding trouble areas.

    I’m interested in seeing what happens with the building between Florida and New York. They’ve only built phase one, and it was phase two and three that were supposed to be along the path and create some sort of bike-friendly entrance down to Florida. I’m hoping there is at least some sort of temporary entrance from the path down to the new development, if only so I don’t have to use the piss stairs at the NoMa metro.

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