Farewell Zipcar Hello ‘The Corcoran at 14th’ Apartment Building Coming to 14th and Corcoran St, NW


“Dear PoPville,

Looks like the mega zipcar lot at 14 and Corcoran has closed. All the signage and vehicles are gone. Maybe the lot is finally going to be developed.”

Rendering via Hickok Cole

Yup, this will be a new rental building with retail called The Corcoran at 14th:

“Residential: 34,000 sf
Retail: 4,000 sf
Parking: 15 spaces”

Disrictre says:

“1617 14th Street, NW
The Corcoran at 14th is a planned 40-50 unit, 7-story multi-family residential development including 4k SF of ground floor retail in the Logan/Dupont neighborhood of Washington DC. Included will be luxury two-story penthouse units with extended balconies and private terraces and 15 underground parking spaces.”

Ed. Note: This is also right next to the former Central Union Mission condo conversion construction.

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  • Oh shit! But where will the zipcars go? I’m all for development but that was a nice zipcar spot (the dream, of course, would be repurposing on-street spaces).

  • Ugh. Am I the only person on here who can’t stand this new style of architecture- where an ENTIRE wall is a window?! It seems so impractical, difficult to control and just…ugh. Does anyone here live in one? Is it as much of a pain as it looks? I imagine issues with privacy, climate control, fading furniture and rugs, and no place to hang art. I get the desire for more light, but these seem to take it too far. It seems like these are the only types of building going up these days.

    • Could not agree more. The units facing 14th will get about 6 hours of direct sun from June-Sept. The A/C is gonna be running 24/7.

      Plus, I always chuckle when I see these super modern buildings with walls of glass and you can see into the units and the residents still have crappy dorm room / family room hand-me-down furniture.

    • Nope, you’re not the only one! One of the things I realize though, is that many of the reasons that I need wall space are becoming obsolete. I have lots of books. Which means that I want lots of bookshelves. I actually have a turntable, speakers, an audio receiver and an amp, as well as a collection of CDs — which also means shelves and/or drawers, which mean wall space. And that’s before I even get to the artwork. Someone with a slightly different set of priorities could fit all of the books, all of the music, and possibly even facsimiles of much of the art on an ipad — which requires minimal storage space and no wall space — allowing them the relative freedom to enjoy their floor to ceiling windows.

      • Fortunately there are lots of older buildings with small windows and plenty of wall space still available.

    • I like it for large buildings, but it does seem odd and impractical for these low-rise, very-close-to-the-street residential buildings. I don’t even care about the wall space; there is ZERO privacy. Everyone needs a little naked time every once in a while.

    • I live in one and it’s awesome. So much light. If you want naked time, draw the blinds. Problem solved.

    • No, you’re not the only one. These buildings will not age well. Twenty-five years from now people will look at them and say “what where they thinking?”

  • Is it time for a new neighborhood name for 14th Street? So tired of seeing “Logan/Dupont.”

    • Please no.

    • I thought it was just Logan Circle? Until you get north of, like, T Street, at which point you’re in the U Street corridor. You at least have to get west of 15th Street before you get into Dupont territory, in my opinion.

      • I guess it technically is, but I just think 14th Street has a totally different character/scene/vibe than the side quiet streets of Logan. And to the folks saying “no” right away, I mean 14th Street used to be part of “East Dupont” back in the 90s and now it’s Logan…so neighborhood names change.

        • It was only “East Dupont” when Logan was a mess. 14th Street I consider Logan Circle. Especially this block, which is only two blocks off the actual circle itself.

    • I heard someone call it borderstan

    • One solitary street =/= a neighborhood.

    • This whole area we’re talking about (“Logan Circle,” “U Street Corridor,” etc.) was usually just viewed as part of greater Shaw until white people moved back into houses around Logan Circle in the ’70s and re-purposed the name. And until the end of the ’90s residents/journalists probably would have referred to this particular intersection as just part of “the 14th and U Streets area.”

      • false. the name “Shaw” didn’t even exist until the urban renewal period and it never referred to the Logan area. Plus the African American community did not embrace the Shaw name change. The name wasn’t embraced until more recent reubranization.

        • 1. The “Shaw” urban renewal area took its designation from the Shaw School in the neighborhood, so the name was definitely around. But whether anyone would have known what you were talking about if you referred to “Shaw” back then may not have been the case, you’re right. 2. The area definitely included Logan Circle and its surrounding areas (see the renewal area map: http://blog.inshaw.com/Shawbound.jpg) 3. My point about the “14th and U Streets Area” stands. Checkout some old Washington Post articles from the 70s-90s.

  • Has anyone heard anything about development at 14th & Swann on the east side of 14th? It seems like that lot is way overdue for redevelopment.

  • One problem with the window-wall style of architecture is when we have to look at the back of TVs and bookcases from the street. Seems like some new interior design guidelines are in order.

  • The problem with those type of windowns is that they don’t open! If I have a window, I want to be able to open it!

  • Neighborhood names — the 14th street area was knows as “Hell’s Bottom” back in the late 1800’s. That’s as good a name as any!

  • HeBoDuLo

  • Was a gas station before the zip lot. Gas station shut down after someone tried robbing it by setting it on fire.

  • That building is really ugly wtf is the overhang???

  • You may want to just call it DownLo given all the closeted black dudes I’ve had sex with in that ‘hood.

  • I am all for modern architecture but this just drab and ugly. The block will be really nice when the Central Mission project is done but now with this addition it just ruins the flow.

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