Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street/Shaw

2251 12th Place Northwest

This rental is located at 2251 12th Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“This beautifully updated row home highlights a chef’s kitchen with granite counters, stainless steel appliances and gas cooking. Classic features include gleaming hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, a clawfoot tub and fireplace. This home is just steps away from the U St. Metro, Trader Joes, restaurants and entertainment. To top it off, off-street parking is located in the back!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $3,000/Mo.

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  • Might be a half-way decent deal, but what’s the deal with the second bedroom?

    • I can’t figure out the layout from these pictures

    • I don’t think it qualifies as a “bedroom” — it looks to be more of an upstairs living room, as it has no door, no closer (at least as far as I can see) and is partially open to the stairwell. And you have to go through that room to get to the house’s only bathroom.
      I am also skeptical about the “off-street parking” claim. When I was house-hunting, I looked at a house on that same block (and same side of the street) whose listing promised “Potential for off-street parking!”… but my real estate agent pointed out that because the alley is really, really narrow, it would be very tricky to maneuver a car into the space, even if the space itself were big enough for a car.

      • *closet, not closer.

        • Technically it doesn’t need a closet to be considered a bedroom anyway.

          • I thought it did.

          • In VA yes, but not in DC. Otherwise all those beatuiful Victorians that haven’t been gutted would have 0 bedrooms.

          • It needs a closet or an installed wardrobe. Also, it needs a door and it can’t be a bedroom if someone has to walk through it to get to another bedroom or the bathroom.

          • While all of these things (closet, not being access point to another room) are features we might all want in a bedroom, according to DC a bedroom just needs to be 70 sq feet and have a window or second exit of a certain size (big enough to climb through).

          • From DCRA’s website: “tenants must be able to get to the bathroom and bedrooms without going through another bathroom or bedroom.”

  • maxwell smart

    I don’t understand this place at all – generous sized kitchen but tiny fridge. Enormous bathroom with a clawfoot tub for what looks like not a huge apartment. And what’s with the weird loft? Is that the “2nd bedroom?”

    • I used to know a bartender who rented a house somewhere near here and it had the same weird layout. He was renting the entire place for only $1250/month, which even back in 2008 was a steal!

  • that block is adorbs

  • Cute. The second bedroom may be like that for light reasons. I’d have no problem with it. Probably would have paid a guy $20 to clean up the backyard before photographing, though.

  • how do people have the money for this kind of rent?????

    • two people, each making $60K per year, could easily afford a $3k/month rent, especially if they don’t have kids. $60K/year is above the median, but not so far above it as to be out of the ordinary.

      • They could afford it, but certainly not “easily.” I earn 60k and pay 1500 for rent, and even with really minimal social life expenses it’s difficult to save much of anything.

        • Sounds like you are either really bad at managing your finances or are just buying tons of crap you don’t need. Where is the other $3500 a month going?! I make 60k and I don’t find it too hard to maintain a social life and put at least $2000 a month in savings/investments. . .

          • You have any clue how much you lose to taxes at 60k? Your post seems to imply “no”.

          • $1200 off the top in taxes, 350 to health insurance, and I do contribute to retirement funds. So that leaves about $600 discretionary a month, and once you cover utilities, groceries, car insurance, and a 2-3 flights to visit the aging parents per year, that doesn’t leave much to go into non-retirement savings. I think “easily” affording this kind of rent suggests a bit more cushion than a couple hundred bucks a month.

          • By saying I make 60k, I mean I take home 60k after taxes. Yes, I understand taxes.

          • maxwell smart

            Yeah there’s a pretty big difference between making 60k before taxes (as I think the common assumption when asked how much you make) vs. 60k after taxes (aka how much you take home). 60k before taxes + 1500 rent basically wipes out an entire paycheck.

          • *Clearing* 60k and *making* 60k – the difference in those amounts is what you’re saving, and why someone making 60k would not find this rent “easy”, even without buying unneeded crap or mismanaging finances.

      • maxwell smart

        In theory – yes. However a couple (because from the assumptions made about the floor plan it would need to be a couple and not roommates) could easily find a spacious 1 bedroom for considerably less rent then what is being asked here and have more money left in pocket at the end of the day. As someone who lives alone and pays about half the rent being asked here, I can say that yes, it’s doable but you are not taking any vacations.

    • Yeah, people balk at our $800k house. But when the mortgage is split between two people making $70-80k it really isn’t bad at all. Still enough for us to put 10% in a 401k and another $2000/month into savings and live pretty comfortably otherwise.

      • I assume you don’t have student loans? I make $90k and could afford a place around $350k. $400k would be really stretching me thin.

        • No, we don’t. She worked all through college to pay for it, and I did a combination of work, scholarships, and money from parents. We also went to cheap state schools– my undergrad tuition cost $8000 total! And My employer reimbursed grad school completely. But at our ages 31 and 39) I don’t think it’s unusual to have paid off loans by then anyway.

  • Thank you for showing this. I almost bought one of these about ten years ago and frequently kick myself. I bought my current condo soon thereafter and am otherwise happy in it. But, my remorse remained until I saw this and realized I would have grown out of it by now. Still adorable though!

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