Video Screen (Art?) Getting Installed at CityCenter

photo 1

The video screens that if I recall correctly are part of an art display are getting installed at CityCenter. We’ll revisit when they’re finished but it def. looks promising.

photo 3

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  • Oooh, I wonder if they’ll be like the ones at the Comcast Center in Philly. Those are really neat.

  • I love sh*t like this! I wish we had more if it here.

  • I walked around CityCenter a couple days ago. It’s really nice. There are lots of benches and other places to sit. There are trees and water features too. It seems like a natural place for people to congregate once everything is up and running. There was a lot of security which may be good but could also make people feel uncomfortable. The line between public and private space is sometimes difficult to navigate. The construction isn’t quite done yet but I’m excited.

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