Reader Shares Video Footage of Alleged Red Line Masturbator

“Dear PoPville,

Last Sunday I was taking the red line to Grosvenor in the direction of Shady Grove and saw this man exposing himself.

At first I was like “what is he petting…” and then looked closely at the reflection in my window My reaction.[1]  

Super sorry for the vertical video!

Please be careful out there if you see him. I got off the metro and filed a police report (including train ID and car #) with the station manager. Will update if the WMATA police contact me w/ any details.”

Part 2: (trying to hide)

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  • Are these video clips work appropriate?

  • I’d rather he touch himself than touch someone else inappropriately.

  • Aside from the illegality of it all, why get involved?

    • I’m going to assume you’re kidding, because otherwise that’s among the dumbest questions I’ve heard in quite some time.

  • People need to stop masturbating on public transportation. A woman recently took a video of a man masturbating on a SEPTA bus in Philly next to her (see He tells her, “You could have just asked me to stop!” and she replies, “I shouldn’t have to ask you to stop touching yourself on a public bus!”
    What’s wrong with this is that there are children present. You can’t expose your genitals in public. I shouldn’t have to remind YOU of that.

  • saf

    All of you saying “Why get involved?” or “Mind your own business,” are wrong.
    We all need to do what we can to improve our environment, and that includes reporting crime. And yes, this is crime. It’s also inappropriate for public space.
    So kudos to the reader who took the time to report this.

    • Smilla

      Agreed. Thank you for doing something that will, I hope, result in the arrest of this guy.

    • +1. I remember last time something like this was posted, there were a surprising number of posts from men who didn’t seem to realize that many public masturbators go on to commit sexual assault.

  • Keep on recording and shaming these people and reporting it to the police. You did the right thing.

    • I’m not actually sure that shaming them will achieve the intended effect. It may just serve to give them a wider audience, which seems to be their interest.

      • I don’t think the person has any shame, but reporting him to the police — and letting others know what he looks like so that they too can be on the alert — is the right idea.

  • To the OP – THANK YOU!!! If you are brazen enough to expose your PRIVATE parts on a PUBLIC subway car then you should be publically shamed.

  • Amen!

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