VeraCruz Gallery Closes above Duffy’s by 9:30 Club

2106 Vermont Ave, NW by 9:30 Club

Word on the street is that VeraCruz gallery got evicted. VeraCruz opened up back in July 2012.

“DC’s craft cocktail lounge, street art gallery and event space is waiting for you!”

Updates when a new tenant is signed.

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  • jeez, veracruz was run by the same people as the now defunct dunes.

  • I had no idea that place even existed, and I was at Duffy’s just a couple of weeks ago.

  • Maybe Duffy’s will expand.

  • street art lounge? This sounds cool but i never knew it existed.

  • It was an OK spot. A bit of a weird vibe and not very busy. The only times I ever went there were for private events. It was a good place to have a birthday party and invite a bunch of friends.
    That said, I was severely UNDERCHARGED every time I went there. I would order, like, 6 specialty cocktails throughout the night and the bill would always be $18. I always felt like the bartenders had no idea what they were doing, but not in an obnoxious way (they were always sweet & endearing; not jaded like most service industry workers).

  • Pretty sure only like 3 people knew this place existed. None of them were me or anybody I know.

    That might have been a problem.

  • It hasn’t been actively open for business for at least a couple of months now. I will occasionally walk by during a private event (last one was a few weeks back), but even those have been few and far between.

    When they were open, they never seemed busy (which probably accounts for the undercharges — bartenders attempting to make some money). They tried to up their viability with a sandwich board and some additional signage, but apparently that didn’t make much of an impact.

  • i think the owner has plans to move to nyc and get married. hope the new tenants will be just as creative

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