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  • Precious! Hope they find the owner soon!

  • Oh, this irks me. I live on 9th not far from Decatur and, if these are the dogs I think they are, this is not the first time they have gotten out. I’ve both tried to catch them and seen them being pursued down 9th on more than one occasion by a mother and daughter on foot and by car. They are sweet and adorable and their family does not seem to be taking precautions to keep them from getting out or tagging them so that they can be returned. I hope they get home quickly or find a new home where they are loved and who can keep them from getting out.

  • They look thirsty and tired. Have the owners been found? If not, I might adopt them.

  • I fed them & gave them water and a ace to rest over night, but no owners yet. I plan on asking one neighbor if the sweet pups belong to them, i have a hunch. If not then Jane you are more than welcome to have them. I have way too many animals already to keep them.

    • Great! Let me know. We can’t let these guys go to the pound. Do you have an email I can contact you? Thanks again!

    • epric002

      please bring them to the WHS or a vet to be scanned for a microchip, and to provide notice that you found them. you can’t just give away someone else’s dogs. more info here http://support.washhumane.org/site/PageServer?pagename=lostfoundpet&AddInterest=1047#if

      • Where is the law that says if you find lost dogs without a collar, and post on the LostDogs website, which another poster already did (see above), that you can’t keep the dogs? If you are going to provide “legal” advice, please site to the law. I’d like to see the law that says that anyone who finds a lost dog is legally obligated to take the dogs to a vet to have them microchipped. Seems like the person who posted this has already gone above and beyond.

        • epric002

          jane, i didn’t say it’s illegal and i’m not providing legal advice. these dogs belong(ed) to someone else. the lost dogs page on Facebook is in no way the authority for animal control in the District- the Washington Humane Society is. it behooves the finder to report the animal as found to the WHS, and to allow them or a vet to scan for a microchip. the WHS collects lost dog reports for the district, so if these dogs have been reported as lost, they can connect the finder with the owner. volunteering to give someone else’s dogs to a stranger on the internet without doing any of the above is incredibly irresponsible, and nothing close to “above and beyond”. how would you feel if your animal got loose, someone found it, and a day later gave it away? you can review all DC’s animal control and protection laws here http://www.animallaw.info/statutes/great_ape_state/stusgadc18_1801.htm#s1806

          • Did you read all the other posts?? The owners are terribly neglectful and the dogs have been found multiple times roaming the streets hungry and thirsty. The last time this happened (a month ago), WHS was called and all that WHS did was give the dogs back to the neglectful owners. It’s a shame.

      • I will make sure to get them there Eric:-). Thanks for the info.

        • epric002

          thank you michylle! any vet should be able to scan for a microchip, but WHS collects found dog reports, and if you are not able to keep the dogs with you they will care for them if/until their owners are found.

    • I found the male dog about three months ago and posted on POP (http://www.popville.com/2014/03/puppy-found-at-9th-and-allison-st-nw/). A neighbor let me know where they lived and they were returned (the owners live on the 800 block of Crittenden). Two weeks later found him( and the mother) out running the streets again. . Let me know how to contact you.

      • epric002

        there are penalties for people who allow their animals to roam loose- if this is a chronic problem then it is even more important that this be reported to WHS/animal control.

  • bfinpetworth

    These dogs look very similar to two llaso apsos (sp?) we found a couple years ago in the alley behind 5th street just north of Webster. We ended up finding them homes through a rescue organization after fostering them for about a week. They were great dogs, but seemed uncared for, thirsty, and frantic. The general hunch was that they were being used to breed and then dumped in the neighborhood after said breeding was completed. If this is a male and female, I’d not be surprised if this is a repeat event. Anyway, if they aren’t being properly cared for they should not be returned to their prior home. jmo.

    • That is terrible!!! I feel sick to my stomache. But does that mean the person who adopted them from you also lives in your same neighborhood and did the same thing (breeding)??

      • bfinpetworth

        No not at all. They were adopted out to two separate families out in the suburbs. They were very lucky dogs. I didn’t mean to suggest that they were the same dogs, just that it may be a repeat of the same circumstances.

      • Guys, i’m lookimg at the females under belly & it does NOT look lime any breeding is occuring, but i will ensure they look into investigating the owners if they deem it necessary.

    • Thanks bric, i will make sure they are aware when i drop them off;-)

  • We are more than willing to post these dogs on our page, but we must have contact info! Please visit our page to add that information. In the meantime, here are our Found Dog tips:
    IMPORTANT: Legally, you must report the animal found to ANIMAL CONTROL in the area (city/county) found. You don’t have to turn animal in to them, but must file found report & best to get them a photo. Then you must make some attempt to find the family. Do not rehome the pet until the legal stray hold period passes (ask animal control how long to hold the dog). Be sure to get proof of family hip from anyone claiming (like vet records/photos/adoption papers). People may try to falsely claim. When in doubt have animal control mediate. Suggestions for finding the family follow:

    (1) MICROCHIP/ID: Take to any vet or shelter to scan for a microchip. This should be free. Have them scan the entire body, chips often move. If no chip found can try checking again at a different location later, just in case it was missed. If wearing a collar can check inside for contact info, we sometimes find it written there. If tags, can try to track down family via vet on rabies tag or license.

    (2) CRAIGSLIST ad with photo in Lost & Found section & Pets section (if you change title should let you post). Search L&F, Pets daily. Refresh or repost the ad every couple of days.

    (3) GET OUT THE WORD: Posting found signs/flyers in the area found, talking to neighbors in that area & walking the dog in the area often works. Also use any community resources like HOA listserves/groups/fb pages. Place a found dog ad in local newspaper (usually free). Try to post on local yard sale pages/groups/websites. Remember family may not have internet access, so need to get out the word in different ways.

    (4) NOTIFY all local shelters & vets. Can get a list of contacts near you here: http://search.lostpetusa.net/search.aspx?find-help=true.

    If these basics don’t work, more info here:
    http://www.missingpetpartnership.org/recovery-stray.php. Good luck!

    • Please cite the specific law that says “legally you must report a lost dog to animal control”? I couldn’t find one.

    • That’s a lot of effort to get the dogs back to a family that is apparently negligent when it comes to taking care of the dogs. If they can’t or won’t take care of the dogs properly then they don’t deserve to have them. Give them to someone who cares.

      • epric002

        if the owners are indeed negligent then that is all the more reason to report this to WHS. there are penalties for allowing your animals to roam, as well as general neglect/abuse. it is highly irresponsible of you to advocate giving someone else’s property (legally, that’s what they are) away.

        • The WHS will not do anything to “penalize” the owners and will just keep the dogs trapped in a cage for a week (even though people have already come forward and offered to adopt the dogs). Do you know how many times my neighbors and I called WHS to report the two dogs on Sherman Ave & Girard that were left outside in the cold ALL winter with no shelter during multiple snowstorms. The dogs were kept in a padlocked cement parking lot by Footes Plumbing. It was 9 degrees out and every radio and television station was telling people to bring their dogs inside. Despite multiple phone calls, the Washington Humane Society did nothing. So now these two sweet pups in the picture will be trapped in some “holding” period and probably given back to the owners who are so neglectful. The owners don’t care and WHS will “just follow protocol.” Very unfortunate that the dogs were taken to WHS. Sounded like the other poster wanted to adopt them.

  • If you find the owner, could you please suggest/demand that they tag their dogs?

  • These are the same dogs we called WHS for last month….found them in the alley behind 7th St NW between Emerson and Decatur. They are the sweetest two dogs…but their owners just seem to let them roam the city.

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