The Solution to High Rent?

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“Dear PoPville,

Found this on craigslist. The ad is pretty funny but I think it also touches on the realities of cost of living in DC. Thoughts?”

The Rent is TOO HIGH! Solution, let’s get married! (District of Columbia)

Who can afford this ridiculous rent here in DC? Not this guy. $1800 for a studio so small you can stick our your arms and touch the walls in a sketchy neighborhood. Sure, here’s 50% of my monthly income, thank you.

We all know that parquet floors is code for “This building is older than you are.” And “up and coming neighborhood” means you’ll probably get mugged on a semi-regular basis. Any building that with a “classic” look is falling apart. You’re sick and tired of having mice run around your pantry?

Me too. Solution? Let’s get married. (Kinda!) All of the married couples get to split rent on a 1br. Dating and getting married is expensive and time consuming. Ain’t nobody got time for that! We’ll just skip ahead to the living together part. Cool?

I am- a 30 yo male. Employed. Reasonably attractive. Healthy. Never married. No kids. Good job. Great hygiene. Bonus: I’m a cuddler!

You are – A female between the ages of 26 and 33. Social drinker. Non smoker. No drugs. Good hygiene. No felony charges. Healthy.

We find a one bedroom in a great apartment building with granite counter tops, rude 24hr concierge, and floor-to-ceiling windows. This is a must! We move in together. Enjoy the amenities. Have friends over. Enjoy life.

Caveat – You must love live music, books, crazy wild sex, good wine, and be willing to try out my (often misguided) attempts at cooking.

Who needs dating and getting to know each other and all that nonsense?! We can just cohabitate at 425 Mass, View 14, West End 25, Post Mass Ave…

If interested (and how could you not be after this kick-ass proposal?), respond with a little bit about yourself. Please include photos!

(No Republicans, please.)
*Also, we’re not for real getting married. Maybe…*

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  • I’m taken, but I want to be this guy’s friend…unless he’s my creepy ex roommate, who also happens to be pretty witty but currently unemployed. In that case, I don’t really want to be this dude’s friend. Hmm…

  • What a pretentious DC douche bag? First of all…its not that hard to find a reasonable place in the city. I live in a great area in an older building 2br 1bath just north of U street for under $1,200 a month. I am 25 years old..and i can afford this. I dont understand how more established adults have trouble paying for places that are more expensive. AHMMM leave the cheaper stuff for us! Second of all the No Republicans comment at the end says all you need, what a f#$%$#% a$$hole.

    • hahaha wow. who is the pretentious DC douche bag? I think it’s pretty funny and have definitely thought about wanting to do that! But then again, I’m not a republican…

    • Right

    • Just so you know some people don’t consider 1,200 a month on a 2br 1 bath reasonable. Most people consider that to be absurd.
      I would never live with a Republican either. Do you suggest that he omit that and waste someone’s time?
      Look, i’m sure this guy is a douche, but you’re being pretty douchey too.

      • clevelanddave

        Nope, most people consider 1,200 for a 2 bed/1 bath to be very reasonable. And would you be offended if it said at the end, for example, no Catholics need apply? I think most people would be offended, and rightly so, but apparently not you.

        • That comment about $1200 for a 2BR not being cheap is just that commenter’s way of being difficult. In any other context, nobody would agree with that ridiculous statement.

        • Being a Catholic is very, very different from being a Republican.

          • This reminds me… an eatery I know has a sign in Spanish in the window seeking a “woman” to serve tables. Isn’t it illegal to specifiy gender?

          • Bruno — Yes, it’s illegal to specify gender in job listings.
            I don’t know if we’re thinking of the same place, but recently I saw a sign in the window of the decrepit carryout joint on the 3600 block of Georgia Avenue saying “Se necesita señora para trabajar.” (The sign is no longer there.)

          • clevelanddave

            Of course it is different, but it is a choice, and they are both offensive. Are all Catholics good? No. Are all Republicans bad? No (if you think so then you need to get out more). Others are right, who gives a f about the OP, but others seem to agree and think it is funny and IMHO that is pathetic. Almost as pathetic as saying that Democrats need not apply.

        • Even as a republican I’m not offended. I mean, who gives a crap what this dude thinks? lol

          • I took the whole post as a joke and that last line as something a typical DC type would say. I actually know people several people who’ve said they wouldn’t date a Republican. I kind of get the whole wanting to date someone with similar values, but we shouldn’t paint any group with such a broad brush.

          • I wouldn’t date a Republican, but then again, I’m gay. While I do know a few gay Republicans, they’re far and few between in this town and I can’t understand how they can support a party that pushes to take away their rights.

        • Apparently none of you have ever lived outside of this hellhole city.

        • Wow what a stupid false equivalency. Additionally I assumed he meant he paid 1,200 himself and that the total rent was 2,400 for him and a roommate. I consider that to be absurd. There are like 2 places in the country where that’s the norm and they are both actually interesting places to live.

          • justinbc

            What do rents in other places have to do with what the norm is here? (assuming this weren’t a joke ad to begin with)

          • If you don’t like it maybe you should uhhh…move to one of those places instead then you won’t have to complain what a “hellhole” you live in on the internet…

      • Everyone’s responses to Anonymous at 3:32 are unbelievably predictable. “You disagree with me politically, and I don’t know what to do but insult you. Oh, and I hate you!” (said in a whiny voice). Haha- grow up, kids. Notice how Anonymous at 3:32 was making a statement about exclusion, not about Dems in particular.

      • “Just so you know some people don’t consider 1,200 a month on a 2br 1 bath reasonable. Most people consider that to be absurd.”
        If you think $1200 in rent for a 2 BR is absurd, you ain’t from these parts.
        Hell, even if that’s just one share of the actual $2400 rent it’s not unreasonable. I paid $2000 in rent for a (large) craphole apartment in Woodley Park 15 years ago.

        • I assumed it was one share of 2,400 total btw. 1,200 total for a two bedroom on U street is a pipe dream.

        • Just because it’s commonplace doesn’t mean it’s not absurd. I’m a pretty well established late twenties Hill staffer, and I pay almost that much, but would much rather pay less. I don’t have to pay for transit and don’t have a car, but if I decided to get a car or if I got knocked up, I wouldn’t be able to save a penny.

        • I think that’s the point, DC cost of living is outrageous given what a normal salary is, even your payment from 15 years ago. Someone making $45k a year (which is the median DC individual’s salary, not even accounting for those under that level), if paying $1200/month, are spending half of their total take home pay (after taxes) on a single bedroom, in a house, that they may be sharing with complete strangers.

          If that’s not absurd, I’m not sure what is.

    • Personally the “no Republicans” comment is what sold me.

    • How much of your take-home rent is that? And what building? Where do you work? How do you get there? Consider someone else’s possible situation before you run your mouth.

      Although I can understand why you wouldn’t, if you have issues with needling Republicans. Thanks for ruining the country.

      • justinbc

        The country is ruined? How come nobody told me?

        • I don’t know, maybe you haven’t been paying attention?

          “As the Supreme Court has been removing the last constraints on the legalized corruption of politicians, the American standard of living has been falling at the fastest rate in decades. According to the Federal Reserve Board’s report of June 2012, the median net worth of families plummeted almost 40 percent between 2007 and 2010. This is not only a decline when measured against our own past economic performance; it also represents a decline relative to other countries, a far cry from the post-World War II era, when the United States had by any measure the highest living standard in the world. A study by the Bertelsmann Foundation concluded that in measures of economic equality, social mobility, and poverty prevention, the United States ranks 27th out of the 31 advanced industrial nations belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Thank God we are still ahead of Turkey, Chile, and Mexico!”

        • “Scientists have been ignored, insulted, denigrated, rejected by climate-denying buffoons who have allowed themselves to be convinced that their own fleeting command of science is sufficient to disprove a well-documented phenomenon, the greatest physical crisis, maybe ever.

          That is the right word; buffoon. These men are not necessarily or wholly unintelligent. They can be charming, or funny, and are often good at writing speeches. They have no lack of talent. But each is, as Merriam-Webster’s instructs us, “a ludicrous figure.” They are “gross and usually ill-educated,” at least concerning the subject matter over which they govern, as per the definition. And these buffoons have their feet jammed in the doorway to the halls of power at what is perhaps the worst possible juncture in history.

          Because they believe they know science better than scientists—ludicrous—they vote against any action to repair the damage being done to the carbon-saturated climate at all. They, along with scores of their fellow Republicans, have banded together to form what may be the most uniquely scientifically ignorant cliques in international governance. As Ronald Brownstein wrote in a 2010 piece for the National Journal, “It is difficult to identify another major political party in any democracy as thoroughly dismissive of climate science as is the GOP here.” They comprise the Congressional Science Committee that doesn’t get science, and they are determining our policies. Or blocking them.”

      • Wow you sound super pleasant and reasonable. Only idiots and Republicans accuse others of “running their mouths”. Get an education maybe then you wouldn’t be so stupid.

    • maxwell smart

      Wait? $1200 for a 2 bedroom… I assume that’s shared with a roommate – so in reality the rent is $2400

    • You do not live in a 2 bedroom apartment off U Street NW for under $1200/month. Do you mean that you share a 2 bedroom apartment for under $1200/month?

    • $1,200 for a 2-bedroom in the vicinity of U Street is an unusually good deal.
      I doubt this guy’s ad is serious, but it’s funny.

    • Yes, you are certainly a representative sample of the majority of people in the city. If you’re paying $1200 (each I assume) for a 2br just north of U st, you have found an insanely good deal. Don’t act like that is the standard or norm in DC. Most people, (30 somethings included) are living in group houses. The guy states that he’s looking for a 1br in a nice building anyways. You were just upset because he bashed your political ideology.

      Why wouldn’t someone want to share a bed with someone who vehemently denies scientific evidence for climate change, thinks the Earth is 6,000 years old, wants religion in politics, and is bigoted? I can’t possibly imagine…

  • The straight, single ladies of DC are pretty desperate. I’m sure he will have his pick.
    At least he’s creative and funny.

    • maxwell smart

      Are they? Are they really? Experience would say otherwise.

        • Yeah, experience says single DC ladies are not exactly desperate. Based on anecdotal evidence from friend, Gen Y ladies are overwhelmed with choice in the DC dating pool and usually approach dating with the attitude of a 7 year old with ADD.

          • justinbc

            Based on the women I’ve spoken to, there are indeed lots of options. Their general complaint happens to be that most of those options are terrible.

          • Whaaaaaa?! Statistically there are more single women in DC than men. Not commenting on quality, but definitely quantity. When I was single, it was hard to meet anyone, but especially someone who was pretty down to earth and stereotypically manly (just the type of guy I tend to be attracted to).

          • justinbc

            AG, yep, that mirrors a lot of what I’ve heard. This city is great for dating if you’re a guy, apparently not so much if you’re a woman.

          • @AG:
            And that analysis did not even take into consideration that 10% of men in DC are gay (the highest proportion in the country). Slim pickin’s in Boom Town for the straight ladies.

          • I would say “The odds are good, but the goods are odd,” but actually that’s not true. In DC’s case, the odds suck and (anecdotally) the goods are still odd.
            Per this Bloomberg article Washington has the highest ratio of women to men compared with all 50 states — 112 females for every 100 males, Census Bureau figures show. Among residents between ages 20 and 39 in the city of 601,723, women outnumber men by 13,716, up from about 6,000 a decade ago, according to census data.

          • It’s easy to say “the odds are good but the goods are odd” when your example of “good” is some dude that looks like Brad Pitt and has a cool job on the Hill plus well-to-do parents.

          • Actually, that’s the opposite of what I think is “good.” I like someone who isn’t married to his job, or to bragging about it, is moderately chivalrous, and on the superficial front, is at least 5’10” and not skinnier than me (so I don’t feel like a giant). That shouldn’t be too much to ask.

    • I have to say, just anecdotally, I have several desperate female friends – not that they’re exactly irresistible – and very few desperate male friends, despite the fact that some of them aren’t exactly irresistible either.

      I’m sure it works out for most people in the end, but the numbers are kind of staggering. Every once in a while I’ll be out and it will hit me…there are freaking *women everywhere* and not tons of dudes. And, it’s true, DC is an awesome city for gay people and attracts a lot of gay males, so I’d say a disproportionate portion of males in this city are gay, which skews the numbers even more.

  • very funny. And man do I agree with the last line – living with a Republican would be actual torture!

    • Why? Have you ever lived with someone who might identify as a republican/conservative. Probably not, I am republican and have dated plenty of liberal women (i think every single person), I do not push my beliefs on them (live i have seen many liberal people try to do to me yet i never to back). Your beliefs are your beliefs and i think its good when people have strong beliefs but if you are so close minded that makes it a deal breaker, i feel sorry for you.

      • More power to you for your beliefs. I choose not to date someone whose core values I find reprehensible. I believe the conservative agenda will make this world a demonstrably worse place for all inhabitants. Is it surprising I choose not to involve myself with such people in my most intimate relationship?

        • +5, 000, 000, 000

        • clevelanddave

          Oh, and liberals these past six years have done wonders improving the economy, creating jobs, increasing peace in the world, reducing the debt we are passing on to the next generation, improving educational achievement, making government more efficient and accountable, etc. Oh, not to mention increasing the civility of discourse (see Crt and all his friends trash talking ALL conservatives). While you might not like conservatives I’m sure they have a few core good ideas and you’ve got a few core bad ones… but of course you are perfect, aren’t you?

      • LOL at “liberals push their beliefs on conservatives but not vice versa.” Really just LOL.

  • i love how “healthy” is always a code word for “no fatties.” because it’s impossible to be fat AND healthy…. (that’s sarcasm, btw. you can be)

    • I figured it meant no STDs… not athletically fit…

    • Not necessarily. It’s also a lifestyle thing. I prefer to be/live with someone who isn’t eating junk food 3 meals a day and works out fairly often, regardless of their body size. I like having someone to motivate me and don’t want the constant temptation to eat junk or laze around.

    • Especially since “healthy” used to be code for a bit of meat on someone’s bones. Like “she has a healthy figure” used to mean that she was just on the plus-ish side of things.

  • Relevant HuffPo interview with the guy:

    It seems more like a snarky jest at the outrageous DC housing market. He might be a douche, but at least he’s original.

  • I am Anon at 3:32, Wow a lot of comments. Yes i pay $1,200 to live in my two bed room, but its in an area close to work where i dont need a car (so i dont have that expense) so it is reasonable. My issue with people like this who think that have figured it out and are ‘above’ finding someone the ‘normal way’, he just comes off as a smug DC liberal. I also have a big issue with someone who cant be opened minded about religious, race, or political beliefs. NEWS FLASH YOU ARE NOT CORRECT! SMUG SMUG DC DOUCHE BAG, probably wears fedoras

    • Where in the hell did you find a 2BR near U Street for $1,200 a month? That’s the part people are most in disbelief of. And most of us don’t have that kind of luck.

      • I said I pay $1,150 actually….its a 2br the other person pays the other half. Sorry that wasnt clear. My point being that the places this guys mentioned would probably be $2000+ 1br places, so the price difference is not that significant, not significant enough for me to throw my self at some smug liberal

        • Wow you sound like such an ass. I wonder who the real smug one here is. Hope you enjoy working at the Heritage foundation. With an attitude like that, mixed with your petty insults i’d imagine you’re probably pretty high up.

          • says the asshole with a hillary clinton ’16 bumper sticker on their preius

          • Accountering

            That doesn’t make someone an asshole. Not even a little. How did this small man from Centreville even find this blog? Run along home to your guns and religion buddy. The inner city liberals don’t want you hear either.

        • Accountering

          Your continued use of the term “smug liberal” speaks volumes about you as a person. Its a pathetic insult, so perhaps you should drop it?

          I have no interest in calling you a science-denying, poor people/woman hating backwards republican, so lets drop the juvenile name calling.

        • ? What the hell are you talking about?
          Oh that’s right you’re a partisan idiot, I forgot.

        • Hahaha wow, I just can’t even. Enjoy the travesty you’ve turned this country into. Thanks for that! Hope it’s worth the $1200 a month you pay in rent just to continue running it into the ground.

          • yeah all this liberal bs is making me re-consider visting this post. Had no idea there was such hostility towards a conversative leaning person who is socially liberal. Jesus christ. I knew i was outnumbered in DC but wow. get a life you all open up your minds about certain things, cant be right about everything

          • Accountering

            I am fine with conservative leaning people. I am not fine with someone who feels the need to be a douchebag just for the sake of being a douchebag. Once again, “liberal bs..” grow up guy. That is what I expect from poorly educated idiots from the sticks.

            Its the epitome of irony to have you post that peopel need to open up your minds, but you have used the term “liberal bs” “asshole with a prius” “smug liberal” and who knows what else.

            If you do decide to return, how about some civility? If you don’t, you won’t be missed.

          • I am sick and tired of conservatives saying they’re “socially liberal.” Guess what, there is no such thing as that concept. If you vote for a Republican candidate who embraces anti-gay and anti-woman rhetoric as part of his or her platform YOU are part of the problem. Perhaps you don’t personally share those views, but you are voting that person in office which will in turn affect the rights of those groups. But if you’re not part of one of those groups, I could see why money and guns would matter more than human rights.

    • Whoa — calm down. The Craigslist ad is a joke. You do realize that, right?

    • 7 out of 10 Troll Stars, thus far.
      I’m eagerly awaiting the crescendo.

    • THIS….IS…A….JOKE. What kind of weirdo would actually want to find a mate, or at least a bed mate, through such an elaborate craigslist ad? Sheesh, get a sense of humor.

    • Ah yes… you Republicans are against anything not doing something that you consider the “normal way.” Marriage… gender roles… etc

  • I would not want live with a Republican unless she has exceptional oral skills. I do mean her ability to argue well, seriously.

    • Total freaks in the bedroom. Lots of psychological trauma that they’re trying to bury. I speak from experience.
      I’ve said it many times, but most GOP members who are NOT stupendously rich probably need to spend more time on a therapist’s couch and less time posting on the internet/in a voting booth. Most are using the political process to “fix” a personal trauma or otherwise make amends for self-perceived sins. And they’ll f#ck the world over in order to accomplish that.

      • I had an ex many years ago who was hard-core republican. We broke up partly due to her freak show in the bedroom – there were some unresolved anger issues that manifested itself in a way that’s not easy to describe. All this is making me think of Anne Coulter in a different light (or shall I say, lack thereof).

  • My SO and I have been dating for a while but are not ready to live together yet. I started my own apartment search recently and more than once had to suppress thoughts of what our combined incomes could get us. The rent is too damn high AND is ruining relationships!!! /sarcasm

    • I can’t remember where I read it, but there was an article about how rushed cohabitation due to high rents is causing people to get serious too early and end up stuck in bad relationships for longer than they would otherwise. I’ve been in that situation myself, and in retrospect it wasn’t worth the money I saved. So good for you for resisting temptation!

  • Reminds me of some fake Craigslist ads a guy I knew put up back in 2005. One was $50 a month to live in his closet (in Silver Spring), and the other $200 a month to live in his laundry room. He got tons of responses from desperate people who sincerely wanted to live there. I wonder how much he could have charged these days!

  • I’ve been out of the rental market for a few years, but recently got an email from a friend-of-a-friend who was moving here asking for recommendations on where to live. Her budget of around $2000 is pretty generous, but she still isn’t finding anything inside the city and is starting to look out in PG County. I had no idea it had gotten that bad!

    • Okay, not finding anything for $2,000 is a bit ridiculous. What are the qualifications? Studio, 1BR, 2BR? Near transit? Specific lines? Require specific square footage? New building? Old? Rowhouse instead? No roommates?

      I find it hard to believe that there’s nothing meeting her criteria.

      (And for the love of god don’t live in PG County)

      • Two large dogs. What’s wrong with PG County? I’ve never lived there but it seems a lot nicer than Montgomery or Northern Virginia (less traffic/overcrowding and much cheaper).

        • Accountering

          uhhh, you may be the first person I have ever heard say that PG County is nicer than Montgomery or NV. Quality of life in PG is loads lower than in Mont or NV.

          • How is the quality of life lower? I know the schools are supposedly terrible, but if you don’t have kids that doesn’t matter. I’ve lived in various parts of Northern Virginia and what I’ve seen of PG is a big improvement over that (no traffic jams! open space! trees!). And the difference in what you pay in housing is huge. It could be that I have different priorities than other people. But I’d rather forgo a Trader Joe’s and not spend all my time sitting in traffic.

          • And PG is more convenient to much of DC (including where this person will be working).

          • justinbc

            Uhh, Northern Virginia has trees, just FYI.

          • PG County is economically depressed in comparison to Montgomery County, Arlington County, etc. It’s also been much slower to recover from the bursting of the housing bubble.
            There are parts of PG County that are attractive… but there’s also a lot of it that’s pretty ugly. It’s definitely cheaper than Montgomery County, etc., but there are tradeoffs.

          • Thanks Mister Obvious. 🙂 Northern Virginia has trees, of course, but it’s mostly concrete and pavement that you’re seeing all the time. Unless of course you live on a sprawling estate in McLean. I just haven’t observed the same lack of greenery in PG County. It’s much more peaceful and less built up.

        • You get what you pay for, though I’m now getting the impression that a good amount of space and also driving/parking are important criteria? (In which case try Virginia)

          • Unless you’re extremely wealthy you can’t get space in Virginia. When I lived in Fairfax county I had a family of 16 afghanis on one side and a boarding house for Spanish-speaking day laborers on the other side. These were in small townhouses designed for maybe a family of four. Of course there were quality of life impacts that went with it (noise, trash, roaches). DC feels a lot less crowded in comparison.

          • Yeah, the close-in suburbs of NoVA and Montgomery are definitely starting to get a third world feel to them. Springfield and Annandale in particular are pretty bad.

          • I don’t know the person so I don’t know if she cares about space or parking. She’s working at Children’s so she’d probably end up driving no matter where she is though. And I’m guessing she would probably like something larger than a studio since she has a husband and dogs. Having lived in Northern Virginia I advised against it because the traffic is so incredibly bad (like it would take me an hour or more just to go ten miles during rush hour– I wouldn’t want anyone to have to endure that).
            I thought Hyattsville, Mount Rainier, Takoma Park, or Silver Spring were better options than what she was considering in DC (Michigan Park and Fort Totten, not that I know those areas that well). A lot of my coworkers– people who make six figures and could afford to live anywhere– live in PG County and seem to enjoy it.

    • Is Hyattsville PG or Montgomery? I know some people who live there and it is pretty nice- and getting better.

      • PG. Same with Mt. Rainier which is another arts community.

      • I ended up in Bowie Town Center recently and had to admit it was much nicer than equivalent things I’ve seen in the “fancier” suburbs.

  • sometimes I think teenagers have hijacked this blog/website with some of the immature, ridiculous and completely stupid comments. This ad was a joke, read it as such – laugh and keep it moving. Lots of people take themselves way too seriously – the ad actually lightened up my hump day.

    • justinbc

      Yeah this took a completely different direction than I expected. I mean, we’ve had lots of partisan discussion here in the past, and it’s rarely been this virulent and antagonistic.

  • I think that when it comes to women in DC, the Republican ones are better looking…and more fun :)….

  • Never trust a man with self-professed great hygiene. All that sweaty live music, and all those dusty old books, not to mention the crazy wild sex (because regular sex isn’t satisfying?), and the great hygiene goes out the window.

  • Wait, you are 30 and making $3,600/month? And you are wondering why you are single?

    • That’s not a very nice thing to say. What’s wrong with $3,600 a month? Does someone need to make a ton of money to make them desirable? In the long run, it’s more important to have a job you like to do and gives you the quality of life that makes you happy (and everyone else around you happy).

      • Wait, what? I’m 31 and make $3600 a month as an electrical engineer with a Master’s degree and ten years of experience. I thought that was a decent salary!

    • Wow. How much do YOU make? $3600 a month (if it’s after taxes) is roughly $65-70K and that is not a bad salary at all. Anyone who thinks it isn’t has never lived outside the DC bubble.

    • I thought it was an oddly worded way of saying “wow, you make a lot of money so how are you single?” That’s a great salary, even for a well educated professional in DC.

  • Wow- the Republican hate is out in force- I can’t tell if half of it is trolling or all legit “open-minded” opinion. I guarantee I hate the Tea Party more than you do for turning my party into a rodeo of who-can-be-the-most-extreme and making us un-electable. I have more disdain for the Fox News pundits than the MSNBC pundits at this point for projecting such a negative image of conservatism. But if I believe the role of government should be small, taxes as low as feasibly possible, in assertive foreign policy, am concerned about our spending/debt, and think we need immigration reform but don’t care what goes on in your bedroom, what you smoke in your house, or about guns- who am I supposed to vote for? All my DC GOP friends that are in this same exact boat as me. I am certainly not the 1% but I am the 7% of GOP DC voters, and we aren’t all rich or extremist loons. I have dated several liberals and have never had anyone stop dating me when they found out my party affiliation. I have stereotypes about libs that make me laugh sometimes- but I don’t assume all Dems fit the category (though I think it is damn funny when they are spot on). Sweeping generalities make you sound ignorant- C’mon man!

    • As is true of pretty much all things in politics these days, this is not an issue of “both sides sucking.” Liberals being smug might be annoying to you, but it isn’t going to affect workers’ rights and protections, anyone’s health, life expectancy, ability to access reproductive care, ability to vote, ability to get married and enjoy the rights and protections afforded to married people. Republicans DO actively work to affect those issues, all negatively. Whether they affect you or not. these are real issues with massive impacts on people’s freedoms and lives. So I don’t feel that it’s required of me to be “open-minded” about people who support them.

      Whether you support *in your heart* the continued selling out of the country to the highest corporate bidder or the suppression of the rights of women, LGBT folk and minorities or not, by voting Republican you are enabling the people who DO support that to continue doing those things. And I have a very hard time not thinking less of people who support with their votes the active suppression of the rights and freedoms of anyone who is not a rich, white Christian male, just because the GOP says they should.

  • 40,000 men and women every day
    (Like Romeo and Juliet)
    40,000 men and women every day
    (Redefine happiness)
    Another 40,000 coming every day
    (We can be like they are)

    Come on baby
    (Don’t fear the reaper)
    Baby take my hand
    (Don’t fear the reaper)
    We’ll be able to fly
    (Don’t fear the reaper)
    Baby I’m your man

    Lyrics by Blue Oyster Cult

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