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  • Social house? Like a college fraternity or something? Jesus, they are REALLY running out of clever names for things around here.

    • I’m not clear on what “meat” is modifying. Is it a meat bar? A meat social house?

      • I don’t think it’s that complicated — the idea is “social house [<– whatever that's supposed to mean] that serves meat and has a raw bar."
        I will probably never set foot in the place, but I do like their Charles Rennie Mackintosh-inspired lettering.

        • Thank goodness they’ve clarified that they will serve meat because I would have assumed it was vegetarian-only.

        • Which I think makes it all the more ridiculous — what exactly does the style of an early 20th century art nouveau designer have to do with a mythical Greek figure?

  • justinbc

    That place was a disaster, not surprised to see it go.

  • But will they have small plates of meat?

  • This is really the most ridiculous name ever

  • LOL…”meat bar?” They talking about food or the patrons?

  • It’s just Lost Society 2. Pretty much the exact same menu.

  • I’m surprised they’re re-opening. That’s an expensive piece of property to have sat on unused for almost a whole year.

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