T-3 Weeks! Pool Prep Starts – Most Open for Memorial Day Weekend

2500 Georgia Avenue, NW

I was psyched to see pool prep had started at Banneker pool over the weekend. And now that the rains have started to stop we can get excited for the good stuff again. But remember when they do open Memorial Day Weekend – leave your tube socks and cut off jeans at home:


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  • saf

    Oh I cannot wait for pool season to begin!

  • I live near a DC public pool but don’t have a DC driver’s license. How do I get in?

    • Simple. If you’re a new DC resident you’re required to convert your license so go to the DMV and get it done. If you’re a DC resident but don’t drive, you can get a non-driver ID card from, also from the DMV. If you’re not a DC resident, don’t partake of amenities offered by the DC government.

      • Non-DC residents can use the facilities, but have to pay an admission fee.

        • True. I was thinking of free use of the pools as the amenity. And I know that college students, military, State Dept. etc. can all use those IDs as proof of identity, but then you need to carry around a utility bill, lease, or something like that to prove residency. A One Card probably makes the most sense for those people, but those who just haven’t bothered to switch their licenses over get no sympathy.

    • You can also get a DC-One card and use that–it’s easier than a license or non-license ID.

  • Really you can just bring a bill with your name on it, and a drivers license to show it’s you. But shhhhhh about that one

  • My pool (Washington Hilton) opens today! Can’t imagine it’s going to be warm enough to swim in yet, though…

  • No thongs allowed? 🙁

  • Are pool-goers allowed to bring in their own chairs to the pools? I can’t seem to find that info anywhere….

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