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  • Looks like a kit car inspired by a Porsche 356 race car. Except for the wheels, I love it.

  • Looks to be some form of a Vintage Porsche 356…Could be a kit car. I would think that someone wouldn’t butcher….I mean modify an original 356 to this state.

  • Porsche 356 Speedster, almost certainly a replica. An original would be worth $200-300k. Replicas can be fantastic cars in their own right, though, and quite expensive. The racing cowl, or hump, could have been an original feature, and is actually echoed in several modern Porsches. The Fuchs alloys are more modern than the rest of the car by at least a decade… but still classic Porsche.

  • This is beautiful. If I had a car like this, I would absolutely be too nervous to park it on the street in a city, let alone with the top down. One of the reasons I still drive an old junky Saturn.

  • I hope they didn’t leave it out like that this morning…

  • I’ve seen this driving around. The owner completes the experience with a helmet, sunglasses and scarf.

  • Yep a 356 speedster kit car – VW Type I frame – with 911 wheels.

  • Finally the white 4-door VW GTI makes Sweet City Ride!! Thanks PoP! 🙂 🙂

    (jk I know the picture is of the roadster, but in reality there are 2 sweet rides in that photo)

  • Porsche 356 Speedster race car (replica) with chrome Fuchs wheels.

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