Sweet Balcony


[email protected] tweets us this cool shot from Logan/Dupont.

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  • justinbc

    I used to live in the house next to this one, can’t tell you how many times people asked me about this place. All of the floors are full of stuff like this, and there’s a rooftop “greenhouse” kind of thing that’s full of them too. The owner actually shares a name with a serial killer, and hosts Sunday “sermons”, bingo games, all sorts of weird stuff that required a PA system. Needless to say living next to them was quite an experience.

    • Passed by many times and always imagined floor-to-ceiling tchotchkes inside. I guess it’s even weirder than I imagined.

      • justinbc

        One year I saw him doing “spring cleaning” of the stuff, they took out 20 something stuff trash bags of kitsch and the house was still loaded.

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