Swastikas spray-painted in front of Otello Restaurant in Dupont


On top of the uptick in “regular” graffiti comes word from a reader:

“a disturbing site on conn. ave this morning. there were also some on a nearby bus stop.”

Perhaps it’s some more jackass juveniles. Over the weekend Montgomery County Police reported:

“On May 2, the Montgomery County Police Department issued a crime alert highlighting a series of vandalisms that had occurred in the Rockville and Potomac areas during the month of April.

Three of the incidents were classified as hate incidents. These three incidents, which occurred between April 18 and April 21, are as follows:

Montgomery Child Care Association, 11614 Seven Locks Road – a swastika and “All Jews Burn” was drawn on two buses
Young Israel of Potomac, 11618 Seven Locks Road – a swastika was drawn on the synagogue sign
Residence in 11100 block of Old Coach Road – “SS” and a swastika were drawn on the windshield of a vehicle

During the course of the investigation, 1st District detectives were able to obtain surveillance video depicting the suspects in these incidents. With the help of a School Resource Officer, the suspects were identified as students at a local high school.

Yesterday, at approximately 12:30 p.m., two juvenile suspects, one age 16 and one age 17, were arrested and charged with the above three incidents. In addition, the suspects are believed to be responsible for a number of the other vandalism incidents that occurred last month.”

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  • Those are backwards swastikas, aka “suastikas”. A common symbol in buddhist and indian traditions used to represent unity, wealth and wellness.
    So it’s either the handiwork of some idiotic nazi sympethizers, or indian, southeast asian or buddhist peacemakers.

  • Those are backwards swastikas!

  • There’s one on the bikeshare station at F & 5th NW (right by the fire station).

  • Dumbass juveniles with a Sharpie pen. Dumb kids do dumb things. I hope they find the kids and make them spend a weekend cleaning this up plus a day spent at the Holocaust Museum. A little hard labor plus some actual education about the Nazis is usually enough to knock some sense into ignorant teens.

    • Yep. I think a lot of it is kids who know it’s an offensive symbol, but really don’t know what it truly represents. I doubt they are actual Nazi sympathizers, but rather kids who want to be the badass rebels and piss people off. As you said, community service and a little bit of knowledge would probably go a long way.

  • I got in big big trouble as a kid when I painted swastikas in a third grade art class. I had zero clue what they were besides the symbol of the bad guys in Indiana Jones.

    Thanks Virginia public education.

  • There are two more on the facade of the vacant space next to Hello Cupcake closer to the circle. I reported them on Saturday afternoon using the 311 app because I didn’t really know what else to do since it’s private property. In the same 3 minutes, I also saw a middle aged, presumably not homeless or mentally ill dude urinate outside the south entrance to the Dupont metro (where the bike racks are along the concrete entrance). There goes the neighborhood.

  • There are more in back of my neighbor’s house in Dupont from a few months ago. Same Sharpie style…

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