Stabbing in Georgetown, Shooting in Mt. Pleasant

From @DCPoliceDept:

“2D Stabbing_0315_3100 blk of M St NW_No Lookout DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911.”

From MPD:

“On May 10, 2014, at approximately 0545 hours in the 3000 block of Mount Pleasant Street, Northwest, a suspect entered the location produced a handgun and demanded money. The suspect obtained cash from register and shot the complainant. The complainant obtained flesh wound to the lower leg. The suspect was black male 5’7, and was last seen running eastbound on Hobart Street, Northwest.”

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  • Any idea what location was robbed? Flying fish comes to mind on that block of what might be opening during that time. Although the laubdramat is 24 hrs.

    Hope full recovery to whoever was shot and slow painful death to the lowlife POS.

  • I think this is just a reflection of the simmering economic problems — and inequality — plaguing our broader country. If you treat people like Swedes, you get Stockholm, Sweden. If you treat people like Brazilians, you get City of God, Rio de Janeiro. I mean, none of this is really all that surprising.

    • This comment is as nonsensical as it is self-important.

    • Not sure where you’re going here, but one country is culturally and racially homogenous and the other is not. And neither are we. I can’t say for sure but my sense tells me that racism, class divisions, economic disparities and all their attendant ills are harder to stamp out in more heterogenous societies.

      • Not true. Canada is extremely diverse (whites of European background, large First Nations’ population, and a HUGE influx of immigrants from Asia, the Middle East and Africa over the last 30 years) and they have MUCH lower crime and gun deaths than the U.S.
        Violence in the U.S. stems from public policy failures, not diversity.

    • Not true. Violent crime has little to do with poverty or racism. There are plenty of impoverished areas in the United States that have below average violent crime rates. The closest correlation we have to a root cause of violent crime is single mother lead households, but even then there are differences among ethnic groups.

  • Very sorry to hear this. Let’s see how fast they make an arrest vs District 4.

  • They must have meant westbound on Hobart. Doesn’t matter anymore. That’s awful.

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