Fear Not, DC will Spray the Female Gingko Trees again this Year


“Dear PoPville,

I haven’t seen or heard anything about the annual Gingko tree spraying to reduce fruit on female trees. Looks now like it’s too late as the trees have already pollinated. Do you know why the city did not spray this year?”

Ed. Note: Last year at the end of April DDOT issues a press release saying they would spray the trees “to prevent the notoriously unpleasant odor of female ginkgo fruit”. No such press release was issued this year. However on the DDOT Gingko tree page they say “Today, Urban Forestry Administration sprays these trees with a mild pesticide each spring to halt fruit development.”

A call to DDOT reveals that they don’t actually spray until the trees start to bud before the fruit is produced – and when budding starts they will again spray this year.

Sadly, despite spraying you can always count on a certain amount of stink every year…so you can also learn how to request a tree be removed here.

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  • Darn it. I hate that they stink so much. But I hate even more that they have to spray.

  • Besides the stink, why would anyone want to remove a tree? I think they are the most beautiful trees in DC. Take a walk down Corcoran or Columbia Street (between 9th & 10th and O & P) in the fall and tell me the trees aren’t gorgeous. I want one!!

    • I agree they are beautiful, Just don’t park your car anywhere near a falling berry. Their toxicity leaves permanent marks on vehicle finishes, unless you get to it almost immediately. You can have ours.

      • I park under a ginko all year, but if it has marked my car, I haven’t noticed between all the dings and dents from other cars hitting my bumpers, drunk people jumping on it, and limbs falling in derechos and tropical storms.

    • They are pretty…pretty stinky. Get it?

  • Better yet, learn to cook with Ginko. It’s pretty amazing stuff. I used to live in Philly and there would always be these Chinese ladies coming around, collecting them, and then you head to Philly Chinatown, like Singapore – http://www.singaporevegetarian.com, which also happens to be kosher, and it’s all worth it. You can get started here: http://www.tastehongkong.com/ingredients/ginkgo-nuts/. Is this too much Portlandia for the Washingtonians though?

  • DC Tree service just came spraying down our street in Ward 6, looks like they’ve started the process.

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