Rock & Roll Hotel Hosting Movie Night on their Roof Deck every Sunday over the Summer

Photo by PoPville flickr user jen2e

From an email:

“Join us on our rooftop deck for Sunday night movies shown on our massive projection screen! The first showing begins around 7pm, with the second starting shortly after 9pm. We’ll be running our happy hour specials all throughout the night, including on our frozen drinks and wings! Our rooftop deck has plenty of seating available, but feel free to bring a beach chair and settle in. Check our website for full schedule and times.

Rock & Roll Hotel
1353 H St NE


* Movies displayed on a massive projection screen
* Themed movie nights
* BYOB (bring your own beach chairs)
* Happy hour specials begin at 7pm:
$4 rails, $3 PBR, $1 off all else (including frozen drinks), 1/2 price wings
* FREE popcorn!”

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  • This sounded awesome until I looked at the movie list. Anime? Really? Every single movie is anime. Perhaps if they considered doing a wide variety of movies they would widen their potential customer base.

    • +1 I was super excited until I saw it was anime :/

    • Anime is not a genre, it’s a medium. Not all anime movies are the same, and there’s a good variety within Rock and Roll Hotel’s selection. Post-apocalyptic society with a superhero-gone bad in Akira, hard sci-fi and androids in Ghost in the Shell, a more badass version of Fern Gully in Princess Mononoke, and I haven’t seen Ninja Scroll, but it sounds like an action flick.

    • Almost all outdoor movie series in DC have a theme of some kind. And they’re only doing Anime through the end of May, so it’s really not a big deal.

    • Maybe their potential customer base is big enough already. I definitely won’t be going to their movie night but I doubt it will bother them and I’ll do something else instead.

  • What a terrible selection of movies… Is there some kind of anime obsession with the hipsters? Maybe they should try to cater to more than one (very specific) demographic…

  • I know I am old when I see a “drink special” for PBR… and it’s 3$.

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