Reader Renovations Vol. 17 – Small Bathroom


Ed. Note: If you have a renovation you’d be willing to share please email princeofpetworth(at)gmail and try to include as many details as possible, including cost, contractors, tips, and of course before and after photos.

Thanks to a reader for sending this small bathroom reno:

“I wanted to share with you a bathroom renovation in Columbia Heights. What seemed like a simple update (re-tiling, new vanity, lights, toilet) ended up taking a month to complete. This was my first renovation, so I made a lot of mistakes along the way. For example, I ordered 3 different trim sets (this is the word for tub filler, shower handle, and shower head. Did not know that!), before I realized I had to order from the same company that makes the rough in valve (the thing in the wall). Dealing with the plumbing was also an ordeal. In the end, I’m very happy with the way it turned out. The after pictures courtesy of Doug.”


A couple more after shots after the jump.



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  • Nice work (even though I prefer the “before”).

  • Looks good!
    I like the vanity, where did you get it?
    Are you planning on not putting the over-the-toilet shelving unit back in? Did you gain enough storage in the new vanity and mirror shelf vs the old vanity to do without?

  • Looks great. But I’m not really living for that orchid perched on the mirror. Maybe you could replace it with a smaller flowering plant that can fit on the countertop. I’m also wondering, if you are going to go with a mirror like that, why didn’t you just go with a shallow wall mounted mirrored cabinet instead? I think it would have provided much needed storage space.

  • nice!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I covet your shower rod.

  • Nice – but just curious as to what prompted so much work for the change? It didn’t look that bad to begin with. I have a similar builder-grade bathroom, and occasionally I notice how ugly the cheap flooring is – but then one minute later I just leave and forget about it.

  • love it! It looks great!

  • I like it. I would definitely put in a back splash for the sink, but you may not need one…I’m a GD mess.

  • beautiful. I’d love to know where you got the vanity cabinets and wall mirror and floor tile. Looks great!

  • How much did the renovation cost?

  • Thanks for the comments! The sink/mirror combo came from overstock. I actually wanted ikea cabinets but my original plumbing was not built to code so it wouldn’t have fit. The overstock cabinets has awesome storage my previous one did not provide. Also has soft close doors o_O

    The tile is from Home Depot. A steal for $1.99/sq ft!

    Agree on the orchid. This is the last time I will get plants for the bathroom. The flowers are mostly gone.

    • Orchids need a fair amount of light — they’re not a good fit for a (windowless?) bathroom.
      Probably the best houseplant for a bathroom is a philodendron. They need very little light and are also very easy plants, as they tolerate underwatering.

  • I like how the lines of the vanity compliment the handsome floor tile. Bathtub and mirror are elegant, too. Well done!

  • This looks great! Did you do it all yourself? What was the overall cost?

  • OMG, you make me hate my bathroom now. This looks fantastic. Builder grade stuff looks sooooo dated. You did a really nice job and I think all the pieces complement each other. I love the toilet. Streamlined and it looks like it doesn’t have those annoying knobs that get all dusty and grimy that hide the floor bolts.
    You have nice taste and I hope you enjoy this every single time you use it!

  • Overall cost was $7500. My original budget was $5000. The overages are mostly due to the upscale sink and toilet. Had I not splurged on those two items, I probably could have kept within 20% of my budget. I also had a lot of unexpected plumbing issues that I had to pay extra to fix

  • I especially love the new tile floor. I always think that a dark floor in such a small space would make it seem smaller but it seemed to brighten the space.

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