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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Mr. Squid gets back tonight
    Rant: I’m over all this work travel for him.
    Revel: Wasn’t feeling so hot so quiet night in yesterday, started Turn, ordered Taylors, relaxed.
    Rant: Am I getting sick or is this STILL allergies?
    Rant: I need to use this weekend to catch up on stuff. Like baby quilts so I can send them before the babies arrive. 9 months goes by quickly!

    • Probably still allergies. Accuweather.com reports high levels of tree pollen today and all weekend. I’m highly allergic to tree pollen – I think that’s why I’ve been dragging butt all week long!

    • magpies

      My sister has been learning herbology (I insist on calling it herbology) and recommends nettle tea for allergies. Perhaps it’s worth a shot; I think I’ll get some to try myself.

  • RANT: Too many small plate restaurants on 14th Street.

    • I was JUST talking about this with some random people at a work event last night. I would be fine – even enjoy the idea – if the small plates were not so expensive. But it seems like you’re getting a small plate’s worth of food for an entree price — less food for more money — and that just makes it seem like an obnoxious money grab. Especially at restaurants where the small plates/tapas style is not part of the food culture they’re serving (Doi Moi, I’m lookin’ at you…)

      • Doi Moi was really good – and their prices were completely fair! I think i ended up paying like 25$ got an entree and was able to share 3 apps. Not bad…

      • I have to step up to defend Doi Moi also. I think their entrees are actually well portioned and well priced. To me, Doi Moi fits in the “small plates” category while the rest of the places on 14th don’t – they fit into the “small bites” or “teeny tiny plates” categories even though they charge the same prices. (This is coming from someone who grew up in the suburbs, the land of “huge plates.”) The tapas concept might not be part of the Thai/Vietnamese culture, but healthy, sensible portions of mostly vegetarian food definitely is.

        • leftcoastsouthpaw

          I’m with you on Doi Moi. I’ve never left there thinking I didn’t get a good meal at a fair price(for the neighborhood). I’ve also never left there hungry.

    • justinbc

      What’s the right number of small plates restaurants for 14th St?

  • justinbc

    Rant: Feeling meh, took sick day.
    Rave: Lunch at Toki today hopefully helps alleviate some of these impending cold symptoms.

  • saf

    Rant: I hate the ice cream truck. It parks at the rec center for HOURS and plays the same music loop over and over. That music loop includes both “It’s a Small World,” and a whole bunch of Christmas songs. ARGGGH! My brain melts!

    • My three year old niece doesn’t know it sells ice cream. It was hilarious to see her get so excited when the “music truck” came by. I’m pretty sure when she sees kids getting ice cream from it this summer the fun will be over.

    • binpetworth

      Yes! This truck manages to come through my street several times each evening, and the eternal repetition of Jingle Bells annoys the crap out of me.

    • Haha, but it must be better than the ice cream truck in my neighborhood, who instead of playing music has some kind of school/fire bell attached to the front of it and just drives around with it ringing like there’s a fire drill going on or something.

      • I don’t know — those both sound like hell. Just two different varieties of it.

      • saf

        No, not better. Just different.
        When I was a kid, the ice cream truck had a bell, but not that kind. One that went ding, ding. That was less annoying.

        • Yeah, maybe when the sound is repetitive (like an alarm or bell) it’s easier to tune out than when it’s a catchy, ever changing melody.

    • jim_ed

      Sounds like the same one that parks at the playground across the street for half an hour every evening. Bizarre mix of songs, including “Yellow Rose of Texas” which then gets stuck in my head hours.

    • Lol that was my thought too. If the OP goes out to buy an ice cream, I’m sure the songs would bring joy instead of dread πŸ™‚

    • Anyone with small kids. I have a special antipathy for the one that parks at Carter Baron at 10:00 am during Stoddert soccer season.

      • saf

        I have no kids, but the endless drone of bad out of season music has made me hate the ice cream truck.

    • saf

      Stupid ice cream truck has returned.
      Oh, it also plays “Happy Birthday.”

  • Rant/Rave: For the first time last night, I did not get home until after my nearly one-year old (yikes!) daughter went to bed. I was sad to miss bedtime snuggles and nursing, but she did just fine completing the nighttime routine with her other mom.

    Rave: With the above going well, I have more confidence in getting a babysitter for the evenings and not waiting until after bedtime. There may be a Wolf Trap date night coming our way!

    Rave: Its Friday, and we have a low-key weekend ahead. Can’t wait to relax and hang out a bit!

  • Rant/Rave: Roomate is taking the GMAT Today after studying for several months and taking a class, I hope he does well but at the same time this means he is leaving within the next year (doesnt plan on going to school in the area). We have lived together for 3 years in DC and a few years together in college, so it is bitter sweet. But as much as it is fun living with him, change is refreshing.
    Rave: Still drinking a ton tonight with him no matter what

    • Finishing the GMAT was such a good feeling, event though I totally blew the quant by not paying attention to the clock. Congrats to your friend

  • houseintherear

    I just have to Rave about this, even though I’m having a crapola day and have rant after rant I could be listing… My wonderful doggie has been having a leg problem for weeks, with limping and visible symptoms of pain. I was so worried it was a patella/knee cap issue, because a friend who is a vet said the symptoms would have matched up. That would have meant surgery, and instead of a fun-filled summer vacation together of hiking and long walks, it would have meant cage rest for over 8 weeks. So I took her advice and have been exercising him hard for about a week… and it is better! No limp! No whincing in pain! He’s back to himself again! Small victory! πŸ™‚

  • skj84

    Rant: Crappy Day yesterday. Rode my bike in the rain to pick up tickets for a contest only to be told they were given away. Even though I was told to come and pick up the tickets. Realized I needed to change therapists when she spent most of my session talking about herself. And the capper of my crap day was getting lewd messages from a guy I’ve been chatting online. Plus I think this guy I used to date has a girlfriend now and It’s really bothering me. This weird irrational anger.

    Rave: Tour De Fat tomorrow and Electroswing dance party tonight! My leg isn’t bothering me as much anymore and I need to get active again. Plus chances to wear fun costumes! I never turn down a chance to wear a costume!

    Rave: PoPville Brunch on Sunday! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone! Update your RSVP if you can. There are still two spots left for brunch at Ambar 1:00pm. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/popville-brunch-group

    • Rave: EA UFC Demo comes out this Tuesday

      Rant: won’t be able to play it because I don’t own the system. Have to reach a personal goal before purchasing a PS4.

    • Electroswing as in Parov Stelar? Where is this event?

      • why does your ex dating someone bother you? I generally would not care, but i try to avoid any contact or looking at their facebook. That usually keeps my blood pressure low! Indifference is bliss

        • skj84

          It’s just a stupid irrational thing. Normally I don’t care. But this relationship didn’t really end it just kinda fizzled out. For some reason seeing him dating again is annoying me. I honestly cannot put my finger on why it’s bothering me so much. Maybe it’s the fact that a lot of the guys I’ve dated have other girlfriends and I’m still single? Again it’s such a stupid irrational feeling.

      • skj84

        Yep! It’s at Napoleon Bistro in AdMo starting at 10:00pm. There will be a free beginners class and dancing throughout the night.

    • I’d be up for the brunch, but everyone is doing bottomless, right? damn rules.

      • My point being that Ambar’s menu states that for anyone to do bottomless drinks/plates, everyone at the table must do so. Were I to go, I would want to do bottomless!

        • πŸ™ Sorry, the reason I’m not going is (in part) because it’s bottomless. I’m one of those people who doesn’t eat or drink a whole lot, and gets screwed over by the cost. I prefer to eat and pay for the amount of food that I can consume.

      • skj84

        I’m totally doing Bottomless Mimosas! I feel like the whole point of going to Ambar is to try the bottomless food and drink!

  • Becks

    Rave: Lady Carlotta of Columbia Heights is officially part of the family!!! Her adoption processed last night! We celebrated all evening by playing with string and napping.
    Rave: The Nats game tonight!
    Rant: Not a single one!

    Happy Happy Happy

  • Opine, please:
    “I love you and I’m happy you’re home from your international trip” dinner tonight… Table or Red Hen?

  • epric002

    rant: ortho wanted to keep me in the walking cast for another 3 weeks.
    rave: i convinced him to let me try a splint instead!!! πŸ˜€
    rave: friday
    rant: my neurotic, reactive dog who acts like she hates other dogs but then when she’s the only dog in the house, acts depressed.
    rave: her beagle buddy (and my brother and his gf) are coming to visit on sunday. she’ll hate him for about 3 minutes and then be happy he’s back. what a nut.

  • Rave: Leaving work early today to visit with my college roomie
    Rant: Overslept. As in, I don’t even remember turning off the alarm. I arrived at work late, which means I dipped into my personal leave even more than I planned to do today. I’m terrible at hoarding leave. Argh.
    Rave: I managed to blend up a decent smoothie during my mad rush out the door this morning.

  • Rave: Fulfilling my at least once a month live music resolution June 1! Will hopefully do several in June.
    Rave 2: getting my pop t shirt delivered soon πŸ™‚ will be ready to take with me on summer travels
    Rave 3: FRIDAY. So excited about spending time outdoors this weekend. Not suited to being a desk jockey. Time to beat last week’s personal best on a bike ride.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My micromanaging boss is driving me insane.
    Rave: Working hard on organizing and decluttering. I dream of a minimalist apartment, but know that will actually make me miserable, so organization is the goal.
    Rave: brunch on suday w/ some of the Populace

    • I am suffering from a micro-managing boss as well. It is hell on earth. I feel your pain.

      • Emmaleigh504

        mine has started to time bathroom breaks on his telework days, if someones IM is “away” for too long he starts calling people in the office to see where they are. (Hi bossman!)

        • Yeesh–that is weird and creepy. But could definitely create an opening for some way too personal ‘away’ messages…

        • Wow.

          Mine micromanages as well… so much so that 2/3 of the non admin staff will be leaving shortly!

        • Ugh. Had a micromanaging boss at my last job and he was probably the biggest reason I left. Since I’ve left he has apparently introduced a staff “location board” where you have to write where you are if you are not at your desk (including “bathroom,” “smoking,” “meeting,” “lunch”) as well as the time you left so he knows how long you’ve been gone. Sooooo glad I am not there any more.

          • Emmaleigh504

            yikes! At least mine is semi private about the monitoring bathroom breaks!

          • WOW. How can somebody possibly think that that’s a good/okay work environment?!? You want your people to be happy, not hate you. Although if I were there, I’d have a little fun with it. “Bathroom (only #1 though, be back in 5)”

          • That is awful. I used to think my VP is a micromanager, but now I understand she’s nowhere close.

            I would just be tempted to write “if you don’t trust me, why did you hire me?” and never update it. Or leave out a pile of stadium pals and stadium gals on my desk. Maybe give them as gifts to the managers.

          • My first boss out of college required them. We got snarky. “In your office,” “Printer,” “Kitchen,” “John’s desk then Mary’s desk,” “Right here. I am right here.”

  • Rave: successfully socialized and actually enjoyed a work-related event last night rather than pretending to read my e-mail awkwardly in the corner and then bolting for the door as soon as it’s polite. I’m super shy and awkward, so this was a big win for me!
    Rant: said event was for alumni of my last job (honoring retiring former boss), and makes me miss the place/work so much. I’ve already been feeling restless and bored and unfulfilled at my current job lately, and left the event feeling very homesick and melancholy. Might be time to start looking for a new job.

  • Rave – Going to a friend’s wedding this weekend in NJ! Can’t wait to dress up all fancy and drink, dance and celebrate. I just love weddings.
    Rant – Driving to northern NJ tonight.
    Rant/Rave – I have not spent a weekend at home the entire month of May. It’s great that I have so many things to do this month, but I really need some down time. My apartment feels like a hotel at this point, I’m only there to sleep. Next weekend I plan to lounge around my house doing nothing and it will be glorious.

    • I love weddings too. I selfishly wish more of my friends would get married so I can go to them! I must beat them with the marriage stick. πŸ™‚

      • Emmaleigh504

        Quotia Zelda loves wedding too. Y’all should get together and scheme how to marry off all your single friend. πŸ™‚

        • Man, I haven’t been to a wedding since cousin’s drunken destination not-wedding two years ago. I wish somebody would get married!

  • Rave: First race of the season this Sunday.

    Rant: Boat not as ready for racing as it might be.

    Rave: Who cares?

  • Rave: Back to pre-Europe trip weight! (10 days of crepes, wine, cheese, baguette, beer, and schnitzel catches up to you)
    Rant: Jet lag from said trip is causing me to be wide awake 1-2 hours before alarm goes off, resulting in a crash around 11 a.m.
    Rave: Weekend plans! Nats game tonight, Montana Fest tomorrow, catching up with friends after time away. Life is good.

  • Rant: Sick for a week. Weird temperature fluctuations and tree pollen only making it worse.
    Rave: Moved to finalist stage in a job interview process…
    Rant: …in Princeton, NJ.

    • Princeton is a great little town though! Lots of cute shops and good restaurants. I am a born and bred Garden Stater, though, so I may be biased.

  • special_k

    Forgive me for using this space for a request rather than a rant or rave, I just think it gets more views than the forum.
    City Dogs Rescue currently has a lab mix in daycare that the staff feels is becoming depressed. She needs a foster, but the complicating factor is that she needs to be put in a home with no other dogs and with a foster who is willing to start training her on her reactive behavior towards dogs; CDR has a trainer ready to work with her. Unfortunately, most of the current CDR fosters already have dogs. If you or anyone you know has been thinking about fostering, and is currently dog-free, please consider fostering Tahlia:
    Actually, RAVE: The great community resource that is Popville.

  • Rave: my dog sitting charges are here. I’ve sat for the older one a few times, but my friends got a second dog and this is his first time with me. They’re adorable and the new dog has definitely helped the “old” come out of his shell a bit more.
    Rave: Spin class tomorrow! I’m really into Ride DC on 14th. I think they do a great job making it fun and tough.
    Rave: I danced with some senior citizens last night. It was a bit awkward at times, but overall it was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time.

    • Emmaleigh504

      How did you get to dance with senior citizens? I love old people, they have such great stories.

      • Another swing dancer works at an assisted living home and organized this as an activity there. She had fliers about it at one of the local DC dances, where I found out about it. I work right near there, so it was nice to go meet some people who live nearby and dance with them.

  • Rant: I have to second yesterday’s poster about FEMA. My agency partners with them and they are driving us insane. They seem non-functional.

    Rave: No FEMA troubles for the next 2 days.

    • Yikes…I didn’t see that post and I’m applying for a job there. Was it in the rant and revel?

      • Maybe you can be a force for positive change there!

      • It was in Rant/Revel on 5/28. So, 2 days ago, sorry!

        • epric002

          pretty sure it was me. i just hate working with the people i have to work with at FEMA- nothing is easy, they screw up things left and right, won’t acknowledge their errors, delay providing information necessary to accomplish the work, mismanage inter-agency fora, don’t listen to the community’s concerns, won’t advocate for community requests, etc. they just suck. what part of FEMA is the job in anon @ 12:19?

  • Revel: hit Radius Pizza for the first time and was happy to find out it was half price wine night. Also, the pizza was great.
    Revel: it’s Friday and I don’t have Rebecca Black stuck in my head. Nope, not even after writing that.
    Revel: free alone time tomorrow to work on creative endeavors.

    • Rant: having trouble finding tupelo honey. While I like tupelo honey most, I’m not a honey snob. However, there appears to be a shortage of tupelo honey.

      • what are your creative endeavors? I have a secret music project im currently working on – desperately need help finishing some of my ‘concept’ ideas

        • Music: writing/playing. Building drone synths.

          What kind of stuff?

          • hmmmm i dont know what a drone synth is, but I play acoustic and sing/play chords with that (could use a drumme or a banjo played, or piano), and then i also mess around with my midi-keyboard/synth and have kind of an indie electric feel to it, i can create the synth parts but drum loops are not my expertise.

      • GiantSquid

        Hill’s Kitchen has tupelo honey.

        • AWESOME! If there is still room for 2 at brunch, Hill’s Kitchen will get a post-boozy brunch from me. Thank you!

  • anything fun going on tonight?

  • Rave: The beautiful weather coming up this weekend!
    Related: Anyone have any good (public transit accessible, if necessary) outdoor date ideas??

    • Jazz in the Sculpture Garden on Fridays
      a picnic in Malcolm X Park on Sundays when the drum circle is in full swing
      a hike in Rock Creek Park
      paddle boating on the Tidal Basin
      kayak/canoe on the Potomac
      visit the Botanical Gardens
      walk to Georgetown and have a picnic on the Waterfront
      a day at one of DC’s public pools

      • Great list! Except I’d probably do the Capitol liason pool for a date. No screaming kids, food and booze if you want it, and a sexier ambiance.

    • Dumbarton Oaks Gardens

    • skj84

      Outdoor Concerts: Jazz in the Garden, Capitol Riverfront Concerts at Yards Park, Wine in the Waterfront in Crystal City. There are many outdoor spaces offering free movie nights. I know Yards Park is running movies on Thursdays, Screen on the Green should be starting soon, The Golden Triangle also has a movie series.

    • The Washington Folk Festival at Glen Echo is all day Sat. & Sun. Free and super fun. Sadly, no public transit, though you could bike there along the canal.

  • Rave: Hop plants came in the mail today – because I’m planting so late I got plants instead of rhizomes.
    Now I need to get them in the ground!
    Rant: Saving money by getting remanufactured ink doesn’t save money when ink doesn’t work. Off to Staples for some expensive black ink. Why is printer ink so expensive??

    • I seem to recall someone here interested in urban beekeeping – DPR is offering a number of summer gardening courses including beekeeping, permaculture, edible annuals, food justice and more.

      • That was me! Is it the Urban Gardening 201? Thanks for the tip.

        • There’s an Intro to Urban Beekeeping on July 23rd – I’m looking at a pdf that is titled 2summergardeningclasses2014-4. Registration for summer classes doesn’t begin until June 9th I believe

    • saf

      Uh-oh – did the roots not take? The sunflowers are going nuts!

      • Not yet SAF, but I’m not giving up hope! I wanted to try a few varieties so I got Chinook, Centennial and Saazar (because I like the idea of a noble Czech hop)

        • saf

          oooh. We could try earlier next spring.

          Also, if the saaz take off, I’ll ask for some roots from you!

  • Rant: To the person who is eating chicken wings as you walk down Western Avenue towards the Friendship Heights Metro…PLEASE throw away your bones (at the convenient trash cans along the way) instead of chucking them in the grass. My 5 pound puppy finds at least one a day to try and eat – I’ve had to pull them from his throat!!

    • epric002

      oh it’s not just western ave, it’s all over petworth and coheights too. some days i should really wear latex gloves while walking the dog due to the frequency with which i have to fish chicken bones out of her throat. it’s fucking disgusting (both the fishing and the littering).

    • +1. Just want to add that it’s not just dog owners who find this offensive.

    • It could be a rude person but more likely than not, it’s rats. They go through garbage cans and bags, take out the bones and scatter them around. That why it’s so vital to use the new cans and keep them shut tight.

      • Not true. Clearly most of the bones are found along sidewalks, far from trash bins – especially bins kept in back alleys. When rats do get into bins, they might drag the bones back to their burrows, but they don’t just go haul them around and drop them along the sidewalk – that’s people.

  • Rave: Almost the weekend!
    Rant: I have an ache in my arm, just beyond my wrist. Please don’t let this be carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Can anyone recommend a place to pick up violin strings?

    • Try Dale Music in Silver Spring on Georgia Avenue and/or Chuck Levin’s in Wheaton, or Middle C Music in Tenleytown. Each of these stores is within walking distance of a Metro station. There’s also the Potter Violin — which I think is in Kensington. I don’t know if you’re pressed for these, but if you’re looking for something specific, Amazon seems to have quite a wide variety of options as well.

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