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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Rant: Hour+ long conference calls that do not start on time.

  • Revel: This picture. That is all.

  • Becks

    Rave: This site! Thanks Popville!!!

    Rave: Going to the Nats game tomorrow!
    Rant: Might be getting a cold. I took time to make Ginger Tea this morning and brought extra for work. But I feel warm and am coughing. Hopefully it will pass so I can go to the game tomorrow.

  • Rant: I lost my job yesterday. While a part of me feels relieved, another part (a much larger part) is terrified.
    Rave: My friends, family and former co-workers who have reached out to me and been supportive since.
    Rave: I had planned vacation to go home and visit my folks this weekend…looks like I get to stay longer than originally planned and get some TLC 🙂

  • Rant: Dino’s Grotto was disappointing, and I had such high hopes based on the old place. I hope they figure out their issues before reviewers show up.

    • Rave: We almost went there last night to try them out, but decided to fall back to our stand-by Right Proper instead. Sounds like we made the right decision. Sorry to hear about your experience though.

      • justinbc

        The initial reviews on Yelp (we can argue the legitimacy of that later) are at least rather positive. 4 and a half stars after 7, most anonymous, reviews.

    • Sounds like a continuation of the decline that started well before they moved from CP. Based on my last few meals there, I have no plans to check out the new place.

    • I had a quite good meal there a few nights ago. Good negroni, too.

  • Revel- hummingbirds! I’m feeding a pair of them. They ate while we sat out to eat and cook our dinner last night. So awesome.

  • Rave – That picture!
    Rave – I had an amazing dream that I was vacationing in Bali. I’ve never been to Bali but now I want to go.
    Rant – Woke up and realized that I was not in Bali.

  • RANT: Harassed on the Metro last night. I was in the window seat and guy progressively spread his legs further apart. I switched cars. First time that’s happened and it bothered me more than I thought it would. Is worrying that the harasser might follow you afterwards, either to another car or when you disembark at your actual stop, totally irrational? I would’ve waited and changed trains completely but I was worried I might be stuck on the platform with him for 10+ minutes waiting for the next train.

    • I don’t think it’s irrational at all (although I’m sure some will surely disagree). And I’d rather be irrational than be a victim.

    • Is it possible he didn’t realize what he was doing? I’d be terrified if that happened to me in the window seat, but I’d probably also say something. Not trying to victim-blame here, but us women need to start sticking up for ourselves too.

      • justinbc

        To answer the question, yes, that’s entirely possible. Like most stories on here, this is clearly just one side of it. The other side may read something like “Man, I was really tired after my shift today and just wanted to relax on the train, but this girl started acting all terrified of me for no good reason and jumped up to switch cars. Stupid racist $#%&.” (not implying any of the above about the OP, just trying to provide perspective before we all assume some random guy is some rampant pervert)

        • Also possible that the OP didn’t provide more details because it was an uncomfortable situation. I get what you’re saying though.

        • saf

          No. He knew damn well what he was doing.

          • How do you know this? I can’t wait to hear your eye-witness account.

          • justinbc

            Oh come on. How are you so assertive about this incident that you were not there to witness? And even if you had been there to witness it, you can’t presume to know what’s going on in someone else’s mind… You don’t even know the descriptors of the man in question, perhaps he’s rather overweight and can’t control his boundaries. I get that women are truly harassed by lots of legitimate creeps every day, infinitely more than men will ever understand, but it doesn’t help either to read into situations where it’s not actually occurring. And, back to Meg’s original question “Is it possible he didn’t realize?”, there are a multitude of scenarios where that’s the case, unless as Ash noted, the OP purposely omitted details.

          • Was it you?

          • saf

            How can I be so certain? Because “guy progressively spread his legs further apart” is not an accident. It’s what creepers do. And I’m sorry men, but you just don’t get it.
            Also, anon, no. See, I’m a woman.

          • SAF is right, and folks need to quit sticking up for creeps who assault women no matter how subtle it is.

          • I am a dude and agree. You have set boundries in what is your space on a metro seat and what is not. If you spread your legs beyond them lines, you know what you are doing.

          • justinbc

            kken, you and I may be completely familiar with those boundaries, but there are many cultures where boundaries are either ignored, or interpreted differently. I have guys from other countries (presumably) get insanely close to me as well on the bus or Metro, but I obviously view it in a different light than a woman would. I can see many women being threatened by that presence, even though the guy clearly had no intention of groping or touching me. The point being, assuming that everyone who puts you in a feeling of discomfort is automatically doing so with bad intentions is a dangerous (and depressing) way to go about life. It sounds like from the OP’s description below that this guy went well beyond the boundaries that anyone would reasonably agree is acceptable, but based on the original framing of the scenario I still believe Meg’s question was a valid one to pose.

          • I agree! It happened to me on the train coming from Pentagon once. He gradually spread his legs and his arms all into my side.Like clearly pressing into my stomach And when I tried to get up, he said he didn’t want to until the train stopped. It wasn’t until I used the term ‘F*ckin perve’, did he move.

          • justin,
            1. i’m probably reading too much into it but don’t appreciate the condescending culture lesson. i’ve traveled the world, probably more than most of popville and am a very culturally aware traveler. i know that other countries and cultures have smaller sense of personal boundries.
            2. when a woman says she is being harassed, i don’t second guess that. as a guy, you will NEVER EVER know the extent that women get harassed. so in my opinion, you have no right to second guess someone’s judgement that they are being harassed.
            3. there is definitely victim blaming here. when you tell someone to suck it up or don’t take public transpo (which has since been deleted), that is victim blaming. just because OP later “clarified” her situation doesn’t make the initial victim blaming right.
            4. and is that what popville has become, especially in the rant/rave section? we don’t believe your rant, therefor you must now defend it? to the peanut gallery? why even have this section then? sorry you got raped, but are you sure you got raped?
            i have flung my fair share of sarcastic remarks in the commentaria but i’ve also tried to be helpful as others in popville have helped me. so my rant is reading this thread and seeing people dump on the OP really kind of ruined my day, and also ruined popville to an extent to me.
            *drops mike* i’m out.

          • justinbc

            @kken, I don’t disagree with any of what you said, aside from the assumption I was trying to give you a cultural education. I’m not questioning your life experience, do not know you, and would not attempt to do such a thing via an online forum.

        • To jbc and others: If this has happened to you, it’s really not that hard to tell the difference between “oops I slumped into too much space” and creepier. There is a certain way these guys progressively push into your space as if slowly pushing to see how much they can get away with before the woman reacts. It’s gross, and (although a little hard to describe) really quite different from accidental behavior.

      • If the OP’s instinct told her that it was harassment, then it was harassment.
        It’s hard to explain, but there’s no two ways about the creepy vibe you get in this kind of situation.

      • Rant: When someone says “I’m not trying to blame the victim but…” – you just blamed the victim.

    • Nope not irrational at all. And people who have never experienced harassment will says things like ‘Why did you just tell him to stop’ but they don’t understand the fear and dread you feel while it’s happening.

      • +1000 #yesallwomen

      • At first I thought he was just rude (there’s a blog dedicated to photos of guys who sit like this but I can’t remember what it’s called) but it became so extreme and aggressive that it was clearly an attempt at increasing physical contact. I assume the incremental movements were a tactic and sadly it worked.

        I once saw a girl on the Metro suddenly yell at a guy to please stop in a really distressed tone, run to the end of the car, then crumple to the floor and break down crying. That’s something you don’t forget.

        I always told myself that if someone actually put their hands on me, I wouldn’t be afraid to yell at them to stop, for my own safety and to get the attention of others, so I’m disappointed that this method of slowly invading personal space worked.

        Thank you to everyone who voiced their support!

        • justinbc

          Well if he was actually touching you, and then continually pressing further to get more contact, then yeah that would sound very similar to the type of creepy behavior I hear about all the time. Don’t beat yourself up over being non-confrontational. None of us know how we’ll ever react in situations of distress, since they usually catch us so off guard.

          • Does he have to be “actually touching” for it to be harassment? I’ve been on the bus when a guy will spread his legs – I move mine away – he spreads again – I move away or get up. He didn’t actually touch me however so maybe this does’t count. Or it doesn’t count as harassment because he was from another culture. Or he was just tired \…This is deliberate, not accidental. Please don’t minimize what women experience on a regular basis -that is just wrong.

          • Emmaleigh504

            The OP really shouldn’t have to explain this in detail for you to believer her. This why people do not report harassment or sexual assault, because no one believes them or gives them to benefit of the doubt. They are too busy making excuses for the predators.

          • +1 to Emilie’s comment. When I was assaulted I called the police. I was worried that they were going to ask what I was wearing. They didn’t… but fear of being blamed stops a lot of women from reporting incidents.

          • justinbc

            1) I never once said I don’t believe her that she was harassed.
            2) My initial response was purely to the question that Meg stated “is it possible he didn’t realize what he was doing?”
            3) I still believe in all the world of possibilities that could exist, that there might have been a chance he did not in fact know that “spreading his legs” was harassing her.
            4) Upon further details, where she states that he continually tried touching her, it becomes clear that he was purposely attempting something.
            5) I’m very disappointed that there are men out there who do this sort of thing, whether to mentally F* with someone or to actually get other pleasures out of it.
            6) I’m also disappointed that there are people who are so shortsighted to assume the absolute worst of someone without actually knowing all the facts of a situation, whether or not those beliefs actually turn out to be true in the end.

        • I’m so sorry OP. What a creep.

    • It is increasingly removing your personal space and possibly trying to touch you with that leg spread. Experienced a similar experience on the bus a few weeks ago and it is highly uncomfortable. Also, was “stalked” by a man Tuesday night…from asking me directions, to finding me in rite aid and then pulling his car up next to me asking me for my number. F’ng ridiculous.

    • Exactly. How do know this was harassment? Just curious?

      • Because you have no where to go, the person knows that, and uses the situation to make you uncomfortable, intimidate you and make unwanted contact with you. It’s happened to me and it’s distressing. What if you ask him to move so you can get out and he won’t? Do you climb over him? That seems to be giving him more of what he wants. You feel helpless because no one around you can see it, but you’re stuck there feeling distressed.

    • houseintherear

      Until you’re in that situation, you may not understand. It’s scary and horrible.
      I read something a few weeks ago about the street harassment in India. One of the men interviewed, who was a perpetrator of harassment in their town square, said that any kind of response from the women is considered a “win” for him. This made me think twice about how often I yell or scold men who harass me… with the gross DCWater workers in my neighborhood, I’ve started putting my hand up to block my view of them, and it seems to help. Although I’m showing my discomfort/annoyance, it could also be construed as massaging a headache or something, and no one has yelled back about me ignoring them or being a bitch with this technique (yet).
      Sorry this happened to you, OP!

      • While I’m not trying to negate the experiences that many women have (myself included), India and its highly misogynist culture is a bad comparison.

  • Anticipatory rave: Massage tomorrow – thanks to the person who suggested Serenity Heath and Wellness and mentioned they have a groupon. I’m also going to schedule a massage with Rita Elsner who has a home office in Mt Pleasant. I used to go to her for massages and thought she was really good – for the person also looking for recommendations I’d suggest Rita.

    • Becks

      Serenity is really great! Enjoy! I’ll check out Rita Elsner. Thanks!

    • ReRave: I needed to change the time of tomorrow’s massage because of a meeting that was just scheduled – good news is that they have time this afternoon
      Another rave: Swim lesson this morning – I learned to swim as a kid but wanted some work on my technique. The lesson was really helpful.

  • Rant: didn’t sleep well last night after finding out it’s illegal to keep Roscoe.
    Rant: did a right crap job of shaving this morning (first time in several days) and will need to procure a razor at lunch to finish the job.
    Rant: considered calling out of work but the water is off in my building today, so i’d be miserable there, too.
    Rave: travel bug hit me last night.

    • Emmaleigh504

      One of the first ladies used to have pet raccoon, so I think you can keep Roscoe 🙂 [ignore the fact that she had the raccoon about 100 years ago.]

    • roscoe p. coltrane?

    • I’ve known a few people who have kept iguanas and ferrets in DC — which are both illegal — without being caught. Just don’t tempt fate by taking him outdoors without a pet carrier.

    • How did you end up with Roscoe, anyway? Is it too late to take him to a wildlife rehabilitation center?

      • My parents live on Rock Creek Park in MD and my parents’ dog brought him on to the back porch. He looked like he was “playing possum” and after getting the dog checked out, my folks realized that the raccoon was just weak and fed him. Since they have an old (and small) cat, they weren’t about to take him in.

      • If you want to contact a wildlife rehabilitation center, there’s now one in the District:
        City Wildlife – http://citywildlife.org/wordpress/
        From their FAQ:
        Is there someone I can call for help [if I’ve found an animal]?
        In the District of Columbia, call City Wildlife at 202-882-1000. Our hours are 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week. For assistance after hours, call DC Animal Care and Control at 202-576-6664.
        In Montgomery County, call 301-279-8000.
        In Prince George’s County, call 301-499-8300.
        In Northern Virginia, call the Wildlife Rescue League at 703-440-0800.

    • The raccoon joke is getting old. I’m sure you can crowd-source a new schtick if you’re short on ideas.

    • pablo .raw

      With climate change, the DC area will soon be home to the Florida pythons. Those monsters will take care of a lot of creatures. 🙁

  • Rave: Moving into a new, more affordable apartment this weekend!
    Rant: There’s a mockinbird at the corner of the new apartment that thinks I’m a threat to her nest and attacks me every time I walk by!

    • where is the apartment?

    • congrats! i’ve been apartment hunting and can’t find anything i can afford.

      • Thanks! I know how you feel – DC rent is getting ridiculous. I just got incredibly lucky. Good luck and I hope you find something soon!

      • I live in Quebec House and have for years. I dig it though it sometimes feels like a dorm. I’m currently in a 1 BR for $1646 a month. I had a ~620 sq ft studio for $1475. Parking and utilities are included. No pool, but we have a nice gym and I’m friends with a lot of my neighbors.

    • Mockingbirds build nests in ridiculous places like over doorways, next to bus stops and then dive bomb people (and dogs) when they walk by

      • I know, this happened to me last year too. I had to avoid walking down a certain block for a couple months because a mockingbird would body slam itself into my head every time I walked by!

  • Rant: a co-worker scheduled a meeting with external people without checking internal staff calendars for our availability. Why would you offer up times when necessary staff aren’t here? Now she’s whining about how it’s the only time and she’s so surprised I’m on vacation. So, now I’m the sucker who’s going to call in on vacation.
    Rave: I only have to work with her on one project a year. The people in my group have much greater comprehension skills and they’re the ones I deal with most of the time.
    Rave: I went to an excellent whiskey tasting at 6th and I last night. Everything was delicious, it was well done, and I learned some new things.

    • oh hell no. if i am on vacation and someone else schedules a meeting and expects me to be there, they got another thing coming.

    • Whiskey tasting at the synagogue? Was this an event of some sort?

      • Yes. 6th and I is a synagogue and a cultural center. They host events all of the time, even tastings. There are beer tastings quarterly, though I think I’ve heard some disparaging comments about those (on PoPville even?), but this was great. The owner of Jack Rose was the moderator and he did an excellent job.

        • Accountering

          I went to a beer tasting there. It was horrible. The presenter talked for almost the entire two hours. If he was entertaining and had good stories, maybe, but he had neither of those things. I would not go to another tasting at 6th and I.

  • Rant: I doubt myself too quickly.
    Rave: BarGirl texted me last night to make plans for the weekend :), low key dinner at my place this time…and good timing with the roomie gone to NYC for the weekend.
    Random: Is anyone going to the jack johnson concert next thursday at merriweather? Me and my brother are trying to figure out how to get there (neither of us have a car)!!!
    Random: I am going to change my name soon and open to suggestions

    • Emmaleigh504

      your name should be fika! swedish word for coffee and a little snack, like coffee and bagle 😉

    • For the love of Pete, just stick with your name. No one cares what your name is, it’s just an identifier. Maybe your name should be ‘Vacillating’

      • Accountering

        You should stick with Bagelboy. You came up at HH, and name changes just get confusing. Bagelboy is quite anon, and just a way for people to know who is posting… Stick with it!

    • I learned yesterday that a bialy is similar to a bagel. Maybe “bialy”?
      I gotta say I like “bagelboy,” though.

    • there is a bus that goes to Merriweather, Rock & Bus …pricey though. always zipcar!

  • Rave: Got an ‘EL’ notice for a Fed Govt job that I applied for a week ago. Even though I’m sure a lot of people got it too and it doesn’t even mean I’ll get an interview or go any further, it’s still uplifting to know I can make it past that first hurdle. It would be a really good opportunity and it’s only 13 months long. I graduate next May so it works out perfectly to put me in a place where I can find a really good job next summer (and maybe move to New York!)
    Rant: I’m still poor and rent’s due soon

    • What’s an EL notice?

    • binpetworth

      You got an EL notice only a week after submitting your application? That’s great. What agency? In my experience, it takes months before you get any word–rejection or otherwise.

      • +1 – The federal hiring process can be so frustrating. All told, It took 13 months from beginning of application process to start date – 3 months for me to get my EL notice, another month to schedule the interview, 2 months to receive a tentative offer, and 5 more months before I started.

        • anon – An EL notice (that’s not it’s official name) is basically them coming back to you to say that you’re eligible for a position
          @binpetworth – Yep! I was totally surprised. Any time I’ve applied for a fed position in the past it took months, or I never heard anything at all. NARA! Fingers crossed 🙂
          @Bnon – That’s crazy that it took so long!! Why even post the job if you’re going to wait over a year to hire someone

          • Never mind, got an email update. Not referred 🙁 it was fun fantasizing about working there while it lasted.

          • epric002

            not to be a total debbie down, tmj, but after about 3 years of applying for fed jobs and getting “eligible but not referred” to every.single.one. while scoring a 99 or 100 out of 100, i said fuck it. i can’t do better than 100 out of 100, and w/o a veteran’s preference, i’m never even going to be REFERRED for a single interview. the federal hiring process is incredibly broken.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: different time zones are throwing a wrench into work flow
    Rave: attending a super long conference call today to remedy the situation
    Rant: crunched some numbers and cannot figure out a way to buy the lovely apartment without a tree.
    Rave: newly motivated to save more money so I can buy an apartment sometime soon without a tree.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Better Rave: So happy to see the 90210 alums are getting work again. Clare, Donna, and Kelly have shows coming up. Kelly and Brandon just released books (Donna has had several books & reality shows), & Steve is a Chippendale.
      Hilarious: Jason Priestley’s book starts with him saying he’s not like Brandon and the rest of the book is full of anecdotes that reinforce that he is a real life goody-toe-shoes Brandon Walsh.
      (My love of 90210 knows no bounds!)

      • that show was suppose to be called 20854 (Potomac, MD) it was made by someone who lived in the area I believe….I am from potomac and wow that woulda been one boring show!

        • I am also from potomac! Go Churchill (high school of 90210 creator darren star!)

        • Emmaleigh504

          Kelly’s mom, Jackie, is now a minister at a church in fairfax 🙂 Lots o connections to the most famous zip code in the world here!

      • binpetworth

        Have you been following the debacle of Donna, er, Tori and Dean lately? I have to confess to an Access Hollywood addiction around the issue.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Not really. I don’t like Dean, so I hope she dumps his ass and takes all her money with her.
          Did you know her brother, Randy, is a life coach in Florida? Or leas the last time I checked in on him he was 🙂

  • Rave: Got a lot of crappy trees and bushes cleared from the backyard. And it was free – my brother brought his chainsaw over and did most of the work.

    Rant: Haven’t had time to clear all of the branches from the yard.

    Rave: Lots of wood to burn + more room in the backyard means it’s time to buy a firepit.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Back to the Future!
    Rave2: Miami tomorrow morning!
    Rant/Rave: Made it into work at 9:45 this morning. My HR scheduled an interview at 6:15pm last night for 9:00am this morning. Not cool. The candidate waited patiently. Felt a bit bad about that, and I was still finishing my coffee during the interview.
    Rave4: Interview went okay. CFO took a peak at his Twitter, and we both confirmed that we will not be moving forward. Very interesting person, but not really interested in working with him on a day to day basis haha. NEXT!

  • skj84

    Rave: I had a great time at the Kennedy Center Youtube OnStage concert last night! I camped in line for about 3 hours and got great seats! All the performances were outstanding, I wish Scott Bradlee and The Postmodern Jukebox had a longer set. But both John Legend and Lindsay Stering were amazing. So glad I got to see this show.

    Rant: Why is it cold? I guess I’m one to complain since it was nasty hot yesterday but still. Consistency please!

  • Rant: I know this is petty, but there are people in my office who peel their hard boiled eggs and leave the shells in the sink. Seriously? Just rinse it down the garbage disposal. I am not your housekeeper.
    Rave: I’m having dinner with my “adopted” mom tonight. I’m looking forward to good food and company.
    Rave: I’m heading to my home state for the weekend to attend a friend’s housewarming party. It will be nice to catch up with some college friends.
    Rant: I’m heading to my home state this weekend. Somehow I am booked through the end of June, and I really just need some quiet time at home with the partner and the fat kitty overlord.

    • I don’t think it’s petty. It’s not cleaning up after yourself, like leaving an orange peel on the counter, or leaving your fast food trash on the table in the break room. People who don’t leave a common area the way they found it are flat out inconsiderate.

    • Don’t egg shells break the garbage disposal?

        • I’ve always heard/believed you’re not supposed to dump them down the garbage disposal. Same with coffee grounds (which did render our office’s disposal OOC on several occasions, so there must be truth to that one).

      • I haven’t heard that about egg shells and the disposal. IF that’s the case, then please peel your eggs over the trash can, messy coworkers.

        • +1. Or they peel them over the sink, then scoop up the shells with a paper towel and throw them away. Just leaving them there is not a solution.

  • epric002

    rant: anonymous is kind of a turd today.
    rant: ankle/cast situation. this sucks.
    rave: lovely cool weather!
    rave: doggie acting more like herself this morning after being unwell last night.
    hopeful rave: ortho follow up tomorrow. please let this go well.

  • Rant: no luck getting into Green Hat bottling this time around. At least on the list for future events!
    Rave: Crochety neighbor actually said thank you, didn’t think it was in her vocabulary since all I usually get are passive agreesive emails. I guess I will take it.
    Rave 2: Fig tree in a pot doing really well! I was sure it died over the hard winter but it’s covered in new leaves. keeping fingers crossed I get fruit at some point!

    • epric002

      you reminded me of another rave (?): my older, very proper neighbor was drunk as a skunk on his porch last night. i only know him as mr. lastname and we usually only exchange greetings, but he was happy as a clam, wanted to introduce me to his brother, and told me he loved me. i’m sure he’s not feeling terribly well today, but he might be the happiest drunk person i’ve ever met. 🙂

    • skj84

      I sent my info in for Green Hat too! Got the same email. Hopefully next time. Of course my Fridays are filling up so hopefully I can get a spot on a day that works for me!

  • Accountering

    FYI: Interest rates have shot down this week. If you are looking to refi, 15 year mortgages are back under 3%, so it very well may be time to lock in a rate, perhaps say today, or tomorrow 🙂

  • A couple of weeks ago, I expressed insecurity about this woman I was dating and I knew it was all in my head. Update (rave): we’ve grown a lot closer and are now in a serious relationship. Hooray!

  • Rant: How many online news articles today either 1) display images of tweets even though the tweets are included in the articles verbatim or even worse, 2) rely heavily on tweets instead of actually writing an article and using a tweet or two as an example. Seems very lazy to me.

  • Rant: Too obsessed with trying to figure what’s going on with my long-distance boyfriend that I can’t get any work done.

    Rant: Tango. I accidentally accepted a friend request. Tango says to delete that person, I need to delete him from my phone’s contact list. But I can’t! When I click delete, it says the contact can only be hidden since it’s a read-only file. Does anyone know how? It’s an Android phone.

    • Was this the long-distance cross-cultural relationship?

      • That’s the one. My head says I should end this insanity, but my heart says no, especially since he always has a good excuse for mysterious behavior or elusiveness. I wouldn’t be surprised if the relationship implodes when we see each other in a month. If we make it that long!

        • Listen to your head now and your heart will thank you later.

          Or listen to your heart now and your head won’t be strong enough to talk you out of the pain when your heart is inevitably crushed. And when I say crushed, I mean emotional pain so bad it affects you physically.

        • Mysterious behavior or elusiveness? Perhaps he’s involved in another relationship.

  • Rant: Having trouble focusing at work today
    Rant: In a spell of grumpiness/inadequacy
    Rave: Will hopefully be over in a few weeks.

  • Rant: my boobs are sore and swollen all the time. So uncomfortable! Sometimes I wish I didn’t have them.

    • Are you pregnant? If it lasts more than the usual day or two, or more sore than the usual monthly nonsense, it’s a solid indicator of pregnancy.

      • I’m a lesbian. Not possible. 🙂 I’ve had the problem for years but seems like it’s getting worse.

        • epric002

          have you never seen a dr about it? i’d do that first. you may also want to see about getting a new bra fitting- that might help alleviate some of the discomfort.

        • In that case, definitely go to a GYN who knows hormones. Believe it or not, some are better versed than others in the tweaking of hormones to alleviate these annoyances.
          I’m a HUGE fan of my Mirena for this stuff. Even if you’re not using it to prevent pregnancy, just that tiny steady dose of hormones (a fraction of what you’d get with a BCP) cures a world of lady-ills. (Acne, PMS, sore breasts, and periods… all GONE. Like magic. No, not “like” magic. I’m pretty sure it IS the purest, most benevolent magic on earth.)

  • KSB

    Rant: I have 1,000,000,000 things swirling around in my mind at any given moment and it’s starting to wear me down.
    Rave: Feels good to take action on the things I can address now.
    Rant: the other 999,999,999 things can’t be solved until “in the future” (having to move, contemplating a career move, day care and school stuff… ARGH!) Just need to quiet my brain…

    • Sometimes I have to beg myself to fall asleep just so I can get some peace and quiet time away from my own brain chatter. It’s like an annoying person I can’t get away from. 🙁

      • KSB

        Amen. I have a night out of town for work next week and am contemplating taking a Nyquil or something similar to just knock me out for 12 hours… we’ll see…

        • Have you ever tried Zzzquil? It’s from the makers of Nyquil, and it’s the same thing but with the cold medicine stripped out. So, it’s just the knock-out stuff. It’s a godsend for me, and I take it whenever I have trouble sleeping. Bills itself as being non-habit forming. Just make sure you have a full 8 hours to sleep it out of your system.

  • Rave: Andygator on HH special at RFD
    Rave: I was only a little late for work despite accidentally not getting up when the alarm went off this morning.
    Rant: Meeting after meeting today
    Rave: It’s my Friday!
    Rave: Relaxed long weekend coming up with only minor things to do here and there!
    Rant: I really should use the time to get my act together to work on some storage issues – we’ll see!

  • Rant: Men who always give the benefit of the doubt to other men who catcall, touch, harass, etc women. It is not a compliment, it almost always in intentional (whether they actually want to grope woman or just intimidate her), and women know when it’s the wrong kind of closseness/touching because we go through this all the time. Quit downplaying our experiences. No one is saying all men does these things, but all women go through these experiences on a depressingly regular basis.

    • I completely agree. We know when something is creepy versus innocent – most of us have been dealing with these kind of things since even before puberty…

    • There was a very good article (yesterday?) by “the father of a daughter”, where the author pledged to stop letting misogynistic remarks go unchallenged. He was horrified at the Isla Vista shootings and wanting to do something to impact the pervasive and persistent misogyny.
      And yes, please stop questioning women’s instincts on when something is wrong. You don’t understand how often it happens, and how obvious it is to the victim.

    • It was a woman who started the controversy. Just saying. Enough with the male generalization, sexism behaviors go both ways.

  • The whole metro harassment thread came unspooled, so I’ll just make a new post.

    I have definitely felt the way I described. And there are replies that not all women feel that way. Of course! I don’t even always feel that when I have accidental or “accidental*” contact with men. We are all multifaceted people interacting with other, multifaceted people.
    But how this particular situation makes you feel is what’s important.
    A guy grabbed my right breast once, like full on, and I didn’t even care. In fact, I was kind of happy he did. We were swing dancing and he was leading me in a turn, when another couple wasn’t looking out and got too close. My leader instinctively went to grab me to keep me from colliding with the other couple, and he ended up with a handful of boob. He was mortified and apologetic. I accepted his many apologies because I was absolutely not offended or made to feel bad in any way.

    You can say it’s about intention too, but the person who feels harassed, feels harassed no matter the intention.
    *I accidentally started typing this word as “assidentally,” which I now think should be the term for people who pretend like they’re not trying to rub up against you, but they really are trying.

    • I love “assidentally”, haha.

      And completely agree with what you said.

    • Jeslett, I’ve had that experience! I went to sit down on metro, and the man sitting in the adjacent seat put his hand out, such that he got a nice handful of ass. At the same time, he was saying “that seat is wet!” and indeed, there was a big puddle of coffee on it that I hadn’t seen. He turned bright red all over and stammered on about how he didn’t want me to sit in coffee, I smiled warmly and thanked him for saving my ass, literally. We had an awkward chuckle. It was the best ass-grabbing ever.
      And it has absolutely nothing to do with creepers who rub up against you in a not-that-crowded metro car, or guys who trail their eyes up and down your body while making little hissing sounds and wiggling their eyebrows, or set their arm up against your breast as if the seat is just too small to avoid it.

    • To be honest if it had been anyone other than Justin commenting I doubt anyone would have argued. Everyone keeps ignoring the fact it was a woman who questioned her first when they say “guys just can’t understand.”

  • Rave/Rant: finally got some sort of response after applying (to what seems like) one million places. Unfortunately it’s from the firm that I least like and only applied there because was feeling sorry for myself that day and doubting everything. Ahhhh!!!!! I feel like I should have come clean after talking to an hr person today, but i just couldn’t. Will hopefully never hear from them for the second round. sigh….

    Also – need a new name. There’s now a new maria who is not me. I’ve tried resetting my password but i think she did it first and now all my reset password attempts go to her.

  • Revel: Just landed a new job! Really excited to take the next step in my career. Question: Is it too soon to post this news on social media? I informed by boss and coworkers in my department. My last day is end of next week.

  • Late in the day rave:
    Jeopardy audition is tomorrow!
    I am trying to keep the nerves down by just thinking of it as an adventure, no matter what happens. Have plans to go to lunch afterwards, and later dinner with a friend who’s only in town for a couple of days, so….
    the adventure is 9AM-noon Friday!

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