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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Looking down the Metro platform to read what’s on the electronic signs, and the people standing under the signs glare back at you because they apparently think you’re looking at *them*.
    Revel: “Signals, Calls, and Marches”

  • jim_ed

    Rant: AC broke Sunday night
    Rant: Had to skip the baseball game last night to wait for the HVAC Technician
    Rave: Was able to get someone out to the house the same day and our HVAC tech fixed the problem and didn’t try to actively screw us over by claiming we needed a new system. Was expecting something awful like a coil leak, ended up being relatively minor and cheap repair.
    Rave: Baseball game got banged on account of the rain, so we didn’t have to eat the cost. Will be able to hit the make up game whenever it is.

    • Do you mind sharing the company you used?

      • jim_ed

        I used Cropp Metcalfe. They’re not the cheapest company, but they do high quality work, and they’re honest. The tech spent two hours on it during the thunderstorm last night, being thorough, and didn’t even broach system replacement as an option, which so many HVAC companies are aggressive to do.

        • Cropp-Metcalfe suggested a repair for my system when a different company had suggested an expensive replacement.

        • We just used them. We ended up needing a new unit, but the technician told us NOT to buy it from Cropp Metcalfe so we could get a better deal. They came out quickly as well, great experience.

  • Rant: So tired. Mentally and physically.
    Question: If you wanted to go away for a few days and were limited to a bus/train, where would you go? I think I need a few quiet days away, and I don’t know where to go, and I don’t want to rent a car to get there. Any suggestions?

    • Harper’s Ferry is quite pleasant if you like hiking and/or history. It’s a quick train ride, and there are lots of nice bed and breakfasts to stay at there.

      • it’s a goal of mine to get out to Harper’s Ferry this summer. what are your favorite hikes in the area? i’m also interested in camping there if anyone’s had experience with that!

        • There are portions of the AT that are close enough that you can thru hike

          going to do a 8 mile circuit in catoctin mountain park this weekend

    • Becks

      Philly makes an awesome weekend trip and you can take the bus from Union Station. Philly has decent transportation so you won’t need a car there and it’s very walkable.
      New York- Catch a show or just wander the “Hoods”.

    • How about Annapolis? There is bus service (greyhound), you could also take one of the commuter buses in reverse (go to Annapolis on evening commuter bus, stay a few days and return on morning commuter bus

    • The Greyhound buses that run from Union Station to Ocean City every afternoon include stops in a couple of the Eastern Shore towns. I’ve sometimes thought about going and chilling in the old parts of Easton or Salisbury for a while (but check where the bus stops are; they seem to move around a lot). Also the buses that do that route are new ones with decent legroom and wifi service.

    • skj84

      I usually go to NYC. I actually like going by myself. Just explore the city and veg out in my hotel room. Very relaxing. What about Baltimore? It’s close, the MARC runs through the weekend. Or Richmond.

    • Pittsburgh. Bolt and/or Mega bus run there, and there’s plenty to do and see but not so much that you’ll feel bad for sitting in a park/coffee shop/hotel room to read or watch the world go by.

  • epric002

    rant: working with fema. the people i have to work with on a semi-regular basis are stunningly incompetent.
    rave: i don’t work at fema.
    rave: bought sticky fingers cupcakes as a thank you for my neighbor who dogsat for us. got some for myself too- YUM!
    rave (hopeful): found another meal delivery service: relished foods!

  • Rant: So tired.
    Question: I’d like to get away for a few days to recharge. Any recommendations for a quiet place that I can reach by bus/train? I’d prefer not to fly or rent a car, but other than that I’m open.

  • Rant: went to eastern market with bagelgirl sunday, it was nice (our first ‘sober date’) not that we have drank a ton on previous dates. She said she wanted to get together sometime this week but isnt really following up on that! I kind of get the feeling its going to be a bit like pulling teeth while she is studying for the bar exams, but we will see. I am trying not to get ahead of myself with a doom and gloom scenario. But i can only throw myself out there so many times!
    Rave: Bonnarroo is sneaking up, cant wait to get out to the farm!

    • As someone who took the bar exam, give her space. It was absolutely awful.

      • maxwell smart

        I wish I only had to take 1 exam to get my license. No, stupid me had to get into a profession that requires 7 exams to get licensed AND doesn’t pay enough to justify the expense of said exams + required schooling. Sigh.

    • Studying for the bar is a tedious, time-consuming, and scary experience. It probably is going to feel more like a root canal than pulling teeth. 😉 You’re definitely going to have to be patient and accommodating during that period.

    • Depending on how many times you’ve gone out, try making her a barzam gift basket! Little snacks she might like, a pack of index cards, coffee, etc. Show her you care – the bar exam is a really stressful time to be dating and carrying on a relationship, so it might just be better to be there for her.

      Also, Bonnaroo is super fun – have a great time and bring a lot of water and possibly a shade tent if you have one.

      • +1. When someone made me a bar exam care package like that, it was the best thing ever. It had tons of food and healthy snacks, nice tea, etc. When you’re studying that many hours a day, you forget to eat. Do this, and you will win her heart.

    • When I studied for the bar, I didn’t even speak to my closest friends most of those two months. I could count on one hand the amount of times I left the house to be social. The stress is unbelievable, so even if you actually do have the time, you feel guilty for not studying. You will need to have some major patience if you want this to work out. I couldn’t even imagine trying to date someone somewhat new during that time.

    • Bargirl: Maybe a good chance to drop by with (or just drop off –how selfless!) some upscale but uncomplicated eats and a half-bottle of wine?
      ‘Roo: Man, I miss those days, me an my buddies probably the oldest campsite in the area, except for that unfortunate nudist couple who really needed to cover that up. And the year Mrs. Streete got all motherly, worried the x-static campers next door, who always seemed to going to sleep about the time we were getting up. Have fun, be prepared for rain, give my best to Jack White…and don’t eat the brown acid.

      • we are really excited, me and my friends went in 2008 so this is our reunion and also it is my buddys bachelor party. It was a blast last time and expect great things this time around as well!
        Rave: Love my work life balance compared to bargirl!

    • Huh. To each his own. When I was studying for the bar I desperately needed those study breaks. I treated it like a full time 9-6 job and at 6 I was done. I wasn’t retaining anything after that anyway. It was a terrible experience, but I didn’t hermit myself. That said, I had just started dating someone, and he didn’t get how I couldn’t stay out until 1 AM every night or why I was stressing over a test and, while he was a great guy, it didn’t work out mostly because he started annoying me that he just didn’t get that I couldn’t act like it was summer and I had nothing to do in the morning because I was “just studying for some test”.

    • the bar isn’t that bad. class, followed by the gym, followed by flash card making, followed by happy hour. repeat until june 30 at which point essays should be the focus. She should have plenty of time to date until mid July. C’mon.

      • Ha! I would’ve killed for this study schedule. I took the bar in February and only had a 6-10pm class available. So mine was: wake up, study, take a quick break to eat, go to class, repeat. I can easily identify that period as the worst two months of my life. It sounds like there are a variety of experiences but the take-away is tread lightly and be sensitive to what she needs for now…she’ll appreciate it down the road (hopefully)!

      • Studying for the bar isn’t so bad so long as you avoid every other person studying for it. Most overachieving law student is probably overdoing the studying and that will stress you out and make you feel like you’re not studying enough. Unlike your law school exams, you just have to pass it; so you’re just aiming for a C, maybe even a D. I went to bar classes at night (I didn’t stop working full-time) and the only practice questions I did were the samples I got off the state bar website. And I didn’t do flashcards or any memorization; I just practiced the questions from the state bar website.

      • This is exactly right (except 2 days a week, I played golf instead of gym/happy hour). Maybe study a little at night (maybe). And after July 4, kick it into high, high gear – essay practice, multistate practice, really hit those flash cards hard.

  • Becks

    Rant: I had so much trouble getting up this morning.
    Humorous Rant: Lady Carlotta does not like the alarm and most definitely does not like the Snooze button. But she was so cute trying to wake mommy to turn off the dreaded thing.
    Rant: Neighbors dumping trash between the houses again. And I found a cigarette butt in the backyard. Not cool. Not cool at all!
    Rave: The thunderstorm was so lovely last night. I would love more of that please!
    Rave: Have plans to see Maleficent with friends this weekend. I am really looking forward to it.

    • Becks

      Question: Do window AC units need to be serviced? Do they need a check up? I have lived in my apartment for three years and after the first year, I asked the landlady if the AC unit needed servicing and she said no.

      • Just change/clean the filter.

      • They should definitely have the filters changed every year- our apartment seems to do it every six months. And in this area, absolutely check for mold!! I find mold in my A/C unit every year and need the building guys to come out and clean it out! Be on the look-out for it!

  • Revel: Moved to the new home in Bloomingdale last week with my husband and already love living in the neighborhood.
    Rant: Old home had a gym in the building. New home does not. Anyone have any recommendations on a gym (the “normal” type with cardio equipment and such) that would be easy to get to/from using public transit? I’m thinking WSC in Gallery place because the 80 stops close to both the gym and home, but I’m wondering if there are any options that may be a bit more convenient.

    • I live in Bloomingdale and go to MINT at 16th and K. I just take the G8 to McPherson Square and then walk two blocks from there. I tried going to the WSC in Gallery Place, but found MINT much more convenient.

    • shaybee

      I, too, live in Bloomingdale. I used to use the WSC in Gallery Place for the same reason. It’s nice, if all you need is cardio equipment. It’s relatively clean, and I don’t feel gross just for going in the locker room! That said, it’s a basement with no windows, which is sad. I’ve since cancelled my membership, but I had the passport and used the gym on F between 13th and 14th much more. It’s on the first floor and has windows, so it was bright. It’s also easily accessible from the G8 stop at 13th and H! That said, it’s not (or wasn’t) open on weekends…

    • Try Balance Gym at Thomas Circle or the Y at Rhode Island Avenue or W Street. You can also just forgo the gym membership and do classes at little studios near you like Yoga District, Wired (spinning), and the P Spot. I see a lot of boot camps at the McKinley Tech High School track too.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: rain
    Rant: got completely soaked
    Rant: espadrilles are not waterproof

  • Rant(?): Maya Angelou’s passing. Very sad, but I am so very thankful of her sharing her gifts with the world.
    Rant: My micromanaging Exec. Dir. whose demoralizing behavior is now being mimicked by my direct supervisor. I keep thinking I should speak up for myself, but I refuse to give these people whatever bit of energy I have in me. It just doesn’t seem worth it.
    Rave: I bought a car, which I am finally picking up this weekend! It’s my first “brand new” car 🙂
    Rave: Making a friend at work. I hear all the time about how hard it is to make new friends in your late 20’s/30’s. She is super cool and I like her a lot…it’s nice to have someone to talk to at work, too.

    • What kind of car did you get?

      • I got a Buick Verano. Initially I was hesitant…as I hadn’t been in a Buick since my grandma had a Regal lol. But it’s really nice! Very sporty, small, surprisingly luxurious. I would’ve never thought to look at a Buick, but I am very pleased with the selection.

  • Rave: The incredibly sweet dental hygentist who cleaned my teeth this am.
    Rave: I had an awesome yoga class last night followed by a call with my west coast best friend. Modern technology is awesome for keeping up bicoastal friendships.
    Rant: Maya Angelou passed away. That news made me sad this morning.

    • “I have huge crush on my dental hygenist. Before I go up to the office, I eat an entire package of oreos,. Sometimes she has to spend the entire afternoon with me.”
      — Steven Wright.

  • Rave: Back to the Future at tonight’s NoMa Summer Screen.
    Rant: It’s looking like it might get rained out.
    Rant: First days of sticky summer are here.
    Rave: Supposedly weather will be awesome for the weekend.
    Rave: Tour de Fat on Saturday
    Rave: It’s hump day.

  • Rave: The upstairs of the new house is finally move-in ready. No more sleeping on a mattress in the living room!
    Rant: Still kind of jetlagged from my trip to Uganda, and I have to get back on a plane to go to Nigeria either next week or the week after. Work has been nuts this year, I am hoping it settles down after the summer.

  • Rant: injury caused by clumsy accident.
    Rant: finally back at work full time. and I’ve never felt less wanted. I’m basically clutching my red Swingline while also sort of wishing I could be laid off since collecting unemployment would bring in more money than working and paying for childcare.
    rave: had a lovely time in Pittsburgh.
    rave: took baby in the pool at the hotel – first time in. Not a huge fan but the water was a little chilly. It was SO cute.

    • Less wanted at work? I feel that way after coming back from maternity leave too. I’ve always been the go-to person – I’ve gotten accolades for performance, but now that I can’t stay late and be work’s bitch they treat me like I’m useless. It’s frustrating. But I stay because they have top-notch new mom facilities, and that’s important to me. I do feel like my confidence is waning now that I’m seen as expendable, and that feels crappy. I can’t wait to get to the 1 year mark and get out of here. Baby is 8 months now, so only 4 left to go!

      • They act like my leave was a huge inconvenience. All of my duties have been given away. The funny thing is how the men in my office whose wives have had babies are treated like heroes. i’m now apparently useless since I reproduced.

        • I understand. People expect you to take minimal time off and then return like nothing ever happened. It’s the worst.

        • “They act like my leave was a huge inconvenience. All of my duties have been given away.”
          Don’t take this the wrong way, but it probably was, and they had to be since you weren’t there. I am certainly not against maternity leave (or sick leave, or any other kind of extended leave.) But I have personally taken up the slack in the past year for two colleagues who were out on maternity leave for 3 months each. It was most definitely extra work for me and others who had to cover them while they were out. That said, I was overjoyed when they returned and was happy to give them back their duties since we have more than enough duties to go around. Maybe that’s not the case at your work, but there may be an argument for taking a kinder view of your colleagues. (Unless they really are dicks, in which case carry on.)

          • no, they’re just dicks. On position had to be eliminated from our office due to sequestration. Instead of someone who knows nothing about our mission or has no education, the one who was conveniently on maternity leave was picked.

            Additionally, I trained someone in our office who did NOTHING (literally, nothing) in most of my duties but he chose to never do them.

            I’m sure it wasn’t IDEAL for me to be out, but they had plenty of warning and I’m the only female to go on leave in this office for a baby probably ever. But dudes go out all the time and it’s YAAAY lets start a meal train! Lets buy them target gift cards! Lets shower them with praises and gifts. Me? I’m never even asked how my kid is. So they’re just dicks about it.

          • Given the back story, could it be that they don’t really like you? It may have nothing to do with maternity leave and more to do with their feelings about you personally. Also, I don’t get your position being eliminated and you still working there. Am I missing something or not reading this correctly? Or is your position being phased out, but you are serving the remainder of your term out?

          • I think people often forget that someone could just as easily get hit by a bus or get a cancer diagnosis and need three months or more off…life happens. At least with maternity /paternity leave there is generally plenty of notice for an offices planning purposes- if the office does not plan well, that is a management & leadership issue and not the fault of the employee taking the leave. Unfortunately we often feel guilty at work for asking for mat/pat leave. I sadly found myself apologizing for the fact I planned to take it. I had to remind myself I have been an employee for 13 years, worked countless holidays, and spent years in dangerous parts of the world. I have done everything they have ever asked of me. I no longer apologize for my planned leave, instead I informed mgmt that per FMLA I plan to take 12 weeks off and give them detailed spreadsheets of how to do my time cards and status updates on all my projects in case the baby comes early. No more apologizing from me.

    • Just out of curiosity – did you get along with your coworkers prior to your maternity leave?

  • Rave: This week is flying and I have off Friday. I’m already thinking about the weekend.
    Rave/Rant: I postponed my trip to Durham and am going to try to find a later race that I can run with my friends instead of going down there this weekend.
    Rave: Three day weekend with zero plans…this never happens and it’s a welcome change! (Maybe Ambar Sunday if there’s still room!)
    Rant: Death of Maya Angelou
    Related Rant: Not believing it until I confirm with a credible news source because there are so many death hoaxes on facebook (and even the news).

    • skj84

      I totally get you on Hoaxers! I saw the news about Maya Angelou’s death on Facebook and immediately began checking sources before I posted anything.

    • Seems weird that you’ve been on the internet long enough today to rant about someone’s death and the possibility that it might be a hoax but you haven’t clicked over to Washington Post, CNN, BBC, or any other “credible news source” to confirm it. Maybe I’m old school (I am) but I always check the news before I look at social media.
      Good decision about the race. No point in traveling for a race you can’t even run. There will be others.

  • Rant: people who have really wide cars and drive down narrow streets and decide its a good idea to come to a complete stop when another car comes in the other direction, as if stopping somehow makes the street wider.(monroe st between 11th and 13th is the worst for this)

    • Doesn’t make the street wider, but the car passing in the other direction can get closer to the stationary vehicle than to one that’s moving. I prefer this strategy over the one I usually see, which is giant cars barreling through narrow streets regardless of who else is in the road.

      • thats cool but could you please get a (I prefer the stop strategy) bumper sticker so that I can never be stuck behind you on my bike or skinny car.

    • I’m afraid to drive down that road.

  • rant: my uncle. what a jerkbag. its sad to see how people’s true colors come out when money is involved. I can’t say its surprising though.
    rave: had a very relaxing/social Tuesday night. was social (the avocado app at right proper is on point!) and home in bed early
    rant: I work hard to save money but am not as successful doing so as I like. such is life
    observation: hope it rains tonight when I am in bed (and in turn, my plans will get canceled)

    • I think your relaxing Tuesday night and avocado app might have a direct impact on your 2nd rant. such is life. enjoy food and friends!

  • skj84

    Rant: Rude woman in line at CVS. I was waiting to pay for my prescription. I had to step to the side while they processed my new insurance. While I was waiting another woman comes to pick up her prescription which the pharmacy did not have. The pharmacist asks her to stand to the side while they look into the issue. In that time my prescription was finished and she starts to process my payment. The woman begins to get agitated about how she’s been waiting and starts to berate the pharmacist about the prescription not being ready. First of all it wasn’t the pharmacy’s fault it sounded like her physicians office had just sent the prescription, second off all she is standing in my personal space while the pharmacists is processing my order. And she is yapping in my ear while I’m trying to pay. I finally turned around and told the woman to back off and wait to discuss her issue after my order had been processed. She looked shocked that I said something to her, but she was being rude. She started snapping at the pharmacist the moment I stepped away. Ugh. I wish I got the pharmacists name so I could give a good recommendation.

    Rave: PoPville brunch on Sunday! There are still 3 spots left for brunch at Ambar at 1:00pm. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/popville-brunch-group

  • Rave x10: My mom is coming in on Thursday for a long weekend. I get a nap and a date night!!!!! It’s been so long since I’ve been out after dark.

  • Rave: this rave feels kind of selfish, but I took Roscoe to the vet and apparently he’s older than initially thought, so it looks like he’s done growing, which is great, because now he is an baby-sized adult raccoon which makes him much less likely to kill me in my sleep. Also, his friendly though often sleepy temperament should hold.
    Rave: I’ve been very productive today.

    • You don’t seriously have a pet raccoon, do you? I thought this was a PoPville Happy Hour joke.

      • Roscoe is oh so real, and charmingly curious to boot! Such a cute little critter, but he looked like he could get mean. Plus, rabies is a worry. Do they have a raccoon rabies vaccine, Beau?

      • I’ll bring him to the next POPVHH I can make.

        He’s pretty tame… sleeps most of the time.

      • I’d be surprised if this is a real thing. Seeing as how it’s illegal in the District and all. An individual might ignore the law, but a vet likely would not.

        • It’s illegal? Crap. I can’t find anything on this online. The vet is a close personal friend, so maybe that’s why this didn’t come up.

          • From DC Code 8-1808: “Except as provided in this subsection, no person shall import into the District, possess, display, offer for sale, trade, barter, exchange, or adoption, or give as a household pet any living member of the animal kingdom including those born or raised in captivity, except the following: domestic dogs (excluding hybrids with wolves, coyotes, or jackals), domestic cats (excluding hybrids with ocelots or margays), domesticated rodents and rabbits, captive-bred species of common cage birds, nonpoisonous snakes, fish, and turtles, traditionally kept in the home for pleasure rather than for commercial purposes, and racing pigeons (when kept in compliance with permit requirements).”

          • Well if I get a visit from the gov, I’ll do my best to convince them that Roscoe is a domesticated rodent, a domesticated rodent in a strikingly realistic raccoon costume, or a Maine coon with a bad dye job.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I want to meet Tiny Raccoon 🙂

  • Rant: Maya, I’ll always recall seeing her speak when I first got to college. She was graceful and brilliant and will be sorely missed.
    Popquery: I may have missed this in past discussions, but can some of the moms tell me when they decided to go public with their pregnancy at work?
    Rave: There’s nothing like having supportive loved ones. Sooo grateful!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      One lady at my work went public after 3 months, another lady went public as soon as she took the home test, and the guy went public a couple a months before the due date. Do what you feel comfortable with!

    • I went public after my first trimester ended, but by then I wasn’t “showing” but my boobs were getting really big and I was getting doughy all over, so people had started to notice.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Oh and I forgot the lady who didn’t tell anyone (except the big boss) until after the baby was born. She never showed at all so the birth announcement was a complete shock.

    • I went public in stages. I told my immediate supervisor when I was around 10 weeks – I was so nauseated and exhausted that I looked like I had a drug habit. I told the rest of my team around 12-13 wks because I was so excited. And then the rest of the office, as it came up in conversation. It’s all about your level of comfort!

    • I told people at work once we saw a heartbeat, so about 10 weeks. But I worked in a tight-knit trustworthy office at the time. I understand not all workplaces are equal in that regard.

    • I told my boss because we did IVF and I needed unpredictable leave for it (didn’t know what days which procedures would be, often decided last minute). She knew early on. other than that, I how my coworkers and just didn’t say anything and let them figure it out on their own.

    • At 5 months once we had the test to figure out the sex. Because that is the next question people ask. I just told my supervisor though and close work friends but had fun feigning offense when people asked me if I was pregnant. 🙂 Might have some with it. But it is your comfort level. I miscarried my first pregnancy so with my first and second child, I waited til 5 months to tell anyone that was not an immediate family member or close friend.

      • Oh, don’t tell people at work the sex! Seriously, for most acquaintances and co-workers the sex and name are the only things about the birth of your child that are of even a little interest, so if they know those things before the birth then when you give birth they’ll just say, “Oh, ok” and go back to whatever they were doing. Leave them something to look forward to finding out.

    • Thanks all! I’m struggling with it as I’m relatively new, so all discussions about this are bound to be awkward. I think I’ll get to the 3 month marker before sharing.

  • Rant: The passing of Dr. Maya Angelou. R.I.P.
    Rant: The amount of people who have no clue who Maya Angelou is.

  • Maya Angelou, may you forever rise.
    You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may trod me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.
    Does my sassiness upset you?
    Why are you beset with gloom?
    ‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
    Pumping in my living room.
    Just like moons and like suns,
    With the certainty of tides,
    Just like hopes springing high,
    Still I’ll rise.
    Did you want to see me broken?
    Bowed head and lowered eyes?
    Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
    Weakened by my soulful cries?
    Does my haughtiness offend you?
    Don’t you take it awful hard
    ‘Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
    Diggin’ in my own backyard.
    You may shoot me with your words,
    You may cut me with your eyes,
    You may kill me with your hatefulness,
    But still, like air, I’ll rise.
    Does my sexiness upset you?
    Does it come as a surprise
    That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
    At the meeting of my thighs?
    Out of the huts of history’s shame
    I rise
    Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
    I rise
    I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
    Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
    Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
    I rise
    Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
    I rise
    Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
    I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
    I rise
    I rise
    I rise.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: decided to check prices for apartments in my area they haven’t gone up too much since the last time I checked.
    Rant: I feel in love with an apartment in my neighborhood that I can’t afford.
    Hopeful: If I could just convince my mom to give me a tree I could pay a really big down payment.
    Rant: She’s never going to give me a tree or even 1/2 a tree 🙁

  • Rave: Had a blast with Mr. S at Nats stadium last night despite not getting to watch any baseball. Surprisingly, getting caught in the rain and eating lots of ice cream sandwiches for dinner was still really fun. And, a makeup game is to come.
    Rant: On metro in the mornings, there is always a ton of empty space and most seats are open in the center of the car. Yet, I routinely can’t get on because everyone crowds by the doors (I even got yelled at last week). I travel before rush hour and am not on one of the busier lines. It is so frustrating because I can see a majority of the car is empty.

    • “Yet, I routinely can’t get on because everyone crowds by the doors.”
      This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I just start saying “excuse me” in a real loud voice (not rude, just loud) and start heading through. Not everyone likes it but if they insist on blocking the door then they’re going to get bumped since I literally can’t get past them any other way.

    • Yeah, but when the operators routinely close the doors before everyone gets off (has happened twice in my last three rides), I can’t really blame people. I saw a group of out-of-town middle schoolers get separated when the doors closed too fast for everyone get off. The look of panic on their faces troubled me all day. I hope there was a chaperone with each half of the group…

  • Rave: the storms rolling in last night – incredible start to summer! I love the smell of a thunderstorm’s arrival
    Rave: took the puppy running for the first time this morning – he loved it! he stuck with me and prioritized running over smelling delicious things along the way (big victory, trust me)
    Rant: no gym motivation today. maybe tomorrow.

    • Just realizing how silly this sounded. Amending my rant into a rave – despite not having motivation for a real workout, Sir Pup and I had a lovely jog this morning. Less than a real workout length, but still something to be proud of. Take that, glass half empty! HA!

    • epric002

      tell us about the puppy?

      • Yes, tell us more! I love running with our pup. It’s really funny to watch as they learn the signs a run is coming. Ours hops up and starts stretching and gets water and then starts jumping around cause she’s so excited 🙂 Hope you get to continue runs with yours!

        • That sounds so cute! I can’t wait until he knows what’s coming. He’s pretty smart, so I’m sure he’ll catch on soon. We just started teaching him names of specific toys (go get your Duck! where’s Mr. Lobster?! go get the Ball!) and he is pretty good at getting what we ask for. I wonder if he’ll understand the difference of “let’s go for a run” versus “wanna go for a walk?”

          • Ours can usually tell by the clothes/shoes we’re putting on. We also use a running leash for our runs, but she’s usually ready to go before that even comes out. I’m sure yours will figure it out too.

      • He’s a 14 month old German shepherd mix who is the sweetest little guy. The vet said he shouldn’t start running until between a year and 18 months (to avoid hip development problems), so I’ve been waiting as long as I could to start molding him into my running buddy. I’m starting him off slow before the summer heat is upon us, then we’ll pick up in the fall again. Mostly I’m just happy he seemed happy this morning. He had a doggy smile on the whole time 🙂

        • epric002

          he sounds fun 🙂 enjoy the process of becoming running buddies! our dog gets excited when we pull out the harness/the waist leash, since we only use those for runs. really recommend both, btw. also, a good collapsible water bowl will be his best friend for runs throughout the summer! we have one that just clips on to her harness so we always have it with us on a run. good luck!

          • Thanks for the suggestions! We have a great collapsible water bowl, but I will have to look into the waist leash/harness. He still pulls a little when we pass squirrels or other dogs, so I’m a little afraid to use it right away (could mean disaster for me!), but he’s been responding to consistent correction so I’m hoping that will phase out as he gets a little calmer. Have fun out there with your pup! This weekend should be great for running.

          • epric002

            we use the Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner Hands-Free Dog Leash and really like it. you can find it and a bunch of other options on amazon. while the no-pull harnesses are great for walking, we actually don’t like it for running and prefer one that has the leash hook on the top/back of the harness. good luck with the pulling! i actually feel like i get jerked around less using the waist leash since they’re pulling against your core instead of just an arm. i wish i could go running this weekend, i’m in a walking cast due to last weekend’s running injury 🙁

          • Oh no! Feel better. You’ll be back out there soon 🙂

  • Rant – Was at work until 1 AM last night. I work a “normal” 8-5:30 government job. I haven’t had a day off in months (including weekends)

    Double rant – At about 3 AM the stomach flu hit lite a bandit. Not only do I feel like crap, I do not have time for this

    This is what it takes to spend a day at home – the stomach flu. Not worth it. And I’m still working.

  • RANT: Just got the results of a fraud investigation on one of my projects. I have to fire four of my staff, three of whom are key. It is so upsetting – not only did they screw themselves (they’ll now be barred from working with this particular donor for life), they have dealt a blow to the project and the organization. It is going to be really hard to replace them and be able to meet all the deliverables in our work plan while we’re also trying to recruit and train all new staff in that region.

    • wow what happened can you give any details?

      • They submitted falsified hotel receipts – stayed at a cheaper hotel, got a fake receipt booklet with the name of the hotel they were supposed to stay at, and pocketed the difference. It’s a common source of fraud in developing countries – I just really wouldn’t have expected it, especially from the two of them who have been with my company for close to seven years. They are such hard workers and have done a great job in their districts. I guess you just never can tell.

        • Aw, man. How stupid can you be? And for what, maybe a few hundred bucks?

          • No, probably for like $20 each – the max hotel rate for local staff is like $50 a night. I feel the worst for our project director in country – she has to be the one to fire them and deal with the fallout in terms of morale for the remaining staff.

        • Sorry to hear that; that is truly idiotic. But… if you’re looking to replace them, I’m in the market for a job in development 🙂 I’m a very hard worker too, promise!!

  • Thanks for all the feed back. We have gone out 4 times now (2 dinner dates w/drinks, she cooked me dinner at her place once, and then eastern market). I still like this girl but i dont want to push things to far i mean…we have only gone out 4 times. My roomate and I are having people over friday and im debating if i should invite her, i want to, but i feel like she will pull the ‘i got class early saturday card, which is reasonable, but if i know its coming why bother?

    • Why bother? Because you don’t KNOW she’ll decline the invitation. And even if she does, it cost you nothing to ask. And you certainly won’t see her if you don’t invite her.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Even if she can’t make it, if you want her there, then it’s nice to ask. It will let her know you are still interested in her. And maybe she can stop by for a short while, you never know.

    • justinbc

      You’re thinking about this entire thing entirely too much. Seriously man, just “be yourself” and do what you want to do without reading into every little scenario. The more you make it a game the less fun it becomes. Part of the joie de vivre of dating is the spontaneity of it, and you’re completely ruining it.

    • I don’t know, maybe you should move on. Because the bar exam is a *big* deal (been there, done that), and if you can’t be supportive when someone is going through something like that, but need them to focus on you immediately, then clearly you need an immediate relationship with someone with no other priorities in their life. But, then again, If you can’t ask someone to a party because you can’t handle that they might say no because they might have another priority for that particular night, then what kind of relationship do you expect to be in? You need to rethink what you want here – a relationship with someone you like, or someone who will focus on you to the exclusion of anything else.

      Also, if she is not working other than studying for the bar, then she will have some time to hang out, eat, take breaks from the grind, and if she doesn’t, then it is a sign of either an anxiety disorder, or else a very poor test taker who knows her chances of passing anything are slim if she does anything other than study – because as long as you take the class, and do some studying, then the best predictor of how you will do is how well you do on standardized tests generally.

      And, If she is working, especially if full time, the fact that she stays in touch at all during this time would be amazing enough.

      • I understand the bar is a big deal, and being a lawyer is too…but i dont want to be with someone who can only focus on their job or climbing the career ladder. We will see if she can balance trying to see my with her work. I certainly wouldnt want to take away from study time, but even if we were just hanging out together i can watch tv while she study’s or reading. I dont really like the excuse of work as a reason for not seeing people (that is if you use that as an exuse and you dont try to make up for it in the future, if that makes sense). I sort of get the sense that this whole lawyer thing is the only thing going for this girl, while i have a large social circle, several summer trips, a government job (for now) and a great work life balance. I’m not ready to throw in the towel after a little doubt comes into my head but….these are the things one must think about. Dating woes

        • “i can watch tv while she study’s or reading.” — Nope nope nope nope nope. That will not work. To my knowledge, there’s no one under the sun who can effectively study for the bar exam while her new guy is watching TV next to her. She’ll either be distracted by you, the TV, or both. Or, she’ll feel guilty for ignoring you. Be realistic, and give up any hope that you will be able to hang out with her at the same time as she’s studying.

          • Totally agree. If she’s studying, you be somewhere else.

          • +1.
            I get the feeling that you have a job that gives you a fair amount of free time. Right now studying for the bar is her job, and she’s not going to have much free time until July (or whenever it was).

        • Going to law school – or any grad or professional school – can wreck your social life, even if you had a wide one for years before going back to school, as it can demand more focus than most 8 or 10 hr per day jobs. After the bar, there are lawyer jobs, and lawyer jobs. Some are government jobs, or jobs like them (many non-profits), with the same easier hours, which allow for a lot of life outside work; some come with insane hours and stress, so, not much life. Some try to do the insane and climb the ladder; many do it for a few years not because they want to, but just to earn enough pay the freaking student loans, or because such jobs are a prerequisite to moving into other, less time-consuming jobs (a few years at firm to then be able to work in-house). Many realistic women know trying to climb the law firm ladder is still usually a non-starter due to pervasive discrimination, so don’t set their sights on that long-term. It is hard to be involved with someone working insane hours at anything – I know I couldn’t be in a relationship when I was working insane hours. But if one does it for a time, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be that way forever, and it usually isn’t, due to the up-and-out nature of most firms and other jobs with insane hours and pressure. So, it will depend on what her job is, mainly. But no, you can’t hang around while she studies, and when people say they have to work, rather than go out, it isn’t usually an excuse, but the reality.

  • Rant: I had a long rave to post but my work laptop is in its 24th hour of a Windows 7 upgrade and I don’t want to write it from my phone.

    Rave: I bought an inexpensive straw fedora online that actually fits my pumpkin head. I was styling big time on the Green Line this morning!

  • Rave: Serviceberries! All of a sudden (it seems) I have serviceberries galore. And my tree has gotten so big I can pick berries from my porch. Serviceberry = amelanchier laevis, great understory tree
    And rave: I have a tupelo tree in the backyard that looks like it might fruit this year as well.
    Rant: Knot under my shoulder blades won’t go away – any recommendations for massages in Mt Pleasant/Columbia Heights area?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m jealous. I wish I had space for fruiting plants 🙂

    • Becks

      If you happen to find a good massage place, please let me know. Serenity Health and Wellness Llc on 14thy offers superb Chinese massage and they have a cheap 20 min for 20$. They also have a Groupon. Chinese massage is excellent, if not a little painful. It does work out knots but I am looking for a soothing massage.

    • I go to Lunar. They’re really great. I see Theresa who is amazing but haven’t had anyone bad.

  • Rave: My cat likes to hold hands while we sleep. He sandwiches my hand between his paws and kneads. Or sometimes he’ll wrap both paws around my forearm and squeeze. If my hands are under the covers, he roots around with his face until he finds one.

  • Help! I need dinner recommendations for a party of 10. Thai X-ing has a $10 surcharge per person for parties 5 or more, so that’s out. Something about that delicious and at that price range…

  • Query: what’s the best way to get to Tyson’s? Metro? Car? I just found out I need to be there at 5:30pm tomorrow. (Ugh)
    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    • You won’t be able to get there via Metro until the Silver Line opens. That’s another 3+ months.
      Leave early! Traffic around 5:30 will be a bear.

    • depends where in Tysons you want to go. I had to go to Chima restaurant a few weeks ago and took the metro to West Falls Church then metro bus to Tysons

    • Hope you’re not trying to get to the mall itself. The one time I went out there it took over an hour just to park!!

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