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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • tonyr

    Rave(?): Someone on here, can’t remember who, was looking to earn a few extra dollars. Well the Census is hiring part-time workers locally. $14 – $21.50/hour; call 1-888-480-1639 for information on how to apply.

    • magpies

      Working as an enumerator for the decennial census was one of the best worst experiences I’ve had. I got yelled at some but learned how not to mind, met a lot of interesting people, distinctly *didn’t* meet other interesting people, and saw stuff that changed my paradigm. Do iiiiiiit.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I’m an IT Specialist at Census. Give me a ping if you go here. I hate the commute but it is just 14 stops on the green line. I’ve had worse.

      • I was a pre-list enumerator (at least that’s the title I recall) many years ago. Interesting experience, some good some not as good. I got used to people yelling “get off my porch”

        • LOL at “Get off my porch!” (Although in real life, I bet it wasn’t very funny. 🙁 )

  • Rave: wonderful vacation and weekend capped off by the Nats game and margaritas.
    Rave: kayaking at Chesapeake Beach, MD. Great day trip.
    Rave: Dogfish Head Brown Honey Rum.

    • rant: the word “nabes” for neighborhood. It makes me want to kill everything.

      • concur.

      • Oh, like totes! I just got back from a ‘lil vacay for some much needed R ‘n R. Dinner was totes delish!

      • Emmaleigh504

        So “‘hood” is now gauche? I refuse to jump on the “nabe” bandwagon, it’s too close to “newb” which I hate.

        • I always see my unhip retired neighbors using the word “hood” which means it’s probably not cool anymore.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Good to know. I will have to find some archiac slang for neighborhood to start using. I’d much rather be archiac then unhip!

        • I thought “‘hood” was only for tough black neighborhoods or ironic use by yuppies trying to distinguish their gentrifying neighborhoods from Cleveland Park. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say “Have you checked out Mt. Pleasant? A nice ‘hood, close to close to the metro and the zoo.” More like “It’s like I can pick up a decent bottle of Zinfandel on Mt. Pleasant Street, the place is still the ‘hood.”

          • Emmaleigh504

            I only use it on twitter when my character count is 140 or less. But to me there is a distinction between “The Hood” and a ‘hood.
            Now I’ve thought about this so much “hood” has lost all meaning.

          • I agree, The Hood is different from a ‘hood. I think Chris Rock’s definition is best, with The Hood replacing The Ghetto. “Gun store, liquor store, pawn shop, liquor store…. Oh no! I’m in [The Hood]!!”
            And now “hood” has lost all meaning for me, as well. Need to re-boot the brain. *sigh*

      • Agreed the annoyingness of “nabe.”
        And not only is it annoying, it’s spelled the same as the strong-smelling Japanese soup (stew?) nabe (pronounced NAH-bay), which is one of the few items of Japanese cuisine that I don’t like.

    • Rave: Founding Farmers for lunch

  • Becks

    Rave: Great three day weekend and hiking in The Valley of Fire outside Las Vegas!
    Super Rave: Saw the Blue Man show in Vegas and it was spectacular!!!
    Rave: The strawberries have four blooms now!
    Rant: Saw a squirrel in neighbors back yard and it’s time to build the chicken wire fences.
    Rave: DC is a lot cooler than Vegas.

    • justinbc

      Our strawberries are producing en masse already. Hopefully the squirrels stay away this year, especially now that we just planted some more peppers (their favorite target in the past).

      • Becks

        The squirrels dug up or chewed my flowers in the front last year. This year I planted in pots and will build a chicken wire fence to go around the pallets.

        Good luck with your peppers!

  • epric002

    rant: terrible metro trip yesterday on a packed greenline train when some asshole leaned on/opened one of the doors. conductor had to stop the train and then walk through each car to find the open door. was soooooo close to a panic attack due to the claustrophobia.
    ranty rave: foster dog was adopted on sunday! i miss him.
    rave: great weekend in pittsburgh for some friends’ wedding.
    rant: might have ODed on the walking sans walking cast. oops.

    • I was wondering how it went for you and the leg this weekend! I had mine boot on all weekend but am back at work without it today. I think I lucked out with a bruised tendon. Hope you are back to normal quickly!

      • epric002

        oh, i envy the boot-less! i’m mostly not using it in the house, but still wear it to walk the dog, commute to/from work, and walking around at work. going back to the ortho on friday for a follow up- wish me luck, and thanks!

  • Rant: I am the world’s worst dog sitter. A friend needed a backup to his dog sitter this morning for his two fox terrier mixes, one old and blind and the other one young, frisky and bratty. As we were waiting for the world’s slowest elevator in the basement to go back up to their 5th floor condo, I realized I still had the poo bags so I dashed into the trash room to dump them. All of a sudden the world’s slowest elevator arrived and just as I was racing towards it the bratty dog hopped in, the doors slammed and it slowly took off.

    I was in freak-out mode since I wasn’t sure how I could explain this if I lost that damn dog. Meanwhile the nice young lady and her dog who we had chatted with outside came up while I was waiting for the world’s slowest elevator to come back down with hopefully the bratty dog still in it. I explained my predicament and she said she would walk up the steps and look for the dog on each floor.

    Finally the elevator came back down–no dog! Crap! We slowly went back up to the 5th floor and when the doors opened there was the nice young lady and the bratty dog. I asked where she found her and she said when she got to the 5th floor the dog was playing in the hall.

    I hate that dog!

    Rave: The nice young lady.

    • HAHAHA! Sorry you must have panicked. But picturing this is pretty funny. Took my dogs on their first elevator ride this weekend – glad that this did not occur.

      • It was NOT funny at the time. In retrospect though the better story would be if the blind dog stumbled into the elevator. Hmm. I may change it in future versions.

    • Accountering

      I laughed too. Glad it worked out, but this is pretty funny, especially in hindsight, knowing that alls well that ends well. Bonus points to the dog because he clearly knew where his spot was, and he was just trying to go home!

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Yeah, I laughed out loud. Clearly the dog knows where he lives. He’s not such a brat after all. Get some treats to keep in your pocket and he’ll be your friend for life.

      • Doubly impressive that he could push the 5th floor elevator button!

  • Rave: I had a fun, friend filled weekend. The weather on Sunday was perfect for my birthday picnic in the park. A great day of hanging out with friends, puppies, and babies. Definitely the best way to celebrate the birthday.
    Rave: My awesome in-laws, who are letting us have a very large picnic in their yard in a few weeks. I love them.
    Rave: A four day work week

  • Rave: Beautiful weekend camping! Love the city- also love that you can be out in vast nature and national forests in just a few hours 🙂

  • justinbc

    Rave: Williams Sonoma customer service. We picked up a 4 pack of martini glasses at the outlet way back on Presidents’ Day weekend, only to discover upon arriving at home that it was missing a glass. I called them a bit later, and the GM assured us one would be shipped out to complete the set. After not seeing anything arrive for quite some time I called again, and was told they were currently out of stock, but would still be shipping me a replacement. It wound up taking so long that the GM just shipped me a whole new set of 4, rather than the one missing. Extra martinis, hooray!
    Rave: Completed staining on the fence. After one day of hand brushing I wound up just getting a sprayer to save time, turned out to be an excellent decision.
    Rant: Shopping for patio furniture, ughhh. Nothing we sat in at various stores really impressed us (especially for the prices, yikes), so we’re looking online now. Can’t judge comfort levels though, blah.
    Rave: Another big sale at Restoration Hardware yielded a new chandelier, but need an electrician to install as the circuitry for the current one doesn’t work.
    Random: I’ve got a huge stack of firewood, almost a whole pallet full for free, if anyone in Capitol Hill (or who wants to drive there) wants to come pick it up.

    • Not sure what kind of outdoor furniture you’re looking for, but we got a great sectional set at IKEA for a fraction of what we were seeing at CB2/West Elm/World Market/Pottery Barn, etc.

    • Try allmodern.com. I haven’t bought outdoor furniture from them (though they have lots), but I have bought a couple indoor pieces and was pleased with the quality and price.

    • I didn’t want to pay “living room set” prices for a patio set. We ended up finding one in Home Depot that is very nice, comfortable and most of all – cheaper than most (nice, cushioned, wicker or wicker-like) sets.

  • Rave: Didn’t gain any weight during my “indulge-yourself” birthday week. Phew. Now to get back on it!
    Rant: Sad to miss the first Popville brunch next week, but my yoga class doesn’t end in time. Maybe next month!

  • Rave: Great frickin weather and outdoor grilling! Next weekend looks promising so far as well!

    Rant: Argument with my sister and cousins about a man’s role being to “serve a woman” so lop-sided, it almost makes me never want to get married.

    Rant: Crazed shooters and how the media makes them into pop icons. I think it would slow down a lot if the news media ignored them altogether or referred to them on reports as “losers”.

    Rave: Thank goodness for a short work week!

  • Rave – Had a great weekend with friends and family in New York. Came home yesterday afternoon and spend the evening by the river watching herons fly from one side of the Potomac to the other.
    Rant – I should have spent my evening doing laundry.
    Rant – Had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning. I need a new job, one that involves me actually doing stuff instead of checking PoP all day. Mulling over applying for jobs back home. I’d love to live closer to my family, but do not love the idea of living back in NYC.
    Rant – The weather is gross today and the A/C in my bedroom sucks. I guess a sucky A/C is better than no A/C?
    Rave – Short work week!

  • Rant: Newtown Kitchen and Bar (formerly Tabac) of 1336 U Street stapling advertisements for special events to every tree on 8th Street between R and S. Did they forget that trees are living things?

  • Rant: Last week I made a “woe is me, I have no friends in DC” post and then walked away and a bunch of people told me to go to HH and I missed it.

    Rave: Had a wonderful 3-day weekend, complete with a beautiful hike in the Shenandoah mountains

    • GiantSquid

      My hair stylist this weekend was talking about how hard it was to meet folks in DC and I responded “You should go to a PoPville Happy Hour!”

    • Accountering

      Come to the next one! It is a friendly group of people, of which our only connection is the fact that we all like to waste time at work posting on this website 🙂

      With that said, who is planning the next one? There were some people pointing to actually hosting one of these in Petworth (gasp!) and I know Chez Billy was thrown out there.

      I think next couple of neighborhoods have to be Petworth, and then Navy Yard (which screams for BlueJacket)

      • Pablo, a self-declared “worst planner,” suggested a Sunday evening potluck picnic at Meridian Hill Park near the drummers sometime in June.

    • skj84

      If your in town on Sunday there are still spots open for the PopVille brunch at Ambar! Reso is at 1:00pm

  • skj84

    Rave: Fabulous Weekend. Went to a wedding, spent time on a friends boat and went to the beach.

    Rant: going to see the doctor about my leg today. It’s still really sore.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Had an amazing weekend! Great time with the family, and all of our friends who joined.
    Rave2: Wake boarding. What a fun sport. This is my second summer getting to do it, and excited to see where I get to as I keep getting to work at it over the summer.
    Rave3: Awesome week coming up. Thinking I am going to run a 10K or so tonight. Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather.
    Rave4: Leaving for Miami with a couple of good friends Friday morning and not coming back till Monday.
    Rave5: Two short weeks in a row!
    Rant: None.

  • Rave: lot of friend time over the weekend
    Rant: rooftop pool and deck were overrun by drunk bros who mostly did not live in the building
    Rant: one of said drunk bros put their hands on the weekend concierge lady, one of the nicest persons i know. NOT COOL BRO NOT COOL
    Rant: building management needs to sort out this “guest” policy and enforcement. i don’t pay the rent i do to be provide free fucking summer entertainment for others who don’t live there.
    Rave: four day work week

  • Rant(?): Saw a woman who had fainted or was otherwise unconscious at one of the Farragut North exits this morning. Hope she’s ok.

    • Yeah I saw that too. Looked like she was out cold. EMS hadn’t arrived yet, but there was a cop there. Props to the guy who was blocking one of the escalators up so that there wouldn’t be a flood of people stepping over the sick woman at the top.

  • Rave: lot of friend time over the weekend
    Rant: rooftop pool and deck were overrun by drunk bros who mostly did not live in the building
    Rant: one of said drunk bros put their hands on the weekend concierge lady, one of the nicest persons i know. NOT COOL BRO NOT COOL
    Rant: building management needs to sort out this “guest” policy and enforcement. i don’t pay the rent i do to be provide free summer entertainment for others who don’t live there.
    Rave: four day work week

  • Rant: In the category of “One of many lessons we could learn from other countries” – European countries hold elections over multiple days, including weekends. Clearly, there is an attempt made to make it as easy as possible for motivated people to turn out and vote. In this country, the trend has been going in the opposite direction – it’s getting harder and harder to vote, particularly for minorities and young people. There’s no good reason for an election to be held on a Tuesday. Election Day should be Election Weekend.

    • Um, actually, while the European Parliament election as a whole was over a four-day weekend, within each country the election was on a particular day during that weekend (the only exception being the Czech Republic, where voting occurred both Friday and Saturday). Think of it as being similar to the Presidential primary elections in our country, which actually stretch over half a year, but where voting in each state is limited to a single day.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Dog was limping off of back paw, Mr. Squid and I trimmed the paw hair back and found a splinter in-between his pads from a tree seed. Pulled it, cleaned it, he stopped limping today. No expensive vet visit and non-limpy dog!
    Rant: Mr. Squid is out on travel. Again. Very not happy about this and neither is he.
    Revel: The stylist I trust to do highlights on my hair, moved back to DC, so I got to see her this weekend, catch up, and get some fun summer color put in.
    Revel: Gorgeous weekend! Checked out Union Market when it wasn’t packed, grilled, walked, biked.
    Revel: Have jokingly (?) agreed with Mr. Squid that after last 5K on evil loan of doom is paid off as well as credit card, we should quit our jobs and bike across the US.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: back at work after a leisurely long weekend.
    Rave: successfully cleaned out closet and took inventory of my wardrobe and still managed to enjoy the out of doors.
    Rave: Newly clean closed allowed me to buy 2 new pairs of shoes and 2 new hats for the summer 😀
    Rave: Holiday sales

  • anonymouse_dianne

    FYI someone was ranting about blueberries last week. Notice that Whole Foods has frozen wild blueberries on sale! 🙂

  • Spotted this morning outside Park Morton: Woman taking out the trash in a too-small tanktop, and very-much-too-small underwear that did not even begin to cover the subject, and NOTHING ELSE. And then she paused to chat with a neighbor. She was in no rush to get back inside. I spent that whole 60-second light at Georgia Ave with a mostly-naked 300+ pound woman in my peripheral vision. (And then I asked myself… would it have been any less remarkable if she had been a 125 pound woman? I think not, because I’m simply not accustomed to seeing that much exposed crack on anyone, no matter their size.)

    • Haha I love this because I also saw a woman in her undies this morning! 12th and K – leopard print thong. Obviously she was a working lady on her way home from the night shift. She just sauntered over to the bus stop and stood there – along with a fully dressed bystander – waiting for the bus. She was about 125 pounds, and no, it was no less remarkable that she was hanging out in her undies in broad daylight. 🙂

  • Rave: So much excellent food this weekend, enjoyed in excellent weather.

    Rant: Charged by two off-leash dogs in Rock Creek Park yesterday while running. In the morning by an Australian shepherd/cattle dog mix – sprinted at me, barked, lunged, but didn’t snap. Hard to tell how much he was playing. In the evening, near the same spot, by a freaking pitbull who was very much not playing. Charged, barked angrily, lunged, then grabbed by his owner, who seemed mildly concerned.

    WTF, people. I really, really love dogs. I like it when they try to play with me while I’m running, and I’m happy to pet them if they come up and say hi. I don’t want to start kicking them out of fear when they run at me.

  • Rant: Last night, a beloved DC actor was violently attacked in downtown Silver Spring. He has been in the ER since then and will be having surgery for a shattered cheekbone and other facial injuries this afternoon.

    A GoFundMe account has been set up to support his recovery. Please consider donating for Frank Britton.



  • Rave: Great time at the beach this past weekend. I didn’t realize just how much I missed my beach friends.
    Rave: Travel wasn’t THAT bad, even with the holiday weekend.
    Rave: Going without the boot today at work has been fine. I’ve only got a little discomfort and I think that’s just my body adjusting to being out of it after having it on for five days.
    Rave: I’m excited for plans this week!
    Rant/Rave: I was supposed to drive to Durham on Friday to run a race with my ex-sister-in-law this weekend. We’re still friends and we’ve bonded over doing races together. However, there’s no way that I can run this race and I would love a weekend at home. Plus I’m not sure how the foot will hold up during the drive, since I haven’t driven at all and don’t have any plans to this week. Is it bitchy to cancel and try to find another race that we can run together sometime this summer? (She already knows about the injury…I gave her the heads up when it happened.)

    • Don’t run a race if you’re injured. It’s not a question of bitchy, it’s just common sense.

      • I am not running either way – but since I’m not running, and that was the central purpose of the trip, I’m wondering if postponing the travel to Durham is bitchy of me.

  • Rant: Wedding expenses. Man, I really thought we were going to get away with something inexpensive (cheap venue, can bring in own food and booze, minimal need to decorate), but all those small other things just add up. Anyone have any recommendations for a relatively inexpensive photographer?

    • What do you consider relatively inexpensive? After finding all the photographers I was drawn to were charging $6k+, I was happy to find someone with a package around $2k. I could provide her details if you want, or we met with a guy who was around $1600 who I could provide details for, but we preferred the woman we went with.

      • Those would be helpful, thanks! msweitze [at] gmail. It seemed hard to find a balance between $4000-6000 for most wedding packages vs. a few chain-ish places for around $1000.

        I’m also wondering whether it’s worth it to try to negotiate rates, such as no engagement session, 4-5 hours vs. a full day, etc., since so many offer that inclusive (out of my price range) package.

        • Wait, you’re doing BYO but still paying $2k for a photographer?
          Yes, wedding expenses are ridiculous. I’m dodging this one by renting pro equipment for $500 and recruiting my friend (who no longer owns pro equipment but is a stellar photog and shot a few weddings in college) to take some pics as his wedding gift. As for the reception, literally everyone else will be taking pictures the whole time. Set up a flickr stream and crowd-source it! This is how I’m paying $9k for a 150-person wedding.

          • justinbc

            Everyone has different priorities. For her, the priority might be high quality images that she will have forever, rather than how drunk she can get her guests.

    • epric002

      we used http://www.moenazemi.com/ and were very pleased with his work.

    • For my sister’s wedding a few years ago, she ended up using someone from a local photography school. I think my mom just went in and asked someone at the school for a recommendation on an advanced student. It was a win win- the price was cheap, the pictures were really good, and the photographer got to build her portfolio.

  • Rave: wonderful vacation in dominica. more relaxed than i’ve been in years – what a fabulous island.
    Rant/Question: The ugly chain link fence in our back yard is starting to bother me. Trying to find a super fast growing vine to cover it as quickly as possible. Any suggestions?

    • Be careful what you wish for — a vine that’s that fast-growing is likely to solve one problem but create another.

    • Scarlet runner beans are good – and attract hummingbirds. Moonvine is fast growing and has beautiful white blooms at night. Cypress vine might also be a good choice. These are all annuals. We have a red honeysuckle vine (perennial) that seems to be more well-behaved than the more common variety (and it also attracts hummingbirds).

      • Emmaleigh504

        Does these vines have deep roots? I really want to grow vines on my railing, but have limited room for roots since it’s not a real balcony. The ledge is about 5 inches wide.

        • The roots of annuals generally don’t go too deep. Perennials can have deep roots depending on what you grow.

    • Clematis, when it’s happy, will absolutely take over. Which is ok as long as it doesn’t get into trees and shrubs. But it probably will, since it’s perennial and spreads year after year. Some varieties bloom twice a year, and most varieties have spectacular flowers whether they bloom once or twice.

    • justinbc

      trumpet vine and wisteria both grow very quickly. i’m partial to the fragrance from honeysuckle and jasmine.

      • My neighbors have a huge hedge of honeysuckle and the fragrance is amazing. Something I learned as a kid was how to drink the nectar from a flower – occasionally I’ll pick a blossom for that wee drop of sweet

        • justinbc

          Yeah, we had it a lot growing wild out in the forest in NC (the regular white/yellowish kind). I miss the smell of it, and can pick it out immediately still whenever we drive by some.

    • Please consider planting native species! Especially if you’re planting something fast-growing (textdoc’s comment is spot on), if it’s fast growing and invasive then you and your neighbors have got a potential problem. Honeysuckle, pipevine, trumpet creeper are good choices for vines. Muscadine grapes would have the added benefit of giving you some fruit (if the birds don’t get it first)!

      • Thanks to all! Looks like honeysuckle is a contender! Anon @ 2:30, Do you know of any native species of dark green ivy plants that might grow quickly? I’m particularly fond of the ivy on the patio at Big Bear Cafe in Bloomingdale…

        • justinbc

          If you want to have a look at some, the Merrifield out in Fairfax has a huge selection of climbers. The location in Merrifield has a decent selection as well, but the Fairfax one has quite a bit more.

        • Don’t plant English Ivy!! It’s a plague!! I don’t know what’s at Big Bear, but if it’s English Ivy please find an alternative!!
          Green Spring Gardens, run by Fairfax County, has some really helpful fact sheets to help you select plants. Check out the “vines” page at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/greenspring/gardening.htm

          • I was surprised to see English ivy for sale at Home Depot the other day — the first time I’d heard of English ivy was a year or so ago when the Rock Creek Park Conservancy (I think that was the name) was enlisting volunteers to remove as much English ivy as possible.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Ooh thanks for the link! This will give me great ideas for my tiny garden.

          • NPS has a great resource “Native Plants for Wildlife and Conservation”

        • magpies

          Virginia creeper is climber that turns red in autumn and whose berries birds really enjoy. I don’t know much about using it in landscaping, but I think it grows at a good clip.

          Be mindful what you get if you go with honeysuckle or wisteria. There are native and nonnative/invasive varieties available. Here’s a neat pub from the NY Botanical Garden about native versus nonnative plants: http://www.nybg.org/files/scientists/rnaczi/Mistaken_Identity_Final.pdf

  • Rave: although I live in Arlington I ventured to Ambar (due to all the high reviews here) on sunday to celebrate my bf being 2 years seizure free 😀
    Rave 2: boss is out of the office until next week!
    Rave 3: 4 day work week but only in offce for 3…wooo telework friday

    No rants at least yet…maybe next week especially since I am not looking forward to the weekend. 🙁

  • justinbc

    Random: Someone had mentioned at the last happy hour that they would like to setup a PoPville group to do one of the Green Hat bottlings I had mentioned. Here’s the info from their latest email, if whoever you were would like to pursue it:
    Another quick email: Friday night bottlings have been a success two weeks in a row, which means we’re going to put these guys into regular rotation! We’ll be signing up for the next two Fridays (5/30+6/6), but see below for directions. We’re also looking for some help pouring gin and working our tasting bar–if that sounds interesting to you, we also have more info on that.
    First and foremost, though, is our Friday bottlings, which will go from 6-8:30pm. It’ll be a fun time, with G+T’s, pizza and one of us spinning vinyl. Also, some gin bottling. Sort of like a party, but with a production line atmosphere.
    If you’d like to come help us out on one of the next two Friday nights, May 30th and June 6th, from 6-8:30pm, click here to send us an email by noon tomorrow (5/28). Indicate if you can come on either date or just one. We’ll likely have more interest than spots, and if that’s the case, we’ll pick randomly and let you know later that night. Good luck!

  • Rant: Woke up really early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.
    Rave: Used the extra time to plant some things in the yard.
    Rant: Good god, yardwork can be exhausting. Especially weeding.
    Rave: Glad my yard isn’t any bigger than it is.
    Rant: Didn’t finish planting everything.
    Rave: The forecast for Friday and Saturday looks nice (high of 79 — which is what the temperature was when I was out this morning). Will hope the plants can hang on until then.

  • Rave: Spent a lovely weekend hanging out with friends who live in close-in PG county. Rolling lawns, grilling on the deck, enjoying good times with life-long friends – who have become family. All of us born and raised and educated in DC.: Reminiscing about life back in the day in Petworth.
    Rant: Reading through some of the comments on the “Capitol Hill” post.
    Rave: Got a nice stash of summer dresses.
    Rave: Pool is OPEN!

  • Three day week. Off on Friday for–

    Jeopardy! audition!!!

    Trying not to think about it too much to avoid nerves. If nothing else, it’s quick – only 9-12.

    It will be an adventure.

  • Rave: Awesome clients this weekend, really need to plan a outstanding happy hour for them all.
    Rave: Outstanding weather
    Rant: Apartment shopping on Friday – Arrived at my appointment, glanced around the waiting area, noticed a qualification sheet (uh-oh). Apparently to rent an apartment in a up and coming area, I need to make between 25-45K, to rent a $975 apartment. So I make too much money, ok, but who at $25K can afford $975.00?

  • Rave: Popville Happy Hours? Tell me more! I know nuth-ink.
    Rave: Washington just looks soooo good these days. Each time I turn around, there’s a new building.
    Rant: My neighbor treats me as his gopher. Time for some “Just say no” therapy.

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