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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: I had an awesome, low key birthday that included a surprise visit from my friends/neighbors who showed up with homemade pie.
    Rant: The length of my to do list (for both home and work) frightens me.
    Rave: I worked out both days during my work trip (that’s a record for me). I’m trying to keep this up as I go into a new year. Yoga tonight!
    Rave: This weather, my friends, my awesome partner, my fat, fuzzy kitty. Life is good, really good, right now.

  • Rave: Finally did that thing of sneaking into a classical music performance at the Kennedy Center by waiting until intermission, walking in like you belong and picking the best seats that stay empty after the doors close to sit in.
    Rant: We actually had tickets but just couldn’t find one, and we overstayed happy hour rather than arriving late on purpose, so it was less subversive than it might have been.

    Rave: Good music, though. Up-and-comer Steven Jackiw on violin and Anna Polonsky of piano playing some very peppy Brahms.

  • Rant: The post yesterday about the guy who wants a girl to move into a 1 br with him to make rent cheaper revealed a lot about people on this site and how they view republicans. Very sad that people actually believe was ‘mainstream’ media tells them is a republican, its a spectrum not an end point. I wish people could be more open minded about people who have different views as them (we all cant be right about everything)
    Rave: Looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the long weekend

    • justinbc

      I’m hoping that a lot of those posters weren’t regular users. I like to think we’re a bit more tolerant than that, but I could be wrong.

      • I assumed that a lot of those posts were made in jest in response to a CL ad that was clearly a joke. I could be wrong though.

    • +1 I was more in disbelief as to why people didn’t just enjoy the humor of the post. Some people are just gullible and thats why I’m never surprised when someone post a story on here about being scammed.

    • I think it’s also an indication of the level of discourse that many people have both on the Interwebs and off of it. Never assume people are actually intellectually engaged. Instead of participating in respectful debates and reading a wide range of literature and thought pieces, it is much easier to be shrill and scream, “You disagree with me, and I don’t know what to do but shout and yell that you’re a heartless meany.” I have friends from both sides of the aisle. I respect them because we can talk about serious things without ad hominem attacks. What you saw on the PoP yesterday was kind of embarassing. Those who live in ideological bubbles must have fun with their one-sided reading and their one-sided conversations. I’m uncomfortable being around only Dems or only Republicans, but that’s me. Ideological insularity is unhealthy and intellectually boring.

    • “Very sad that people actually believe what ‘mainstream’ media tells them is a republican,.
      Actually, that’s not how we get our idea of what a Republican is. It’s more about who Repubs allow to speak for them – Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, etc. When your biggest voices are hate spewing, science denying bigots, it tends to taint your brand.

      • Same can be said for Dems. What is the point?

      • Actually I get what I believe about Republicans from the Party Platform. Have you ever read what the Party itself says it stands for? If you call yourself a Republican, you are aligning yourself with the an organization that clearly states it is anti-gay, anti-choice and anti-government.

        • Who is saying that? The right wing of the party – sure. Dems also have a fairly vocal left wing that is equally as scary. The point is to have an open mind and respect peoples opinions, unless they are shitting on yours and being disrespectful. Most people fall somewhere between the two extreams. I am just getting tired of identifying with republican party (which i think rand paul is pushing to change the image of the party) and being classified as a white racist. That is literally how dems make me feel. Sad.

        • +1
          Pretty much this. As a Democrat, I like that my party platform is inclusive of everyone and deals with the world in shades of grey. Democrats tend to live in the real world as it exists. Is it perfect? Of course not. But at least it’s based in some semblance of reality.
          Though, I do have numerous issues with the corporatist, big money, pro-surveillance wing of the Dems. They’re really no different than the big money GOP backers (who use social issues to get the “useful idiots” to vote on their behalf).

    • ” I wish people could be more open minded about people who have different views as them ”

      What a hilarious thing for a self described Republican to say.

      • jesus christ, tom, you again. I am trying to get somewhere and you just keep coming in with this snyde remarks. Just leave because obviously you have no respect for anyones opinions that arent yours. We dont want you to participate in this thread.

        • I say this in all seriousness, but I think Tom is likely mentally unstable. Given his near hysterical rants and irrational responses, he seems to be having a hard time. He also was accidentally posting links to something that was irrelevant, including Army education benefits. Tom, if you are having struggles, you might want to talk to someone. I say that in all seriousness. After reading through your stuff yesterday, I saw a person who is full of anger and not very happy. Consider a therapist.

    • I get my views about Republicans from Republicans’ voting records and the Republican party platform. The speak for themselves.

      • I agree if you listen to the right people (john stewart) you will have a perception of the party as it currently is (not good, not liked), I am socially open minded (i dont care who you marry, ect), do you! But there are realities also (our government is massively in debt), we cant afford to keep kicking the can down the road. I believe the party is undergoing a great transformation (watch our for Rand Paul 2016, laugh all you want)…but he is taking us to the future of being an inclusive party that is fiscally responsible and will not tolerate “big brother” type government that infrindges on our rights as americans. Is he perfect no, but its a massive improvement from Rick Perry, or whoever that guy was that ran last election…

        • Fiscal responsibility is taxing the rich.

        • “Kicking the can down the road” is one of the most ridiculous and meaningless political phrases ever. Kicking the can down the road is exactly the point of the game “kick the can.” What else are you supposed to do with the can? Kicking it down the road does not mean that you are postponing the moment in which you can take said can and turn it into a car or a bridge. It is just a game for idle children.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Awesome turnout for the happy hour last night, thanks for coming out everyone! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves 🙂 Sorry they cut the HH pricing off at 6, hopefully you still found something desirable to whet your palates.
    Rave: Great conversation with the Aussie bartender Ben and another PoPviller that extended well into the night about a litany of great DC topics, mostly old school rock and neighborhood evolution, two of my favorite subjects.
    Random: We’ve got quite a few anonymous attendees who need assistance in coming up with usernames, let’s get on it people! 🙂

  • Rant: Being taken to the exam room at the ENT office and sitting there for 15 minutes waiting for the DR.

    Rave: The above rant is a lie. Perfect opportunity to rifle through cabinet drawers and take selfies in front of the Esophagus poster.

    Rant: The Dr., in response to my slow healing lip dexterity issues said “The mouth is like a sphincter. “

    Rave: The above rant is a lie since I got to reply “DID YOU JUST COMPARE MY MOUTH TO A SPHINCTER?”

    Good times at the Dr’s office!

    Bonus Rave: After all the problems I’ve heard of late with people having packages stolen, mad props to my UPS guy who left a package in my empty recycling bin.

    • Whatttt! That is awesome. Go UPS! Also- I never thought of the endless selfie possibilities in a doctors office- good on you.

    • My UPS guy does that too! I love him.

    • My ninth grade biology teacher used to say the same thing. He said the mouth is actually dirtier.

      • And you had your sphincter before you had your mouth.

        • Well, you weren’t made up of very many cells at the time, but you formed your anus before you formed your mouth. The word for this is deuterstome, which I didn’t completely remember, so I had to look up and I had the joy of learning that in Greek that means “second mouth.”

      • I don’t think that was the point he was trying to make but at that point tasteless jokes started flying and we never got back to that topic.

    • Not if I get to it first 😉

  • mtpgal

    Rave: Thank you SO much to the kind man who shared his umbrella last night while waiting for the 42. I was wearing a white dress and it would have turned into a peep show. I really can’t thank you enough!

  • Question: How do folks who have/are having children feel about mothers being present during labor and/or delivery? I don’t have any children yet, and will not be the person giving birth, but I feel like the delivery portion especially is a really special moment that cements the creation of a new family unit, and should be about the new parents and children–I think I’d feel like having my MIL present would be intrusive. However, I also see the argument that, as the person who isn’t delivering, my opinion is pretty inconsequential in the matter, and above all I want to support my partner. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?

    • So, I don’t have kids yet, but we’re trying to start a family. I wouldn’t want my mom, my stepmother, or my MIL present, but that’s just because of my relationships/family dynamics. I was present (as a birth coach) at the birth of a dear friend’s baby last summer, and it was such a moving experience and honor to be trusted as part of that family moment. My friend’s mom arrived after the birth because the baby came early, but the plan was for her to be there. And they shared a really powerful, moving moment in the hospital room (but they are extremely close anyway). It was incredibly moving, and I do wish that I would share a similar moment with my own mom, but given how our family works, it just wouldn’t happen.

      That’s a long-winded way of saying that I really think it depends on the individuals, their sense of closeness and/or privacy, and the family dynamics. Personally, I would only want my partner and my best friend there. Other people can visit after labor & delivery and some rest/quiet family time has happened.

    • mtpgal

      I have gone through labor and I see your point as it was a bonding experience for my husband and I. However, the person giving birth should have absolute say in these sorts of things. It is an intense and painful experience and if she wants her mom I totally get that. I would also note that a nurse is with you quite a lot and folks come in and out so it’s not like it’ll just be the two of you when the action starts. Most of all, congratulations!

      • +1 to “However, the person giving birth should have absolute say in these sorts of things. It is an intense and painful experience and if she wants her mom I totally get that.”
        If you’re not the one giving birth, it’s not your call. (I gather the OP’s partner is the one giving birth, the partner wants her mom there, and the OP doesn’t.)

        • Agreed. The most important bonding is between child and parents. The grandparents will have unconditional love no matter what. They won’t have the hormonal connection, though, so I wouldn’t worry about a “missed opportunity” if they aren’t present.

          My parents live far away and my in laws are local. They in laws were at the hospital but certainly not in the room with us. My parents traveled down after the birth. Worked well for us and it’s what I needed/wanted as the mother giving birth.

        • I was happy to not have my mom there, because I wouldn’t have gotten to experience it so closely with my husband. I had a *very* long labor, so it might have been nice for my husband to have some support and help with some things. But overall, I’m really happy that it was just my husband and I – such a special experience that’s just ours! That being said, it’s how I wanted it, if you feel differently, then you should do differently!

    • Absolutely NO way would I want anyone other than my spouse and the medical folks present. Not every thing in life needs an audience (or a video or pic). My late mother in law was truly a wonderful and lovely person but no way in hell would she be present. Its also way out of line for ANYONE to ask to be present. talk about overbearing. If your presence is requested then the mom will ask you herself. Child birth is a hot mess. and more than just that baby is coming out…

      • I also want to add that I didn’t find the birthing experience to be particularly “bonding” . There was a nurse for most of the pushing, I don’t really rememer her at all. The dr comes in for the last few pushes and then another nurse and a pediatrician was on stand by due to some potential issues. It was pretty busy with set up etc. I wasn’t gazing into my husbands eyes or anything after an hour of pushing. Baby comes out, we didn’t get to do any of the bonding things such as cutting the cord, skin to skin contact, holding the baby, starting breastfeeding etc because the baby needed to be examined. they wrapped her up, let me kiss her and away she went. I didn’t hold her until two hours later. Its a bit of a myth that women hold the baby and feel instant love. I think most women just don’t want to admit it. Its all so life changing it takes time to process. I fell in love wtih my baby through caring for her etc..over weeks etc. She is truly the light of my life. I think women are setting themselves for massive shock and disappointment trying to orchestrate bonding/special moments with child birth. its a means to an end….

        • I agree. If anything, I think BEFORE the actual birthday (which was lovely), my partner actually witnessed some stuff he wished he hadn’t. The moment of birth and the moments after are beautiful. The stages leading up to that are dirty, sweaty and awful.

        • Greatest day of my life, even though I forgot to play the music we picked out.

    • How does your partner feel? She may be your MIL, but she’s your partner’s mother. If she wants her mother there to help her during the delivery, I think that matters more.

    • That is solely up to the mom giving birth. EVERY decision about the actual birth should be made at the mother’s discretion, since – despite all the PC bs – she is the only one that actually gives birth. The father’s only role is to be supportive. Period. Full stop.

      I didn’t have my mom in there with me. She was long distance and honestly, her help came much more useful after the baby was born.

      • Sorry, in this day and age I should refer to “partner” and not “father.” Sorry.

        • Or you could just say “husband or wife, or unmarried partner, or significant other, or co-parent or other person who may be responsible for raising the child.” See how easy that is?

          • I think I’ll stick with partner, instead of getting into the little details that some people enjoy pushing on others. It covers all the bases.

      • I have to disagree with this. Questions like who’s there, the music, etc., absolutely. Questions that involve the baby’s health should not be addressed by just one parent. As a practical matter, it’s really going to be the mother’s call, but the “I get to make all decisions” attitude really sets a bad tone for a co-parenting relationship.

        • Right but almost every decision made prior to birth involves the comfort of the mother. I’m not talking about whether or not she wants to go on a boozy binge, I’m talking about whether or not she gets to have an epidural, or do a natural birth, or have a doula, or a water birth, or whatever. Her body, her experience, her comfort, her decision.

          Everything after, yes. Absolutely co-parenting. But this whole “WE” thing when it comes to actual child birth just seems like a modern way to get fathers to feel like they’re more relevant beyond a great supporter.

          • “Partners…” SORRY I AM TERRIBLE.

          • The part of your prior post that bothered me was “The father’s only role is to be supportive. Period. Full stop.” SImilarly, in SFT’s post below, “I think that if you are pushing another human out of your body then, for that day, you get to make all of the calls!”
            Lots of decisions during the birthing process can have a significant impact on the health of the child. As I said, if it comes down to a difference of opinion, the mother’s will be the one that wins. But to suggest that the father/partner/whatever no other function than to support the mother, and really doesn’t have an interest otherwise, is bordeline insulting.
            At the end of the day, the birth is not about the mother, it’s about the child. And this notion that it’s all about the mother, that her whims are the only thing that matters really misses the point.

          • You can be insulted, that’s okay, but it’s the truth. The *partner’s* role is only to be supportive on the day of birth. Child birth is one of the most emotional, taxing and excruciating thing a mom can go through, and to say that a partner should have a say..sure, if the mom thinks the partner should have say, that’s fine. But it is ultimately up to the mom until that baby comes out. If the doctor says, “you need a c-section,” would the partner have a right to say, “no, she’s not having a c-section, because I don’t want her to.” No. If mom decides that the pain is too much and she needs an epidural, would the partner say, “no, I don’t want her having an epidural because I’m afraid it’ll make my baby all dopey.” No. Hopefully she asks for input from a supportive partner, but ultimately, they are all her decisions, because she is doing the work.

            This is my point. You’re right, the birth is not about the mom. It’s about the mom AND the baby, and making sure both are healthy. They survived child birth long before there was a supportive partner in the room.

        • I totally disagree. Coparenting and pushing a human out of your body are two totally different things. I would not have wanted anyone else to see me in some of those positions…and oh, there were positions!! I think that if you are pushing another human out of your body then, for that day, you get to make all of the calls!

    • I also say whoever is giving birth gets to make the call. My mom knows a lot about labor and delivery, and I would want her there, especially to communicate with the doctors. I am thinking you will have many sweeter memories for your new family unit than when your partner is pushing a child through her birth canal.

    • I don’t think your opinion doesn’t matter–it’ll be a big moment for you, too–but if having her mom there would be important and a comfort to her, I think that’s what you want to have happen even if it wouldn’t be your first choice. And I think MtP Gal has a great point about other people being there anyway, so it’s a shared moment regardless.

    • Honestly, my birth experience was not a really special moment that cemented the creation of a new family unit. It was amazing and the outcome was great, but during the moment, I was just thinking about getting that baby out. I would not want my mother or anyone else there, but if I had, I think that my partner has a responsibility to say ok. You’re not the one doing the work. I had a doula and would absolutely insist on that for the next babies- again, I don’t think my husband has a say in that.

    • My wife had two kids –well, my girlfriend one and my wife one, but that’s another story — and I was present at the delivery of both and in my cynical opinion in my opinion the whole bonding aspect of the shared birth experience is bullshit (though, I think she did appreciate having a friend in her corner as they pried the tykes loose). You have many years of real life trauma and joy in a natural non-sterile environment where you, not highly trained professional, run the show and make the decisions. That’s when you bond.
      But that’s just me.

      • LMAO at “pried the tykes loose”

        • A caesarean birth involves a lot more effort by the doctor than you might think and, possibly, a crowbar.

          • Totally! And in that moment I did get to gaze into my husband’s eyes and tell him that I loved him while the doctor pried my tyke loose 🙂

          • As someone who went through a c-section, I second this. Not the crowbar part but the effort part. My MIL thought it was no big deal – in her day they knocked you out. Yeah, it’s still major surgery for which you are awake.

    • I’m pregnant and have a close relationship with both my mom and MIL and there’s no way I would want either of them in the delivery room with me, unless my husband couldn’t be there. For me, I think bringing my mom/his mom into the birth experience would make me feel like a kid. This is an important first step for us as a family.

    • Thank you for so many great and insightful comments! A couple things here: I think honestly my hesitance probably reflects more about me/larger apprehensions I have than it does my partner’s mother or the actual birth moment. Also, I love how many folks pointed out how society often romanticizes birth/the birthing process as this “magical moment” by default–I’m sure it *is* magical for some people, but “the magic” is probably more dependent on the people than the act of giving birth itself. Finally, thank you to all those who did not default to “father,” or who checked themselves on their language—the only way we get to a more inclusive society is by going a little out of our way in the details.

      • mtpgal

        One other thing to think about: My daughter’s birth went south and she had to be rushed to another hospital with a trauma unit (she’s 100% fine now). If, heaven forbid, that happens to your family then it would be very helpful to have someone else around. I was alone in the hospital for a day and looking back I really needed someone. This is very unusual (knocking on a lot of wood) but even if things go perfectly it can be helpful to have another helper afterwards.

    • saf

      “How do folks who have/are having children feel about mothers being present during labor and/or delivery?”

      I keep reading this and thinking, “Well OF COURSE the mother will be present!”

    • IMO, the person giving birth gets to choose on this particular matter. It is a deeply personal issue, fraught with all kinds of emotion. In my case, my mother was present for the births of two of my children (and juuust missed the other’s birth; middle child was just a little too quick).
      I loved having my mother there, and my husband also liked it. After the birth, the baby is being checked out, but there is also stuff that happens to the mother (delivery of the placenta, stitches as needed, etc.) where she might like support. I got bad shakes each time, for example, and had hemorrhaged after one birth. Having my mother there to stay with me allowed my husband to be on the other end of the room with the baby and not feel guilty or like he was abandoning me to deal with the immediate postpartum stuff alone.

      But, my mother and I have a very close relationship, and I could trust that she would be supportive without being intrusive.

  • Rant: 16th Street, NW isn’t wide enough to install Metro bus lanes. If DDOT install bus lanes, this will take a lane from vehicular traffic, causing a traffic nightmare for motorists. DDOT should have never installed the median on 16th Street, NW going North towards Silver Spring. This took about lanes on this route.

    • Rant: 16th Street NW isn’t wide enough for personal motorists. Maybe make it HOV2 in one line and dedicate the other to a bus lane?

      • The bus lanes could go from Columbia Heights South, that is where the really traffic issue lies. Especially just north of Euclid Street, U street, and I/K Street.

    • People in cars take up a lot of space and create traffic. Buses are far more efficient.

    • There are studies on this. The effect on traffic isn’t always as obvious as you think.

  • Rave: All my friends who used to look down on me for living in dangerous DC are now begging me for help in finding a house in Petworth, they find they can’t afford my neighborhood now ( I told them to buy back when prices were good) but luckily Brightwood is still relatively affordable. Crazy growth has happened in my 20 years here… man!

    Rant: Back to work, burning the 8hrs a day is tedious. Def. something I didn’t miss while I was off work. I need to start my own IT business, but fear I would be (that guy) guy taking every other day off. There’s full time and part time work, why don’t we invent 3/4 time?!?!

    Rave: I love my car, and no matter how much bicyclists hate them, and when speed cameras tax me, I’m not giving it up!

    Rant: Bad Coffee at shoddy DC/VA cafes… The number one reason I won’t return. Have good coffee and great baked goods if you want to keep business flowing.

    • Amen on 3/4 (or 4/5) time! I’d be willing to take the corresponding paycut to have that luxury. The crazy part is, I think I’d still be able to complete everything I need to by being speedy and efficient. The Europeans are on to something…

      • Same here. Although if that became normal here I fear PoP would be out of a job. 😉

      • Emmaleigh504

        I could get just as much work done with 3/4 time. My brain gives out after that much time anyway, so I’m basically getting paid to be a warm body for 1/4 of my work.

        • My brothers work freelance and I’m amazed at their discipline… I take one day off – wake up, do minor chores and hop on reddit/POP and suddenly it’s 6pm… In all fairness most days on a regular job have about 4 dead hours of gossip/lunch/internet surfing in them anyway (outside of meetings and real work).

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yeah, I totally do NOT have the discipline to be freelance or self employed. I would spend all day goofing off. I need the structure of my job to keep me working, but I do not need to be here for 40 hours a week to do my job.

          • I’m freelance and I find it isn’t hard to be disciplined because the risks/rewards are so much more obvious. I either get stuff done and get paid, I don’t get stuff done and don’t get paid, or I goof off during the workday and then my nights and weekends are screwed. When I work/worked at offices, I have a harder time being disciplined because I get paid regardless, and leave when the hours are up.

      • I have a group of Swiss friends and none of them work 100% – one is 70%, another 35%, etc. For the most part, friends in other European countries are in similar situations.
        Right now I’m probably working 75%, it goes up and down but usually less than 100% which is how I’d like to keep it (and being a consultant means I have this flexibility).

      • agreed. I worked four days/32 hour weeks for an entire summer after maternity leave. My productivity was probably higher than normal because 1) I really appreciated the schedule and didn’t want people to think I was slacking and 2) less time to waste really pushed me to focus on the four days I was in the office 3) most jobs can be done in less time.
        It was awesome even with the 20% pay cut. So of course because it was successful and I was happy and productive, my agency made me stop after 4 months…Thank govt! back to the five day grind…and spending time posting on Pop 🙂

    • The New York Times just put out an improved rent vs buy calculator which lets you input the rate that housing prices and rents are increasing. Once I did that it said that I’m better off owning, even if my rent was free! And this is for a house we only bought three years ago.

      • I know, I just used it! I sometimes am struck with a little buyer’s remorse, but I can’t rent a place like mine for $850/month. That makes me feel a bit better.

  • Fifty Senators call on NFL to change the football team name. Let’s dispense with defending this ignorant slur already. Sadly the NFL responded by saying, we don’t use the word with an intent to offend, so it is cool with us. Say what?

    • justinbc

      Well it’s not something that’s regulated by Congress, so I don’t see why it matters that Senators dislike it anymore than bankers or violinists or deep sea divers.

      • The NFL enjoys a carve out in the tax code entitling it to tax exempt status. That’s why they should care that 50 senators don’t like the name.

      • There is a government to government relationship between the US Government and Tribal Nations; having the Senators speak up is outstanding.

        • justinbc

          I agree that it’s great for them to speak up (I am not a Redskins fan, and don’t really care what they change the name to or if it’s changed), I just don’t think it will have any bearing in terms of what the NFL will do about it. They’ve made their position pretty clear already, and there’s still the fact that at the end of the day it’s a privately owned and operated business with an owner who’s stated IN ALL CAPS that he’s never changing the name.

          • Not saying its going to change anything, but having voices added to the cause is great. That’s all.

      • The NFL, and other sports leagues, are exempted from anti-trust laws and a number of other regulations that protect consumers, workers, etc. If they want to abide by these regulations and then not pay attention to lawmakers, then let them. Until then…

    • I am not advocating that it be made illegal. Just that we recognize it for what it is, an ignorant racial slur, that we should get rid of. Basically, do the right thing here, NFL. But you need more voices saying this, which is why 50 Senators getting behind it is a start.

      • Natives have been spreading their voices since before 1492, and a lot of movement has been taking place over the past 20 years against this partcular issue.

        • why dont people focus on real issues facing native americans instead of this ‘quick’ fix that will in the end do NOTHING

          • Negative stereotypes do affect people in many ways, especially youth. There is study availble that was used in the case to change the name that speciffically outlines how mascot names affected native youth etc. This is a real issue, one of many that is ties high suicide rates, substance and mental health. I do not speak on behalf of tribal nations or tribal peoples but there is far more depth to this issue.

          • Blatant racial slurs is a real issue.

          • If it’s a quick fix, why not do it?
            I don’t think it’ll have much of an effect on problems like high rates of poverty, alcoholism, suicide, and rape, but it certainly can’t hurt.
            And more importantly, it’s a slur. I think the name WILL change; the only question is when.

          • Why not fix something that can be quickly fixed. You don’t have to be against one thing to be in favor of another. We are at the apex of ignorance and stubbornness with holding on to this name. Try to come up with a team name for another minority group with a bigger population in this country and ask yourself how quickly the name would be changed. Would a Washington Yellow Skins with a Chinese caricature be tolerated? What about Washington dark skins with a big Aunt Jamima. There is honestly no difference.

  • Rant: another coup in Thailand. Hopefully this will be resolved in August when I go there

    Any suggestions on what hostels to stay at in Bangkok? thanks in advance!

    • My dad has lived in Bangkok since 1997, and it seems like they’re always having coups over there. The first time it happened I was a little worried about him, but since then they’ve happened so often that I’ve become a bit blasé about it.
      The coup/unrest probably won’t make much of a difference to your visit unless protesters block runways at the airport (which I think did happen a few years ago), and/or the nighttime curfew (I think 10 pm to 5 am) that was just instituted is still running — that would cramp your style nightlife-wise.

    • We stayed at Suk 11 when we were there (http://www.suk11.com/). Simple but nice, centrally located, and they specifically prohibit people bringing back “friends” to the hostel.

      • No friends? Next you’ll tell me I can’t go to the dart show either and then you might as well cancel the trip!

    • Coups are actually the best time in Thailand, if you’re a tourist. They keep the protestors off the street due to the curfews.
      If you’re going to the beaches or islands, this will have ZERO effect on your trip.
      Also, this is an internal matter. As a Westerner, no one is going to mess with you or even discuss the situation with you. They are extremely friendly to Americans. You should go on your trip.

  • Rant: Home from the Caribbean. Not tan, because sunscreen is a necessity for the Irish.
    Rave: Huge thanks to whoever recommended the natural pool in Aruba – Andie, I think. What a hilarious adventure in four-wheel drive – and it’s a gorgeous site. Thank you so much.
    Rave: Sister is married! New BIL is a welcome addition to the family.
    Rave: Report that I thought was due today for work is due Tuesday. More time to check everything – much relief.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: The BW parkway’s pavement is in awful, awful shape.
    Revel: Mr. Squid gets back tomorrow night.
    Rant: One of the dogs was limping this morning off one of his back legs. Nothing in his paw that I could see. Hopefully he just tweaked it, he didn’t seem to be in pain.
    Revel: Hair appointment Saturday for some highlights. Trying to keep it interesting while I grow it out and patronizing stylist who moved away and then back to DC. Gotta make the move back worth it!
    Revel: Bike fitting tonight at CapHill Bikes! Bill switched me out to a shorter stem and it makes a huge difference in my comfort and form. Now, hopefully, we can figure out why my toes get all numb and painful.

    • Would be interested on what they say about the toe problem. Is this with SPD pedals? If so, I have the same problem – when clipped in, my toes go numb, then burn, then hurt. Have to stop every few miles and loosen or take off my shoes for a few minutes. A couple of bike friends say that it’s called “hot foot” and suggested getting shoes in a larger size, getting arch support orthotics, and moving the cleats all the way back – all of which I’ve done. It’s better than it was, but still happens – thinking about taking the SPD pedals off and just using platform pedals.

      • GiantSquid

        Yup, I have Road SPD pedals and my toes start getting tingly at about 30 minutes in and around 45 minutes start going full numb/burning pain. I’ve heard the suggestion about moving the cleat back, that’s probably what we’ll try tonight. I’m also thinking I’ll need some kind of orthotic based on my podiatrist telling me I have hammer toe and the location of the issue. My shoe is definitely the right size so bigger isn’t necessarily better. I’m not completely sold on the clips but they are quite nice for the longer rides.

  • Rant: Rain postponed tryouts, possibly to this weekend which may require me to not go on the camping trip I’ve been planning with my friends 🙁
    Rant: With Cafe Asia gone there is nowhere to find affordable sushi near the White House. There is however a great place across from my home but I’ll hate myself if I buy both lunch and dinner today.
    Rave: Farmer’s Market today!
    Rave: So close to this three day weekend!

    • skj84

      Cafe Asia closed?! Wow I’m out of the loop. I’m you’re looking for sushi near the White House why don’t you try The Hamilton? They have legit sushi and from 3-6 offer it half price for Happy Hour. I’ve also heard good things about Kaz Sushi Bisto, though I’ve never been.

    • Actually, there is. If you go in the building where the Washington Sports Club/Plaza Art Materials store is (20/K), there is a hidden sushi place on the top floor, in the corner. Japanese sushi chef, food at super affordable prices. Yum.

  • Revel: Sleeping with the windows open and listening to that rain!

    • I’m with you! I love open-window weather. I woke up chilly in the wee hours, and just as I was pulling up another blanket, my little one toddled into my room to snuggle and it was the most blissful going-back-to-sleep.

  • Rave: my car is ready! I really hate it when utilitarian things in my life change- rental car, replacing a suitcase, my parents rearranging their kitchen, etc- so I am thrilled to be getting it back.
    Rant: I dinged the bumper parking my rental marshmallow, do I give the ding a little white paint and try to get away with it or fess up and pay up?
    Not sure what: we had the annual wrap up meeting for our dance event/organization last night. I had decided weeks ago, before the event even, that after 8 years (7 on the board) I would be retiring. It was a lot harder to say out loud than it was to say in my head. We finally have the new crop of volunteers who are dedicated enough to take over, but there’s a lot of sadness in no longer feeling you belong or are appreciated after putting so much into something. I’ll be a paying customer for the first time in 9 years at the next event though.

  • epric002

    rave: i can see my ankle bone today! i think the swelling is starting to subside 🙂
    rave: no pull harness on foster dog is working so well. so much easier to walk him now, especially in a cast.
    rant: he needs so much more exercise than our other dog, which is especially hard since i can’t run for a few weeks.
    rave: optimistic about k9 divine. just got to get him re-vaccinated and hopefully he can try it out next week!

    • K-9 Divine has been fantastic for our pup. After long stressful days I get to come home to an exhausted dog who has grass stains on her paws. Sometimes I fantasize about going with her to doggy daycare just to hang out side with with happy city dogs all day.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Too many people et up with the dumb-ass.
    Rave: Long weekend.

  • Big rave about the work being done south of Dupont. Yes, it’s loud and disruptive, but I love the new rain gardens on 19th, and it looks like they’re increasing the size of all the tree boxes, presumably to increase permeable area and greening. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  • skj84

    Rave: Been the go to person for friends and family to talk about their issues. Both my brother and sister were having a rough week and i’m glad i’m their shoulder to lean on. Especially my bro, who sometimes has a hard time opening up.

    Rave: Seeing my own therapist today. I realized I needed talk to an outside source about my issues. I’m very glad to have an insurance that will cover it too.

    Rant: Bummed I missed PoPville Happy Hour yesterday. Got caught up in some research stuff.

  • Rant – New traffic lights on Washington Circle causing delays on my bus line. Anyone regularly drive through that circle? Are the new lights actually helpful?
    Rant – Missed the PoPville happy hour.
    Rave – Decided last minute to go to a yoga class instead, then caught up with a friend over some frozen yogurt. Had a pretty sweet evening.

    • As someone who walks through Washington Circle, I’ll say that the new lights are extremely helpful. It’s nice to finally have all the crosswalks and lights in their permanent places and working properly. As a pedestrian it’s been like playing Frogger to get across the circle for the past six months or so.

  • Rant: Developed a sore thorat which I thought was a cold or maybe seasonal allergies, but today I noticed a rash on my neck around the throat area. What could cause that? Food allergies?

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Finally checked out Bravo Bar. That place is really cool, and it has legitimately tasty hot wings, which are exceedingly rare in this town.
    Rant: Infant daughter has hit 4 month sleep regression, and has transformed from world’s easiest baby to Death, Destroyer of Worlds. (or at least destroyer of our REM sleep).

    • The pupusa at Bravo Bar is also good. I really need to try the wings.
      Best happy hour in the city, IMHO. Dirty dirt cheap.

  • I’d actually be really interested in everyone’s perspective here. When I moved to DC 2 years ago, I was gifted pepper spray by my younger brother. Since then, I’ve always carried it with me. And yes, it’s registered with MPD.

    My rant (and question, I suppose) is: I went to the Nats game on Monday night and they made me dispose of it. I get that it could be considered a hazard when brought into the park, but I live in Eastern Market and I feel like I read of another attack every day here on PoPville – and those are my walking routes!

    Should I have fought harder with the security guard to not make me dispose of it? Navy Yard could be dangerous as it is to a young female (I’m in my mid-twenties and while I can throw a punch, I’m no match to a larger individual with or without a weapon), but so is everywhere else in the district. I feel like there should have been other recourse other than to make me throw it away.

    • I think this is a case of “them’s the rules,” and trying to argue it out with the security guard probably wouldn’t have gotten you anywhere.
      I think the only thing you could realistically argue/lobby for would be some kind of claim-check system where they take your pepper spray when you enter and you retrieve it when you leave. On their end of things, it’s easier to just confiscate things completely.
      I don’t think you can really argue that you “need” pepper spray. (FWIW, I’m female and have lived in the District for 12 years. Never carried pepper spray. Never had any issues except one incident where pepper spray wouldn’t have been any help.)

    • As someone also concerned with the recent attacks, yeah, I would have fought harder. I don’t know specifically about the stadium rules but I’d rather miss a game than be without something that aids in my self-defense.

    • skj84

      If those are the rules, those are the rules. Don’t argue with security. You will get nowhere.

      I’m a single female living in DC for almost nine years. A good 7 of those years were spent working evening jobs where I would get out of work late at night. I’ve never carried pepper spray or mace. I just stay super aware of my surroundings. Also depending on how you are being attacked it may be useless. A would be attacker could disarm you and use the spray against you.

      • Last night I started wondering whether I should start carrying something that would protect me against attackers (the stabbing robbery happened on my block, and the victim could have easily been me). I don’t think pepper spray would be effective. I can see myself fumbling around in my purse for it only to have the attacker grab it or knock it out of my hand. Better to focus that energy or getting away. But maybe an alert device would be helpful. I’ve seen a bracelet with a discrete button that you push to notify friends/family that you’re in trouble. It gives them your GPS coordinates so they know where you are. Does anyone have or have considered getting something like that? Or some kind of device that emits an alarm?

        • Maybe an expandable baton. Are they legal here?

          I once went to a carjacking awareness session led by a couple of cops (shortly after a coworker was killed in a carjacking). One of them said that pepper spray is a bad idea. It might not always work on your attacker, you might not be able to get it out in time, and you could accidentally spray yourself (or the attacker could take it and use it on you.)

          • I had a conversation with my sister about batons a few weeks ago. She had to ride her bike through a really shady area and mentioned she wished she had a baton on her. I was surprised she specifically wanted a baton, rather than a bat or club. I would’ve never have thought about a baton. But she’s right, they are collapsible and get the job done quickly.

    • jim_ed

      Your other recourse was to not enter the stadium. Think about it from the team’s perspective – it would be insane to allow people to carry personal weapons into the ballpark. How are they supposed to know you won’t get hammered drunk and spray someone during an argument in the stands? At close quarters like that, it could potentially hit dozens of people, children, the elderly, etc. Now the team is liable to be sued by those affected because they allowed some drunken lunatic into the stadium with pepper spray. There was no way you were going to talk your way out of that one.

      • Same thing is true in a lot of places though (bars, nightclubs, concerts) and no one’s checking.

    • Somewhat related, DC Impact is offering a self defense course for women in June – I took their Intro to Impact course and thought it was excellent.

      • Is it free (can’t get to their site, it’s blocked)? I think there should be government subsidized self defense courses for women, if not everyone.

        • No, it’s a 20-25 hour course and the fee is $595. Which seems high although it ends up being $30/hr

        • skj84

          Just checked. Classes arn’t free, but they do offer a variety of self defense tatics. Considering taking one. I think good self defense training outweighs having a weapon. Has anyone ever taken Krav Maga?

          • I did Krav Maga here (in Chinatown, if that gym still exists) a few years ago. Great workout (lost 30 pounds in about four months) and I learned a lot. Pretty expensive though. It was something like $120/month when I was trained there.

    • When’s the last time you had checked the pressure? Most pepper sprays don’t stay pressurized for a full two years anyway. If you had tried to use it in self defense, you might have just ended up with a handsome orange trickle on your hand. So, if it makes you feel better, it was time to buy a new one anyway.

      • Related PSA – check the pressure on your kitchen/car fire extinguisher on a regular basis!

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    Rant: Missed the Happy Hour
    Rave: Caught up with a friend before she moves out of DC
    Rave: Long weekend

  • Rave: Today is my Friday!
    Rave: Beach bound
    Rant: in a walking boot 🙁
    Rant/rave: At least I know the injury won’t get worse over the weekend…which would be totally possible if I didn’t have this thing.
    Rave: Popville HH last night. Thanks to JustinBC for setting it up (and sorry I didn’t get to come say hello…the time flew by)!
    Rave: The Partisan
    Rave: Officially a CASA and should hear about my assigned youth soon.

    • epric002

      oh fellow walking boot friend- i feel your pain. what did you do/how long are you in it?

      • I ran the Capitol Hill Classic on Sunday and my foot started hurting pretty badly Monday. The podiatrist said it’s either a stress fracture or a bruised tendon, but either way stabilizing it will help. If it gets better (fingers crossed) then I’m out of this in two weeks. If not then on to a cast. I hope you’re healing up quickly!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: It’s an espadrilles kind of day. That’s it.

  • Becks

    Rant: I didn’t pass the ITIL exam but do have it rescheduled for today. Wish me luck!
    Rant: My new neighbor’s children have decided my basement entry way is a great place to play. I was alerted to this by Lady Carlotta who was quite insistent that things were amiss!
    Rave: The new neighbors have stopped throwing trash between the houses.
    Rave: Three day weekend coming!
    Super-Rave: I planted Bluebonnets and one has sprouted!!!

  • seems no plan under dc healthlink covers HIV medication. in DC! this is crazy.

    anyone dealing with this? any options?

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