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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Hi guys, I’m sorry I won’t be at the unofficial PoPville happy hour tonight. I have something really important to do early in the morning so I think I should rest. Hope I can make the next one! (Picnic in Meridian Hill, yah?)

  • justinbc

    For any new folks attending the happy hour tonight at The Partisan I’ll be wearing a brown hued vest if you’re looking to spot the group, probably arriving around 5PM. I look pretty much exactly like my picture, minus the hat.

  • Rant: Hungover. I didn’t even drink that much but I’ve gone out three nights in a row and this morning it all hit me like a train.
    Rave: No plans tonight, going to sleeeeeep so much.
    Rant: I’ve done so much work this week and it’s still only Wednesday.
    Rave: The yummy bacon brioche from Bakehouse I had for breakfast.

  • Rant: started new job. Always different than what was presented at the interview. Managers with Herman Miller Aeron chairs, me with some old 1960s uncomfortable relic made of concrete foam. This is what I get for arriving after the party I guess. At least I negotiated a solid paycheck. Bah.

    Rave: New job! Kind of miss having time off, but that doesn’t make money. I’m thankful.

    Rant: Tons of trash cans in my back alley. My supercan elation is destroyed whenever trash days arise because for some reason DPW blocks the entire alley and even places cans behind my car. Maybe they want me to think of them more often as I clean up their messes.

    Rant: Trying to keep women as friends… It’s often overrated because I either get caught up in their relationship drama (jealous boyfriends) or I end up being Mr. Fix It. i know that it may be my personality that causes this situation, but I quit.

    • justinbc

      I have lots of female friends and have never once had to deal with a jealous boyfriend (at least none that have confronted me). What kind of activities are you engaging in that’s causing the boyfriend to be jealous?

      • Meh… I really don’t do much beyond being myself. The women i know too often date under-achievers that don’t work steady jobs and they don’t really show up for important stuff and then I end up being the baby-daddy replacement or their comforter when the BF doesn’t show up regularly. Like I said, I blame myself for putting myself in that situation…

        • As I Ilike to say “Not my circus”, Not my monkeys” or “Not My Chair, Not My Problem.” You can’t fix other people’s insecurities. I have had my guy BF’s for over 20 years and when a boyfriend meets them or actually when anyone meets anyone, I give em a rundown of the who, what, when, where, why without it being weird for no reason.

        • justinbc

          If your women friends consistently date perpetual deadbeats, what does that say about them? Maybe their judgment really is flawed, and you would actually be doing yourself a favor by avoiding them. I wouldn’t put all women into this category though, by any stretch.

  • pablo .raw

    rant: can’t make it to the unofficial popville HH πŸ™
    rave: upcoming photo road trip πŸ™‚

  • Smilla

    Rant: the family that took a stroller on the Metro escalator this morning *and* took up the entire width of the escalator with it.
    Secondary rant: the people in front of me who clearly wanted to get by the family but didn’t say anything to them about moving their EMPTY stroller (Dad was carrying the kid; Mom stood behind them with the stroller at her side). I will say something to people who block both sides of an escalator but I won’t yell over 4 or 5 people to do it.

    Revel: at least I didn’t have to witness someone’s leftover chicken bones on the Metro.

    • Accountering

      Oh, you are way too nice. I will be four or five people back hollering “excuse me!”

      I am also the guy who is the 8th car in a line of cars making a left, honking from the back when car #1 doesn’t go. I would prefer to make this light sir, and don’t want to miss it on account of you snap chatting your squeeze.

      • Great, so you’re the guy who makes drivers in cars 2-7 nervous or upset because some idiot is blasting their horn, and there’s nothing they can do to address *your* needs. Your comment is revealing.

        • Accountering

          Haha, yes, if this “reveals” something about me, then sure. I am happy to “reveal” something to someone who hides behind an anon.

          Not blasting my horn, but a gentle tap if the person doesn’t move for a few seconds. I am not the jerk MD driver holding it down for 10 seconds.

        • +1 seriously inconsiderate dick move to do

          • Accountering

            More anon’s calling me out. That is kind of fun. It is not a “dick move” to give a gentle reminder to people that they should be focused on driving, and not whatever other inane thing they are doing on their phone.

          • I can see doing the “gentle tap” if you’re directly behind the car that’s not moving, or the second car behind that car. Or maybe even one car behind that.
            Further away, though, I don’t think it’s helpful. Much, much better to do a gentle tap than a full-on honk, but at that distance I don’t think it does any good.

          • Accountering

            Meh, we may have to agree to disagree. I fully subscribe to the fact that when you are driving, your job is to focus on the road, and safely getting where you are going. If you wait for 8 seconds at a green light, you are not meeting your obligation.

          • Here’s an anon siding with you. It’s drives me nuts. Also when the front car making a left won’t pull out into the intersection so some of the cars behind them can make the light.

          • a couple seconds and eight seconds are different. if you honk right when the light turns: calm down and don’t be a jerk! 8 seconds: the person is clearly not paying attention and we all got stuff to do. when I get stressed in the car i’m usually screaming “everyone needs to f’ing relax!” blindly at my steering wheel.

          • Accountering

            No, if you are the 8th car in line or whatever, a couple of seconds can cost you a minute and a half. I drive south on Connecticut home from Bethesda. I take a left onto Calvert. A couple of second delay, and I miss the light. Then I sit there for another two minutes until I get a chance to go again. Someone not paying attention, and perhaps one or two other cars being a bit annoyed is fine with me, if it means I get out of my car and on with my day a couple of minutes earlier.

          • Accountering

            I don’t get stressed, I am simply paying attention and would prefer to be home instead of in my car. The guy who is not paying attention is hindering my ability to do what I want to do… hence: beep beep.

          • justinbc

            OK, are we talking about the driver in front or the cars way at the back (which is what seems to be peoples matter of contention here)? A few seconds, or an extended delay? I think honking at the person at the front who’s sitting there for 8 seconds is completely acceptable, and expected…but honking at anyone more than 3-4 cars away is just going to confuse them and serve zero purpose to those at the front causing the delay. If they’re listening to the radio they probably won’t even hear you.

          • if you’re the 8th car back you can’t tell if there is traffic- like the person is waiting so they don’t block the box…or someone turning right or left and waiting for pedestrians legally crossing. i can’t begin to count the times I have been honked at for not going when going would involve running over someone in the crosswalk. honking adds to everyone’s stress- especially pedestrians who have no large metal frame to protect them from aggressive drivers. methinks your gentle reminder not so gentle- but willing to agree to disagree!

    • skj84

      I hate people who bring strollers on the escalators. One its dangerous for your kid. Two it takes up too much space. Three there are elevators in the metro station!!!! Look for them!!! They usually work!!!! UGH. lazy people. I will ask people to move if they are blocking the left lane.(this isn’t a rant against strollers by the way. I understand the necessity of strollers for parents. I don’t even hate SUV strollers. I just hate when people block pathways. The same goes for people who block the escalator with suitcases. And idiot couples who need to stand side by side holding hands.)

      • I don’t want to get into a stroller on the escalator debate, but there are stations where trying to take the elevator (especially the street level elevator) is just terrible. I’m looking at you, L’Enfant Plaza and Gallery Place.

        • Seriously +1. And I try to spend as little of my time as I can in an enclosed box reeking of urine.

      • Right. Strollers are pretty easy to fold these days. I know, I have one, and can fold it with one hand while holding my son. That being said, I’m just glad that the dad didn’t try to make his way down the escalator with his kid still in the stroller. I would imagine it to look something like this, but in reverse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFM578rJp2M

    • I understand the rant, but maybe having the dad sprint down a moving escalator with a kid in his arms is really not the best way to recover the 18 seconds of your life that would otherwise be wasted.

      • Smilla

        Don’t be so melodramatic. Dad wouldn’t have needed to “sprint down a moving escalator with a kid in his arms.” It was the mother with the empty stroller at her side who was blocking the way. Besides, even if Dad had been blocking the way, he could have simply stepped to the side and stood on the right.

      • Accountering

        How about this, I will let me be the judge of the value of 18 seconds to me, and you can judge the value of your own time…

        This person was being rude, and easily could have stood to the right.

      • skj84

        No one said the Dad has to sprint down the escalator with the kid in his arms. Not blocking the escalator with his stroller is the polite thing to do. Keep to the right side. Place it in front or behind him. Just keep the lane open for others to pass. And you never know, those “18 seconds” can mean all the world for people trying to catch their train. People have to make connections, there may be a uber long wait for the next train. Be considerate of your fellow travelers.

    • Tourists don’t necessarily know to stand on left – give them a break, ask them to move or say “excuse me”

      • Smilla

        I do say “Excuse me” and ask them to stand to the right. If you’d read my post, you’d see that I was 4 or 5 people behind this family and didn’t want to shout over everyone.

        • Look, DC is a tourist economy. It’s how the metro pays for service, how the fancy restaurants generate business, and how the DC government earns its taxes. They’re here, they’re annoying. I have no problem with the first part of your rant; but the second part where you want someone to yell to get them moving, I have a problem with. If you see a parent carrying a child (ever heard of precious cargo) on a moving escalator and you want to rush past or shout at them, you ought to reflect on whether you’re time is in fact so precious.

          • Accountering

            Yes, my time is plenty precious. Just like yours is as well. I don’t know you, but I would not do something inconsiderate and waste your time. That is not acceptable.

            I think tourists are great. They are a HUGE part of the economy, and they make me laugh at all the silly things they do (fanny packs, mom jeans, leashes on kids, the list is never ending.) I know how many people they employ in DC, and I am very appreciative that they come in ever increasing numbers every year.

            This politeness to people wasting your time by being inconsiderate is interesting to me. 18 seconds can easily mean missing a train and a 10 minute wait.

          • epric002

            read SKJ84’s comment above. no one wants people to yell at anyone, or insist that parents run down escalators while balancing their children. but the person (tourist or otherwise) who is blocking the escalator without a damn good reason- their time is certainly no more important than all of the people they are delaying by not moving to the right when asked to.

          • Inconsiderate behavior does not magically morph into considerate behavior just because the person doing it has a kid. And preventing other people from getting where they need to go is inconsiderate behavior. People are perfectly within their rights to ask them to move if they are too clueless and/or self-centered to get out of the way.

          • Tourism does have a significant place in D.C.’s economy, but D.C.’s economy is not primarily a tourist economy. As far as I’m aware, D.C.’s economy revolves around the federal government — not the tax-exempt federal spaces themselves, obviously, but around federal workers who live and pay taxes here, groups that lobby the federal government, private-sector companies that fulfill government contracts, etc., etc.
            Metro’s lack of signage asking people to stand to the right is annoying, and for that reason I try to be patient and polite with tourists.

          • Smilla

            Well-said, Anon at 2:31.

            Anonymous at 1:35: Who said anything about “yelling” at escalefters, other than my reluctance to do so because I was several people behind them? First of all, it was the mom with her friggin’ EMPTY stroller, which she could have easily moved to the right or put on the step in front of her. Second, I politely ask people to stand to the right all the time, and I’ve never had anyone refuse or get their hackles up. It’s a goddamn teachable moment (just as people should learn to let passengers off the train before boarding), showing tourists how the locals ride Metro.

    • Smilla

      Supplemental rant: People who respond to blog comments without reading said comments thoroughly.

  • Rant: witnessed a robbery at Das Ethiopian in Georgetown around 5:15 yesterday afternoon – a group of kids came up and took (I think) an iphone and some shoes from a groups of guys eating outside. A fight between the kids and the victims ensued, weaving in and out of rush hour traffic on m street. Called 911, the police response was pretty good and rather quick, but as the kids were running away I didn’t see what happened. Anyone in the west end area (25th/M ish?) last night see an arrest?
    Rant: 911 hold time. This wasn’t a matter of life and death, but had it been I would have been pretty concerned about the wait.

  • Rant: making friends as an adult, particularly in sucha transient city

    • Hit post too soon.

      Rant: making friends as an adult is really difficult, especially in such a transient city and with a job where I don’t have any real coworkers. I’m sick of spending Saturday nights with Netflix and not outgoing enough to go out on my own.

      Rant: still sad to give up my ridiculously cheap housing in a ward 3 metro accessible neighborhood

      Rave: excited to have a full time teaching job for next year still. I’ve been poor/broke for so long that the idea of actually having money that I can save is foreign to me.

      • first, congrats on the teaching position!

        second, you kind of pointed out your own issue in your first rave. you admit you are not outgoing enough. question is, where do you feel friends will magically materialize from?

        you have got to put yourself out there. if money is an issue (your rave), still plenty of free or near free things to do around this city where you can meet people. but you gotta force yourself to walk out the door.

      • Go to the PoPville happy hour tonight (see comments above by Justinbc). A bunch of friendly people will be there πŸ™‚

      • I suppose this depends on what you consider an “adult” but if you’re between 25 and 35, this city is great for meeting people. There are so many things to do here and so many groups to get involved with–rec sports leagues, clubs, meetups, even blogs like this. As someone just into their 30s, I’ve found this to be an amazing city in which to meet people through these outlets such as these.

      • Accountering

        You should definitely go to the HH tonight! I will be there around 7ish, leaving at 8:30pm. Come say hello! Jeans, button-up, 5″11 or so, super short blonde hair, but don’t look like an accountant at all haha. I am lots of fun! All the people I met last time are fun as well. You should definitely come!

        • Just don’t stand at the bar after getting your drink, thus blocking Accountering from getting his. He will honk at you.

        • justinbc

          “don’t look like an accountant at all”
          Interesting. What does an accountant look like?

        • Accountering

          Haha πŸ™‚ This actually made me lol. The bit about honking in a bar. Apparently I am a rude jerk in all facets of my life now πŸ™‚

      • I think being a transient city makes it easier to make friends. Just harder to keep them around. Imagine if you moved to a city where 90% of the population grew up there.

    • The easiest way I have found to make friends in the city as a 30 something is to get involved in your local neighborhood. I moved here not knowing anyone and the majority of my friends live within a mile or 2 of each other, which makes it easy for impromptu happy hours and such.

      It just doesn’t come as naturally when the people you meet are spread out all over the place.

      • How are you getting involved in your neighborhood? The people that are active in mine (going to ANC meetings and such) are grouchy retired people whose values, at least when it comes to community development, are completely different than mine.

        • I guess it depends on how active your neighborhood is but I have helped organize events, go to fundraisers for local events, went to the book club at the library a few times, go to clean up days that people organize… I have even met a few good friends just at local bars.

          I even have a happy hour list so as I meet knew people in the hood I add them to the list and we meet up for happy hours. I mean it takes quite a bit of effort on my part but for a person who doesn’t easily make friends it has worked well for me.

      • Unfortunately for me, my neighborhood is populated by mostly retirees or families with kids.

    • Accountering

      Are we certain that she is in her 30s? Even as a pretty outgoing guy, with a good (smallish) group of friends, this is tough. We like going out, and talk to tons of people when we are out, but I would definitely like to expand my group of friends. This is a recent development due to life circumstances, so only been working on it for a bit, but it definitely isn’t easy.

      I can definitely feel your rave though. Bi-weekly/monthly paychecks are important πŸ™‚

      • I have no idea how old she is… I am just saying for me in particular as a person who moved to DC in my 30s and didn’t really know anybody this is what I did. I think it would work well for a person in their 20s too as many of the people I have met haven’t hit the big 30…

    • Take up a new hobby and meet people with the same intereset(s). Meetup is good for this.

      Join a volunteer group. Dog rescue/adoption is a great one, if you like dogs.

      • +1 for Meetup. Although, going to happy hours and telling tons of people what you do for a living gets really boring after a while. I definitely suggest the events that involve an activity you’re interested in trying.

        I also think it’s a matter of what kind of friends you are looking for. I’m a bit of introvert myself. I joined the Latin dance community shortly after I moved to the area. At some point I realized that even though I was going to events and dancing with folks for years, I didn’t really “know” them outside of the socials.

        I had to make an conscious effort to talk with people and schedule some non-dancing activities to really get to know them. I’ve made a few wonderful friends that way. Now I think I see them more away from the dance floor than on it. Making friends as an adult takes work. There’s no denying it.

        Also, as you move into your 30s, you’ll start to meet more people who are settled in DC…and they aren’t necessarily parents or married couples.

        • I fully second taking up a social partner dance. There are a ton to choose from and venues all over the place. I’ve been swing dancing for years and some of my closest friends are through the dance scene. Most beginner lessons, or any lessons for that matter, involve rotating partners, so you meet a lot of people you can go dance and or chat with later. Volunteering, just on an ad hoc basis at a single dance or volunteering with an organization/promoter is a great way to meet more people in the scene.

    • Here two years and made a few acquaintances but no real friends (like the kind that drop by and you dont mind!) ugh..not for lack of trying either. While i am an introvert I think it is an especially challenging city.

      • It’s taken 4 years to make 2 people I actually consider friends here. You have to kiss a lot of frogs.

      • justinbc

        I found this city to be exceptionally easy to meet people and real friends. I think a lot of it is definitely personality, but also what venue you choose to use.

        • +1
          It’s all about personality and really putting yourself out there. That also might mean being more patient and tolerable of new people.
          DC isn’t a great place for introverts. Then again, is any place a good place for them?

        • Everyone’s mileage will vary. I’m like you, I find it easy, FOR ME, to make friends in this city. And I do mean friends, not just acquaintances. I feel that’s the nature of the city, there is a bit of transiency so people seem more open to making friends. I don’t find that back home, especially at an older age. It seems more difficult to make friends in the Midwest to me because people are already so set in their ways and social circles.

          That said, I recognize that introverts have a difficult time.

          • justinbc

            It’s not just introverts, some people just have really shitty personalities and blame it on everyone else for not liking them. (not implying that applies to the OP here, or anyone else specifically)

        • I agree with both. I’m not so much an introvert as I am reserved. It took me a while to start building a circle of friends. I had a couple, but no one to just sort of hang out with when not planning something official. I realized that I hadn’t been doing anything to reel in (not to sound creepy) the people that I was meeting once or twice. If you meet someone once and get along, you can’t be afraid to ask to exchange numbers and hang out some time. If you are relying on being handed new friends, they will just assume that you aren’t interested in growing your circle.

  • Rant: Yesterday, DPW literally punched off (boyfriend saw them) the 33Ga bag of trash off the trashcan and only emptied the trash can. Whee diapers and kitchen scraps strewn around for the alley rats! They also figuratively gave the middle finger to the 3 55 Ga bags of yard waste.
    Rant: Night before yesterday I counted from my window 5 rats running around our trash trying to find dinner.
    Rave: 311 online works great, and burrows were baited, per the note they left on our door. I don’t know what it means but it sounds like rat-killing action.
    Rant: Like rats, someone realized they can get away with stealing our packages off our front porch and is starting to develop a taste for it. Yesterday they ripped open a package right on the porch, in the middle of the day.
    Rant: Ants everywhere. Exterminator has already visited twice.
    Rant: Can’t make it to Popville happy hour because boyfriend is working late so noone to watch the kids.
    The real Rant that puts all others in perspective: A 7 year-old getting shot in the leg at the housing project a few blocks away.
    City living.

    • Accountering

      Thats a shitty day (no pun intended), no way around that. Sorry you are going through that. It sounds like it is definitely time for one of the nasty diapers to be put in a package on your front stoop? Could kill two birds with one stone, and if you came back to find it opened, that would surely be a rave the following morning?

      • Excellent idea! Will implement ASAP, and combine it with a wireless IP camera we’re about to receive for excellent footage (although not quite as fascinating as bike camera footage when something happens).
        Now the question is, will the thief steal the camera before we can install it? It didn’t occur to me before ordering it online.

        • Accountering

          Oh yes! If you can get rid of a diaper. Get a package thief to open a package with a diaper in it, and film said encounter, you sir/madam, are winning!

  • Rave: Getting sworn in as a CASA today
    Rave: Heading to the Popville HH afterwards
    Rave: Dewey this coming weekend
    Rant: I might be rocking a super sweet medical shoe, depending on the outcome of my podiatry appointment this afternoon.
    Rant: Running seems to be out of the question for the moment, which is unfortunate. I was planning to run on the beach this weekend…I guess I will have to wait and see how the foot is feeling.
    Rave: I am excited to put more “names” with faces tonight!

  • Rave: Made the cut for closed tryouts! Unfortunately this means I’ll be missing the happy hour though πŸ™
    Rant: Still experiencing some knee/groin pain from playing this weekend
    Rave: Had dinner with my cousins last night and it was wonderful – they may have changed my mind about some of my future plans
    Rant: No promising dates (or really even fun ones) recently or on the horizon. I’ve met a splattering of guys lately that certainly seemed like they were interested but weren’t (or so I assume). Mildly irritating that I’m apparently reading the signals all wrong?

    • The joys of adult athleticism! Ongoing pain and the emergence of the kind of competitive streak that you thought you’d left behind when you made/didn’t make the varsity back in high school (or maybe that’s just me). At any rate, good luck tonight!

    • As a ‘single’ 25 y/o male, i would say you really need to follow up if you are interested. If the date goes ‘ok’ and what i mean by ‘ok’ means you had enjoyable coversation, not a ton of awkward pauses, and you could see yourself sitting with this person at least two more times to break bread, then tell him at the end of the date and put him on the spot. If you just let things go without trying at all you will be dissapointed. Good luck! its not easy out there

    • What sport do you play?

  • Rave: Banana blueberry buttermilk bread for breakfast.
    Rant: Allergies are killllling me. I was this close to calling in sick today.

  • RANT: wild party at The Coupe last night…screaming, yelling, shouting well after midnight (both inside and outside). Anyone know what that was about as it did not appear to be regulars? Seemed more like a frat party with plastic cups and well over the limit drinking.
    RAVE: at least someone there agreed to shut the windows at 12:30am once I went in to complain…

    • I walked by The Coupe yesterday, they were closed and were having a staff party starting at 10 pm with an American theme.

  • epric002

    rant: saw the ortho yesterday. symptoms of high and low ankle sprain. will be in the walking cast for 2-3 weeks. maybe phys therapy.
    rave: it’s still not broken; i’m still not on crutches.
    request: what’s the name of the doggie daycare place in MD that picks up dogs from DC and brings them to their farm for the day? they also do overnight boarding…

  • skj84

    Rant: My legs still hurt from the race. I almost went to urgent care yesterday I could hardly walk. Took some Aleve last night which helped, but I don’t like not being able to walk normally. I was hobbling yesterday and never felt more vulnerable in my life. I could not walk fast or run at all. Going to go on a bike ride today to get the muscles moving.

    Rave: PopVille Happy Hour tonight! I’m going to try my hardest to make it out.

    btw guys if you haven’t already signed up, don’t forget about the Popville brunch group. I put up a survey for venues Monday. I should be booking resos soon!

    • Whoa I had no idea there was a PoPville brunch group! When did this happen?? Signing up now.

      • I think skj84 set it up last week, following some discussions on Random Reader Rant and/or Revel.

    • Oh no! Skj84, I’m so sorry to hear that. Hope you are feeling better soon. If it’s your muscles: do you use a foam roller? It can be really helpful to work out the kinks after a workout.

      • skj84

        I haven’t tried a foam roller Jen Jen. Will give it a shot. Just been using ice and elevation. I was running errands yesterday and over exerted myself. Both my ankles were swollen when I got home. I do feel better today, but staying off my feet until I have to. Luckily I don’t have much planned for the rest of the week. It;s just nerve racking because I walk everywhere. I didn’t realize how fast I walk until yesterday when I couldn’t. It took my 20 minutes to walk a distance it would normally take 5.

        • If your feet are swollen try doing one of my favorite yoga poses – legs up the wall. Which is exactly as it sounds – lie on your back with your legs up the wall. Even better if you can bind your big toes together for more relaxation.

  • Rave: Went on a run outside up towards petworth metro from U street.
    Rant: GA Avenue is pretty descolate dispite everyones dellusional obession with Petworth. I know there are nicer parts but its a shame that the commericial strip is so gross.
    Rave: My lettuce plants are coming in nicely at my community garden

    • Accountering

      Rant: Your rant about GA Ave is pretty spot on, especially once you pass Upshur. I blame Muriel Bowser almost 100%. We were starting to get some traction near Decatur, and then they started having regular break-ins, for which she did nothing. The three nice places we had (two restaurants and a yoga studio) got broken into a combined near dozen times… There should have been a cruiser sitting there 24/7, but she did nothing.

      Not surprisingly, all three businesses are now gone for greener pastures. Thanks Bowser!

    • Did you go North of the Petworth metro? I will agree Georgia AVE is pretty sad but at least North of the metro to Upshur has some nice things going for it and Upshur street is on the upswing…

      • No i didnt go north of metro, theres a lot of bars i like in the area (dc reynolds, ect) but wow during the day time hours…really depressing.

        • Well, technically its not Petworth until you go North of the metro. However, the point still stands that Georgia Ave. is a mess. You should really head North sometime it really does change in a matter of blocks but there is still tons of room for improvement.

    • I used to run down GA from Buchanan to Euclid. Now I live on that stretch. It is changing, slowly but surely. I used to have to hold my breath because the building on the west side of GA on the south corner with Shepherd St reeked of mold. Like, you might get a lung infection walking by mold. Now that building is a hole in a ground, slowly being built into condos.
      But yes, I agree, there is a lot lacking in the appealing store front genre there.

      • Georgia Avenue has been one of the less attractive main streets in the District… but it’s changing, little by little.
        I’m hoping the new Safeway will make things really take off.

        • Yes! I hope so.
          I’ve also seen a lot of work going on at the restaurant that’s coming in next to Qualia. I think there are things currently under way that will also help drive more new things to start developing.

  • Rant: the nearly obscene circus that many (most?) weddings have become. Now it’s entire wedding weekends where each moment is scheduled with activities. And that’s preceded by couples engagement showers, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties….each with their own registry. Why must I go bankrupt to celebrate my friend’s joy?

    • epric002

      i hear you on the wedding industrial complex, but you don’t have to go bankrupt. just b/c they’re rude doesn’t mean you have to participate. if you are giving a gift for a wedding, it is A SINGLE gift. just b/c they have multiple events does not mean that you owe multiple gifts (and that includes travel costs as well). do what you want to/can afford, and politely decline the rest. if they can’t understand that, they’re not a very good friend.

      • Preaching to the choir, epric002! Sadly, my husband feels obliged to bring a gift whenever the invite includes a registry reference.

        • Accountering

          If you put a registry reference on a bachelor/bachelorette invite, you are an asshole. Full stop.

          • Agreed. That is wrong. There shouldn’t be registries attached to engagement parties or bridal showers either. Sometime goofy gifts can be fun (for instance lingerie for the bride or silly items for the bachelor party), but people can bring those out of their own volition. You shouldn’t be asking for a Kitchen Aid Mixer three different times!

        • epric002

          yeesh. if that were my husband, i’d make him pay for the extra gifts from his allowance (yes, we each get an “allowance” each month that we can spend on whatever we want). good luck! πŸ™‚

        • If he feels like he needs to get something, get some of the smaller stuff from the registry for the shower. Seriously, nobody buys the $3-5 spatulas and then the couple has to (or does) buy them after and it adds up. But a couple of those and wrap them nicely with a great recipe or something the couple has eaten at your house and liked. That is what I usually do. If they complain about my being cheap and make some kind of big stink, then I know who they really are and am not really all that sad if they choose not to be my friend any more (this only happened once and, looking back at it, I am so glad to have lost that dead weight of a friend).

          • This is a really great idea. I just got a bridal shower invite that has the same registries listed as on the wedding invite. I was thinking I would do something personalized for the shower and go with the registry for the wedding but I love your spatula/recipe idea. Thanks!

    • justinbc

      Yeah, I just don’t partake. I know the pressure is different for girls who are friends than guys who are, but you’re fortunate if you get more than a nice bottle of liquor from me.

      • Yep. We skipped all that – no showers of any kind, very small family-only wedding that lasted an hour and it was all a no-gift event. That allowed us to then rent out a bar for the night and invite all our friends and family to come hangout and each other’s company…and a lot of free booze. πŸ™‚

    • In total agreement, not just about the gifts but just overall time commitment. seriously, anything connected with a wedding has turned into an extended weekend commitment.

    • jim_ed

      Seriously. This trend of having destination weddings for 200+ people is absurd. Also, destination bachelor/bachelorette parties. In the last 4 years, I’ve been invited to or been obligated to attend: 4 bachelor parties in Las Vegas, 1 in Austin, and 1 in New Orleans. What, you people too good for AC?

      • Agree on the bachelor parties–they are completely out of control at this point. I had one in Tahoe in February–basically 2 days of traveling to spend 2 days in Tahoe. Craziness.

      • dcgator

        You think that’s bad? I have Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, or Panama as choices for my good friend’s bachelor party. Austin and Boulder are the US choices. I’m doing my best to not bitch, but it’s pretty ridiculous. Vegas would be a nice alternative in this case, in my opinion.

        • justinbc

          Austin and Boulder are both awesome cities (although I wouldn’t necessarily want to have my hypothetical bachelor party in one).

    • msmaryedith

      I got a friend a nice knife ($120) from her registry that I gave to her at her bridal shower. Do I have to get her a wedding present, too? I’m a bridesmaid, and I’m paying lots for travel (it’s out of town, so flights + rental car + hotel).

      • epric002

        nope. unless you just want to. you already gave them a wedding present.

      • No.

        I planned to get a wedding present for a friend who is having a destination wedding this weekend (me and my bank account are not attending). Then, she asked me to help plan her bridal shower. I did it willingly, but after spending my own money on food, decorations, and other accouterments, I realized THAT would be my present to her. Nothing more was required. You shouldn’t go broke on your own wedding, let alone someone else’s.

      • Emmaleigh504

        You are never obligated to give a gift, just ask Miss Manners.

      • When I was a bridesmaid (at age 23 and broke, mind you), I was informed it was proper etiquette to get the bride a wedding present even though I had already spent over $1000 on travel/dress/other crap AND a wedding shower gift. Personally I think that it’s BS and if I could have gone back I wouldn’t have gotten that extra wedding gift (especially since they ended up divorced 2 years later). My point is, do what makes you comfortable and is within reason for you. Otherwise you’ll just build up resentment in the end.

      • A friend of mine insisted that we not get her gifts for a wedding that required some last minute out of town travel. For something relatively inexpensive I got a frame that holds 3 pictures, went to the beach and took a picture of their names and the date of their wedding, and printed/framed them with the center left blank (well, I did a stick figure drawing that said “insert wedding photo here”). I think the total cost was less than $30 and the bride loved it. Of course this is decor specific. I guess my point is that you can be creative and not spend as much money. Another idea is to collect favorite recipes from family and people in the wedding party to start a recipe collection. I think for some couples they are as mortified by the wedding machine as you are…it’s not as if they aren’t attending weddings regularly too. If you are being hit up at every turn I might question whether it’s either greedy on behalf of the couple or potentially the insistance of one of the parents.

        • epric002

          we also got married at a very small, family only ceremony. had a party later that summer at my parents house. we did not register for gifts, and did not ask for them, but of course we received gifts. most people want to give you a gift when you get married. we got a LOT of bowls. lesson- if you do not register, people will still buy you things. probably bowls. πŸ˜›

          • Really? we only got one gift out of 50 some people, the rest came with envelopes. πŸ™‚ It was so generous and I was very touched.

    • I’m not a big fan of showers or bachelor/ette parties, but I can’t get het up about the “wedding weekend” thing–I’m sure there are some people out there trying to outdo one another, but I would guess that most folks are just trying to make sure their guests traveling from out of town (pretty much inevitable if the couple grew up in different places or live far from family) have a nice time. Attendance at everything isn’t mandatory (wedding included).

  • Not Rave or Rant Just Weird: My Senior Director brought his wife to our required fun employee pot luck yesterday. This is the second time he’s done it. Trust Falls with your SD’s wife are awkward.

    Rant: People are in such a bad mood here! The long weekend cannot arrive soon enough!

    Rave: On the hot bar this morning at breakfast was something labelled “Breakfast Fries” but they were actually sweet potato fries. I needed that!

    • Are there literally Trust Falls? And can we do those at the Happy Hour tonight? πŸ™‚

    • Trust falls with anyone are awkward. That might be why people are in such a bad mood there. Obligatory bonding.

    • msmaryedith

      My cousin broke his neck doing a trust fall–no joke! He was telling the person across from him that they weren’t holding their arms right, and he had leaned forward a little. The person falling dropped back onto him and broke his neck–if it had been a few millimeters off, he would have been paralyzed. I’ll NEVER do a trust fall again.

  • Rant: Creepy small dude who sat waaaay to close to me on the bus than necessary yesterday, plenty of open seats….tried to “accidently” elbow me in my boob and scoot his knee even closer.
    Rave: Promptly getting up, forcing him to actually stand up and not just move aside so I could squeeze by him and banging him w my bag “accidently”. Karma let a big dude seat right next all bus ride long.
    Rave: Fantastic Bus ride on the S2 this morning, best bus driver who made it fun and helpful, wedged between a cute man, who thought he knew me and wished me a good morning and a delightful Hey! I did not know him (wish i did) and alas he had a wedding band:( But he was interactive as well as the cool woman next to me who I chatted with.

    • justinbc

      I just don’t get the appeal of an elbow brushing. I guess for the basement cave dwellers any physical contact is better than none, but it seems so fruitless.

    • I just hope the creepy pig didn’t enjoy being hit by your bag.

    • I would have done the exact same thing, but I wish I had it in me to stand up to creeps like that and say something. I’ve done it a few times on the street and once in a CVS but for some reason the notion of doing it on a bus seems more scary for some reason

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Super busy day at work.
    Rave: Yesterday I watched 3 guys discuss the best to use a mouse for about 10 minutes. They probably would have discussed it longer but the meeting started.
    Rave: I work with interesting people.

    • my brother manages IT stuff for his organization, and he told me about a woman who guides the mouse with her right hand, and then will CROSS HER LEFT HAND OVER to click the mouse. for every click! bonkers.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Good grief! How does she get any work done?! These guys were talking about the best button to add what. Engineers are weird πŸ™‚

  • janie4

    Rant – Computer is still on its way back to the company for repair. I’m too old and my eyesight is too bad to be on the internet on a Nook.

    Rant – my contractor hasn’t gotten back to me about developing a price estimate based on the floor plans I sent him last week.

    Rave – friend coming this weekend to help me clear out my basement.

  • Can anyone recommend a contractor to repair shower tiles? We have some that are coming loose.

  • Rant: Triple checked a job application to make sure everything was included and correct grammar/spelling/ect., only to forget the 5th document I needed to attach to the email to complete the application. Sent a follow up email 5 minutes later, but now I am worried I won’t be considered due to my mistake.
    Rave: I have steady employment, just not in my desired field. It could be much worse.

  • Rave: Lowered the price on the couch and people are coming to look at it over the next couple days. I guess people are willing to buy used upholstered furniture if the price is right.
    Rant: I was waiting for the metro at King St. in the middle of the afternoon earlier this week. It was a long wait so I sat on one of the benches in a wind blocking lean-to (not sure what those are called). A few minutes into my wait, a man who wreaked of alcohol stumbled in, blocked the doorway, and proceeded to make some really uncomfortable comments. Luckily someone intervened and I was able to move. I am still a bit shaken up and definitely won’t sit in a lean-to again.
    Rave: People that are observant and help others in uncomfortable/dangerous situations!

  • Farragut

    RAVE: Great Nats game last night (D-Span!). Way to kick Cueto’s butt.

    REVEL: Wainwright pitched a complete game shutout for the Cardinals, only giving up one hit. Baseball!

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