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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Capitol Hill Classic yesterday – perfect weather and I didn’t have to stop and walk at all. Army 10-miler…here I come. (Sign ups for it begin tomorrow at 10am, btw.)
    Rave: Brunch at Boqueria afterward was awesome.
    Rave: Met several more of Mr. Niceguy’s friends and introduced him to several of mine.
    No rants!

    • And I forgot one more rave: Awesome trip to Rochester with my mom!

      • saf

        Glad you had a good time! Were the lilacs out? My mom said they were late this year.

        What did you see/do/eat?

        • The lilacs were out in full effect and they were wonderful! The festival was closed Friday because of excessive rain Thursday night. We went to the Eastman House, Genessee Brewing (and ate there afterwards), walked the foot bridge over the river downtown, ate at Dinasaur BBQ, took a boat ride on the Erie Canal, got Abbotts frozen custard, and then spent Saturday at the festival. I would go back to Rochester in a heartbeat…it seemed like a lovely city!

          • saf

            Don’t go in the winter. The three most dreaded words in my lexicon are “lake effect snow.”

      • +1 for nice guys

    • Catch us up on Mr. Niceguy…..was this the guy you were juggling along with Mr. Asshole Afghanistan?

      • One and the same. Mr. Afghanistan was relocated to Kansas recently for work. (bullet: dogdged) Mr. Niceguy is holding steady with fun dates, consistent attention, and just generally being awesome. We haven’t had any talk about being exclusive…we’re just have a great time together for now.

  • Rave: Fantastic weekend.
    Rant: So sore from Old Rag on Saturday — definitely not in hiking shape these days.
    Rave: Fun plans this week.
    Rant: Realized that I have been pretty much only hanging out with my husband for the last month, which is wonderful but I know I need to be more active about preserving my friendships. Feeling kind of guilty about it.

  • Rave: Continued watching Twin Peaks this weekend in between work and other responsibilities. It’s such a campy yet exhilarating show. And I now want some pie. I don’t even like pie but I want some.
    Rant: Forgot that I am the biggest scaredy-cat in the world. When I went to bed Saturday night, the bedroom door creaked open because of the air conditioner fan and I may or may not have let out a little scream. My poor boyfriend.

    • Emmaleigh504

      When Twin Peaks aired on TV they had weird commercial transitions. My favorite was Lucy from the Sheriff’s department saying, “donuts donuts donuts.” Twin Peaks always makes me want donuts donuts donuts πŸ™‚
      Interesting info: David Lynch is on Twitter and rarely posts except to sell his (his daughter’s?) coffee beans. YOU CAN BUY THE COFFEE DAVID LYNCH LOVES ENOUGH TO SELL!

    • I watched the first season again earlier this year after not seen it for a good ten years to see if it held up. It in fact does.

  • Rave: Took our 7 1/2 month old to brunch with friends on Saturday. Beautiful day to sit outside on the patio. He just sat in his stroller people watching and looking around. Didn’t even flinch when sirens or big trucks drove by. I’m so happy that he is just a chill little guy who can come with us wherever we go and not be fussy about it. He constantly impresses me with his easygoing nature!

    • Congrats! Where did you go? And don’t give up once he’s a toddler and wants to spend the whole meal toddling!

      • Just up to Shaw’s Tavern to sit on the patio. It’s a loud intersection – lots of fire trucks and ambo’s out that day. I’m already thinking about the toddler stage – is it wrong to want to put him in one of those furry kids backpack/leash things!? πŸ˜‰

        • As the mom of a very active boy toddler, I can say that we still go out to eat at least once a week, but we’re very careful about where we go. Some of our criteria: shortish wait times for food (entertaining a toddler while consciously not bringing toys or games is no easy task), atmosphere that can accomodate loud talking while not disrupting other diners (so higher ceilings, bigger rooms), kid-friendly venue (as in, if they have one dusty and broken high chair, it’s probably not all that kid-friendly); and booths if they have them (then we can lock him into the table and he can’t get out…mwahahahaha).

          We’ve learned many lessons to create these rules, but I think we do a pretty good job of not taking him to the standard “family restaurants” like Red Robin (although I find no fault with places like that, I just can’t stand the food), and introducing him to many flavors. He loves the pickled radish at korean bbq places and can even do a little spicy.

          • epric002

            genuinely curious- why would you consciously *not* bring toys or games?

          • We believe that dinner time is time for discussion and family togetherness, and although we have pulled out an iPhone in a pinch, we don’t want to get into the habit of it. But if the restaurant provides crayons, that’s okay.

          • I started looking around with the ‘mom eye’ when I was pregnant — watching for other families with kid(s) at restaurants. These are great tips. I’m with you on not wanting to go to the typical ‘family friendly’ places. I’d rather go to places that we enjoy and teach him how to have restaurant manners, conversation, etc. Obviously this will take some time and patience. I just hope he keeps his calm presence through toddler-hood!

          • I’d love to say they do, but they don’t (toddlers are by nature not calm…everything is exciting or awful).

            My dude was sooo chill. When he was super little, we used to go to some really fancy (but not too fancy that a baby would be out of place) restaurants, and he’d sleep through it. Then when he was older, we maybe didn’t go to those places, but we could go to our favorite little sushi spot and he’d be pretty good so long as he had food.

            But then the 2s came, and with the 2s it became like being the caretaker for your drunk best friend at bar close. So we had to put taking him to some places, out of respect for the other diners.

            Another tip: if you DO want to go somewhere that may not be super kid friendly, go on off hours, like before the dinner rush, lunch time, etc. We’re early diners now.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: A week in the Outer Banks
    Rant: Back from the Outer Banks

  • Rave:finally managed to go visit historic Anacostia with the mrs
    Rant: While appreciating the exteriors of some of the houses (“but any fixer upper needs to be gut rehabbed, right?” “I don’t think so”) she found the place too scary to be even willing to park the car.
    Rave: When we managed to find a spot right in front of the Arts Center, she was willing to scoot from the car into the Arts Center, and we agreed the Arts Center is very nice
    Rant: Still found the area too uncomfortable to walk around. Whats the point of moving to the city if you can’t walk around?
    Rave: We intend to continue to watch the area. If we can do an organized tour we will. When Busboys opens we will certainly revisit. We also noted a high MPD presence, which we took as both a good and bad sign.

    • Many, many people walk around in Anacostia without a problem…

      • I am sure many do. Mrs EmptyNester, who has been mugged three times in inner city neighborhoods, each and every time by young black males who (apparently) were not black urban professionals, does not want to ever be mugged again. Mrs emptynester BTW, never lived in MidAmerica, but lived in an inner city neighborhood in a northeastern city during the riots (yes we are that old, and her parents were not affluent) which was also not fun.

        Fact is many of our suburban friends would not have driven through Anacostia. Much less consider moving there. So your snark is uncalled for. We did agree that it would be worth investigating actual crime stats – note though especially for a female, street harassment that is not reported as crime can also be an issue.

        We are happy to move to a diverse neighborhood. We are from comfortable being the only whites walking around. There were NO whites walking around, on a beautiful Saturday evening. There were african americans walking around going about their business which is great, but there were some folks loitering in ways that made my wife uncomfortable. There were also LOTS of vacant buildings. In fact the vacant storefronts seemed to outnumber the renovated ones.

        As I said, we aren’t writing the area off. A bit more redevelopment and we might well go there. But its a tad short of the appropriate comfort level for us.

        • Anacostia is a long way from becoming gentrified like Logan Circle. It’s going to be an extremely long wait (maybe 10 to 15 years). For the sake of Mrs. EmptyNester’s sanity, you should probably just stick to something like downtown Silver Spring or perhaps Shaw.
          Gentrifiers who are now reaping the massive equity gains in Logan Circle and 14th Street put up with a lot of crap and crime for 10 to 20 years. It wasn’t an overnight success. It sounds to me like your wife doesn’t have the patience for that. There’s no such thing as an easy buck.

          • we don’t need it to be like Logan Circle, or even necessarily want it – 14th street as it is today is over the top for us. We are NOT that bourgeois. I would like something more like say Petworth, but a shorter commute to the Navy Yard area.

          • (replying to the below) I recommend checking out: H Street, Eckington, Bloomingdale, and NOMA. All of them are not as gentrified as 14th, but much more so than Anacostia, and all of them are closer to Navy Yard geographically – although maybe not via public transit, except for Bloomingdale which is near the Green Line.

            Of course you’ll end up spending more than you would in Anacostia, also, but, you get what you pay for.

          • To Oh Sweet Thing- H Street does sound like a good suggestion. I think there are buses that run straight down to Navy Yard as well. It is convenient, has all of the amenities, and has a nice community feel. Deals are definitely going to be hard to come by though.

          • justinbc

            There are buses that run to Navy Yard, but it’s also an extremely easy bike ride. We do it regularly from Lincoln Park to Bluejacket.

    • Why couldnt you walk around?

    • Go fall off a cliff that leads to mid-america. This is the most ridiculous post I think I’ve read on PoP.

      • Play nice. Surely you can express your thought that EmptyNester’s wife (and perhaps EmptyNester too) has an exaggerated perception of risk without telling them to go fall off a cliff.

      • haha! Someone sounds insecure. You do realize that the overwhelming majority of well, everyone, would never want to live in Anacostia. And no, we don’t live in Middle America (what a bizarre either-or- we live on Capitol Hill, Cleveland Park, or Georgetown. Everyone has different thresholds. I laugh at your comment, though, because you’re indignant about something that almost nobody would have a problem with- that is, being nervous or opposed to living in Anacostia.

        • Gtown or Cleveland Park? We would consider Shaw or Hill East (we may want to take another look at Hill East) but they are pricier than Anacostia, and I work in the Navy Yard area, so Anacostia is tempting based on location. We may end up in Del Ray or Shirlington instead – a longer commute, but located on good bike routes, so not so bad.

          • Yes, stay on the other side of the river, please.

          • EmptyNester, go with your gut. If your wife doesn’t feel comfortable there (a perfectly rational feeling, IMO), you should look elsewhere. I can’t believe there are even people on this blog criticizing her feelings of angst. Being politically correct with words is one thing, but actually living in Anacostia is a whole different ballgame. I’d strongly advise against it if it were my parents or my brother. I’m guessing your kids would too because they want you to stay safe.

          • We may well do so, but not because of your comment. Or we may move in after upcoming developments change the street life a bit. Also despite your comment. Hope you have a nice day.

          • why not live at the waterfront? I know several people who live in that area and like it.

          • I would be hesitant to start living in anacostia, but it is a little ridiculous to be terrified of parking a car there on a weekend afternoon. I understand that some people have phobias that are illogical but uncontrollable though.

          • You have a nice day, too. What is life about? Choices. Good luck with your decision making. Hope it works out for ya.

          • why not live at the waterfront?

            Because it would mean moving to a very small space. The difference between emptynesters and young couples is the accumulation of stuff (and in the case of a couple with a kid still in college, the need for a place for them to live over the summer.) We feel a need for at least a 1BR W/den, and that would leave us paying for storage. And would still take a lot of getting used to.

        • To be fair, there’s a difference between being willing to live in Anacostia (which, yes, I completely acknowledge your point that most people would not want to and honestly I probably wouldn’t either), and having to “scoot” from the car into the arts center in broad daylight. I think people are reacting more to that than to the fact that they don’t want to live there.

          • its was about 5:30, not mid-day. And it looked rough even in daylight, and yes crime sometime happens in daylight, IIUC. I’m sorry I used the word scoot. This post was meant for one particular popville commenter who has suggested we take a look there, than it was as a general charecterization of the neighborhood.

            One thing some DC residents have in common with suburbanites and exurbanites, if you say there is something that turns YOU off about a place, they get terribly defensive. I am merely reporting our reaction. I didn’t know I needed to get someone to copy edit it.

          • Hey, look, I gave you some suggestions in this same thread. I’m not trying to skewer you. But your post did come off as quite dramatic, and I’m just pointing out that it’s that tone that is upsetting people, not necessarily that you don’t want to live in Anacostia.
            If Anacostia is your price point, then your budget doesn’t fit your wish list, probably. It’s definitely rougher than a lot of parts of the city – rougher than even the newly gentrifying parts of the city like Brookland – but that’s why the houses are cheap. If it was the kind of place that it sounds like your wife would be comfortable walking around, then, it’s going to cost a lot more than what you’re seeing in Anacostia.

          • justinbc

            +1 it’s all about the tone. I didn’t even gather from that post that you were seriously considering buying a place there. It sounded more like “we took a field trip across the river and it terrified us!”

          • justinbc

            +1 it’s all about the tone. I didn’t even gather from your post that you were seriously considering buying a place there. It sounded more like “we took a field trip across the river and it terrified us!”

          • justinbc

            +1 it’s all about the tone. I didn’t even gather from your post that you were seriously considering buying a place there. It sounded more like “we took a field trip across the river and it terrified us!”

          • It may well be that our budget doesnt fit anything that would meet or needs in DC, and we are better off in Alexandria or South Arlington instead. But whenever I say that, here or in some other online fora, some people say “you need to look EOTR” So we did, and I thought I would tell the story. Im sorry if the reality of some peoples impressions is a turn off. I would gladly have walked a block along Good Hope, but my wife was less comfortable – as I said, she has been mugged three times, and has not gotten more comfortable with the possibility as she has gotten older. And we lived in this region when things were worse, and that impacts one’s impressions as well. Thanks for your suggestions, but those are all places we have considered, and frankly given the price/distance tradeoff, I think we are better off in (inner) NoVa.

          • justin

            you must have missed the mentions of gut rehabs and moving to the city in my first post.

          • justinbc

            I saw your mention of gut / rehab, but it read more like you were commenting on the buildings just in terms of appearance, not as an earnest attempt to buy. Based on your reservations and impression I would say it’s a good thing you at least went and tested the waters. The area will change, and is changing, but it will likely be a while before it’s to a degree that will make you feel comfortable actually living there.

    • What, were you surrounded by people pointing guns at you! Shouts of “Give me your iPhones!” coming from every direction?

    • This is not about Anacostia; this is about your marriage. You two are nowhere near on the same page, so you may want to address that issue, and leave the real estate market out of it.

      • I don’t know how long you have been married, but in my experience it involves compromises. And its not uncommon for a female to be more worried about crime than a male. And we are not that far off – I’m not that wild about the safety in the neighborhood, and my wife did not want to write it off. I am somewhat more comfortanble with walking around a place like that, at least in the daytime, than she is – I’m also more comfortable riding my bike in traffic. Thats not a problem either.

      • Are you a marriage counselor or do you just play one on the internets? I wonder how you’re able to make the leap of judgement that you just did about EmptyNester’s marriage.

        • She won’t even get out of the car, and he wants to make their largest financial investment in an illiquid asset and relocate their life, 24×7, on a permanent basis? Could either of them not have predicted this disparate response from the other? If he’s not aware that this idea is dead on arrival, then he either is oblivious, or insensitive.

          • I agree with you. This sounds like a marital communication issue. Wife is scared sh#tless of the neighborhood and he wants to shell out hundreds of thousands? They aren’t on the same page AT ALL.

          • first off, I hadn’t been there in about two years and based on what H St LL has said I thought it might look a little better. Second that she was scared on first look, doesnt exclude she would warm up to it. She is often like that with things, as are many people. Third I wouldnt buy without investigating it further, but wouldnt bother investigating without my wife having seen it. Fourth I wanted to motivate her to declutter so we can fit someplace smaller. Which seems to have worked πŸ˜‰

    • “Willing to scoot from the car into the Arts Center”. Seriously? This is one of the more ignorant and ridiculous things I’ve read here in R&R. The progress will be slow. Anacostia isn’t going to turn into Chevy Chase any time soon.

      • People love to throw out that word, “ignorant.” But what exactly, pray tell, does it mean in this context? It is not “ignorant” to make a judgment that Anacostia is inappropriate for your own personal living circumstances. It is not “ignorant” to determine that your gut tells you this place isn’t safe, nor is it “ignorant” to acknowledge that Anacostia has higher crime rates, etc… You may want everyone to say Anacostia is wonderful and peachy fine, but that doesn’t represent reality to most of the people I know.

      • why is it changing so slowly? Its more convenient to downtown that many other parts of central DC that are much pricier, and where houses do not sit vacant. If our reaction is so unusual, whats holding it back?

        • I don’t think it’s so much your reaction as much as the way you phrased it above. What’s holding back the pace of development is the availability of vacant/underused land that’s closer to the downtown core. This is where the big-time developers are focusing their energy at this point. (For instance: Hecht’s warehouse redo, NoMa, etc.) Once that land is developed, they big boys will inevitably move to Anacostia, sparking a rapid increase in gentrification.

          • historically in DC renovation of row houses preceded moves by the big boys. Not in NoMa or Navy Yard so much (because there weren’t that many older rowhouses there) but almost everywhere else. That’s what I would expect in Anacostia. And while I guess some of that has happened, it hasn’t happened at the pace one expect based on its proximity.

            As for the big boys, IIUC even Congress Heights is getting a large new mostly market rate building before historic Anacostia is. We did discuss that Cong Heights is probably safer (from what I have read) than historic Anacostia, but then its not as convenient, and does not have the artsy stuff.

          • Anacostia is significantly different from places like 14th St, Shaw, Bloomingdale in that all of those ‘hoods were close/within walking distance to already established neighborhoods (be it Dupont, AdMo, etc). The DC USA (Target, etc.) development in Columbia Heights spurred redevelopment there. I stand by my belief that one of the large development companies will need to make moves there before small-time investors feel comfortable investing in the area. Again, it’s just a matter of time. (I don’t know how the Historic District designation plays in here – maybe that’s hindering large-scale development there?)

          • But Historic Anacostia IS within walking distance of the Navy Yard area, which is hot and getting hotter every day. And as I said, the 11th street bridge is eminently walkable. I realize most people are less fond of long walks than my wife and myself, and see the river itself as a barrier in a way we do not. Its just a shame that that is holding the area back.

          • While there is much development in the Navy Yard area, it’s not currently a draw in a similar manner to Dupont or Logan (as an example). There’s nothing in the Navy Yard right now that I would want to trek to over a long desolate bridge. One day, sure, but not quite yet.

          • not much in riverfront? I would respond, but I will sound like a flack for the BID. I think its plenty cool – between canal park, yards park, the BID sponsored events, the tour de fat, the microbrewery, etc, etc.

            I mean compare that to say, Shirlington.

          • I agree with Emptynester here – Navy Yard area has become, especially this year, an incredible neighborhood. The park on the river is possibly the city’s nicest, lots of interesting restaurants/bars now etc

            They need to do a nicer park on the HA side of the river. I know you’ve got the long green space but programmed space is so much nicer imo.

        • It’s probably just a matter of time — as neighborhoods west of the river become more and more expensive and more people seeking to buy are priced out, people will start to look east of the river.
          The questions are how long that change will take, and whether you want to be in the neighborhood in the earlier stages of that transition.

        • saf

          Reputation. Also, for many people, it’s a wall, not a river.

          • see thats what I was thinking. Thats all undeserved reputation, and the geographic fact of the river. So someone willing to at least look EOTR could get a good deal. But based on observation, I think its more than that. Not saying the reputation necessarily matches with the crime stats (Im not sure) but that the reputation is not proven wrong simply by looking around.

          • saf

            I’m going to disagree, but I have spent a lot of time over there, working on several different projects.
            Everyone has a different level of personal comfort. I am comfortable there.
            I have also lived in Petworth a very long time, so I’m sure that affects how I see things.

    • justinbc

      We’ve parked our car in Anacostia on multiple occasions and never had an issue. It’s a pretty nice car, too. Maybe nobody messed with it because we weren’t “scooting” around.

      • No one messed with our car either. In the past we have had our car broken into though. Are you suggesting that never happens, or that it happens no more in Anacostia than anywhere else?

        • Pretty sure it’s not any more likely to happen in anacostia.

        • justinbc

          Yes, it absolutely happens more in other areas than in Anacostia. Use the DC Crime Map tool and you can see that more trendy, popular areas like Logan Circle have significantly higher thefts featuring autos than Anacostia.

          • Maybe, but I suspect there are more nice cars (not that ours is fancy) parked in places like that. And more people leaving packages visible.

          • justinbc

            Ok, but that’s based on pure speculation. Look, I’m not suggesting you move there, it’s clearly not for you. But don’t act like it’s Detroit either.

          • I didn’t say it was like Detroit, and do not think it is, nor does Mrs EN think that.

          • I find this whole exchange hilarious. Liberals beating up on this poor bleeding heart, who happens to literally be from the 1960s. Throughout this thread, he has tried to show his cred by saying he actually liked visiting the exhibit on African American women and he understands the plight of the poor. Oh man, poor guy. EmptyNester doesn’t appear to know much about the city with his naive foray EOTR. I’m hoping that the amount of crap he wants to keep (enough that he needs storage, etc.) means that DC remains off limits to him (for his own good, of course!). NoVA can more easily accomodate people who need lots of stuff, cars, and multiple bedrooms, etc…

          • because there aren’t millenials sharing basement apts, squeezing into microunits, rather than live EOTR? Sheesh.

            And yes, places like Logan and Mt Pleasant and Cap Hill began to change way back in the 1980s because people wanted space rather than squeeze into an apartment in DuPont or Georgetown. Thats been one of the movers of transformation in DC and other cities.

          • btw, anon, how much space do YOUR parents live in?

      • You haven’t had your “pretty nice” car broken into when parked in Anacostina – so your sample size = 1. That doesn’t mean your experience can be generalized to what other people experience when parking their car, pretty nice or otherwise, in Anacostia.

        • justinbc

          Yeah, I was also mostly joking about the extreme overreaction indicated by the OP. I’ve seen the actual stats, as indicated above, and they’re not all that frightening.

          • He went there and was honest about his experience. His tone was not dramatic, it sounded to me like he was trying to be light. You all are just using him to prop up your own dubious (I don’t live in MacLean but you probably should because you can’t handle the city) PC cred. He shared his honest experience in a home for a permanent home and you all are just using him as a foil to get people to think you are more urban or cool. It is disingenuous, you would not live there either, and you are discounting the feelings of his wife, who has been mugged 3 times already and is skittish. This is how it reads to me anyway.

          • justinbc

            I wouldn’t live there simply because I’m not looking to make an investment “deal” be my primary residence. I want to live somewhere nicer than Historic Anacostia, so I pay to do so. If I were on a tighter budget or looking for a quick turn around then I would absolutely consider it.

          • Also it’s such an unsubtle dis to say that someone is emotional and dramatic while you Dr.Spock are all about the stats.

      • What kinda car you got? Might as well fill us in now and then we can judge you on if your car is in fact pretty nice. I am picturing a Kia Soul

    • Wow, I’m surprised by this. I’m a very small white female and don’t feel the least bit unsafe walking around historic anacostia during the day. And I’m not very adventurous when it comes to being out in sketchy areas. But anacostia just feels so welcoming and safe.

      • Great – and that’s your experience. Everyone is different in their histories (ie being robbed multiple times would make me more skittish), what is comfortable/uncomfortable, etc

        • I’m extremely skittish and have had bad experiences in SW. That’s why I’m surprised that someone is more of a scaredy-cat about anacostia than I am!

        • I’m extremely skittish and have had bad experiences in SW. That’s why I’m surprised that someone is more of a scaredy-cat about anacostia than I am!

      • thank you

        I did want to do a walking tour with the hist preservation people who could have given us better info than the first impression. We are not excluding the value of info like yours. But at the moment we did not have stats OR a popville thread in front of us – what we had were the appearances of MLK and Good Hope. BTW honfleur was closed. Pretty early on a sat night for a vibrant arts district.

    • Holy crucifixion, Batman. No need to fry the guy for his opinion which was well tempered imho.

      • I think this guy is being crucified because it’s so obvious what he wants. He wants a rapid increase in his “investment”. He sees Anacostia as ATM that he hopes to extract from in the shortest amount of time possible, rather than a neighborhood with actual living human beings and a culture of its own. He’s basically embodying everything that harmful about gentrification. And it’s clear that he’d like to see the elimination of “those people” who already exist in the area. It’s not too hard to read between the lines in his coded statements.

        • Thanks pointing this way. People sticking up for the OP are missing the point. You can have reservations about buying and living in Anacostia, this is not unfounded. I live in Bloomingdale (have for a few years), lived in Brookland in the early 2000s and had some reservations, but to be fearful of a neighborhood in the middle of the day??? Just doesn’t add up.

        • “He wants a rapid increase in his ‘investment.’ He sees Anacostia as ATM that he hopes to extract from in the shortest amount of time possible…”
          He does?
          Maybe I am forgetting details from his earlier postings, but I thought he was looking for a place to live indefinitely, not something for a quick turnaround.

        • If you read OP’s initial post carefully, I don’t read it as he’s flipping houses. That’s you projecting your assumptions on the post. As he’s clarified in follow up posts, he works in Navy Yard and would like to live closer to work in a bit more affordable neighborhood. Thus he’s looking at Anacostia for fixer uppers. I see no problem with that.

          What you read into these “coded” statements are, again, your projections. It’s hard to argue with crime stats for east of the river. There is also a reason why there is an MPD van parked 24/7 outside the Anacostia Arts Center.

          Maybe by “those people” OP wants to see the elimination of violent and armed crime. If so, sign me up on that band wagon.

        • Wow. I wish I could embed the Jump to Conclusions Mat from Office Space to respond to this.

      • that is incorrect. We are not even sure we are going to buy now. While making a capital gain is one incentive to move to an area where we would be less comfortable now, given the bubbliness of the current market we would consider renting in a nice building. What we want is walkability, architecture, and city life. And I am not without interest in african american culture – I enjoyed one of the exhibitions at the Arts center which was about the way african american women are seen. And I am very symapethetic to the issues facing poor and working class african americans in the neighborhood, in particular the issues with employment, wage stagnation, education etc. We would hope, if we moved there, to get to know our neighbors of different races and socio-economic statuses (and yes, I am aware that would likely make us safer too). But I do not get the impression that such an approach will insure our safety to the extent my wife wants.

        By the way, the places we may end moving to in NoVa have plenty of African Americans, some of whom are there because they were priced out of DC by white people bolder about their safety than we are. So hold the self-righteusness.

        • don’t sweat it – appreciate you for making your views known, which are intelligently written and not without merit. some of these people disparaging you would have the same reservations but are afraid to voice them publicly. i personally would not mind moving to anacostia for the value but like you my wife (who is african american btw) worries about safety concerns. i can tell you’re older/wiser than a lot of people here because you actually make your true views heard, not beating around the bush like most in this city!

    • Glad you finally went! It seems like you had an open mind about it. (I’m not going to speak on your wife’s perceptions because I find them somewhat offensive – though I appreciate your honesty in sharing them – and she is not here to defend herself).

      I’m glad you found some interesting art. Did you eat at Nurish?

      Maybe one idea is to buy a house in HA now and rent it out. Then you guys can live somewhere else and rent. By the time it gets to a place in which your feelings have turned, it will likely be more than what you want to spend.

      So you walked the 11st bridge also? Nice, isn’t it?

      BTW re: some of the comments below investors are already heavily in HA. I agree that large scale development has been relatively slow, though.

      Congress Heights is quieter in the residential areas (and more affordable) but the main MLK stretch is quite sketchy imo (I’ve never felt unsafe, but I see how folks would and the loitering is off the charts, sometimes inside businesses (like subway)).

      Keep posting your insights, I’ve found your responses to people pretty interesting.

      • I will defend my wife. She is not a racist by any means, and has had personal experience of street crime, and has a farly low tolerance of it. If she feels uncomfortable walking somewhere, I am not going to argue with her about statistics and light levels. I will respect her choice with regard to her own safety. Which I will again point out was based on multiple factors. And no, we aren’t looking to get into the LL business right now. Even if that maxmized appreciation.

        And yes, we ate at Nurish.

        • How was your meal?

          • The food was alright. The decor was a bigger hit. The whole concept was great. I am sorry we cannot move there, as it sounds based on this discussion like there is no place for empty nesters like us there. I am sure that Arlington (at least the progressive camp, not the NIMBY’s) will welcome us.

        • I am waiting to close on a new townhouse condo a couple of blocks from the Anacostia Metro Station. I laugh when I think how scared I was when I first drove around Anacostia, not necessarily because of anything I saw there, but because of the reputation it had. I am not a native, but work with a few who are, a few even grew up in the SE, including Anacostia. They are the ones who were initially the most skeptical about my choice to move to Sheridan Station. They remember hearing gun fire while they were walking home from school or playing in the park. So, I am not going to pass judgment on you or your wife; no reason to do so at all. I do think that it is worth noting as some have, that there are already young professionals (and not so young people) who have started to move in significant numbers into the area. Mary Cheh has proposed several million dollars to help fund DC’s first elevated park along the 11th Street Bridge (our own Highline); those nice overlooks are expected to be temporary. Check out the project’s website at DCBridgePark.org. Also, there is a multiphase, massive development that FourPoints, LLC is planning on MLK. It will include residential, office space and a grocery store in its final phase. It will be a transformative project. It has been approved by the zoning commission. So, it is more than just a notion. And, of course there is the Busboys that is likely to arrive in the foreseeable future. And if the Barry Farm’s redevelopment ever gets underway, it will be huge- akin to Capitol Quarters in the Navy Yard, which was the site of a very large housing project, but is now a beautiful EYA mixed income community with beautiful townhouses and flats. All said, gentrification west of the river has already pushed folks east of the river- and it reaching a critical mass- it is just taking time. Oh, and there is also the streetcar. But, that is a discussion for another thread.

      • justinbc

        Congress Heights has a significantly higher crime rate than Historic Anacostia does. I don’t think the majority of people who use the term “Anacostia” even realize there are different neighborhoods adjacent to it though.

  • skj84

    Rave: Capitol Hill Classic!My very first race and I finished a faster pace than I could’ve ever anticipated. I did have to walk a bit, but still ended the race in a very respectable time. The adrenalin and the cheering and the beautiful weather made it such a great experience.

    Rant: Banged up my ankle which was the reason I ha to walk. I felt great until I got to RFK and then my ankle just started feeling sore. By the time we circled the parking lot I could hardly move. I started walking it off which made the pain worse. Was ready to throw in the towel but I got to the 4 mile mark and realized I was almost finished. Started to jog again and rallied. Running felt better than walking anyway. Ankle is still sore today, but I don’t think its a break or anything.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Lamb Jam today!
    Rave: Made a big batch of my Eastern NC pork BBQ and sauce for a big party yesterday and it was the best one I’ve ever done. It’s so easy too, I just don’t get how restaurants here fail so bad at it.
    Rant: Display went out on our relatively new Samsung dryer, luckily it’s still under warranty. They won’t be out to fix it for 10 days though, good thing we just did laundry!
    Rave: Fence is done, time to stain it. After 4 hours with a brush on Saturday I’ve decided I’m definitely going to be investing in a sprayer. It just takes way too long to do it the old fashioned way.
    Random: This kind of went under the radar last week, but FHFA decided not to reduce the loan limits for Freddie and Fannie, as they had originally planned to in 2014. Good news for all you potential buyers out there!
    Rant: Getting lots of “website is offline” timeouts from PoP today when browsing and posting.

    • It is a vinegar/spicy BBQ recipe? I’m always looking for a good one…especially for the crockpot. Lots of sweet ones out there but I loooove the vinegary ones better. If so, please share if you don’t mind! πŸ™‚

      • justinbc

        Yes, heavy on the vinegar, that’s how I always had it growing up.
        1 gallon apple cider vinegar
        1 (28-ounce) bottle ketchup
        22 ounces light brown sugar
        1/4 cup garlic powder
        1/4 cup salt
        1/2 cup crushed red pepper (I use more when I’m making for myself, but adjust to your tastes as necessary depending on who is eating it)
        1/4 cup ground black pepper
        2 teaspoon ground cloves

        This makes a lot of sauce, so make sure you’ve got something to contain it (I typically just use the same gallon container from the cider + a few bottles to give out to friends).

      • justinbc

        For the rub on the pork:
        1/4 cup cumin
        1/4 cup brown sugar
        1/2 cup smoked paprika
        1/4 cup chili powder
        1/4 cup cayenne powder
        1/4 cup salt
        1/4 cup black pepper, ground
        2 tsp onion powder
        2 tsp garlic powder
        2 tsp ancho chile powder
        Note I usually eyeball all these, especially the pepper ones since I go a lot heavier on them. But this is what I’ve got written down officially from mom’s notebook πŸ™‚

        • Awesome, thank you! I will have to give this a shot!
          Have you ever tried it in a crockpot before? I’m thinking 5-6 hours on high should do it depending on the cut.

  • Rant: I am an idiot! Yesterday I couldn’t figure out why the turban clad clerk asked me if I knew what a Sikh was. Finally I said “Do I know what a Sikh is?” to which he replied, “No, I asked if you wanted your receipt.”
    Yikes! I’m such a moron. One more store I’m banned from!

    Rave: The weather! Started back at the gym! Interesting open house yesterday that has me thinking about selling or turning my house into two or three units. Three day weekend coming up.

    • This rant needs more explanation…

    • Oh man, I could see this happening to me! As hard as I try to be worldly and cultured I still have a hard time understanding accents (I basically went through engineering school not understanding anything that was said in the lectures).

    • I was in a corner Chinese takeout a couple weeks ago and a teenage kid started talking to me. I thought he said “how do you like the eggrolls?” and I said they were ok, but I normally get the steak and cheese eggrolls (don’t judge). He replied “no, I said how do you like the neighborhood.”

  • Rave: Bloomingdale Swap Meet… had a ton of fun, the band was awesome and just hung out much longer than we thought we would.
    Rant: Tourists on Segways in bike lanes. I’m used to tourists at this point. I’m even used to tourists on Segways. But stay the fudge out of the bike lanes.
    Rant: Friends cyber stalking me here. You know who you are lol. -_-

    • I’m irritated by them in the bike lines also, but that’s where they’re supposed to go. They’re not allowed on the sidewalks anywhere in the city, and I guess a bike lane is a better idea for a group than riding in traffic.

    • Rave: Hello friend.
      Rave: Made it home safely thanks to kkens exceptional biking lessons.
      Rave: Beautiful weather for a bike ride yesterday.
      Rave: I am always intimidated to ride my bike alone (I prefer a follow the leader type of ride), but feel extra proud of myself when I get the courage to do it and arrive at my destination safely.

  • Rant: People who don’t RSVP to party invitations, even after you send them follow up emails and texts. Oy.
    Rave: If this is my worst problem, I’m doing ok.
    Rave: I had an awesome weekend, the perfect balance of chill time at home (cooking and cleaning) and hanging out with friends.
    Rant/Rave: This is a really busy week. I’m out of town tomorrow and Wednesday. But I get to spend time in Philly and celebrate with friends this weekend.

  • Rant: Godzilla was god awful – I am officially done with PG-13 movies. The dialog and character development was horrendous. I wanted to walk out so bad.
    Rave: Bagelgirl texted me sunday and she is making me dinner tonight (gluten free pasta and veggies and is also making strawberry shortcake from scratch). I am bringing a bottle of wine. Should be an interesting night!

  • rant: the ammount of people out at the jeff memorial yesterday. I feel like it should have been packed for such an awesome(free) event… and at that location, cant get much better
    rave: the walk home from the jeff memorial was real nice

    • GREAT event! I stopped by for an hour or so – loved every minute. To your point about the crowds, I feel like it wasn’t very well publicized. I found out about it very last minute through a friend; would’ve missed it completely if he didn’t send out a text. I would have planned a group of friends to come out had I known sooner.

    • The DC House/Techno scene is so temperamental. I still thought the turnout was better than I anticipated and there were good vibes all around once people got dancing. That being said, if we could get some of the crowds at the big nights at UHall or Flash to come out for some daytime stuff, the scene could definitely benefit from that. Really looking forward to the outdoor sets of Jamie xx, Martyn, and Orchard Lounge at Union BBQ though. Would love to see more outdoor events like that this summer, nothing beats some a good daytime party.

      • Seriously… i mean like you said, from partying at u hall, flash, warehouse, local burns etc…. i know the crowd is here
        i feel like there was a lack of word getting out on this one though
        all in all was a real nice event with positive vibes… saw some burners out there and met a few that i didnt know

        • Agreed on “lack of getting the word out.” I follow this music scene closely and felt like it wasn’t spread enough. To be a success, you need to get a more mainstream crowd outside this “scene” to participate. Similar to a crowd like the Funk Parade. Unfortunately, the Jefferson Memorial is a bit of an inconvenient hike for most local folks.

          • ehhh
            im on the fence with that
            i feel like the “true” fans of the music/ scene could have easily provided a huge crowd there yesterday
            just didnt know about it…

        • Definitely, I mean there’s nights where both UHall and Flash are packed with top notch DJs, but it’s really hard to get day events to take off. I know I personally have trouble convincing people to check out some of the Sunday rooftop parties and there are some great djs playing, but the crowds always seem small. Maybe Flash opening a rooftop this summer will change things a bit, but I hope it brings out the heads and not the bottle service types that Flash always brings. I had a blast yesterday, didn’t make it all the way to the end because my GF was exhausted, but maybe 88 can bring more things like that in the future in a more accessible location (Georgetown Waterfront park or Dupont Circle like with the world cup).

        • I went on Sunday and hung out for 40 minutes. It was nice, and there were some good beats. I have no idea what turnout on Sat was. But here’s your main issues:

          1. Promotion. I feel like there were none. I only knew because of a friend who’s really tuned into these things.
          2. It’s the day time. Especially Sunday. I have shit to do. Most people have shit to do, especially Suicide Sunday when you have to get ready for the coming week.
          3. Location… it’s a haul to get there. And once you’re there, then what? Just hanging out on the steps? Not much else going on. Therefore, it’s a nice place to chill for an hour or so but then you move on. It’s a freaking national monument, not Lollapalooza.

          I don’t know what the expectations were for this. The attendance really has nothing to do with “the scene” and people who go to the usual spots coming out for something like this. One does not translate into the other.

          That said, it put a huge huge smile on my face when I saw some much older Asian tourists taking photos and getting down a bit to the beats.

  • Rave: Cleaning the yard and gardening as a family and chatting with young families walking by who are house-shopping in the neighborhood or who just moved in (Park View).
    Rave: Family bike rides. Even though it’s not like the long bike rides I used to do, in part because when you combine the added weight of a child and child seat on the back of the bike and the added weight on my ass of having had children recently, it becomes a little more tiring.
    Rant: After spending $50 on Pisco to make Pisco Sours at our party next weekend and to practice making them (my favorite cocktail when it’s available in bars or restaurants but I’ve never made them at home), I picked the 2 black plastic bags wrong out of my car. While my boyfriend’s 6-pack, in one bag, stayed intact, hanging in my hand, the other bag fell onto the concrete and the 2 bottles of pisco were shattered. That was an expensive time-consuming fruitless errand right there.

  • Rant: I’ve got the “back at work after an amazing vacation” blues
    Rave: Had an amazing 30th birthday vacation last week! Went hiking in Zion, Bryce, Arches and Canyonlands NPs and made a stop to see the Grand Canyon. What an incredible experience.

    • I’m heading to Zion, Bryce and the north rim of the GC next week! Any particular hikes you enjoyed or tips/recommendations?

      • Lucky you!! If the weather cooperates I highly recommend hiking the Narrows in Zion. It was probably my favorite hike of the trip. The scenery is breathtaking and you’re actually walking in the Virgin River. I recommend renting water shoes in Springdale if you can, it makes the hike a lot easier. It was actually snowing and freezing (30 degrees!) while we were in Bryce so a lot of trails were closed unfortunately, so we just went to the viewpoints. For the North Rim, we did the smaller trails around the Lodge (Bright Angel and Transept). We went on the North Kaibab trail, the trail goes all the way down into the canyon, but only for a few miles. It’s an easy walk down but hard coming back up! The altitude really got to us. If you have time drive out to Point Imperial, the highest point on the North Rim, for amazing views and a nice trail (about 3-4 miles) Have a great time! I want to go back and do the whole trip all over again πŸ™‚

        • Awesome, thanks! I did the South Keibab trail on the south rim many years ago and camped down there. I’m curious to see how the north rim differs, but we’ll only have a day there. I’m imagining it will be a lot more serene and less overcrowded but we shall see. Crazy it was so cold in Bryce! Was the Narrows in Zion a full day hike? Did you go with a guide or can you just get some shoes and try it on your own? Were you actually wading in water / would you be afraid a nice camera would get ruined by the water in the Narrows?

          • For the Narrows, you don’t need a guide. Just rent some shoes and go! There’s a point on the trail (I think around mile 6? It’s marked on the map) where all day hikers have to turn around, you need a permit to hike the entire thing. Other than that you can turn around whenever you want. We went about 3 miles then turned around and the whole trip took about 5-6 hours. The majority of the trail is in the river, it’s mostly shallow but it gets deeper the further up you go. My SO took his fancy camera and rented a waterproof backpack for it when we rented our shoes. It worked out fine and he got great pictures!
            This was my first time at the Grand Canyon so I don’t know what the South Rim is like, but the North Rim was very quiet and remote. We only spent one night there but I would have loved more time to explore all the hiking trails.

          • I did the Narrows and I loved it! In terms of how much time to carve out it kind of just depends on how fast you want to go and how far in! My friends and I did the whole thing last summer and it took us the whole day but we did that on purpose – we flew by everyone else the one way (we were there in the height of summer so it was slightly crowded) and then hung out at the end of the trail, ate and sunbathed a bit then slowly made our way back, went swimming in the deeper parts and went off the main part of the river to explore the nooks and crannies (found a hidden waterfall). That being said our energy levels were close to zero by the end of it and we basically collapsed at the brewhouse after. You can go with a guide but its really not necessary, if you rent a staff and the shoes you get the hang of it pretty quickly and I honestly think my experience would’ve been diminished by a guide since we would have been around lots of other people the whole time and couldn’t explore like we did. The water level varies so its anywhere between you walking on rocks and being about chest deep in water. I thought about bringing my nice camera and holding it over my head for the deeper parts but i’m honestly pretty glad I didn’t. There were parts of the hike where I would misstep and hit deeper water than I thought and I remember thinking that if I had my camera I would have been constantly freaking out that that was happening. The pictures would probably be great, its insanely beautiful and I’m sad I have nothing to remember it by but the stress levels it would have caused me would have ruined it for me! If you choose to though you could probably be careful enough to not get it wet – just watch where you step and test out every step with your walking stick first! I highly recommend getting the walking stick when you get the shoes – will keep you from turning an ankle!
            Sorry for the super long comment but I hope it helps!

      • subway, narrows, angel’s landing, and the western trail!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Computer situation finally sorted, relatively painlessly. The hardest part was waiting for the money to be credited back to me.
    Hopeful: Will the last few days of cold nights confuse my violets into blooming some more?

  • RANT: While I am a FOR the land swap that will lead to the new stadium for DC United, I am AGAINST more condos/apartments being built on the site of the Reeves Center.

    • Why? What should be done with the Reeves Center instead? It makes sense to put housing there or perhaps a mixed condo/office space development. Whatever will be there will definitely have ground-floor retail.

      • I’m in favor of office space. Anyone that lives in/or around 14th/U Street knows how crowded it has become at night. All the bars/restaurants/sidewalks and especially parking is packed. We need more “day” traffic (Monday-Friday) in that area. The city should consider tax incentives to companies/corporations to come to the area.

        • Accountering

          Just because you want office space, doesn’t mean office space makes sense. A class A building will be virtually impossible to fill at this space, and as a result, it won’t be class A, and it won’t draw the tax revenue/sales price as a result.

          Your plan basically just costs the city 10’s of millions of dollars, and winds up with an office building that is perpetually 50% vacant.

          • Your numbers are totally off. My company receives a tax incentive because of jobs I brought to Columbia Heights from Montgomery County 5 years ago. Because of this, I saved a ton of money and created jobs in Columbia Heights. Accountering needs to do his homework before he posts false information on here.

          • Accountering

            You mentioned that my numbers are totally off, and then talked about how your business benefited from tax breaks, and nothing about how my numbers are off.

            Do you all lease Class A space in Columbia Heights?!?

        • Accountering

          Oh, and now we should give incentives to companies that come to that area as well!? I am quite glad we have qualified people running the city, and not just pie-in-the-sky wishers and dreamers.

          Well that is just a heck of a plan!

          • I have my opinion and you have yours. Oh…by the way….if you are so special and know everything you would be doing work instead of posting your dumb comments online all day…everyday. SO THERE!!!!!!!!

          • “Dumb comments… SO THERE!!!!!”
            Not exactly the most mature comment on PoPville today.

          • justinbc

            That’s absurd logic. Perhaps he’s so gifted at what he does he’s become ultra efficient and thus has abundant free time?

      • I’m guessing the poster above wants commercial space to drive daytime foot traffic.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Went to both Nats games this weekend, couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather.
    Rant: Moron kids across the street at the playground decided they needed to start shooting at each other Friday night while I was sitting on my porch. I should also probably work on getting my first reaction to gunshots 50 ft away from where I’m sitting to be to duck and cover rather than stand up and try to figure out who’s shooting at what.
    Rave: they didn’t hit appear to hit anything nearby, so that’s nice.

  • Rave: vacation tomorrow – look out Rehoboth!
    Rave: had a great weekend – Haydee’s Friday, brunch at Red Derby Saturday, gardened with my dad Sunday.
    Rave: had a brainstorming session with some folks on an idea for a comedy series. It went very well and we did some character development. I’ve never worked on the writing/directing/acting side of film things, so it’s all very thrilling.

    Rant: people who verbalize every thought they have and then assume said thoughts have been spoken, they are True and Correct and Should Be Acted Upon.

  • epric002

    rave: foster sitting is going so well i think we’re going to become official, long-term dog foster parents! i can’t believe how nicely my dog-reactive dog is getting along with the new, high energy, giant, lanky puppy.
    rave: went for a run with all 3 dogs, husband, and brother.
    rant: stepped in a pothole and rolled my ankle.
    rave: it’s not broken. i’m in a walking cast and going to see my orthopedist tomorrow.
    rave: i’m not on crutches. those things are the WORST.
    rant: this ankle thing still sucks bigtime.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      +++ on the fostering. Be sure put on an Adopt Me vest whenever you take him out for a walk and don’t be a Foster Failure! πŸ˜‰

      • epric002

        thanks! we need to order him a vest, but since we totally intend to be foster failures, we’ll have to be judicious with its use. πŸ™‚

    • Even if you’re not on crutches, the walking cast is still a pain! I was in one for 6 weeks a couple summers ago due to a nasty bout of plantar fasciitis, so you have my sympathy. They are really hard to walk in, especially up and down the stairs. Plus mine started rubbing the skin off my calf so I ended up with a quarter-size raw spot; since it was July and I was really sweaty, bandaids and moleskin wouldn’t stay on so I ended up having to wear a knee-high stocking under the cast to protect my leg. Fun times! I hope you have a speedy recovery and aren’t stuck in the cast for too long.

      • epric002

        thank you! the only problem i’m having so far is that it’s making the tendons on the back of my knee sore, maybe from the weight of it and the funny way you walk when wearing it? i’m just so grateful to not be using crutches. there is no.way. i could get to work, walk dogs, use the stairs, etc. with crutches.

    • houseintherear

      Did you hear this week’s The Animal House ep on npr this past Saturday? They were talking about groups that put soldiers in touch with foster families for their pets when they are getting temporarily shipped overseas. There are lots of groups that do this, apparently- pretty cool idea!

      • epric002

        i didn’t hear that show, but i have heard of those groups before! such an awesome way to do short or long term fostering. i looked them up once but they didn’t have any animals in our area that would work with our situation.

      • Houseintherear — Only tangentially related, but I don’t think you’ve mentioned Moe the cat recently. Are you still fostering him, or has he been adopted?
        (I was out of town for a week in April, so if you posted about him then, I might’ve missed it.)

        • houseintherear

          Moe was adopted last month! πŸ™‚ I miss him.

        • houseintherear

          The Moe experience and aftermath showed me that my cat does not want another cat around, which is too bad . I used to foster dogs with a few different groups and I would like to foster another dog, but it’s tough with my cranky old terrier and his very precise requirements for co-habitation with a second dog. I’m thinking about applying to foster with a greyhound rescue group. We shall see! πŸ™‚

  • Popville Question: Where does everyone donate their old clothes? I normally put my old clothes in one of those drop boxes, but I would rather donate to a homeless shelter or such. Somewhere that people can use/have the clothes for free and don’t have purchase them. i.e Goodwill

    • Those drop boxes go to a for profit organization – not that this is inherently bad, but fyi in case you didn’t know.
      Martha’s Table is a good place to donate although you have to bring things during specific hours. They give clothing to individuals/families in need, and also sell clothing to support their overall mission.

    • The drop boxes are the worst solution, when it comes to items going to people who need them. Those boxes are a for-profit venture.
      Goodwill is good, because the money they make selling the clothes funds their programs. The clothes that are not in good condition get sold by the ton, and turned into industrial fabric products (cleaning rags, etc). That’s also money for programming. Martha’s Table is a local place that accepts donations, and sells them for a very low price, using proceeds to fund their operations.
      If you have nice suits/ professional dresses, those should go to Suited for Change or one of the other non-profits that provides professional clothing to people entering the job market.

    • If you have nice workwear (and are a woman), perhaps look into Dress for Success which provides work clothing to women transitioning back to the workforce. As for Goodwill selling clothes, they sell them to provide funding for their job training and other programs so it still goes to the greater good. The drop boxes are awful and are not providing your clothes to the needy–they are selling them by bulk and shipping most of it to the developing world.

      To your question, I donate to Goodwill. Martha’s table is also a good choice and I believe they also thrift to fund their programs.

    • I like Purple Heart because I’m lazy and they’ll come to you. It does take a few tries before they pick up when they’re supposed to though.

    • houseintherear

      The CEO of Goodwill has a yearly salary of over $2million. The Salvation Army commissioner has a salary of about $15k plus housing, AND the Salvation Army picks up donations in DC.

      • You don’t really know how much the CEO of the Salvation Army makes. As a religious organization they are not required to disclose like charities.

      • Department Heads, usually men, who announce(mandatory) employee potlucks and then immediately pencil themselves in to bring the paper plates and cups and therefore miss the joys of schlepping Veal Prince Orloff on the Green Line.

      • Goodwill was in the spotlight last year for huge gap between executive pay and the wages of staff – especially disabled staff who were being paid something like a dollar/hour.

  • RANT: Stopped by J Bell’s Wing House on Friday after work to see if they were open. Real estate agent was showing the apartments above to prospective tenants and she informed me that Mr. Julius Bell passed away last year and the Wing House is permanently closed. RIP Julius and your amazing wings πŸ™
    RAVE: Got wings at KoChix on Florida Ave instead. Holy crap, amazing! The soy garlic are delicious!

    • justinbc

      Awww, sad news. I heard they were amazing wings, bummed I never got to try them.

      • Definitely stop by KoChix, Justin. I’d be interested to hear your views on them. The wings there are HUGE and the crispy skin was perfect. Loved the Korean sauces, too.

        • justinbc

          Funny, we almost hit them the other day, based on some positive impressions from here. The next time I get a wing craving (which is pretty frequently) I’ll definitely give them a shot!

  • Rant: My ex husband is delusional. I sent an email a few weeks ago to wish him a happy birthday and he just responded with a long narrative about how he saw someone elses boobs and they reminded him of mine, that I should get my nipples pierced, that he wants a belated naughty picture for his birthday?!?!? I literally thought he sent this email to the wrong person except for some specific details indicate he meant it for me. I have told him time and again that I do not want to have that type of relationship (or even discussion) with him. To make matters worse, he LIVES with his new girlfriend. Yuck!

    • Accountering

      This sounds like a party and a half! What an awesome dude! /sarcasm

      Sounds like you definitely dodged a bullet here. May be time to sever all connections whatsoever? Block his number, block his e-mail address etc?

    • justinbc

      Yeah that’s about 10 different levels of inappropriate. Maybe cut off communication altogether if that’s the kind of stuff still running through his mind (and even worse his mouth).

    • “I have told him time and again that I do not want to have that type of relationship (or even discussion) with him.”
      Yeah — time to sever all contact, and also time to read Gavin de Becker’s “The Gift of Fear.” (Not that the ex-husband is someone to be afraid of per se, but the book has some good advice on how to deal with people who don’t respect boundaries.)

      • I agree – if telling him “you are literally the last person on earth that I would sleep with, so please stop asking” didn’t do it, then nothing except silence will.

    • He sounds like he’s in a good place.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: great fun weekend in Ohio photographing the DC Roller Derby team; the girls won 4 out of 4 games.
    Rant: Driving makes me really stressed.

  • Rave: I really enjoyed the 1776 Challenge Festival last week. It was fun to watch entrepreneurs pitch their business plans and passionately believe in what they are doing. I really admire people who are willing to take a risk… since I’m pretty risk-averse.
    Rant: Exhausted from said Challenge Festival. I think I need another weekend.
    Rave/Rant: Selling things on Craigslist. Sold most of the furniture but at much lower prices than I had hoped for. No one seems to be buying right now and I really just need to get everything out by next week. Giant sectional couch is last to go. Can anyone recommend furniture donation places that will pick-up furniture? I would love to go local.
    Rave: I have a few fun weddings to attend in the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing old friends!

    • Sell in September when students and new employees are moving into DC. Everyone is dumping furniture right now.

      • I get the impression that kids these days (say that in a crotchety old person voice) consider used furniture to be “gross”.
        Every year, I’m shocked and appalled to see new college kids outfitting themselves for college: Brand New Everything. Lamps, rugs, ikea everything, dishes, coat hangers, small appliances, cute organizational aids… And just knowing that they’re going to throw all that stuff away in 10 months.

        • Those are “rich kids.” Whose parents are paying for things. I promise you, my friends in group houses in Shaw, Columbia Heights, and Petworth are definitely buying used furniture off of CL. Or even furniture put out on the sidewalk for free (my friend grabbed a free shelving unit on 11th as we were walking back to his house yesterday evening).
          This is a tough time to sell furniture, as it’s the time of year when people leave the city (9 of my friends are moving from DC in June alone). A flood of people will move here in August and September.

        • When it comes to used upholstered items, I’m not surprised that “kids these days” might shy away from them. With the rise of bedbugs in U.S. cities in the past 15 years, I think a lot of people are wary.

          • Personally, I won’t buy used upholstered items due to a fear of bedbugs. However, I have found some great wood or metal pieces on Craigslist otherwise. I’m a young twenty-something who loves finding great deals on Craigslist but I do have friends that furnished their first places with entirely new Ikea and West Elm. Mind boggling to me.

          • I was raised on used furniture, but the current bed bug risk is too high for anything upholstered. I have had friends in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and DC all suffer from bedbugs. New IKEA is worth the price.

        • not necessarily true. I was one of those supposed “rich kids” and let me tell you I used my stuff for all 4 years and I am now 27 and oh wait STILL using a lot of the dishes, stainless steel tower that I had in college.

    • zainoce

      Freecycle is my go-to for unwanted furniture and household items. Its quick to sign up and then you can create listings in their yahoo group of offered items, and once someone claims it they are obliged to come pick the item up, sometimes even same-day. I found it a lot easier and more pleasant than the Craigslist free section.

      • Re. Freecycle people being obliged to come pick something up… Freecycle does have some flakes/no-shows, but I think the proportion is a lot lower than on Craigslist.
        I resort to giving things away on Craigslist only if I’ve already tried Freecycle and had no takers.

  • Rant: DPW (contractors, I assume) and pick up of trash/recycling containers. They went onto my property and tried to take my old recycling container which I was was going to keep using. I was home and was able to have them extract my container before it was crushed. Then they took my new recycling container (which was in the alley with a “take me” sticker) and crushed it, even though any new containers were supposed to be taken back to DPW and re-used.
    Rave: At least I didn’t have someone try to re-purpose the new container by making it into a flower planter or something. Better it is crushed and DC gets $1.05 for the material.

    • “Then they took my new recycling container (which was in the alley with a ‘take me’ sticker) and crushed it, even though any new containers were supposed to be taken back to DPW and re-used.”
      Gahhh. Foolishly, I actually believed DPW when they said they’d reuse unwanted new containers.

      • I sent an email to DPW and they replied saying it was a mistake (the trucks weren’t supposed to take/crush the new containers). And “We also will speak to the crew that removed the new container to make sure they know what the removal process is.”

    • houseintherear

      Anyone else not have their unwanted containers picked up this week, as promised? My tweets and emails to DPW are going unanswered…

  • Rant: My 95 year old grandfather got screwed over by the VA. He wasn’t getting proper treatment, including delayed tests and procedures. My mom finally took him to a private hospital for the pacemaker he needed, it turns out he has advanced cancer in his lungs and possibly elsewhere. Trying to focus on being there for him and my family who are on the west coast and not on how incredibly angering this whole mess at the VA is.

  • RANT : Pretty disappointed by the attacks on EmptyNester’s post. Who cares if he doesn’t feel safe in Anacostia? How is this an affront to your individual sensibilities? I don’t feel comfortable there…hell, I don’t feel comfortable in my DC neighborhood sometimes and I own a house there. Its a personal threshold, and frankly, a healthy case of fear has kept me on guard and out of trouble. The city is not all safe, not everywhere is gentrifying to safety and it’s not a bad thing if someone has different value set or housing need than you.

    RAVE: Looking forward to seeing all those posters at the next Anacostia-based PoPville Happy Hour.

    • Accountering

      I can completely get on board with this. Me thinks it was a few people who wanted to see it as a race issue, who just kept getting worked up over it.

      I have literally no interest in moving to Anacostia. Call it racist all you want, I would not, will not, and wont move there.

      The people who ripped him to shreds should be ashamed of themselves. A persons decision on where to live, where to “invest” and the like are simply that, personal decisions. The place is currently a dump, with plenty of loiterers, and very little good going on.

      • Thing is we MAY move there. We really need to take a tour with someone from one of the anacostia orgs that supports redevelopment and knows the area better. Its probably safer than it looks, and BB&P will add to the critical mass of walkability. On Good Hope there was one coming soon sign for another artist’s studio. One strategy would be to move to Arlington and rent for a while, and try to buy in a year or two when things are further along in Anacostia. Looking for that sweet spot where its a bit more comfortable but not yet so expensive.

        • I don’t have an issue with someone not being comfortable in a particular neighborhood. A home is a huge investment. There is no way you should buy one in a neighborhood that makes you uncomfortable. But having said that, the more affordable the home is in DC, the more remote and/or “underdeveloped” the neighborhood will be. You are not going to get any bargains in a neighborhood that has already “arrived.” By the time a neighborhood reaches the level you are comfortable with, you may already be priced out of it. When I bought in Park View in 2005, it was up and coming – still street crimes, still shootings. Now in 2014 – I couldn’t afford to buy the house I live in.

      • justinbc

        Calling it a dump, especially the part of Historic Anacostia that’s getting most of the rehab dollars, is a bit harsh. Have you driven through there lately? There are quite a lot of places getting restored in the same manner you see Trinidad, SW, and other areas in the other developing parts of DC.

      • In response to someone saying that a lot of people feel comfortable walking around Anacostia the OP responded by stating that his wife had been mugged on multiple occasions by young black males, that she had lived in the inner city in a northeastern city “during the riots”, and that they felt discomfort at not seeing any white people walking around Anacostia when they were there.
        Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, the OP and his wife are at the top of the list of the “few people who wanted to see this as a race issue.”

        • I was trying to be honest. There are parts of other cities where I have seen working class white youths who are also scary but one really doesn’t see them around DC. And being white one might think that one sticks out as a target the way a middle class black might not (and yes, we did discuss that.) And yes, I wanted to give enough background to understand my wife’s visceral reaction to a neighborhood where there were youths loitering AND where she felt particularly visible being white. Why she might feel less comfort than some other folks might, more as a gut reaction than anything else.

          I do not understand how you can have a conversation when you are parsing someone’s honest replies for a chance to call them racist.

          And yes, I used the word scoot because I was trying to be light about the whole thing. Evidently race in DC is too sore a topic for that.

          I wonder if we spent as much time trying to change the reality as we did policing the discourse, what we could achieve.

    • I’m not without interest in white Americans. I read Popville regularly! And I once went to a museum where I saw some exhibits on the accomplishments of white American men — and I thought it was really neat! And I LIKE diversity, although sometimes when I notice that I’m the only person in a neighborhood that’s not white, I feel uncomfortable, particularly as I get older. Because I have had many, many negative experiences with white Americans throughout my life and some of them have been quite traumatic.

      EmptyNester and his wife should live wherever they feel comfortable in the type of housing and neighborhood that meets their needs. But when you post about your needs on a public blog, people — like me — will take note of what you post, and possibly respond.

      • You do realize I posted that in response to someone saying that I didnt care about the culture and was just a flipper? You can’t grill someone and virtually accuse them of racism, then also attack them for sounding patronizing when they defend themselves.

        • “And I LIKE diversity, although sometimes when I notice that I’m the only person in a neighborhood that’s not white, I feel uncomfortable, ”

          Why the although? I thought diversity mean there was a mix of people, not all one race, religion, age, SES or ethnic group.

          • EmptyNester, I quite agree with your definition of “diversity”. The “although” is because in my experience, the “mix” that many white Americans view as being “diverse” is way off from the type of mix that I would view as being diverse. I.e. If I’m the only chocolate chip in the cookie, and we’re all chatting intently about recent New Yorker articles, it’s not “diverse”.

      • Hehehe, that was great!

      • Well said.

      • This is the perfect response. LOL.
        You should be a writer for Larry Wilmore’s “The Minority Report”

    • I agree – why are people arguing with someone’s rant? Way too much judgement and criticism in that conversation – ugh.

      • and more than a touch of irony that people who don’t approve of judging a neighborhood based on our view of people loitering, are quick to judge based on a few words in a quick web rant. B

        • Someone who is scared about loiterers has no business living in that area due to lack of street smarts. 98% of loiterers are harmless and the fact that the OP and his wife can’t tell them apart from actual criminals makes this an unfit place for them to live. They will be miserable there and his wife will be scared in her own home. I’m not judging or casting aspersions on the OP for this, it’s simply a matter of fact.
          If you have some street smarts, you can easily be fine in Anacostia (even as a white female). I’ve been fine in DC for the last 6 years, simply because I’m careful about where/when I walk, I’m always alert, and I can quickly tell who’s a threat and who isn’t. Am I a bit lucky too? Of course. But I’ve been around gritty urban environments for the last 15 years and I know how to minimize the chances of being a victim.

    • justinbc

      Organize an Anacostia HH and I will totally be there. Or are you just going to armchair mock people while embodying the same behavior you’re accusing them of?

  • Becks

    Rave: It’s a beautiful day and the weekend was amazing! The great weather has left me in a good mood.
    Rant: Taking a ITIL test tomorrow and I am really worried I won’t pass. I have been studying, but just can’t grasp the processes interactions.
    Rave: Lady Carlotta sat in my lap for the first time Saturday!
    Not really a rant, but funny: She tried to sit in my lap while I was studying! She jumped up on the sofa walked over and sat on the notebook in my lap. She looked up at me with eyes that said, ” Enough of the studying. More pats, please.”
    Rave: My tomato seeds have sprouted! There are four 2 inch tall sprouts!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Lady Carlotta sounds like a sweet kitty!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      That’s the way cats are. When I work from home, my Aby comes around 11:30 and starts biting my mouse hand. Not hard, just to get my attention to feed her. Around 4 – 4:30 the Savannah has had enough and gets up on the keyboard. Its a laptop so it is warm there. Lies stretched out like Cleopatra.

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