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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • sweet pic Mr. Raw!

  • Going to Oahu soon for 5 days for the first time. Any suggestions of what to do, what to avoid? I’ll have a car rental and would appreciate suggestions for touristy, non-touristy, hidden gems, hikes, beaches, places to eat, snorkeling, etc. Thanks!

    • Definitely hike Diamond Head. I snorkeled Hanaumu Bay and loved it.

    • Tourists will be everywhere. I recommend hiking Diamond Head for the views and birds, and seal kayaking in Kailua. Don’t be scared to stop for hot garlicky shrimp on the drive along the coast.

    • I’ve only been to Kauai, but I highly recommend a jeep if you need to take any dirt roads to any super-cool beaches. Also, I’m sure Oahu has a Lappert’s Hawaii ice cream and a Duke’s (which isn’t as good as Keoki’s Paradise on Kauai, but it’s the same restaurant family), both of which are excellent.

    • I lived there after college for a bit. My favorite place on Oahu is Yokohama Bay (locally they call it Keawaula Beach). It’s not super packed like Waikiki or other places in Honolulu. Big waves, but you can still get in the water if you don’t surf. You’ll def need a car. You’ll miss the big waves of the NOrth Shore, those happen during winter, but it’s still worth a trek up there. Good beaches, good eats, pretty drive. Waimea Bay is my favorite North Shore spot – there are cool rocks you can jump off of and in the summer you can swim (no huge waves). Have fun!!

    • I took surf lessons at Waikiki. Super crowded, but kind of one of those “I’ll only be here once” things you do. I enjoyed the Polynesian Cultural Center on the north side of the island – you get to see the dance and dress of all the different cultures in one place and then there is a luau (but alcohol free). I like the Maori the best. And you have to visit the Pearl Harbor memorial – very moving, and you can still see oil trickling to the surface from the sunken ships. I found the name of a distant relative on the USS Arizona memorial wall.

    • There is a highway that hugs the northern and eastern coasts of Oahu. Take a drive along there and you’ll find all sorts of free, public beaches that are beautiful and likely uncrowded or deserted altogether, at least during the week. And if you like seafood and/or sushi, you’re in for a treat. You will not find better sushi in all the United States.

    • hike diamond head. if you can find godzilla and do surfing lessons with him, do it! (that was a decade ago, but he was awesome, and looked like he hadn’t been out of the sun in 20 years so I bet he is still there.) He is right on Waikiki…or he was 10 years ago. You are going to have an awesome time.

    • My wife and I really enjoyed the Iolani Palace; it was really neat. We also had a fabulous dinner at Alan Wong’s restaurant – it’s pricey but so so worth it. Have fun!

      • Alan Wong’s is very good. Go hungry though, or you’ll be like “ahhhhh gonna die.”

    • If you head up to the north shore and the Sunset Beach area, grab a quick dinner–or at least dessert–at Ted’s Bakery. Famous and excellent roadside place with absurdly good chocolate coconut cream pie, among others. I’ll also fourth the Diamond Head recommendation, and suggest you go early. Way more comfortable to do around 7:30 or 8 am than under all the afternoon sun.

  • Rant/Rave: At home recovering from a surgery (laparoscopy)
    Rant/Rave: Surgery went well, however Doc didn’t find anything just justify my symptoms. Not sure what to think.
    Rant/Rant: We will start TTC again soon
    Rave: doctor asked me to take 2 weeks off for recovering, but I think I will only need a few days. Good thing my boss is understanding
    Rave: will spent my day reading popville today

    • Glad your procedure went well and hope you have a quick recovery.
      I have scheduled my HSG procedure for next week – not looking forward to that.

      • Had an HSG and its just a bit uncomfortable…not bad at all. I have an endometrial biopsy next week and have heard its awful.

      • Good luck! I think this was done as part of laparoscopy. Will you be fully sedated?

        • They don’t sedate you. It’s really quick, just apprently feels terrible. They just tell you to take advil before hand. I might ask for a xanax or valium, if they allow it.

          • I think you may be surprised that the HSG isn’t as bad as it seems. I’ve had one (and multiple laparoscopies), and during the procedure

          • I think you may be surprised that the HSG isn’t as bad as it seems. I’ve had one (and multiple laparoscopies), and during the procedure I was only minorly uncomfortable. I was able to drive myself home after. I had some issues that night, but that is due to other factors.

          • Sorry for the double post. Keyboard keeps messing up.

      • TTC Anon, I had an HSG a while ago. Do as recommended and take a double dose of ibuprofen 1 hour before your appointment. It’s uncomfortable but it wasn’t all that painful. Good luck! I hope they figure out what’s going on (for me, I had two losses and they had to go to a 3D ultrasound after the HSG until they figured out I had a uterine septum, it was removed and I’m 24 weeks on Sunday). Really wish you all the best.

      • HSGs are a piece of cake. I’m honestly not sure why they build it up like it’s going to cause so much pain – it really just feels like a menstrual cramp.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Take care of yourself and don’t rush your recovery! Enjoy it.

    • Good luck to you all – I’m rooting for you!

    • Don’t rush recovery. After I had arthroscopic surgery (which I realize is different), even once I felt well enough to move around and felt like going back to work, I was surprised just how tired I got. Doc said it was the anesthesia and it messes with your body for a few weeks. The first surgery I went back after two weeks and felt like crud for over a month. The second surgery I took three weeks off and felt much better overall in the recovery. Listen to your body. Good luck.

      • GiantSquid

        After my surgery last August, it was suggested to get acupuncture to help clear the anesthesia. It made a BIG difference after a few visits, no more sluggishness & fuzzy head.

  • Rant: Chuck Brown is dead.

  • rave: my neighbor rang my door bell and asked me if I’m interested in buy her home from her. She already has an all cash offer but knew I was looking for more property and would rather sell to me than to investor.
    Rant: it’s been less than a month since I closed on my new home. Don’t have 20% to put down.
    If I can some how make this work I own 3 homes within 10 doors of each other.
    I need advice!!!

    • Why exactly do you want to own 3 homes within 10 doors of each other? Just curious. I assume you have a lot of confidence in this particular neighborhood.

      • Because it makes plenty of sense for me. Easy to manage etc. Both of my current homes have rental units and very profitable as rentals. To add a third would be amazing. Yes have lot of faith neighborhood.

      • what neighborhood are you in OP?

        • SW corner of Trinidad. Home just listed for 699K today on West Virginia ave. Will only keep getting better. Also just saw Eden plans for 500 units and retail at Union Market.

          • I’m a neighbor of yours in SW Trinidad, and I’m hoping to rent my house out someday too and maybe buy a bigger house on my same block. Can’t go wrong with Trinidad, it feels like! Hope you come up with a way to buy your neighbor’s house! Maybe a…gulp…home equity loan?

    • janie4

      Convenient for managing property, and you become connected to the neighborhood. Hmm, FHA only requires 3% or so, any way you can swing that? You can always refinance to get rid of PMI later if it’s too much. Navy Federal does 100% loans, though they’re pricy on the rate.

      Rental income can be up to 75% of the mortgage payment. Also, could you get a personal loan for the other 20%? Rates are lousy, but if you could swing it, that could work. And last ditch – would the owner be willing to hold a second for 20% if you put in a balloon clause – i.e. I will pay off 20% plus reasonable interest in five years?

      • The issue is I just bought one a month ago as my primary residence which by law I’m required to live in it 1 year. So this one has to be an investment loan. Didn’t think FHA allowed for investment properties unless a unit will be owner occupied.

      • Rates are lousy??? Oh, heavens, a bit of perspective…

    • a) do you really need 20% down?
      b) do you have any equity in the other houses you own?
      c) could you incorporate and get a small business loan?

      • For an investment Loan yes. I have equity but then it ups the carrying costs/ eat into profit if I borrow against property.
        I don’t know that’s why I’m asking for advice.

    • Can you get one or more equity loans on the houses that you already own to make the 20% downpayment? It sounds like it might be worth it in your situation.

  • Rave: The Rebirth of Alt-Pop Songza playlist
    Rant: Tagging wars might indicate we are in for a helluva summer.

    • Yep, I think it’s gonna be a very painty summer. I’m pretty sure these kids are sniffing paint, too.

  • Rant: Still waiting on clearance, Company will not issue signing bonus. After a year more of this crap screw it, I’m starting my own web design business.

    Rant: the arboretum is huge, too big as a matter of fact. I was a bit depressed seeing it for the first time, my mom has a better flower garden in her back yard. smaller places like Brookside Gardens in Wheaton MD. put it to shame. They should sell half the land and make what’s left better.

    Rave: People cooking for me, specifically dates… The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s not just a saying if she cooks well.

    Rave: Brothers coming into town and Mother’s day… I love my moms. she’s the bestest!

    • It’s called the ARBORetum for a reason.

      • Yeah, what a weird rant. It’s not supposed to be a flower garden. And I’ll bet Jack’s mom doesn’t have a bonsai from the 1600’s that survived Hiroshima.

      • There is unrest in the arboretum, there is trouble with the trees…

    • Jack5, have you been to the U.S. Botanic Garden, near the Capitol? You might like it better than the Arboretum; it’s more concentrated (space-wise) and more flower-y.

      • Yep, it was just a rant, the grounds there could be much more captivating though…

        • I think maybe the extreme/weird weather of the past few years have taken its toll. The grounds ARE captivating and idyllic. Things just haven’t been blooming the same over the past few years.

  • Rant: I had the stitches taken out of my hand today and the Dr. said no boxing for two weeks.
    Rave: He said the Octagon was okay. I like funny Drs…

    • Is that how you broke your jaw?

      • Ha! If only it was something that interesting!

        • I like the real story, it’s something a lot of is can relate to!

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 when I got up this morning I tripped over something and almost came crashing down on Tiny Kitty and a table. I thought of formerly broken jaw and my mom. She managed hurt herself by putting a glass on a table, missing the table, the glass broke, and a piece went into her Achilles tendon and sliced it in two.

          • I was dog sitting for a neighbor recently and had two dogs going back and forth jostling for position as they were rushing down the front steps. I swore they were trying to trip me so I’d break my jaw : (

          • Every time I tell MY STORY, which gets increasingly long now that I am DC’s #1 Medical Bore, I’m amazed at how many people have friends or relatives that were hurt in a fall caused by tripping over a pet.

  • My rant: the shithead riff-raff loiterers along 14th street (between Girard and Irving). I think I am either going to make my own stink-bombs (http://chemistry.about.com/od/chemistryhowtoguide/a/stinkbombs.htm ) or buy this stinky spray ( http://www.predatorpee.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=LE&Category_Code=SKUNKEM) and start dousing their normal hangout spots. Good or bad idea?

    • hahah i never like walking along that stretch….id reccomend walking up 15th street if your going north! Much nicer walk, less people, less traffic

  • Rant: Feel really torn between three cities – here, where my husband’s job and all of our friends are, another one where I have an amazing job offer, and my hometown where I can be closer to family and will feel better starting a family of our own. Life would be so much easier if even two of those things was in the same city. None are even easily commutable…

    Rave: I guess I should feel lucky that we HAVE job opportunities and family. All three cities are great places to live. It’s a good problem to have, I guess… (doesn’t feel that way).

  • Rave: Finally had the date with coffee meets bagel girl. I think it went really well, lasted about 2 hours got some food and had two drinks, walked her home and went in for a quick good night kiss.
    Rant: She is graduating from law school tuesday, so her schedule might open up after that, but is also studying for the bar and taking that in july, so shes probably not going to be free to hang out a ton over the summer. Then again i will also be busy up through july on vacations and trips so maybe it will work out.
    Rave: One step at a time. Happy friday!

    • if you can enjoy someone’s company while they’re studying for the bar, then you should have a long and happy life together. I was the most miserable person while studying for the bar (I did fine in law school and was never someone to be particularly stressed by studying or tests) but for some reason it really got to me. Lots of napping, whining, etc. Glad I didn’t start dating my now-wife until after that was all behind me, because I doubt she would’ve put up with me!

    • Studying for the bar should be less work than a 9-5.

      • Absolutely. At a minimum, it’s 9-5 at most through the end of June. After July 4 she will, and should, ramp up. By then, though, you will have had some fun, gotten to know her a bit better, and can score lots of points bringing her favorite foods and treats to her while she’s studying. (Bringing her = dropping off, not staying for a chat, or a romp.)

    • Emmaleigh504

      I come from a long line of lawyers, so trust me when I say it’s a cult*. Run far, far away from the cult members! I kid, I’m glad it went well.
      *Also took a fascinating class in college about cults and learned how to spot the signs and create my own cult 🙂 Got an A on the final which was giving step by step instructions on creating my very own cult.

      • binpetworth

        If your cult involves cat adoration, king cakes and binge-watching 90210 reruns, I’m happy to become your first devotee!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Welcome binpethworth and squish to my cult 🙂 It’s not a dooms day cult (no suiciding), but you do have to give me all your money (for the king cakes and cat toys). My followers will be called the Kellies.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Oh! Or maybe the Valentines, since I’m Emily…but my fake name is always Kelly Taylor…so many choices! And I still hate Miss Valentine for that Brandon BS when Kelly was in the fire which led to her own cult involvement. Ok, I’ll have to ponder this name thing, but you might as well give me all your money now.

          • You hate Emily Valentine? Emily Valentine is my favorite, rivaled only by Valerie.

            Clearly, I like the bitches.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Did you see any post high school Emily Valentine episodes? Not only did she have TERRIBLE hair and bust up Brandon and Kelly, her personality completely changed and she was only on the show again b/c she was dating Jason Priestly. Emily Valentin is the WORST.

    • Accountering

      Sounds like you are making a lot of long-term plans considering you just had one date! 🙂

      I am going on a second date with a CMB girl on Monday. Pretty excited about it, but certainly not involving her in my summer plans in any way – certainly not yet at least 🙂

      • Its not long term plans, but at this point in my life (age 25) i am thinking about how realistic a relationship will be 6 months down the road, im not here to hook up really. I have ignored red flags in the past that i shouldnt have which just led to relationship explosions down the road, so i am looking for a much better fit this time around. But agreed, the next step is date #2 see how that goes… Good luck on yours!

        • Accountering

          I think your perspective is very fair, and is pretty healthy to be honest. Red Flags certainly need to be watched for. Only worry I have is going into something like this with a focus on starting a relationship may put a bit too much pressure on the whole situation. I try and just go into things with an open mind, have a good time, and let whatever may happen, happen. It sounds like you are in a good spot though. Good luck!

    • Dont let the busyness keep you from trying. I met a guy, had three dates in about 3 weeks but was still kind of iffy/neutral on him. He then left to travel out of the country for two months, then the holidays etc, then I was traveling. Fourth date happened about 3 months later! Then he moved to another country for four months, I visited once. Well we got engaged a year later. Married three years now with a toddler. Up until that point I was always that person who if I went on a second date with you, I was definitely into you. This was the first relationship I had that was full of stops and starts and just life in general consuming our individual time. But if you are into her and she is into you, make time. It will sort itself out.

      • That is a good story! Good to know that things dont have to be so planned out, but it takes two very open minded and i am sure up front and honest people to accomplish something like that! I think i could, if she can is to be seen. I sorta got the vibe that she doesnt date a lot, or hasnt had a serious boy friend (at least a long term one). I will follow up with her when her exam is done and she is graduated for a celelbratory drink.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I wanted to sleep about 500 more hours when my alarm when off this morning, where’s Maleficent when you need her?
    Rave: Dentist appointment went well: no cavities and baby tooth a-ok!
    Rant: Realizing I don’t really have good clothes for Fall trip overseas.
    Rave: Clothes shopping!

  • Rave: Bahamas in 12 days, looking forward to a much needed vacation!

  • Rave: Took my cat on a walk last night.
    Rave: Most of my coworkers are at a conference so it’s very peaceful here today.
    Rant: I’m crushing hard on a guy I’d been hanging out with in a group setting (close-knit neighborhood) for a couple months. I *thought* he was crushing on me too and flirted with me regularly but we both got out of very LTRs in the past year so perhaps we were both too scared/nervous/lacking in confidence to try anything. He moved last week and I’m so bummed and regretful. I’m tempted to reach out but fear freaking him out or coming on too strong or, or, or, or …

    • Since he moved it seems like the perfect time, if he doesn’t have feelings for you you won’t have to see him around the neighborhood and that will be that. Better to know than always wonder.

    • love taking my cat on walks. Neighbors laugh at me though.

    • What do you have to lose?

      • I don’t know … I got rejected pretty brutally by the first (and only other) man I got with after my breakup and get almost no interest from men online so I guess I just fear the confirmation that I’m not desirable and am destined to long for love/sex/companionship but never find it. I fear coming across as a loser of a woman who “has” to make the first move with men because they’re not interested enough to make the first move with me.

        • As a guy I will say making the first move in no ways makes you come across as loser, if a guy thinks that do you really want to be with him?

          I think it’s great when the woman makes the first move.

          • Accountering

            I can echo this 110%. I would not think you were a loser even a little bit. Remember, we are just people too. Most times, we are nervous too, and we are bad at this as well!

            Reach out to him! Drinks, coffee, coffee and a bagel (hey-o!)

  • Accountering

    Rave: Finally decided to go with a semi-anon username. Found out just too many people are on this site, and dont want random people I may know in real life to necessarily know all my business. Plus, I want to be able to share things I otherwise may not.

    Select-A-Seat/late HH arrival guy is retired for good!

    • Oh good, that means some of us screen-name-selectors know who you still are then 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      Now I just have to remember that this new name belongs to that other name/face 😉
      Now share some dirt!

    • Will you still dance on bars at HH’s?

      • Speaking of which, did you ever decide on a date for the next happy hour? Someone mentioned either May 20 or 21, but I don’t recall seeing anything definite.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think Justin is in charge of the 20-21 HH. I don’t recall if a date was set. I think he mentioned a place, but I’ve forgotten. It’s bound to be good since he likes food and drink 🙂

          • Yes, he mentioned the Partisan, which I’m looking forward to trying. I’m free on the 20th, but if it’s the 21st, I’d have a tough time. I may be able to move things around though in order to come. The sooner he decides, the better.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I just hope some of my new favorite people can make it! You may be one of them, but I don’t know because you are Anon 🙁

  • Rave: Yoga Heights in Park view. Finally made it to a class and it was so good.
    Rant: Feeling disconnected from my SO lately.

  • Rave: Planning a trip to Turks and Caicos in June – anyone been and have any good hotel recs?

  • Rant: Does anyone else have to start the workday with a phone conference “standing meeting”? So so annoying and silly, listening to the yuk yuk yuks and stupid jokes as everyone participates in the forced kabuki theater of trying to sound modest yet really productive and connected to the White House or some other entity/person. BARF

  • Rant: I had another near death experience as a pedestrian this morning when a driver treated a four way stop like an on-ramp for 495. I drive and walk in this city by myself and with my kids. I wish more people realized that, statistically speaking, driving is one of the most dangerous things you will do in a day. Slow down, look around, get off your phone, don’t try to beat that pedestrian or other car through the intersection, and finally, pumping your brakes does not constitute a “stop.” You may be running late, but if you end up in a crash or mow down a pedestrian you are definitely going to miss that meeting.

    • I had dozens of near deaths experiences when I lived in VA and had to drive everywhere. During my 12-mile commute I’d see several accidents each day. It’s so dangerous. Be careful out there!

    • +1000 — I don’t have a car anymore, but when I did and drove to the metro someone rear-ended me (not terribly hard but enough to need to pull over and swap info). The other driver actually said “I’m running late” and my response was “Well you are definitely going to be late now!”
      People need to slow down and take 2 seconds to consider their safety and the safety of those around them.
      That felt good. Glad you escaped unharmed!

    • I had one the other day too! Another pedestrian and I had the walk signal and started to cross a street that had two right-turn lanes. The car closest to the sidewalk was stopped, giving us the right of way. Then, suddenly a car in the second turn lane comes plowing through the intersection and makes a right turn without even breaking. It passed within a foot of me. Then, another car came speeding through right after. We both stood there stunned for a second before continuing on. Between that and the tour buses, my head is on a constant swivel. It really is dangerous out there.

      • I may have witnessed this – were you jogging by chance? I saw a car come so close to creaming a jogger – it was definitely mere inches from disaster.

    • GiantSquid

      Mr. Squid observed recently that people in cars are impatient. He couldn’t be more right.

  • Rave: finally doing work in the field that I studied in grad school.
    Rant: the stuff I studied in grad school has absolutely no applicability to real life, so I have no idea where to even begin with this tasking and I feel like a fraud.

  • Know of any odd or interesting things that might make for fun filming experiments?

    We got the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and have been having a great time shooting in Parkview, Petworth, Mount Pleasant, Rock Creek Park.


  • Rave: Apparently I missed a major Green Line delay this morning. If I left a half hour later I probably would have been stuck in it.

    Rave: New GPS-enabled bike computer. Can’t wait to try it on a ride this weekend.

    Rave: Wasn’t looking for it, but found some Inis & Gunn beer last night. Haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to tonight. I was good friends with the head brewer in college and it will be nice to finally try what he’s creating.

    Rant: None!

  • Rant/Rave? Considering taking a job in Baltimore with same organization I work for now. Currently live in DC (Park View) and love so much about it–being car-free/public transportation, having a partner who lives here and owns her home, the excitement and neighborhoods in the city. New position will not pay me significantly more (though will be a title/responsibility upgrade) and from what I understand I’d probably need a car. I love the idea of a new challenge and change, but still. Feeling unsure. Anyone have any experience with Baltimore, or commuting to and from, or any other thoughts?

    • The Baltimore circulator is OK, and free. The Marc train runs on weekends now, but not at ideal times. A friend who studies at Hopkins gets by without a car, but she often bums rides from others to go to concerts and clubs. The cost of living in Baltimore is insanely cheap overall.

    • I lived in Baltimore & worked in Baltimore for a year, lived in Balt and worked in DC for a few months then moved to DC where I occasionally do work in Baltimore. Going either direction is do-able if you live and work reasonably close to the train stations. And/or if you’re able do some teleworking.
      For me, visiting Baltimore for a few days (family still lives there) is great but not sure I’d want to trade it full time for DC.

    • I have a friend who recently got a job in Baltimore and decided to live in the middle of the city (mount Vernon neighborhood). He was on a bus line that went straight to his job, and was in a walkable neighborhood, so he figured it would work without a car.

      One month later he moved back to DC. The public transit in Baltimore was so unreliable that it was actually faster to drive from DC than take the bus in Baltimore. And his walkable neighborhood was so dangerous (pretty bad when the bus driver warns you to not go outside at night, ever) that he figured he might as well get a car and live in DC which he likes a lot more.

      • Also, he was hoping to take the train back to DC on the weekends to visit, but the MARC weekend schedule is really inconvenient apparently.

    • Baltimore also have great neighborhoods and excitement! And as anonymous above pointed out, the same salary in Baltimore will go a lot farther than in DC (probably even after factoring in the car). Distance from partner or taking on a commute is the downside, but if you’re near the train stations on either end then it could actually be an easier commute than some trips within the district.

    • I lived in Fells Point for over 10 years and really loved it. When I first got my job there, I tried to commute via Marc — which meant bus to metro to Marc to bus to work. It was horrible. Any delay at any point in this complicated trip meant that I would be extremely late to work. So I moved, and was very happy with that decision. Public transportation within Baltimore is iffy at best. If the subway line or the light rail or the Connector buses or the private shuttles (ex. JHH/JHU) take you where you need to go, that’s great. Some of the MTA buses can be extremely unreliable. I ended up getting a car for a commute of less than 2 miles — because I couldn’t rely on the other options. With that exception, I loved the neighborhoodness of Baltimore, loved living on the water, and loved being able to live a walkable life. If you come to DC regularly, invest in an Amtrak 10 trip ticket. It’s good for 45 days, and can be used on most Northeast Regional trains weekdays and weekends. It means you can avoid having to make reservations for specific trains, gives you a reliable alternative to Marc, and gets the price per ticket down to under $20. I also kept a few $7 Marc tickets stashed, so I could have the option of being able to take whichever train came first.
      Short version: I couldn’t hack the commute, and people that I know who drive it have described it as brutal unless you have a flexible schedule. Whether or not you need a car in Bmore really depends upon exactly what your commute is — it could be a piece of cake with the Connector or a JHU shuttle, or next to impossible if your only option is an unreliable MTA bus line.

    • personally, more responsibility combined with same pay and needing to pay for a car would mean a NO for me

  • justinbc

    Raves: SAVOR tonight at the Building Museum (my favorite event of the year)! Brewmasters Brunch tomorrow at Birch & Barley, then Chromeo @ U Street Music Hall tomorrow night.

  • Just saw a large group of protesters walk by on their way to the State Department. #OromoProtest

    I knew nothing of this until i googled it,.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Leave for a week at the beach tomorrow.
    Rant: Mr. Squid might have to bring work.
    Revel: Acupuncture for allergies making a difference.

  • Rave/Rant: Soon I will be moving from DC, where I’ve been car-free for 3 years, to out in the boondocks where you can’t get anywhere without a car. From here on, I promise to:
    1. Always drive the speed limit
    2. Always stop for pedestrians
    3. Come to a full stop at all stop signs, especially if pedestrians are present
    4. Come to a full stop before making a right on red, especially if pedestrians are present
    5. Pass cyclists slowly and with at least three feet of clearance
    6. Never honk at someone (ped, cyclist, or driver) for simply being “in my way”
    7. Be patient

    And yes, I am from Maryland and am returning to Maryland, so I will be a “Maryland Driver.”

  • Rant: Wish the 63 bus ran all day every day.
    Rave: DC bus drivers are nice and professional people. Love ’em.

    • Wish it ran more reliably during rush hour. Long waits both to and from work yesterday.

  • Rant: Carpet installers and their silly “time windows” of 7 AM to 3 PM. First of all, not even really a window and second, why in this day and age is scheduling so hard for repair work? I should at least be able to get a 2 hour window.
    Rave: Less than two weeks until beautiful Dominica. SO excited to hike Boiling Lake and see Champagne Lake. Anyone been there? Any suggestions?

  • Becks

    Rave: It’s Friday and I have a groupon for a massage!
    Rave: Getting a massage tonight!
    Double rave: I get to spend all weekend with my Kitteh, Lady Carlotta of Columbia Heights!
    Rant: I think some stray cats have been marking my back door. I am worried that the smell could irritate Lady Carlotta into marking “her” territory. Or she could try to get out to join them. Any ideas how to dissuade cats from your backyard?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Just saw this on My Cat From Hell. Jackson suggested these motion detector sprinklers and motion detector air horn thingies (just air no noise) to scare other animals out of the back yard and away from the house. Don’t know if that will work for your place or not. Check out the My Cat From Hell website for other ideas and maybe the actual name of the air horn thingies.

      • Becks

        They come by when I’m not there or the sound of my unlocking the door to go out scares them away. I’m renting so installing anything would be out of the question. I’m wondering if there is a spray that I can use that cats don’t like. I was going to plant catnip outside for Lady Carlotta but decided that would be a very bad idea. I don’t want to lure the neighborhood cats TO my yard! LOL!

        • Emmaleigh504

          The motion detector air can thingies are portable, so you could use those as a renter (they used them inside and out). I want to say the sprinklers were too, because the women in that episode were renting., but wasn’t paying much attention.

    • I’ve heard of indoor cats marking and having other issues in response to outdoor cats — maybe try some Feliway with Lady Carlotta, just in case?
      There’s probably a way to dissuade stray cats from your backyard, but I’m not sure what it would be. Others here might know.
      If the strays are marking, they’re presumably unneutered males. Maybe you could try getting traps from WHS’s CATNIPP program and setting them on your porch, if the cats are coming there anyway? If they go for the traps, you could take ’em to WHS, get them neutered, and both stop the marking problem (at least with those particular cats) and the overpopulation problem.

      • Oops, that was me.
        BTW, has Lady Carlotta been on Afternoon Animal Fix yet?

        • Becks

          I keep meaning to send in photos. She’s such a diva. She looks right into the camera and then poses! I wonder if I can send in a video of her. Photos to come!

    • Get yourself a six pack and a Super Soaker™. It’s time you showed those furry street urchins who’s boss (Lady Carlotta). It might help to watch some Charles Bronson movies to really get you in the mood.

  • epric002

    rave: friday!
    ranty rave: headache this morning due to sitting on our porch last night and finishing a bottle of wine. oh wells, weather was awesome.
    request: thinking about going to the EU embassy open house this weekend- what do others who have been in the past have to say about it?

    • It depends. Some of the embassies are good at “entertaining” and many are just open for you to walk through – it varies greatly. Many of the embassies can have long lines, depending on which embassy and what time. Last year, in the early afternoon at the more entertaining ones, like the UK and Belgium, the lines were over 30 mins long to get in. But for $0, it’s an enjoyable experience especially if you like to learn about other countries.

    • It’s a fun way to check out the inside of a lot of embassies (including the public parts of the ambassador’s private residence, in some cases) and find out a bit about some of the countries. Also a chance to chat with other people while you’re waiting in the lines, which is also fun. I usually skip the longest lines at the biggest embassies and focus on the smaller embassies. Go to Belgium earlier rather than later if they are giving away beer, last time I went they ran out fairly early!!

  • First time doing one of these. I’m new to the community!

    Rave: Nice date last night with good conversation
    Rant: There’s still a guy who’s been on my mind a lot lately, but he lives hundreds of miles away
    Rave: This weather!
    Rave: No big plans for the weekend; just relaxing and recouping from the workweek.

    • Accountering

      Welcome! There has been tons of talk about peoples successful (and unsuccessful) dating stories lately!

    • Welcome to the site. The more details you share about your dates and potential dates and long-distance longings, the better. Some of us have need lives to live through here!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Welcome, and feel free to over-share 🙂

      • people love a good dating story, especially ones with back story!

        -Kickball/Coffe meets bagle guy

        I need a nickname.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yes you do! How about…(Ill think of something, give me a minute)

        • Emmaleigh504

          Fika! (Swedish word for coffee with a little snack with friends)

          • Haha. Thanks for the kind words, all! The date was actually a Coffee Meets Bagel boy. Other boy is an old college friend. Considering my love life is my biggest rant right now, life is pretty good. All good things come in time, right?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Are you by any chance in law school?

          • Emilie, LOL! I too was wondering if MaryK87 was Kickball/Coffee Meets Bagel boy’s date.

  • Rave: Great customer service from Google regarding the Nik Collection.
    Rave: great lunch with a colleague (mmm…bbq).
    Rant: need nap now.
    Rantish: sax player on the Mall was playing Get Lucky and despite only hearing a couple of bars, I now have it stuck in my head. This wouldn’t be a problem if I liked Daft Punk. But I don’t and I won’t.
    Rave: a friend sent me a youtube link to Anata – The Conductor’s Departure which is helping me power through work.
    Permarave: the expression of my coworkers when they find me listening to death metal. Yes, this is why I keep my office door closed.

    Rave: Wizards! and Wizards watch party! Does this count as a coven?

  • magpies

    Rant: I’m moving and it’s kind of an annoying situation.
    Rave: The new place has some ready-to-go garden space! I can’t wait to get joe pye weed and mountain mint and phlox to start a pollinator garden.
    Rave: My cat, who was super-hyperthyroid and had radiation therapy for it, is a-okay on thyroid and kidney health! I am so relieved. I LOVE MY CAT SHE IS MY LITTLE BABY. Omg there were adoptable KITTENS at the vet running around or SLEEPING and just being SOFT AND CUTE. If anyone needs a kitten in their life, Nova Cat Clinic in Arlington has CUTE ONES.

    • I am bummed I didn’t get any phlox from Home Depot when I saw some there a few weeks ago — it’s all gone now. Let us know if you find a good source for it!

      • Try American Plant Nursery, or Johnson’s, or Benkhe

      • magpies

        I went by Nature by Design in Alexandria (http://www.nature-by-design.com/) a few weeks ago and they had phlox in several colors and a bunch of other nice, flowering things, mostly natives. Oh, and aside from being generally cool, Freecycle can be good for plants too! I picked up 10 or so joe pye seedlings this weekend.

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