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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: I love living in DC, a city that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, with new buildings popping up everywhere. It’s so exciting.
    Rant: I wish people had better bus etiquette. If you’re adding money to your card, please board last. If you can, use the back door for getting off the bus to make things quicker. And please keep your music down.

    • justinbc

      I realized today that if I take the bus that comes 15-20 minutes later than my usual one that it’s filled with about 30 middle school aged children and packed to capacity. Good lord, won’t be making that mistake again.

      • I’ve tried taking the 30 mins early bus and the 30 mins late bus, and they’re ALL full of school-aged kids. (There are three schools — elementary, middle, and high — between my house and work.) This morning a group of high schoolers were cursing every other word loudly, despite there being elementary-aged kiddos attentively watching (and learning) their every behavior. Mind you I curse like a sailor, just not around kids. Anyway, that’s my rant for the day. I hope I wasn’t that annoying when I was in high school, but I’m sure I was.

        • justinbc

          That stinks. I’m pretty sure now that the weather is nice I’ll just be biking in if I’m late. Or at least make sure I have headphones in my bag from now on.

          • Same, I’m lucky to be able to walk to work, I’m just often lazy in the morning. And I need new walking sneakers.

          • willing to recommend sneakers? I am in desparate need of a new pair of running and/or walking sneakers. I usually prefer walking over running for exercise although i will do it occasionally. I will never be able to drive so walking is my main way of getting around.

          • [email protected]:13, I’d recommend going to Fleet Feet in Adams Morgan. They’re great at helping you find the right sneakers (I recently bought the Brooks GTS for walking)

          • justinbc

            Pacers in Logan Circle is great for that as well. I love the ones they fitted me for.

          • I recommend Fleet Feet too.

          • I used to go to Fleet Feet, until they became ardent Muriel Bowser supporters, posting signs in the window and hosting her campaign days

          • saf

            Fleet Feet always supported Muriel – Adrian Fenty’s parents own the place.

  • Rant: SICK! Cant shake it. Want to crawl in bed and sleep.
    Rave: The weather! Almost makes getting out of bed worth it.
    Rant: Moving boxes everywhere! Totally lacking motivation to unpack.
    Rave: My new apartment! I love it, and I love sharing it when someone I love!

  • rant: i think I’m getting an ear infection. I feel like a little kid.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Getting out of the office at noon yesterday for a work outing to the Nats game. I don’t really like baseball, but it’s always nice to have a half day.
    Rant: This was my 8th trip to Nats park, and the 7th occasion that it’s been rain delayed or rained out. I really am terrible luck for everyone else in attendance.
    Rant: Ben’s @ Nats park … it’s borderline disgusting. They really bastardize an already average product, I think after yesterday I’ve finally learned my lesson on that one.
    Rant: Look, I know it’s apparently too much to expect “good Mexican food” in DC, but is it too much to ask for all of the new places to not be in the running for world’s smallest taco? It seems like everywhere that’s opened recently (Chupacabra, El Rey, Impala) you can fit the tortilla in the palm of your hand, and yet they’re still charging $3-$4 for them. We went to Impala’s little Cinco de Mayo party and couldn’t have left any less impressed or encouraged to return. The food quality was actually worse than when they were doing it pop-up style at The Pug, and charging $7 for tiny plastic cups of 3 Stars beer (from right here in DC, wtf???) was just absurd. I do have to give Sol a little credit in this regard, after opening up poorly they at least increased portion size to a reasonable amount given the price, although the quality still has a little way to go.

    • I have to give credit to a taco food truck whose name I unfortunately cannot remember. It was parked at the Running of the Chihuahuas, if anyone can recall, and has black and red coloring. In any event, they do a taco plate of 3 tacos (like Chipotle) for only $6 or $7. And it was delicious. I got the carnitas tacos with everything on them. If you see that truck, go there!

      • justinbc

        Was it these guys?
        I’ve seen them parked (not operating) by Smith Commons a good bit, but never found them out during their regular hours.

        • I don’t think it was them, I would have remembered the skeleton decals. This truck was rather plain looking (almost all black with a little red trim here and there.)

          • justinbc

            Out of curiosity, I tried that Kalaveras truck today anyway. No tacos available, but a pretty solid enchilada platter for $10.
            It also came with a bonus side of crazy lady telling me I had no Constitutional right to photograph her in public and that I would have to delete the photo from my phone or she would take me to court. Gotta love DC.

      • There is a woman who makes great tacos in a parking lot across from red derby. Not sure the days she is there but for sure on Saturdays. Also second taqueria distrito federal ,better than the place on v st.

    • Authentic Mexican tacos are pretty small.

      • justinbc

        That would be completely relevant if anyone of those places was producing authentic Mexican tacos (and charging a quarter for them like they are in Mexico).

        • pablo .raw

          and had the variety that is offered on the streets of Mexico: cheek, tongue, brain, eye, etc.

          • justinbc

            El Chilango’s shop on V St is the closest thing I’ve found in terms of authenticity / value / etc

          • pablo .raw

            I like the former tacos pepitos AND bakery (I think it’s super taco now), they have that $10ish 1 pound of meat plus tortillas plus salsa offer; really good. They don’t have eye though.

          • But even Chilango’s is $9 for 3 fairly small tacos.
            $4 tacos = the new small plates. Literally the size of a saucer!

          • jim_ed

            In the city proper, I have yet to find a place that does tacos better than Taqueria Distrito Federal. Some of their meats can be inconsistent at times, but their goat (barbacoa chivo) is the best around. Outside of the city, Taqueria Tres Reyes has meat so good I would punch a family member for it, and Taqueria La Placita has the best tortillas.

          • justinbc

            Jim, thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely add them to the list to try. We have to go out to Arlington to get our chorizo, so no surprise we would have to travel for the tacos as well.
            @Anon 11:00, they must have raised the prices then, they used to be about $2.50 IIRC and were larger and more filled with meat than most of the other newer places.

          • Taqueria Distrito Federal is my favorite spot. They have beef tongue and goat tacos. Highly recommend.

          • epric002

            taqueria distrito federal all the way! lots of taco options, cheap, and delicious.

        • Drive a few miles out of the city and go to Taqueria La Placita in Hyattsville.

        • Haha! You’re paying for that fancy build outs and rents these restaurants have!

          • justinbc

            District Taco charges $7 for 3 tacos, with “unlimited toppings” (caveated to not include meat or guacamole). I would be highly surprised if they rent on H Street NE were higher than what they’re paying for a more centralized downtown location.

    • I didn’t like the tacos at El Rey (meat was too chewy).

  • Revel: it’s still Spring!
    Revel: Great time last night at a show at DC Space Arts
    Rant: Organizer of said show booked five bands on a weeknight
    Rant: one noise band took over 30 minutes to set up and then played a long set. All other bands had set up their equipment and just moved it to the “stage” area when ready.
    Rant: only 7 people got to see the headliner because of this extra hour.
    Rant: a P.A. is not a mixing board and a guitar amp.
    Revel: the headliner, Hiro Kone, had an awesome set.
    Rant: bands not staying to watch other bands on the bill. It’s common goddamn courtesy.

    I understand that setup and takedown is not instantaneous, but whoever ran the show made a lot of mistakes, including, it seems not being at the show.

    Revel: I got a couple of decent photos at the show.
    Revel: Pica Taco!

    • Your rant about the P.A. made me laugh. A couple of years ago my band played a Blues festival in VA. The people who ran the festival thought that a “backline” meant just a PA. There were no drums or bass amp. They were able to find a local drummer who brought his drums, and I think the first two or three acts had their bass player play through the P.A. The Nighthawks headlined and they had no problems with this because they brought their own equipment.

      • Ha! That’s a good story. I’ve fallen for venues that claim to have a P.A., but for the most part, things have managed to work out.

    • I’m surprised everyone didn’t set up before the show. When I used to play in bands, the headliner usually did sound check, then moved their equipment to the back of the stage. Then the band that would play before them, then move their equipment back. Then the opener would MAYBE get a sound check and MAYBE get to set up before doors opened.

      And I agree you MUST stay to watch all the bands. But I also think it looks good if the headliner also makes a point of watching the openers.

      • Meg – this is going to be sad/funny: everyone, except for Nuss, set up before the show. So, it was running smoothly before Nuss and it ran smoothly after Nuss. Nuss just threw an extra hour into everyone’s night. One of the last two bands offered to play before him, because they were already set up, but nope, he was going to play third.

        I’m a big believer in “any time outside of five minutes for set up and take down on either end will be taken out of your set time.” With five bands on a weeknight, 40 minutes max for set and setup, except for the headliner(s). The headliners sat through (and enjoyed) the first two bands. They were present for Nuss, but after his lengthy setup time, I don’t think they enjoyed his set.

        • That’s totally unprofessional. Any musician/act should have everything assembled and ready to plug in as much as possible.

  • My neighbors are talking about having a block party, in order to get City approval to close the street we need 51% of the residents to approve. Any words of wisdom from Popville? Do we have to pay the city to close the street? Can’t find any information other than the above from the City website.

    • Do you have an alley? We did an alley clean up/block party in the alley a few years ago. Alley clean up was on Saturday, the on Sunday we all rolled our BBQs out and brought food and beer into the alley and had a good time.

  • RANT: Heard about (but refuse to see) the video of an Andre Robinson of NYC luring a stray cat and then kicking the innocent animal 20 feet into the air. While he committed the barbaric act, his friends laughed in the background as they taped the scene. His mother defended her son, saying he actually likes animals and “the cat is fine.” Right. Meanwhile, her cretin of a son is out of jail and awaiting a hearing in June. Our society doesn’t take animal abuse seriously enough. If it were up to me, I’d have him kicked 20 feet in the air (times 10).
    RAVE: The ASPCA, Sean Casey Animal Rescue, NYPD, and other volunteers who identified the perp and ultimately captured the cat. The cat is now being treated. Let’s hope he heals and is adopted by a great owner.
    Rant/Question: Not sure the news should have posted such a graphic video. While I think people should be aware of animal abuse- and the ridiculously small consequences the torturers have to pay- I don’t know if we should further hurt innocent people by broadcasting such sick and violent videos online or on TV.

    • Becks

      Animal cruelty makes me angry. A human can say stop, I’m hurt, I’m cold or I’m hungry but an animal can’t! I was living in China and had just exited a restaurant after dinner one night. I saw a man up the street just kicking a dog that was cowering against a wall. I walked over, hauled back and kicked the man. He looked at me and said,” What is your problem?” I replied, “Oh, sorry. I thought we were kicking dogs!” He was a Chinese middle aged male. It may have been that I am a white female and spoke Chinese, but he backed away and left. It could also have been that I had four big Western men coming up the street to assist me. Would I do it again without backup? In a heartbeat!

      • Not to mention that statistically, those who abuse animals tend to eventually move on to humans. Pretty much every serial killer has been found to have history of animal abuse in childhood/pre-teen stage.

      • I agree animal cruelty is sickening (although I do eat meat, which makes me a hypocrite), but what’s up with your statement “A human can say stop, I’m hurt, I’m cold or I’m hungry but an animal can’t!” Does that somehow mean that animal cruelty worse than human torture?

    • justinbc

      Did they not preface it with their usual “warning: the following video may be graphic to some viewers” kind of terminology?

      • Yes, they do. But my question is, do we really need to post these sorts of videos? I think they’re extremely disturbing and have a bad impact on any person who watches them, willingly or unwillingly. If found out about the story when a relative of mine saw it TV. She regretted seeing it, and I was sick to my stomach just hearing about it.

        • justinbc

          Do we need to? Probably not, I’m sure a description would suffice for most viewers, but I guess some people like to be fully informed in order to make a judgment. Often times the media becomes the de facto court of law for things like this, where you’re almost always guilty until acquitted.

        • justinbc

          Also, video evidence may lead to more demanding public outcry for “justice”, which would be beneficial to your cause.

  • Rave: Went to comedy underground at the big Hunt last night, some really funny guys some really bad, but i was laughing at all the jokes (a lot of dick, and a lot of “racist” jokes). Date tonight with coffee meets bagle girl, hope it goes well!
    Rant: None

    • Sounds like you’ll have plenty of material ready for the date.

    • Where are you guys going/what are you guys doing? We need DETAILS

      • So many coffees out there, searching searching for their Everything Bagel.

      • we are doing a classic ‘drink and a bite’, my prefered first date. Its at a place that i have been to many times and has a nice vibe to it and is convient to her. Any tips and advice? I have not been on a few date in several months, hope i remember what to do!

  • Rant: a good friend is backing out of long standing plans and is also ditching a get together I’m hosting because she’s been offered concert tickets. All in one weekend. I know why I’m so annoyed and part of it is because I know I need to be more proactive socially, but I can’t if my plans are getting thrown out. I also need to make more friends, which is just so hard. Work is out of the question as everyone lives far away and most are older with kids. I am so jealous of people who have work friends.
    Rave: things on the home/crafting front are coming along nicely.
    Rant: work is crazy right now and I have a sort of ‘where to start’ paralysis.

    • Some of us like to make plans and try to be proactive and then get offended when people don’t respond or cancel, the very people who, it seems, always have something going on and don’t have to work too hard at being social. It’s a classic introvert-extrovert dilemma. Making meaningful friends IS hard. Good luck Jeslett, all you can do is keep trying, push yourself out there, be true to yourself, and hope that people respond to it.

      • I think more people are making plans and having back up plans as the weather warms up. I just go with the flow, i try to make plans whenever possible because then i am in control. But i also do the same where i will bail on things i said i would do, but most my friends understand

      • I’m trying to look on the bright side because this will free me up to shop for my get together, which in turn frees me up for brunch plans the next day. But, you’re right Poolgoer, I’m not the person who always has something going on and the canceler is (she’s canceling to rest up from too much socializing and work stress), so I feel the pangs of social jealousy a bit. I also see my responsibility to be more social in that, so I haven’t turned completely green yet.
        Brunch will be a good opportunity to reinforce some social ties and hopefully leverage those in the future.

        • justinbc

          I always try to know what’s going on in the city (especially during warm weather) in the event that someone cancels. There’s so much free stuff this time of year that any frustrating day can turn into a productive and fun one relatively quickly!

          • Yes, there’s a ton of stuff going on in DC and I’m happy to go alone to cool things, but going to a cool thing alone or scrambling for accompaniment isn’t the same as spending time with someone you had planned to spend time with.

          • justinbc

            Very true! It also seems to be a lot harder for women than it is for guys, in terms of friendships and whatnot. Guys tend to have a lot more of an IDGAF attitude about casual and/or close friendships, whereas pretty much all the women I know analyze the hell out of their other female friendships to the point they wind up not friends relatively easy.

          • Good point, Justin. Guys just don’t seem to give a crap if their friend has to bail on plans, even at the last minute. Most of us don’t take it as a personal offense. If my buddy has to bail, I have 5 other dude friends on my phone I can text to grab a beer at the local watering hole.

        • I think the “bright side” in all of this is that you realize what kind of friend you have. Just having a hard time understanding how people feel this is ok.

    • I never quite understand the “it’s so hard to make friends in DC” complaint. I moved here 7 years ago knowing no one (and being an introvert!) and I now have a few different social circles made up of a wide variety of people. During my first few months in DC, I joined a church and a running group and most of my social connections have come from there, rather than work. Upon joining these organizations, I had to leave my comfort zone and actively participate in various activities with their members to really meet and connect with people, but it’s paid dividends and my social circles and groups of friends here in DC have grown exponentially over the years. I’ve also found that DC is uniquely situated to “receive” new people into social groups in a way that other cities aren’t because people come and go from here all the time due to jobs, school, etc. I guess my suggestion to people who find it hard to make friends here is to identify groups or organizations (formal or informal) that pique your interest and really get involved. The rest will sort itself out!

      • I think that is true to a point. I do participate in a number of activities that are social and I’ve made a lot of friends that way, but not a lot of close friends who I’m going to call up to go out with one on one and talk serious life stuff or whatever else. Plus, my cohort is in that stage where there are a lot of new parents, or high level demanding jobs, so I often come up empty when I do try to make plans because they all have time constraints.
        Having been part of an inherently social hobby for over a decade, I can also say that it can be tough even with a lot of people to interact with. There are cliques, or just separate groups that you may be friendly with, but not considered part of their inner circle. I know, it sounds so high school, but I don’t mean that there’s drama, just that you may be periphery to someone you are frequently friendly with.

        • I love DC, don’t get me wrong, but one negative about this city is that a lot of people don’t see it as a permanent resting place. I’ve lived in the area for 14 years, and have had varying levels of close friends in the area through the years. At this point, I’m left with my BF’s friends (who I do like and get along with, but they are not necessarily people I can text at the last minute and say “let’s hang!”) because most of my closer friends have moved elsewhere, and the remaining ones all have babies. The 30s-40s seem to be all about everyone having time constraints and doing things on their own.

        • I know what you mean.
          It may help to try to accept some of the surface-level friendships for what they are, and try to look elsewhere for deeper friendships. I was frustrated in graduate school that my friendships with other grad students didn’t seem to go much beyond surface level, but worked on coming to peace with it and trying to accept those friendships and people for what they were.
          Still, it can be a little lonely.

      • Yeah. I have made some fantastic friendships in the nearly 5 years I’ve been here. One reason I would NOT move from DC is a fear that it would be hard to duplicate the social life and network I have here.

      • David T, it’s great that you were able to make friends when you moved here but not everyone finds it so easy.

    • I recently wanted to become friends with one of my coworkers and it felt like I was courting her. Making friends when you’re an adult is a super awkward/weird experience.

      • I have an old friend, and we are friends because one day a few weeks after we started working together she just said to me, “Will you be my friend?” Talk about just putting it out there and not messing around!! I wish I had the personality to pull it off, it was so refreshing.

    • How do you all feel about a baby shower. I got invited to a co-ed baby shower this weekend. I already sent a gift, but ultimately, decided I really dont want to drive to Ashburn to go to this thing. Seems like about 30-40 people were invited. I know, that makes me a bad person.

      If I change my RSVP, is that horrible? Frankly, I would rather just stay in the city and go to brunch.


      • If you already RSVP’d as a yes, you should go — bailing/flaking is bad. If you hadn’t committed, then you could conceivably wriggle out of it.
        I can definitely understand not wanting to drive to Ashburn… but if you said that you were going to go, you should go.

        • Yes Ashburn is far and that would be reason not to go, but I agree with textdoc, you RSVPed yes and it is rude to cancel last minute.

          I whole heartedly disagree that showers are for gifts or money. You know the person the shower is for, you should judge their motivations based on what you know about them. There are plenty of people who love to celebrate milestones and there are plenty of people who’s friends will plan a milestone celebration for them whether they want it or not.

          • Thats the issue I am having. I don’t flake on things, which is what this would be. I definitely did commit. Certainly should have looked into where this thing would be held. The expectant lives in South Arlington, which, while plenty far, is not Ashburn.

            I do like the persons who the shower is for, both guy and girl. Pretty torn here, and I can tell based on feedback, most people are torn as well. Perhaps I go, and use this as a lesson to be a tiny bit more cautious before I willy-nilly commit to things.

          • That live and learn logic, have fun in Ashburn! Say hello to RG3 making another “Will to Win” documentary

        • Just remember that pretty much everyone hates baby showers, so probably half of the RSVPs will also bail. Do you want to be one of the ones that bails, or one of the ones that makes the effort and shows up? I find it funny that men are being roped into these coed baby showers because people think it will be more fun; really us women just want men to be as tortured as we are by these things.

          • That’s the issue here, I DO want to be one of the ones that bails, but my conscience, and the fact that I like my friends/am a good friend, is dragging me back into this thing!

          • Attend it — it’s the right thing to do. And next time, Google-map the location before you say yes. 😉

      • Not horrible, at all. You’re not obligated to go. And Ashburn is FAR.
        Just say you can’t make it, give as much notice as possible.

      • jim_ed

        Skip it. Lets be honest, people hold baby showers because they want/need gifts, which you’ve already sent. Unless you’re an immediate family member or an incredibly close friend, your attendance is really superfluous at this point.

        • Agreed. And good point on the motivations of a baby shower. If anything, you’re saving them money by not attending, lol
          Then again, some people are vain/insecure and hate it when attention is not on them.
          *looks at friend who have FIVE birthday celebrations last month*

      • Go. I’m a big believer in the Carolyn Hax rule of thumb–only cancel on something you’ve said yes to if you’re going to do something you want to do less (if you’re sick, you have to work late, help someone move), but not if you’re cancelling to do something more fun. That’s not to say you can’t decline an invitation for something more fun, but once you’ve said you’ll go, you should–especially to an event that requires a lot of advanced planning and relies on a head count like this one.

      • saf

        If you already said yes, you go, unless you are very ill, or there is a death, or something similarly serious.

        It is NOT cool to bag on agreed on events.

      • F it. Ashburn, a baby shower and 30-40 ppl? Change youe reply to a “Maybe” and bail out. Thats why they invited a huge number of folks – think they plan on that much food and crap for all those people? No way, nope.

      • If you said you would go, you should go.

    • No idea how to make friends as an adult. Everyone I work with is generally older, all my friends from college are “in the area” but far enough away to make hang outs somewhat of a production (areas like Laurel, Springfield, etc.). My boyfriend is really involved in the improv scene here in DC and I typically end up hanging out with them and they’re all lovely wonderful people by they’re not really “my” friends. I’ve been taking dance classes in hopes of meeting people there. Excited for the summer session to start and hopefully meet some new peeps!

      • There are some great local neighborhood meet-ups, depending on where you live. Local is a plus because your friends are all close and it makes it easier to get together.

    • wow! Terrible friend! I guess someones word doesn’t mean squat these days.

      • +1. Cancelling on plans because you’re sick/exhausted is one thing. Cancelling because you got an offer for something “better” (in this case, concert tickets)? Not cool.

        • I effing hate this. I have had some folks do this a few times. They have ceased receiving invites to most things.

        • I think this needs to be judged on a case-by-case basis. If this friend does this all the time, it’s a problem. But sometimes really unexpected and special opportunities do come up, and I don’t think you should have to always turn them down because you had made other plans.
          However, if you DO want to cancel previous plans for one of these special things, then you REALLY have to propose an alternative, even if it comes at some inconvenience to you (like in the example the OP described, wanting “downtime” is not OK).

    • I found that meetup.com groups helped expand my social group. I play lacrosse – joined 2 lacrosse clubs, joined a group for single 20-30 yr olds, joined 2 ski clubs, and recently started golfing by myself and being put into a foursome by the golf starter. I’m an introvert as well, the key is to put yourself in situations to meet people

      • +1 Most of my friends are from the meetup. I also met my husband indirectly through meetup (friend of a meetup friend). Join multiple groups and check out their events, and if you meet someone u connect with, follow up, dont always wait for other people to make the first step.

    • I know we’ve only met once, but next time I have a party (more of a gathering, honestly, but with more cocktails), you’re welcome to come. I have a couple of groups of friends, but one in particular is made of the sweetest people.

  • Rave: It’s Thursday, have some fun plans this weekend!
    Rant: Soooo much work to do and I’m feeling very unproductive.
    Rave: The office is practically empty so at least there’s no one to make me feel guilty about not being productive.
    Rant: Allergies. Every year I forget how bad they are and every year it’s like I’m surprised that I have them again!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m the same way with allergies. Every year I’m surprised how bad they are and how long they last.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Free Software. The company On One Software is offering their photo editing software for free with lots of interesting presets for those interested. Go to their website and at the top click on free software and then on perfect effects free 8. There’s no catch! (that I know of)

    • pablo .raw

      Also on free things Thursday :P, looks like Vibram Five fingers settled a class action law suit and is going to give $$$ to people who bought their shoes after March 2009 (me!).

    • pablo .raw

      Rave: Militia group that was proposing to meet in DC on May 16 and stay here camping at the mall until president Obama leaves his position, and then they would be the new government… etc. decided to change their location to some Nevada ranch area 😀 Now they are divided and fighting among themselves, calling each other traitors, etc.

  • Rant/Question: Before knowing that I would be moving to DC, I bought a fairly nice car. Explored the option of trading down, but it didn’t make sense. I’m always careful to park in spots where there is enough space, around other nice cars, etc. I just noticed a big scrape along the bumper though. I understand that it’s a city and tight parking leads to little chips and bumps. When you are bad at parallel parking and leave a 1.5′ scrape on someone’s car (without leaving a note or anything), that’s vandalism.
    How hard would you have to hit a parked car before leaving a note for the owner and taking responsibility for it? Is it really just survival of the fittest and we can’t have nice things here?

    • Pretty hard. I tap people occasionally. Everyone has scratches on their car, it just is what it is. Other cities are worse, my boss (from Boston) would talk about how people would intentionally bump people to move their car forward/backward to make more space so they could get into a spot.

      The 1.5′ scrape is pretty serious though. In all fairness though, if your car is *that* nice, you should probably garage it, or otherwise pay for a parking spot. Walked through an alley in Gtown while shopping, and that is where all the Maseratis and Ferraris are, parking in private spots.

    • I’m always careful to park …… around other nice cars, etc… – that doesn’t sound pretentious at all…..

      • I think that’s rational rather than pretentious. Folks who paid a lot for their cars are presumably careful to not bump into your neighbors. With that said, I see MANY new/ish $60k+ cars with beat-up bumpers; some folks just don’t seem to care.

        • Exactly. I wasn’t saying that I only want to be in the vicinity of rich people, but rather that I like to park around people who care about their belongings (and thus probably respect that other people do as well). A guy on my block drives an immaculate Oldsmobile and I park next to him before the beat up Audi A8.

    • I don’t think this is a uniquely DC issue, rather just a ‘some people are jerks’ issue. Personally, if I hit a car hard enough to leave a mark, I would leave a note.
      My only advice about your car if you’re parking it on the street is to embrace what happens to city cars. I was lucky that my car was already pretty crappy when I started parking it on the street here, but it’s definitely gotten scratches and bumps since then, including a big dent in the hood from where someone decided to sit on it in Adams Morgan.
      If it really bothers you, though, the alternative would be to pay for a parking spot, which would at least protect it when it’s at home.

    • It’s a bumper, which is meant to be bumped. I probably wouldn’t leave a note unless I dented it.

      • +1. I don’t think bumping a bumper is vandalism (although perhaps in this case it actually was someone keying your car?), and I’m quite good at parallel parking, which inspires me to park in tight spaces. And just because when you parked there was lots of space, doesn’t mean that space stays. I actually just noticed someone broke my taillight case (but didn’t impact the functionality), and shrugged it off.
        Anyways, I’d suggest getting one of those bumper buddies.

      • +1 Don’t want your bumper bumped, pay for a parking space.

      • I have no problems with someone “bumping” my bumper. As you said, that’s what they are for. In this case, the person clearly cut their wheel too early and scraped along the corner of my bumper. It’s not dented, but it’s also not a bump from trying to straighten out in the spot. This was what I was getting at with my question, how much of a bump is acceptable?
        The reality is that paintwork is very expensive. A chip on a bumper can be filled in with a $5 auto paint pen, a long scrape would cost hundreds.
        I don’t feel the need to get a private parking space; on-street parking is plentiful in my neighborhood and the spots are almost always large enough to be “safe.” I’m not putting exploding dye packs on my bumper to catch these terrible, terrible people. I’m just secretly shaking my fist, ranting calmly on a district blog, and trying to get a sense of how other people in the area feel about/deal with the issue. (I do have a bumpshox protector on the front, may get one of the Bumper Bullies for the back now)

    • It wouldn’t really be an issue if cars still had black rubber-y bumpers like they used to — that is one of the few things I miss about my previous car (a Saturn).
      My current car has a bunch of scratches, scrapes, etc. on the bumpers, thanks to people who don’t know how to parallel park or can’t be bothered to do it properly. I thought about getting a Bumper Bully, but I’m not sure it’s worth it given all of the scratches that are already there — will probably wait and get one for my next car.

    • Ugh. First of all – I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that. As you’ve probably read – there are a lot of differing opinions on PoPville. Here are my experiences and opinions.

      1. Hitting another person’s car and causing damage – seen or unseen – is called property damage. Period.
      2. Someone slammed into my car leaving a dent no smaller than the size of a basketball. No note. $250 worth of unisured motorist insurance it’s fixed. They caused $1700 in damage.
      3. A large SUV parallel parked behind me. When I got to my car I immediately noticed the damage they did to my car, which was no surprise considering how tightly they were parked behind me. They even had paint on their bumper, which, no question, was paint from my car. The police came. Since there were no witnesses the office could only write up a property damage report even though the evidence was clear as day. Per the encouragement of the officer I left a note. Insurance got involved and immediately washed their hands of it since the driver denied responsibility and there were no witnesses (my pictures meant nothing). Makes me think: ‘Oh hey, police and insurance! Someone was murdered but no one witnessed it so let’s just forget about it…’
      4. Someone hit my boyfriend’s car and left a note… hurrah! Then she attempted to get out of paying the whole bill after admitting to causing the damage because she did ‘not have much money’ and was ‘a student.’ She eventually paid.

      I do not buy the ‘that’s what bumpers are for’ or ‘that’s what you get for living in a city’ lines. All of these experiences have made me seriously consider keeping a camera on my car, and also, leaving a note for someone when I see their car get hit. I wish there was a stronger sense of community when it comes to respecting each other’s property. It’s not okay. Good luck. And if I ever see someone hit your car without leaving a note, I’ll be sure to leave one. 🙂

      • Imagine this scenario. You backed into the SUV, damaged your car, and left paint on their bumper. You call the police and tell them the SUV hit you. There are no witnesses, but they take your word for it and the SUV owner, who had nothing to do with the damage, gets held accountable. That’s why they want a witness.

        • In this particular case, our cars were parked on the right side of the road. My back left bumper was damaged and the SUV’s right front bumper was damaged (from pulling in behind me). In a shocking development – the SUV driver was from MD.

      • Equating a scratch on your bumper to murder? This is why no one will take you seriously.
        It’s a *car*. This is a *city*. If the combination of the two stresses you out to this degree, you ought to re-evaluate.

    • It sucks…..but yeah, you can’t have nice things in public in DC. If I bought a brand new/”nice” car, I’d probably get a private spot for it, as the scratches would drive me crazy. If I had a beater car, I wouldn’t care as much.
      But yeah, pay for a private spot if this is a big concern for you and you have a higher-end vehicle. You’re just asking for more pain and dents/scratches if you keep parking it on the street. You might also want to invest in a Bumper Badger (google it) to protect your bumper.

    • This is the exact reason why sold my car when I moved into the District. Prior to moving, I saw tons of people doing the Helen Keller method of parallel parking and knew my car would get damaged and inevitably the car window will get smashed.

    • So, the other day I was late for an airport run and bereft because I was missing PoP Happy Hour and, distracted, dinged the right rear bumper of another car that had stopped abruptly — still my fault, but…– in the middle of a very low speed left turn. We pulled over and, as I was discovering that there was no damage that couldn’t be wiped off with a t-shirt, she (20-something, nicely but not lawyerly-dressed) was very pleasantly suggesting that there was nothing to worry about but she should get my insurance “just in case the bumper falls off in a week.” As I was walking back to my car, feeling relieved, it suddenly occurred to me that the gentle perfume that she seemed to be wearing was weed (my kids tell me I can’t say “pot” or “dope” any more)! She was so mellow because 1) she was stoned and 2) who needs to deal with authorities when you have weed in the car? Not sure if that was why she stopped suddenly, but it worked out well for me.

      • What was the time of day?

      • My husband had a similar experience last week– no damage that couldn’t be rubbed off with your thumb. And I learned today that the driver (who is NOT the owner of the car) is claiming injury. Infuriating.

      • Haha.
        I have only been in one accident (in the Middle East). The driver in front of me put on his right turn signal and seemed to be turning right. I kept going straight, and then he cut across traffic to pull a U turn. I hit him from the back corner and sent him spinning. We got out, looked at the damage (I was driving a desert beater and just had a small dent, he was in a Lexus and had a nice big dent), shook hands, and went our own ways. It’s always nice when you can resolve it easily!

    • I just bought a new car and almost want to get my first ding so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

      • Yep. If it’s a brand new car, driving off the lot has already depreciated it far more than a few scratches on the bumper will (other body parts are a different story). Besides, if you have a car that holds a high resale value, you can always get a cheap paint job done right before selling. If scratches are the price you pay for nearly free residential street parking in DC, in the long run the tradeoff is worth it.

      • that can easily be arranged by parking on Irving St near the CH metro, may even be lucky enough to get your window smashed in like mine was

        • Ouch! That sucks. I tend to keep cars for around 15 years so it will get a lot of dings over it’s life. I don’t care that much, but it’s so new and perfect right now, getting the first one is tough, and part of me hopes to go a few months before it happens. But part of me just wants to get it over with. I don’t care about the bumpers. I’m in the “that’s what bumpers are for” camp.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: It’s 10:30 and I already want lunch.
    Rant: All the dust kicked up in the office from remodeling plus all the pollen is making me a very unhappy camper.
    Rave: Leaving work early (for a dentist appointment, but still, leaving early!
    Rhino Fact: The greater 1 horned rhino doesn’t use its horn for defense but its long sharp incisors and canine teeth of its lower jaw.

  • Rave: I love the heat.
    Rant: Applied for a job and haven’t heard anything in about 20 days – I got an email noting they had received my application immediately after I applied, but no info about follow up. Should I call? Or is that annoying?

    • Definitely do not call and i would say do not email them. They got your application along with probably 50-100 other people (yes that is realistic these days). They are only going to follow up with the top 5 and maybe interview 3. I would say even if you are a perfect fit for the job and its your dream job…keep applying till you hear back from a place. And i would say once a month has gone by and your havent heard anything, there is probably little to no chance you are being considered (although my roomate applied and then ended up hearing back months and months later and did get the job) so it is possible!

    • Re: calling about the job, I think it depends on the industry, and whether the position is public (i.e. fed) or private. (For example, I regularly get calls for jobs about 5 months after I apply for them. 20 days is nothing to me.) If you do choose to follow up, do so by e-mail so as not to put a person on the spot on the phone. I think it’s the right balance between showing interest and being “annoying.” If they choose not to respond to your e-mail, move on to other opportunities.

    • I work in HR. I can tell you that follow up depends on the size of the organization. Larger organizations typically go with the “we’ll contact you” policy. Smaller organizations may be more willing to hear from you unless their job description explicitly states no phone calls. FYI, my current job called me three months after I applied and asked if I was still interested. I almost forgot I applied! Some organizations just take longer to go through applications. Best of luck in the job hunt!

      • thats kind of surprising to hear, maybe i am to quick to call a job app a failure. I apply to a lot of jobs i am very qualified for and rarely hear anything back!

      • Great advice, I am so glad I asked.

    • Ugh, I had a 45 minute phone interview with a company 10 days ago and was told I’d hear back in a week. I sent two follow up emails asking for an update/feedback and haven’t heard a thing. Is this how employers behave these days??? This company markets itself based on its ranking as one of the best companies to work for in DC….and this is how it treats candidates? It’s SO rude and frustrating!!

      • Yes, it is. I had two in-person interviews with two different organizations each (four total), and neither of them bothered to respond to my polite and well-timed follow up. Nor did they ever send me a rejection letter. Unfortunately, politeness in the world of hiring is a thing of the past. Kicker is they might have to end up working with me anyway, and now I’ll remember who they are. Think about that next time you need a favor from someone who you wouldn’t tell the time of day a few months ago.

  • Becks

    Rave: Happy Friday Eve!
    Rave: No rants!

  • Rave: It’s almost Friday. Going out of town with hubby while kiddos stay with grandparents.
    Rant: New-ish job. Boss is MIA a lot! Both helpful and unhelpful…thoughts? Bring it up to big boss that direct boss isn’t around to offer direction or leave it along, figure it out and leave early today?

    • Before going over your new boss’ head, why don’t you ask them directly for some more direction? Then if the issue persists, you may consider going over their head, although I would also talk to colleagues, if possible. I’d also just go ahead and take a bunch of initiative and figure it out on my own, which is the culture in my job.
      But I’d also leave early, at least today 🙂

  • Already posted but NEW RAVE! Just bought tickets to see Yo Yo Ma at Wolf Trap this summer. 🙂

  • Rant: interns in my office are sleeping on the floor. They program they are in is supposed to provide cots but they ran out. WTF?! I would be a major helicopter parent if I had kids.
    Rant: condo drama. Developer is trying to pull a fast one.

    • As if being an intern in DC isn’t tough enough. Just to let you know I first read your comment as your interns are sleeping on the floor in your office. Had to re-read your post because I knew I interpreted it incorrectly. Either way, that’s NOT cool!

    • Eh. Builds character. The stuff of future “when I was your age” humble brags. (Did I ever tell you about my first campaign…?)

    • Why helicopter parent? They should have been taught to deal with this type of situation before now. Assuming they’re old enough to intern and stay away from home, they’re old enough to deal with not being given what they were promised. This is part of growing up. I had to deal with stuff like this with my summer jobs in college and you just learn how to stand up for what is in your contract. It is a good life skill and having mom/dad do it doesn’t help at all.

      • I agree to a certain extent. I told my parents very little about my first job and circumstances (out of the country, so it was relatively easy to keep it quiet). My dad would have told me to quit immediately. A lot of baby boomers had it much easier than the current recent grads, and don’t necessarily understand the competition now. That said, having feedback from parents can help to make sure that we (say: 18-26 year olds) aren’t just getting bullied and mistreated. There is a balance between doing what it takes and completely giving in to unfair practices, which I think some people in this generation are doing because they (we) feel it is expected.

  • Rave: My micromanager boss no longer micromanages me. I think it is because her micromanager boss left the organization.

    Rant: The dry dog food I left in an old trash can in the basement for several years. It got moved outside last fall when some work was being done and it developed a tiny crack on top and now it is half full of the foulest smelling liquid I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter. I would just dump it out if I was still on the farm but I can’t put my neighbors through a few days of that smell. What to do?

    • Flush it down the toilet.

      • I’m considering that although the nearest bathroom is on the second floor. The fumes, once they escape the can, linger. I’m afraid once it gets warm it will spontaneously explode!

    • Take it to the Fort Totten Transfer Center on Saturday (if you have a vehicle you can transport it in without risk of the foul-smelling liquid seeping out)?

      • Thanks. Good idea but it is too big and heavy to put in my car.

        • Maybe you can add something to it that will kill (or at least somewhat neutralize) the smell and let it sit for a bit before you dump it out? Like chlorine tablets or straight vinegar?

    • Hmmm, my comment seems to have disappeared. Do you have a utility sink? Or is it too heavy to carry? You can dump it outside and then run the hose over the mess until the smell is dissipated

    • Is the trash can in question on wheels? Maybe you could wheel it to the nearest storm drain and pour the liquid in there (provided that you think it’s just stinky and not likely to be toxic to fish, etc.)?

  • Not a rant or a rave, but whenever I read anti-car rants from militant cyclists (and don’t jump all over me for that comment, I ride almjost every day), I imagine it’s the “bicycle rights” guy from Portlandia. That makes those rants fun to read.

  • Rave: Horrible boss may be about to catch hell from higher-ups.

  • Rave: Rode my bike downtown 6 days in a row, rode home the same number of days. This despite 3 of the days thinking I’d put my bike on the bus because I was carrying so much material, but by the time I rode up a few blocks, rode over a few blocks and up a few more (making my way to 14th or 16th St) I was about half way home. So onward on the bike – and oh my aching everything.
    Rant: The American Society for Training and Development (I’ve been a member for years) is now the Association for Talent Development. Ugh – what does that mean? But I suppose ATD is better than ASTD (A STD)

    • Emmaleigh504

      That reminds me of when the Special Libraries Association hired a marketing company who suggested they change their name to Ask-Pro. The board etc was on board until the members were like, “um no, say it out loud, it quickly turns to Ass Pro.” I do not want to belong to an Ass Pro professional org! The board tried really, really hard to get the members on board with being Ass Pros, but luckily we got to vote and it was voted down.

  • just needing some advice I guess? We have a lot of alley cats and I’m worried about their wellbeing. I’d like to set out food in the alley for them, but I don’t want to upset my neighbors. The cats are there regardless…thoughts? I’d love to take them all in and be a crazy cat lady but I already have a cat and my husband probably won’t allow it.

    • Go ahead and feed them, but do it on your own property, and don’t leave food out for more than an hour or two. Once they get to trusting you at least enough to eat the food, see about trapping them for neutering and shots. I did this with two alley cats, and I was surprised how unfazed they were by it.
      But seriously, don’t leave the food out. Make sure to bring the leftovers inside, to avoid feeding rats.

      • yes that was my eventual plan to make sure they are neutered/spayed, but I also don’t want to accidentally steal someone’s pet.

    • Why are you worried about their well-being? Do they look starved, sick, or injured?

    • Two things: please email the Washington Humane Society for advice. You might also consider contacting Alley Cat Allies. They are supposed to have information on the type of situation you’re describing. Good luck!

    • Find an organization that will do Trap Neuter Release

    • Stop this. You are going to wind up feeding rats if you leave the food out. Alley cats are supposed to be feeding on mice and rats, and not indirectly FEEDING the mice and rats.

      • As long as the OP puts food out for only an hour or so, keeps an eye on it, and removes the food when the cats are done, it shouldn’t be a problem.
        As for “Alley cats are supposed to be feeding on mice and rats”… it’s not like they’re some separate species and this is their natural habitat and natural food source. Alley cats are the result of PEOPLE abandoning their pets (too many people think that cats can “fend for themselves”) and not spaying/neutering them.
        If the OP can get the cats trapped and spayed/neutered, she’ll be improving the situation.

        • I feel so bad for them! They are usually around in the morning, so I might put food out before I shower, then bring it back in before I go.

      • See suggestion above – put food out for an hour. This would serve to feed the cats and not the rats (assuming the cats would come and eat in that time frame)

  • Rave – Roy Hibbert, local kid plays well on big stage
    RANT – Roy Hibbert, local kid helps beat Wizards

    Go Wizards!

  • Rant: OMG. Thought I needed a new prescription for glasses and they discovered a hole in my eye lens. Now I have to have surgery next month or lose my vision. Feeling pretty hysterical right now.
    Rave: The operation has a 95% success rate but damn.

    • Do you get to wear an eye patch like a pirate while you recover?
      In all seriousness, that sounds terrifying, but it’s good to hear that the success rate is so high. Good luck!

    • A hole in your lens? Or in your retina?
      If it makes you feel better, I had surgery for a minor retinal tear 15 years ago. It went fine, and my retina has been stable since then.

    • That is scary! But it sounds like the outcome will be good. Best of luck!

  • Rave: Today is my Friday
    Rave: because I had to take off of work so that I could attend a home inspection with my real estate client. (I do real estate in DC part time.)
    Rave: This weather.
    Rant/Rave: The next Popville HH is the same day that I get sworn in as as Court Appointed Special Advocate, so I may not be able to attend (but of course I’m excited about the swearing in).
    Rant: The training has taken up just about all of my free time this week and next – except for tonight…which I plan to make good use of!

  • Parking bumps: for those looking for parking-related entertainment, I highly recommend Ordway St, NW right by St. Arnold’s in Cleveland Park. For whatever reason, it’s like bumper cars there. Maybe it’s all the BYT people coming into the city, but it is hilariously amusing.

    • One of the very first days I was in D.C., I was sitting at the window-bar at the Starbucks in Columbia Heights, people watching. Saw a guy roll up in a car and start “making” himself a parking space by smashing into the cars in front of and behind him. He apparently did not notice the car behind him was a police car… with the officer still in it. Watching him get an earful from the police officer was pretty funny.

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