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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Bread Furst opened this morning!
    Rant: Chaos at the opening of Bread Furst this morning!

    • maxwell smart

      Oh man – I stopped in around 8:30 on my way to work and the place was wiped out. There was maybe 3 bagels, no muffins or other pastries. It was pretty sad and just goes to show that there is plenty of foot traffic in this area (despite recent posts that suggest otherwise).

      • Yep, I thought that corridor of Connecticut was dead! How’s about that, still some life in the old place.

        • hahaha that area will never be hip and i dont think it does get enough foot traffic and is not a desintation point for anyone to go out of there way to get there. Just because it can support a ‘chic’ pastery place doesnt mean the tide is turning for this area…(lived there for a year and it was a miserable food/fun desert)

  • I bristled at the quote from the shooter’s mother in this article. I admittedly don’t know the details but pointing my finger at the system when my 14 year old child has become a recidivist violent criminal, including most recently spraying bullets into a crowd, seems like a poor choice of words and potentially a symptom of a larger problem.


    • And this: In 2011, he was charged with robbery while armed during an incident involving a knife. Prosecutors later dismissed that case. Last year, the teen was charged with felony threats. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor threats and was placed on a 30-day probation, which a court social service worker said was completed successfully.
      I wouldn’t say it was too successful if he’s now shooting into crowds of people.

  • Rant-arrest in the zoo shooting. WTF this kid is 14. Turns out he was first arrested for robbery at age 11. Double WTF. And as always, he gets a slap on the wrist and is back out a day later. I have zero sympathy for his mom “crying” in the court. He isn’t a baby, she is to blame and its not the communities job to raise this kid. Holy cow, what if someone had been killed?
    Can we please overhaul our juvenile justice system? First step, get mendleson off of council. Im sure he is ready to offer a firm hug to this gun toting 14 year old criminal. Disgusting.
    Rave-on the positive side the new Yoga Heights Studio in PArk View is awesome and helping me be less angry about so much of the BS in this city.

    • We had the same rant. And with the incident this morning the summer forecast is looking very shooty and stabby, unfortunately.

    • pablo .raw

      I was there minutes after that happened (the shooting) and they had a young boy handcuffed.

    • binpetworth

      It’s easy to feel disheartened reading stories like this. But then I read this article in the Post this morning, about these two fine young men of roughly the same age, and it gave me some hope: http://wapo.st/1jvMwXa

    • thank you for mentioning yoga heights. I hadn’t noticed it and live right by there, going to take up yoga to see if it can help with some of my depression/stress issues.

    • Let’s pile blame on the mother. Heaps of it. It’s satisfying to know we could have done better.

      Of course, we all know that kids turn out exactly like their parents intend, like little programmable robots. There are never any latent personality or psychiatric issues, kids are entirely immune from their environment, and they never depart from the instruction manual. Oh, and press coverage is always complete and unbiased.

      • Metro headline: Poor D.C. Children Face ‘Mental Health Crisis’ 5,000 not Getting Care, Report Says Center cites long waits low-quality treatment.

        Even if you have insurance good mental health care can be a challenge. My wife suffered from postpartum depression and needed immediate treatment. Many of the well regarded mental health professionals wanted to be paid up front and did not deal with insurance (even after the fact.) We have solid Fed insurance but getting immediate mental health care was still a challenge, We eventually found somone who took our insurance, luckily we could pay upfront.

        I don’t know if this kid had mental heath issues but I know if you shoot / stab 10 or 20 people mental health is considered. Shoot / Stab 1 person – bad kid / bad parent etc. I acknowledge this young man could just be a bad kid.

        • I’ve been trying to decide if I should continue to work in children’s or school based mental health — or if it’s time for me to pursue something different. Maybe this is my answer….

      • I’m really curious how many gang members are sociopaths (by definition) or just products of their environment. No snark.

        • Exactly – What if the sociapath is the ‘alpha’ in a gang or group of neigborhood kids. There are kids who really need help cost (and stigma) probably prevent them from getting treatment.

        • I think it varies. I’ve known of some people to join gangs because it was their family tradition. I’ve known of others who joined because, like all of us, they needed a family/tribe/group to belong to — for security, for emotional support.. — and a gang offered the most readily available option. They then did whatever they needed to do to be accepted by the group. For a lot of kids — and adults — that I’ve talked to, if there were readily available, consistently supportive options available, that met their needs and offered protection from the violence in their homes and communities, they would take them. I’d imagine that the percentage of true sociopaths in gangs is probably the same as in a law firm — or any other general population. This is just my sense of it though.

      • I agree nobody is to blame. Not the kid, not the mother, not the incarcerated father, not the system, and not the culture of gangs and violence. Now that we know that nobody is to blame, let’s be quick to slap him on the wrists again and get him back on the streets as per established custom.

  • rant: Yesterday’s comments about kids, especially about kids being raised in a single parent household. My mom raised six kids as a single mom and I think we all turned out pretty darn decent.
    rave: I’ve contacted Mentors’ Inc to sign up for vlounteer mentoring.

    • I didn’t participate in this conversation but the benefits of two parents in the home can’t reasonably be debated. That is not to say that there are not some amazing single parents out there that work themselves to the bone to provide a loving and stable environment for their children.

      • Nobody debated against the value of a two parent household – that’s not the point of contention in OP’s rant.

        • +1 It really affected my evening. Good thing 24 came on as it was a distraction.

        • While the benefits of having two reasonably high functioning parents in the home, perhaps, can’t be debated, if you throw in one — or two — substance abusing, mentally ill, chronically ill, or otherwise unavailable parent, there likely is room for considerable debate. I think the keys here are having a loving family, a supportive extended family, multiple caring adults, and a reasonable array of educational and recreational opportunities in a safe and stable environment.

      • Just curious – when you say two parents you mean two parents of any or the same gender right? You’re not just limiting these benefits to households with a male and female parent, right?

  • Only a rant today: To the lovely woman who nearly mowed me down at 11th and T St, NW this morning: 1) bicycles are supposed to cease movement at stop signs and 2) you actually have to look both ways, even at a one-way street, for pedestrians.

  • Confusion: SO got a huge raise. I’m happy, but now I don’t know how to even out our bill paying as I’ve always made more and paid more. SO is not interested in increasing household contributions. Makes me think I should dump SO.

    • Maybe SO isn’t convinced that you’re in it for the long haul and doesn’t want to be taken advantage of financially. Sounds like you have one foot out the door already.

      • But when the poster was paying more for everything, she was in for the long haul? that doesn’t make sense.

        Tell him now that you want everything split based on percentages, and if he doesn’t agree to reorganize how things are paid, dump him. It won’t solve itself later. good luck!

      • I don’t think its that way. We will be making the same amount of money now, so I don’t see how I’d be taking advantage.

      • One of the downsides of living together before marriage.

        • Really? This could be an issue in a marital relationship as well. A marriage license isn’t a cure-all for figuring out/negotiating financial (and other issues) with one’s partner .

          • precisely. We don’t plan to get married at all as of now, but we have made a serious commitment to one another. This is just a bump that was a little frustrating this morning, and would have been an issue if we were married anyway.

          • I’m married and my spouse and I hold our money and possessions in common – there is no “my mnoey and your money” or “my stuff and your stuff”. It doesn’t matter who makes more (it’s varied over time), as long as we are both trying our best to provide for our family to the best of our abilities and opportunities. And the only way this type of trust can work is when both parties make a lifelong commitment to one another (i.e marriage). It’s the abandonment, the risk, and the sacrafice that make it work.

          • Anonymous 11:59 am, you and your spouse have found something that works… for you. This is not a “one size fits all” solution.

        • How is this a downside? Better she learn how he feels about splitting up bills now than after they’re married.

        • So you have to get married in order to make sound financial decisions as a couple? That’s BS.

          • +1 my SO and I keep our finances completely separate and split living expenses 50/50 even though one of us makes more. We don’t plan to change this if/when we do get married. It is really important to us that we both live within our financial means.

        • I agree with this post. Assuming you pool your money when you get married, the concept of “my money” and “your money” goes away. It’s “our money”. So the conversation changes, hopefully in a positive direction.

          This comment -“Makes me think I should dump SO.”- though, makes me think that this is not a match made in heaven. Before I married my husband there were plenty of times when I became frustrated and angry about things, but I never jumped to the thought of ditching him.

          • My friends do another option – they each put half their paycheck (after taxes and 401K contributions) into the joint account and the other half in their individual accounts. The joint account is used to pay for all shared expenses – housing, utilities, groceries, vacations, child expenses, etc – while the money they have in their individual accounts are used for whatever they spend on themselves (student loans, new gadgets, clothes, etc). It seems to work pretty well for them as they are both pretty independent people.

          • Not all married couples choose to pool all of their money together, and there are very sound reasons for not doing so.

    • Unless there is more to this story, I’m with you. If you’ve been paying more because you make more and he suddenly makes more (or the differential between your earnings decreased), he should definitely increase his share.

      • I’m fascinated that everybody assumed OP is a she and SO is a he. So did I, but I couldn’t say why. Why?

        • Perhaps because qualifying our thoughts/feelings is a stereotypical female speech pattern? She begins her complaint about his failure to pitch in proportionally with “I’m happy [about the raise] but…” which seems feminine to me. I can’t be the only woman who’s ever said “I love you but… can you do the dishes?” Or I could be wrong.

          • dcgator

            This is a really fascinating topic. I did the same, and I wonder if we can crowd-source some kind of reasoning behind it. I think Allison’s got the right idea.

        • Because its true. You detectives!

        • I, too, assumed it was a woman talking about a man, although i think when people go completely gender-free there’s a statistically greater likelihood that it’s a same sex couple.

          As for the “I love you but… can you do the dishes?” thing, I’m pretty sure a lot of guys have said that. And I’ll offer up an alternative scenario — there are still a few women who fall quickly into the traditional “guy pays” role when it suits them. This could be a “you’re the breadwinner, I look pretty and have sex with you in return” thing. That might explain the light speed jump from “congratulations on your raise” to “don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.”

          But, again, my instinct was OP=woman, deadbeat=Man.

          Though, to

      • I had to go back to re-read the original comment because I was sure there was a gender identifier in there, but nope, I assumed it. For me, I think I read the OP as a woman because I’m a woman, which doesn’t make any sense, but there it is.

    • SO needs to join the real world- of course SO should up contributions!

    • You have been paying more as you made more, and now that he makes more he wants you to keep on paying more? I second your vote to dump him.

      • i’m thinking/hoping it was just the shock of the amount of the raise combined with not knowing how much his take home will change that put his brain in a weird place. We’ve decided to discuss our new assignment of responsibility this weekend.

        • Good luck with the discussion. Like others, I think the SO needs to increase his contributions now that his pay has increased, and if he doesn’t, you should consider breaking up.

    • lol. thats just straight crazy. He/She should have approached you willingly want to contribute more. I’d say kick them out get a roomate, and either continue to date them while living separately or just dump them.

    • That’s some bullshit right there. Tell him that you’ve sacrificed enough for him and that he needs to meet you equally, especially if this big raise puts him equal to or more than your salary! This is crazy.

    • Wait, you’re not married to this individual yet you didn’t split everything 50/50? Verbal commitments are not financial commitments, and cohabitation (which is what I get the impression you’re engaged in) does not resemble marriage from a financial perspective. You got hoodwinked.

      • Why would being unmarried necessitate a 50-50 split? Presumably OP’s income was quite a bit higher than the SO’s and they decided to split things proportionally. As long as they agreed on it and nobody felt taken advantage of, what difference does it make that they weren’t married?
        And the business of “verbal commitments are not financial commitments” applies within marriage too (although marriage does offer you more legal protection in the event that you split up). My parents had an amicable split after I was out of college. Although my dad was honorable and stuck to his word regarding verbal commitments he’d made when they were married, my mom said that in retrospect, it was unwise of them not to have formalized those verbal commitments.

  • Rant: So many meetings this week that I don’t know when I can actually get work done.
    Rave: Will be running the Wild West Relay later this summer – 200 miles from Ft. Collins to Steamboat Springs. Colorado here I come!

  • So, we have a large shared alley on my block. Before the recent trash can removal we had probably about 20 trash and recycling cans sitting in the center of the alley. As one would guess, this became a dumping ground for furniture, construction materials and other debris which made a great home for rats and other critters.

    City services recently removed all of the cans from the area which is great. Problem is one of my neighbors brought their cans out and have left them in the alley. Because of their elevated backyard and stairs, they can’t just leave the cans at the back of their house so I think they plan on leaving them in the alley. I think, but am not sure, that the neighbors might have some mobility issues.

    Question is, what should I do about it? I don’t want the alley to regress to “trash island” for sanitary and rodent issues. But I also do not want to be bad neighbor by calling city services or moving their cans. I would offer to move their cans for them but I really can’t do that on a regular basis. Any suggestions?

    • Why can’t you? I used to think “ugh, I can barely mow my own lawn, much less TWO lawns!” Then I put on my big girls pants and admitted how much easier it was for me than for my elderly neighbor, so I started doing hers. Another neighbor saw me and joined in, and another. Now the elderly neighbor’s lawn is always the nicest-looking one on the block. (We’re talking DC rowhouse “lawns”, not half-acre suburban lawns.)
      I guess my other option would have been bitching to the city about her tall grass harboring rats… Wonder if that would have had as satisfactory a result…

    • Wait, are you expecting trash cans to not be kept in the alley? Everywhere I’ve lived the cans have only been inside gates/near the house when there is no alley…

      • Some people choose to leave their trash/recycling cans in the alley 24/7, but they’re actually supposed to be there ONLY between 6:30 p.m. the night before pickup and 8 p.m. the day of pickup.

        • My neighbor chooses to leave her cans in front of my overhead door which means I have to move them over to “her” overhead door anytime I use my car. She then has to get out of her car to move them over to my side when she comes and goes. Seriously something wrong with her. Plenty of room inside the garage door for her cans. She even complained about how her cans are always full of other people’s trash!!!

      • I can’t do it myself because I travel for work. Thanks for the snide “big girl pants” comment.

        But yeah, I would expect trash to be kept near the house either in the alley or inside gates, not in the center of the alley over a 100ft from the house.

        • I travel for work too. I only know a few people who DON’T travel for work. Get over yourself.
          My point was, do something nice and you might experience a ripple effect of niceness. Take the initiative and other people will be inspired by you, and then, when you’re off on your Very Important Business Trips, chances are good that someone else will look out for your mobility-impaired neighbor.

          • Ha, enjoy being self-righteous on message boards. Don’t overdose on your smug self-satisfaction.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            I don’t know what’s in the water today – but everyone has to chill out and relax a bit today. Getting way to personal. Please be kind even when you don’t agree.

  • Rave: WIZARDS!

    • dcgator

      They have been great so far in the playoffs! Doesn’t hurt to face the no-offense Bulls and the crumbling Pacers, but here’s hoping they can meet my Heat in the ECF. Would love to pay around $200 for nosebleeds just to see Miami in the playoffs here in DC.

    • jim_ed

      Watching the national media and NBA fans finally realize how good Wall and Beal are while proving the ‘experts’ wrong has just been an incredible amount of fun. As a Wizards fan, part of me keeps expecting something terrible to happen and for it to all disappear as a fleeting moment of happiness, but I’m trying my damndest just to enjoy the ride.

  • skj84

    Rave: Good run yesterday! I’m trying to get better about excersising. Just need to make the commitment.

    Rant: Really sore from running.

    Rave: Friends who make dining out stressful. I worked in hospitality for nine years so granted my opinions on service may be a bit skewed, but some of my friends need to be trained on how to treat staff and what problems are the servers and the kitchens. It’s not the servers fault the food didn’t taste the way you wanted and its not the servers fault the food is taking forever from the kitchen. And don’t ever brag about not tipping to me, It’s the best way to incur my wrath. I’m not saying all restaurants and servers are perfect, but penalizing staff for problems that are not under their control is not fair. Also treating waitstaff like servants. This is why I prefer dining out alone.

    • You might reconsider what kind of friends you have. My parents always stressed respect for the people who serve you in restaurants, stores, etc… It is absolutely classless to be rude to or treat waiters “like servants.” This is why the children of upper middle class families should be forced to work at McDonalds or other similar places to really get a sense of what it’s like to serve people. My dad always said you could tell what sort of family a person comes from based on how they treat the staff (this is particularly useful when you’re dating someone). Also, it takes good character to treat those who can do nothing for you (in terms of personal or financial advancement) well.

      • Yeah, seriously. Your friends sound pretty crappy, sorry.

        • skj84

          It’s not all my friends. Just a few acquaintances who are the most insufferable. I find that the server issue comes up more in group settings, that maybe people don’t realize if you order in a group it is going to take longer for food to come and also the server wait on your order. I do try to explain to folks what the issue is. But it was a rather close friend who bragged about not tipping and I read them the riot act. Just no. Never say that to me. Ever. I will never take your side.

      • I went on a second date with a guy who was HOSTILE to the waitress every time she came by to fill our water glasses and then refused to leave a tip. I’ve never been so glad to be brutally honest to someone about why I wasn’t interested in him. Plus I got to use the line, “It’s not me, it’s you,” which was awesome.

    • TELL THEM! People who are never told what they’re doing wrong are never given a chance to correct it.

      • justinbc

        Seriously. Bragging about not tipping is about as classless as it gets. That seems like the perfect segue to set them straight.

    • skj84
      “its not the servers fault the food is taking forever from the kitchen.”


      Ask yourself these questions as a server:

      1. WHEN do you put in my order? Do you wait or do you go put it in immediately after taking it? If you are double sat or triple sat, you can still go put in each order into the computer after taking each table’s order. By not doing that can result in a much longer wait and that would be YOUR FAULT.

      2. FORGETTING to put in an order. My husband and I have experienced this for REAL that servers ADMITTED to our faces they have FORGOTTEN TO PUT ORDERS IN. All of them were appetizers, bar drinks, and a cup of soup.

      3. Did you put in the order CORRECTLY into the computer? Have had many times servers ADMITTED to our faces they did not do that correctly. Have had wrong entrées before due to our server putting in the order wrong. Have had wrong bar drinks too due to the server putting in the order wrong.

      4. Did you FORGET ANYTHING I ORDERED such as a SIDE DISH? We have had this happen a number of times as well.

      5. Did you DROP anything I ordered? Luckily, we have not had this happen, but I have seen a server once drop some fries from a plate before and I did have a waiter spill some margarita martini when pouring into a martini glass. In other words, it is possible, not likely, but very possible.

      6. Did you remember to GET my food? We have had a server do that before. Also, we have had a number of servers forget bar drinks.

      7. Did you bring out my food obviously correctly if you bring my food out? Do you realize how many times OUR OWN SERVER brings out DUH mistakes like the side dish is wrong, the entrée is wrong, something obvious is not correct bacon that isn’t covered up isn’t extra, extra crispy when you can clearly notice that it isn’t without touching anything, etc.? Every DUH mistake you bring out is YOUR FAULT I am waiting for what I did order by you wasting my time bringing me the wrong item or wrongly prepared item or forgot something. While we all make mistakes, I would have to say a good 90% of the time, servers NEVER COMPARE THE WRITTEN ORDERS TO THE FOOD, because they are TOO LAZY and DON’T CARE!!

      8. Servers DO wait to put in entrée orders when appetizers, side salads, or cups of soup are ordered. THAT *IS* THE GOD’S TRUTH! Sometimes it’s TOO LONG THEY WAIT! If it’s another server, it still doesn’t make it the kitchen staff’s fault I have the wrong side dish for example since that is something that’s obvious. It’s either my server that didn’t put in my order correctly or this other server that didn’t compare the ticket to the food or that this other server did compare the ticket to the food, but just missed it(HIGHLY UNLIKELY, but possible).

      9. WHEN do you come to GET MY ORDER? That part is covered in #2 below.

      10. WHEN do you DECIDE to LET ME ORDER? That part is covered in #4 below.

      11. WHEN do you decide to DELIVER MY FOOD? That part is covered in #1 below.

      12. Do you, because they are out of something, decide to assume everyone wants the closest thing so you do the ordering for me? That part is covered in #3 below.

      1. Once, we had a Red Lobster waitress had our 2 entrées on the tray as well as 2 side salads that were for a couple that wasn’t even there when we ordered. Anyway, instead of bypassing their table to hand us ours first since WE DID ORDER FIRST(common sense would tell you that it takes more time to cook food than it does to fix a side salad anyways even if it wasn’t our server that delivered our food, but it was our waitress that delivered our food), she decided to hand them theirs first off the tray. THAT IS SOMETHING THAT IS IN THE SERVER’S CONTROL TO HAND OUT THINGS OFF THE SAME TRAY IN THE ORDER IN WHICH IT WAS ORDERED IN!!

      2. Once, we had a waitress that greeted us which we ordered an appetizer as well as our drinks when greeted. I saw she tucking in chairs at empty tables and pretty much doing everything but coming back to get our entrée order. Well, I found out what happened. She brought out our appetizer and when I asked she said that she wanted to wait to put in our entrée orders. The thing is, that delayed us more by not at least coming to GET our orders. That way, when the appetizer was ready, we wouldn’t have gotten delayed eating our appetizer since we then had to give our entrée orders when we could have given our entrée orders WELL BEFORE THAT and we would have gotten our entrées faster due to that she could have just left to put our entrée orders into the computer after delivering our appetizer instead of taking time to order when our appetizer was sitting in front of us. The point is, SHE delayed our entrées as well as to be able to start eating our appetizer because she could have at least TAKEN our entrée orders and then when our appetizer would have been brought out, could have immediately gone to the computer to put our entrée orders in.What she did was make us wait while our hot appetizer was sitting in front of us, we couldn’t touch it, because we had to order our entrées and could have done that wayyy before that. She also delayed our entrées because we had to spend extra time AFTER our appetizer arrived to give her our entrée orders when we could have done that wayyyy before that.

      3. Once, we had a waitress that assumed that because they were out of raspberry topping for a cheesecake slice when we had ordered dessert that she’d bring us strawberry. Turns out, she knew when she put in the order that the computer had it the manager told us. So she did it on PURPOSE to be so lazy and uncaring as to not come to ask if we wanted the next closest thing. We didn’t, we sent it back, so she had MORE WORK. Also, she didn’t even think about what if someone is allergic to strawberries. I just honestly can’t believe someone would do that. If they are out of something, common sense would be to come to see if the next closest thing is ok. Not everyone wants the next closest thing. So it wasn’t like it was just getting the order wrong by accident or by not verifying the written order with what she was bringing or putting in the order wrong by accident, this was on PURPOSE to be LAZY and to ASSUME. I didn’t know at first that she did that. I thought at first she just was that stupid(or truly just messed up(highly doubt it)) to bring us strawberries on top of a cheesecake when we ordered raspberries.

      4. Your server delays coming to get your order or delays you ordering due to personal conversation. We have had that before as well. Once, we had a waiter that we didn’t know after waiting 15 mins. for a table on Mardi Gras day ask us BEFORE we ORDERED ANYTHING “How’s y’all’s Mardi Gras” “Go to any parades.” See, I don’t mind chit chat with a stranger, but be considerate to do it AFTER we have our orders into the computer so you don’t take up our time.

      We have also had servers not come to get our order due to playing around. Sometimes taking a long time or a longer time has A LOT to do with the server:My husband and I have had 3 TIMES where servers FORGOT to put food orders into the computer. We also have 6 times servers forget to get bar drinks from the bar. Once a waitress forgot to put in a bar drink into the computer. Two of the 3 times it was an appetizer and the servers ADMITTED doing so. The third time was a cup of bisque which is normally served before a meal just like a side salad is. My husband and I also have had delays due to that the servers delayed putting orders into the computer when they COULD have such as deciding to buss a table first or decide instead of a mini-greet(I’ll be right with you all), one waiter I saw decided to take a party of 6 people’s drink/appetizer orders instead of putting in our food orders into the computer. I can understand if they call you over, but if they don’t, you should be putting that order into the computer not delaying our food. The longer you wait to put in orders, the LONGER WE WAIT!! So truly think about that MOST of the time when you wait a LONG TIME for your food or bar drinks even, it could be the server’s fault. 9 times out of 10, your server had *SOMETHING* to do with the delay in most cases! That’s the GOD’S TRUTH!

      • As a server for 15+ years, your vibe makes me nervous about serving you and WILL decrease my performance. Maybe meals at home are the way to avoid so much disappointment?

        • Leslie
          All I am doing is telling you the GOD’S HONEST TRUTH that most of the time when you wait a long time for your food or bar drinks, it’s because of your server, not because of the kitchen staff in general. Sometimes it is the kitchen staff, but it’s honestly rare.

      • You should never eat out again. I mean that sincerely. Your tone and attitude and remarkable memory for each and every waiter error of your life are all extremely disturbing. And I agree with leslie, your waiters pick up on that vibe, that you’re just waiting to bang out a one-star yelp review full of capitalized ire.

        • And then they give bad service because they anticipate a bad tip or review, and they attribute the resulting bad tip/review to an a$$hole rather than the fact that they gave bad service.
          I look somewhat young (despite being mid/late twenties, clean cut, generally well dressed). Occasionally I can tell at restaurants that the server thinks I’m younger (and thus probably not likely to tip well), and the service is sparse and pretentious. I’m usually a 20-22% tipper, but in those cases I definitely lower it. What kills me is that I know that the server will just say “see, I knew it!” rather than figuring out that they would have gotten a nice tip if they hadn’t made the assumption.
          Many a person (always in the industry) I have unfriended on facebook for statuses about how servers need to be tipped 20% regardless of the service they put out. It really rubs me the wrong way. They also happen to be the people you can’t rationalize with. “Oh, the waiter blew his nose in your taco? You probably ordered it wrong. That’s your fault, and you made it worse by not tipping extra. Trust me, I went to culinary school”

        • What vibe? Because I am being *HONEST*, you can’t handle it, CAN YOU???

          As far as remembering, they remember everybody that gave bad tips, I pretty darn sure of that, so I find it hard to see the difference here?? What’s wrong with remembering the people that didn’t try their best, huh? The ones that did try their best I remember as well.

  • Rave: I have a crush.
    Rant: I have a crush.
    Rant: My ladygaydar really needs a tune-up.

  • What are women carrying in the 10 bags they take to work? (I am woman) The bus looks like we are heading on a cross country tour, instead of McPherson Square.

    • epric002

      my lunch, work shoes, (though i forgot them today so i’m wearing birks. whoopsie.) water bottle, cosmetic case, small notebook, sunglasses. then sometimes a bag with packages i’m mailing. and i imagine lots schlep around gym gear too…

    • skj84

      Because she doesn’t have a car? I don’t drive and therefore live out of my purse. I usually keep a book, water bottle, wallet, make up, and brush at minimum. When I worked downtown I would carry extra shoes and a change of clothes. I usually never had time to go home if I had an event after work.

      • I keep everything I need for my bike, my commute (a book) and lunch in a backpack. I have dress shoes at work and I change into them when I arrive. But I’m a guy, so I guess that doesn’t count.

    • Oh that’s me. My purse, which is large because it has an umbrella, water, ipod, key, phone, stain stick lots of stuff, my gym bag which is huge because I have enormous feet, my lunch bag, which may or may not fit inside my gym bag due to my enormous sneakers for my enormous feet. Plus I have my coffee thermos and we know that there is no such thing as spill proof, so I’m carry that in hand.

    • Their chiropractors are thankful. My friend was the Finance Gal on the subway in NYC carrying huge bags to work everyday for over 15 years. Now she has neck and back problems, requiring weekly physical therapy. And her doctor has told her to carry no more than a 5 pound purse and it must be an across the shoulder strap.
      The big bags laden with lots of lead to long term health issues down the row. Be careful, ladies.

    • Their chiropractors are thankful. My friend was the Finance Gal on the subway in NYC carrying huge bags to work everyday for over 15 years. Now she has neck and back problems, requiring weekly physical therapy. And her doctor has told her to carry no more than a 5 pound purse and it must be an across the shoulder strap.
      The big bags laden with lots of stuff lead to long term health issues down the row. Be careful, ladies.

      • +1, this is true. Get a backpack and wear it with with both straps. Your back/neck/shoulders will thank you.

    • I always have lunch and sometimes dinner, workout clothes, my stupidly large work laptop, makeup, coffee, a book, some medicines, deordorant, and normal purse things like wallet, phone. I look like I am carrying luggage for a purse everyday.

      • Emmaleigh504

        ugh I have stupidly large work laptop. while I am thankful they finally let us telework occasionally, I liked the old system where I just used my home computer to login. My work laptop weighs more than Donna Martin (the person not the cat!). And the govt issued bag it must be carried in is the size of a suitcase.

    • Because most women’s clothes aren’t made with functional pockets.

      • To be fair, women feel the need to carry a lot more crap on a daily basis than guys. It really has nothing to do with pockets and everything to do with over-packing.
        For instance, guys will pack one or two sets of gyms clothes for the week and just reuse them. Women will pack a fresh set everyday. Guys won’t bother with packing an “after work” change of clothes. Why bother? Also subtract the makeup. In other words, dudes are OK with being a bit stinky and gross.
        I tend to try to leave as much stuff in my office as possible to reduce shlepping stuff on the metro. I have a full pharmacy and bathroom set in my desk (deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, soap, shampoo & conditioner, allergy and cold meds, first aid, etc), multiple changes of gym clothes, and an extra set of work out shoes to leave in my office. There’s really no reason to lug stuff back and forth everyday.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yep, I have a full pharmacy, work shoes, snacks & beverages, and a change of clothes at work at all times so I don’t have to carry a big bag around. It’s so much easier to just leave stuff at work, I’m glad I have that option.

        • epric002

          perhaps there’s no reason for *you* to lug stuff back and forth, but some of us don’t have another option. i don’t have a shower at work, and can’t leave stuff at the gym, so i must schlep.

          • dcgator

            Yeah, I’m a guy, and not so sure I would wear the same workout clothes more than once in a week. Short, perhaps, but not sweaty tshirts. And I don’t have as much room at work to store everything, either.

        • I think guys are less likely to pack a lunch as well.

        • I think it might be better to say “some women” have this need. I’m a woman, and it would never occur to me to carry deodorant or a stain stick around on a regular basis.

        • I’m a guy, and I never re-wear gym clothes. That’s gross.

      • I think it’s both. I do carry a bit more stuff than your average guy — including a staggering amount of lipgloss, but If I could put my phone in a jacket pocket, my wallet in a pants pocket, and my keys in another pocket, then my makeup bag and umbrella would fit in my briefcase just fine. It gets a little more complicated if I carry lunch — but inside jacket pockets, inside coat pockets, and real pockets in my slacks would make life a lot easier, and then I could get it down to one bag — or maybe even no bags on days when I don’t have to schlepp paperwork,

        • +1. It’s amazing to me how much men’s pockets can hold.
          I get by with a purse and a backpack, and I try to avoid taking stuff back and forth that I don’t need… but if there were any workouts involved, I’d need another bag.

        • epric002

          SO wish that most women’s clothes came with pockets. i now by dresses almost solely based on whether or not they have pockets.

          • Dresses with pockets are the best kind of dresses!

          • Where do y’all find them? NONE of my dresses have pockets!

          • epric002

            i have some fit & flare dresses from banana that have pockets, and a lot of the more structured dresses are starting to have on-seam pockets. even the bridesmaid dress (which totally didn’t fit, separate rant) from alfred sung had pockets!

          • GiantSquid

            Lands End has some dresses with pockets.

          • Many articles of women’s clothing don’t come with pockets because they would be unflattering. Some of my clothes have pockets that would look weird being used (small pocket on chest) or can’t really hold much.

          • justinbc

            That’s a good point about actually using the pockets for stuff. I can imagine it being very unflattering, given their location, if they were stuffed. You should consider it a relative trade-off. Guys get stuck wearing suits in the summer and women get to wear dresses. I would trade some pockets to have a bit more breeze blowing on a hot day.

    • Love this question. I struggle with my bag lady tendencies. I do not want to carry anything other than my little purse. But I take lunch as often as I can. If I have meetings, I need grownup shoes (which I am NOT going to wear all day, thankyouverymuch). And sometimes I need to carry a laptop back and forth, for which I have a special backpack that I don’t use on non-computer-schlepping days.
      The worst, though, is the day that I have to take home all the bags and plastic containers from all the lunches. Then I really feel like a mentally ill hoarder type.

  • Rave: Told our parents this weekend that we are expecting our first child and officially into the 2nd trimester!!
    Rave: Relatively easy pregnancy so far
    Rant: Constantly thirsty and now after a conversation with my mom worried I have gestational diabetes…I let her get into my head too much!

    • Congratulations!!! We also told my family this past weekend, I’m 12.5 weeks with my first too. Enjoy the 2nd trimester 🙂

    • KSB


    • I was SO thirsty my entire pregnancy (and after), but I didn’t have GD. I always thought it was cause my body wanted to build up that amniotic fluid!

    • Congrats anon and LM!! That’s so exciting. Being thirsty is normal. It’s my first pregnancy too but sheesh, I am thirsty all the time. 23 weeks and now, I’m not only thirsty, I’m starving ALL DAY LONG. The second tri has been pretty nice so far though:)

  • epric002

    rant: can’t get the PBS app to work on the xbox. there’s a whole discussion on the xbox website about how that happens if the local station doesn’t set their network up correctly? i tried every network available for DC and not a single one works.
    rave: started watching girls instead and got about 1/2 the ironing done.
    rant: ironing. i hate it. i let it pile up and then i binge watch something while ironing.
    rave: instacart.
    rave: sister, BIL, and 2 month old nephew coming to visit this weekend 🙂

  • Rant: thongs. generally they are comfy, but every so often I’ll shift in my seat or when I first sit down or something and they’ll ride up in a very painful way, that’s also pretty awkward to correct.
    Rave: having a private office that allows me to address above concern privately.

  • KSB

    Rant: Breast pumps. Uncomfortable and awkward (and this is my third go-around with the pumping routine.)
    Rave: Breast pumps. Amazing to be able to work in a job I enjoy and still feed my little ones Nature’s Baby Food.

    • Totally agree. It’s literally like you’re a cow being milked.

    • Oh my goodness, I’m right there with you. My daughter is nearly 11 months old and last week started drinking an extra 4-8 ounces per day that she wasn’t consuming before, yikes! Thank goodness we have the go-ahead to supplement with cow’s milk. She drank some over the weekend without incident so hopefully it’ll go fine at day care today too. I salute you for picking up the pump again the third time around; I’ll admit that part of my hesitation in having a second kid in the timeframe I had initially considered is that it feels like back-to-back pregnant, nursing/pumping, then pregnant, then pumping. That’s a long time to feel like I’m at reduced productivity for work!

      • KSB

        I commented to my husband recently that by the time I wean this one, I will have been pregnant or breastfeeding for 4 of the last 6 years! He responded that he’d already done that math 🙂
        I don’t have as much of a “fear” of formula anymore (we used Babies Only) to supplement with my middle child a little bit so it’s a lot less stressful this time around. Aiming to make it through six months and then we’ll see how it goes… we’ve gotten through winter and now allergy season so I’m hoping she’s tanked up on antibodies well enough at this point!

        • Yeah, I had a lot of random nursing issues early on and then the “return to work” class at the breastfeeding center made me totally paranoid about my supply tanking so I’ve had much more anxiety around the pumping than I thought I would. I’m hoping that it will be easier the second time around if we go for kid #2.

          • KSB

            I did notice a dip in my supply when I returned to work but finding my stride has made things even out 🙂 I’m all about doing everything we mamas can do to make it work, but not at the expense of our overall well-being!

    • Like previous commenters, I also am in line with your thinking! I have exclusively pumped from day 1 due to not being allowed to nurse for the first 2.5 weeks, and lately it has really started to wear on me. I’m not against formula (we actually give her formula twice a day to help her gain weight), but pumping is ultimately worth it as it also saves us money in addition to the health benefits.

      • Many props to you! I’m not sure I would have managed to last this long if I were exclusively pumping. But you’re totally right about the money savings. The one plus to the pumping is that I let myself watch something junky or wander around online to amuse myself while pumping so it’s excuse to chill out. So maybe if you’re trying to last longer, try to do something you enjoy while you pump to make it more manageable? Though even with that, it wears eventually… so I hear you for sure!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Things are super messed up at Mr. Squid’s work. I feel awful for him.
    Rant: The monstrously huge question mark hanging over our heads in regards to our professional and personal lives.
    Revel: OBX in five days. Any suggestions for things to do, places to check out, restaurants, etc.?

    • GiantSquid

      Forgot a Revel: Star Wars: Episode V

    • If you love BBQ, be sure to stop for lunch at the Currituck BBQ Company on Highway 158. I think it’s about 20 miles before you hit the bridge to cross into OBX.

    • The brewery is pretty good. I forget the name, but it’s in KDH on the highway. Right side if you’re driving south. Go see the wright brothers stuff in the morning and go to the dunes an hour before sunset.

      • GiantSquid

        Thanks Mike!

      • Outer Banks Brewing Station! Delicious!

        Lucky 12 is also in Nags Head/KDH area and a bit divier, but the BBQ was yummy.

        I found that Hatteras was worth the drive but Ocracoke was not worth the ferry/day.

    • Food Dudes Kitchen, Taco Tuesday at The Pit, Mama Kwan’s, Kill Devil Grill, Black Pelican. That should cover it, enjoy!

  • Rave: Fancy grilled cheeses last night for dinner (homemade). Delicious.
    Rave: Budget approved for ’15/’16 and our audit is almost over. Gee willikers, I didn’t think I’d make it out of April alive.
    Rave: Vacation is almost here. SPF 5 billion is packed.

  • Rave: Wearing my new orange-y red patent pumps today!

    Rave: Starting to feel organized in the new place.

    Rant: Still figuring out storage solutions in the new place. How do the rest of you Popvillains store your BELTS?!

    Rave: 6-month anniversary in my new job and still loving every single day. Overall this Tuesday is one big, fat #rave!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Selling stuff on craigslist
    Rant: I’m not a good salesman, I’m selling my beloved camera
    Rave: I’m kind of enjoying it, now I’m looking for more stuff that I don’t use to sell 🙂
    Rave: I have a new camera

    • What are you selling? What did you get?

    • I had a dream the other night that you were my roommate and there were all these cool cameras lying around the house. Meanwhile I was in a panic because I’d just lost mine on a bus!

      • pablo .raw

        Lol, the new me is selling everything :D, I’ve also sold some lenses and one of my Pentax cameras 🙂 I kind of envy my photographer friends who use really, really cool film cameras, but…. film is too much work 🙂

        • how much are you selling it for? I am interested in a DSLR camera but i dont want to spend a ton of money $200-300(?) and im a little affraid to buy it from some random person because it might break or something

          • At that price range, you’re not very likely to find a DSLR. However, there are some mirrorless (DSLM) cameras in that price range. Are you looking for interchangeable lenses?

            The X100s has a fixed lens and retails new for about $1300.

    • justinbc

      I love Craigslist in DC, the market here is so robust you can get deals constantly (and get rid of stuck quickly if it’s aggressively priced).

  • Revel: saw the completed 48 hour film festival video and it was funny – so I stayed up late to do a fake behind the music type thing.
    Revel: the fake behind the music thing is funny in the context of seeing the original short film.
    Revel: nascent dream of making a mockumentary of an incredibly pretentious fake band may come to fruition.
    Revel: fake drummer will talk like Werner Herzog.
    Rant: a little tired. Upstairs neighbor was weightlifting or throwing large chunks of metal around or something at 7 am. She doesn’t seem to understand how sound travels.
    Revel: Cavale concert tomorrow night!
    Revel: heading out of work early tomorrow for the Nats game!

    • rant: leave request submitted a week ago has not been granted or rejected. Meanwhile hotel prices are going up at the beach.
      rant: leave request submitted Monday for baseball game tomorrow has been verbally granted, but not through the time and attendance system, therefore I can’t commit to going to the game with friends.
      rant: no wonder I will have about 150 hours of use or lose leave this year.

  • Rave: Positive thoughts from pville about my depression and drinking.
    Rave: Did an in-take this morning with an out-patient program for both my depression and drinking that amazingly my health insurance mostly covers.
    Rant: There will still be co-pays that I can’t afford but I’m trying not to think about that.
    Rave: I broke down and told my SO about my depression and drinking (she was out of town this past weekend) and she broke down with me and wanted to support me. Never have I felt so ashamed and relieved at the same time.

    • All good news — and glad to hear you told your SO about your depression and drinking. That’s an awfully big thing to keep from someone close to you. Also glad to hear she responded so positively.

    • Glad you talked to your SO about this and that she’s supportive. First steps.

    • Good for you for making positive changes in your life. I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

    • Emmaleigh504

      First steps to getting well are huge, I’m so happy to hear you are taking them. Get well soon!

    • Good for you. This is a huge rave. I know anon internet people don’t mean much, but I am proud of you.. You are certainly taking the right steps!

  • Rant: Spent a fair amount of money for Nats tickets last night (for me and my meager salary), and they inexplicably started the game and rushed through 3 innings while it was pouring rain, during which my friend and I were unable to even sit in our seats, and then delayed it for 3 and 1/2 hours, until midnight, before resuming and finishing hours after the metro closed down by which time I had obviously left because I didn’t drive and like most people I have work during the week. Thanks for nothing.
    I won’t be attending another game this year. Not that they care…

    • So there was a rain delay and you’re upset? The game is not about you.

      • First of all F you, there is no need to be a prick. Second of all learn to read. They should have called the game instead of trying to get through it as fast as possible and playing the remaining innings at a time when nobody could feasibly remain in the stadium to watch the game. I spent 80 dollars on two tickets and in return was not able to watch any baseball. That’s pretty crappy. The money fans spend on their insanely inflated ticket prices pays the players and owners multimillion dollar salaries. It’s obvious they don’t care and didn’t want to have to play a makeup or offer fans an exchange on a future game so they said screw the fans. Who’s even heard of a 3 and 1/2 hour rain delay even? Absurd.

        • jim_ed

          $80 dollars for two tickets!? With that kind of big spending, you should have asked your seat valet to fire up the team limo to ferry you home!

          • Not everyone here is as rich as you buddy. Thanks for being a dick though, it’s really appreciated!
            I don’t make a ton of money and 80 dollars is 75% of my entertainment budget for May, so you know what, for some people it IS kind of a big deal. Seriously screw you.

          • What are you doing spending 75% of your entertainment budget on one Monday Nats game?

            That doesn’t make any sense. Also, the playground insults should stay there… at the playground that is.

          • Why do you assume he is rich? When compared with other ballparks, $40 per seat is a steal. And this begs the question, if you are that strapped for cash, why didn’t you choose one of the other MANY cheaper options, like the $12 seats?

            With the way you are acting toward everyone on this thread, it seems that you are the one who is the jerk.

          • That is an absolute absurd analogy. Not going to argue with some prick like you though. Screw you and screw this crap hole city. No wonder people make fun of the idiots who frequent this comment board.
            Oh and you’re ugly as sin.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Jim – don’t be a jerk. Sun is shining. Everyone breathe. Breathe in, breathe out. Ok I’m calm now. But seriously I think some of you are missing the point of the rant/revel. You can rant about whatever you want. No need to judge those rants and/or be an asshole. Thanks. And thanks for making me curse. Now I have to do my breathing exercises again.

          • I don’t think people make fun of people on this site. Most people I meet have either never heard of POPville, or enjoy it.

            You sound incredibly angry, and just in general bitter about life. I am feeling for you man, but the constant childish insults are not helping you in the least. Perhaps try growing up?

            Oh, and enjoy the suburbs, when you realize that your piss-poor attitude means that people in this “crap hole city” don’t like you, and choose not to associate with you.

            Hint: People in the suburbs will feel the same way about your attitude.

          • Thanks for all the advice you financial and life planning wizards. Real helpful.
            You don’t know me, you don’t know the circumstances behind this or whats going on in my life. I spend probably 50% of my time actively thinking about how to kill myself and the other 50% in a deep depression. I hate my job, I hate this city, and I hate living frankly. I had been excited for this game for several weeks which is why I spent more than I usually would on tickets. I don’t usually get excited about things.
            So yeah, I am mentally ill, I have problems, I have agression issues when people pretend to know or understand the circumstances behind my life or make fun of me for having the audacity to think that 80 dollars is a lot of money.
            So thanks guys, you’ve made my day a little crappier. Thanks a lot. I’ll never bother you again promise.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            I some sorry folks have been jerks today. Please pay them no mind. Honestly, it’s such a beautiful day out – I’d ignore this page and just go out for a walk when you can. I’m very sorry you’re feeling down – for what it’s worth – I’m with you. Hope tomorrow is a happier day all around. – Dan

          • justinbc

            For what it’s worth, that scenario described in the OP would certainly piss me off too. But then I’ve been to 7 Nationals games thus far and 6 of them have had rain delays or been rained out, so I pretty much accept it as fact now. I’m going to another game tomorrow, and they’re already forecasting thunderstorms, so…

        • Lol, stay classy. You sound like a joy to be around.

      • Boom! Yes! +1

      • OP, lay off with all the insults. “F you, there is no need to be a pr1ck”? “Thanks for being a d1ck”? “Screw you” (twice)?

    • 162 games man,. The Dodgers are only in town once this season, and they don’t want to have a double-header the day before a west coast trip. Sucks that that happened, but if you would have stayed, you would have been one of about 500 people in the park for the rest of the game! Try calling customer service, they may be a bit more helpful then you are giving them credit. I think the Nats actually do care about their fan base. Take a look at ticket options for many teams (think dollar games, ticket and concession deals, ect.) and you will see that the Nats go above and beyond for a team that has been in the playoffs or a playoff contending team the last three seasons.

      • Oh so if I would have stayed past midnight, past when the metro closes leaving me stranded in SE DC at 1:30 in the morning, I would have been able to catch the rest of the game? Boy that’s quite the consolation. I did call customer service this morning and they were quite rude and basically said tough luck.
        “don’t want to have a double-header the day before a west coast trip”- that’s funny because I didn’t want to spend 80 bucks of my absurdly low salary on tickets and then not even have the option to see a game before returning to a life and job that I hate.
        I don’t feel too bad for them. They play a child’s game and are paid millions of dollars

        • Anonymous 11:33AM was not being a prick… you’re the one that said “F you.”

          • Thank you! I don’t even understand the aggression of his reply! I mean it sucks that his experience at the game didn’t go his way, but dude sounds like he has some serious anger/entitlement issues.

        • I feel like the moral of this story is “don’t spend 80 dollars on baseball tickets, especially if you have an absurdly low salary.”

          • Wow, you people are absolutely the worst.

          • This.

            The moral is, wait until the weather is nice, and then go day of and get a SRO/horrible ticket for $10. Much more fun anyway, especially if you can’t really afford it.

            With that said, I empathize. The situation you are describing sucks. I too would be pissed.

        • Well, I live about 12 blocks from the stadium so i made it home ok. Ever think about checking the weather? They were calling for rain all day so maybe you could have prepared for a potential delay? You sound like a complete twat you know that, right?

        • Calm down. The umps decide whether to call a game, not the teams.

      • “Take a look at ticket options for many teams (think dollar games, ticket and concession deals, ect.) and you will see that the Nats go above and beyond for a team that has been in the playoffs or a playoff contending team the last three seasons.”
        This is true. You won’t get these sorts of deals with the Yankees or the Red Sox, where tickets are extremely expensive. Nats definitely give plenty of opportunities to go to a game for practically free.

        • New poster, wondering if you would be so kind as to point me in the direction of some of those deals? I want my kids to get into baseball and be lifelong Nats fans, but can’t afford to take them very often, especially given the price of concessions (which they’ll beg for) and especially given that they never want to stay past the 7th inning stretch. Gotta ease ’em into it. Want to do it for cheap. 🙂

    • Can understand how frustrating rain delay games are. Are you a fan of the Dodgers, is that why you spent that kind of money on tickets?

    • I was standing on Wisconsin near the little league fields (NOT near Good Guys. I don’t even know where that is) and the kids were playing in the rain and I cursed the National Weather Service because (since they can now predict when the monsoon will end more accurately) it allows ball teams to do asinine things like have a 3.5 hour rain delay which is miserable for the fans rather than just saying: “this could go on all night, let’s just play two next time they’re in town.” Rain delays more than 90 minutes are absolutely contemptuous of the people in the stands.

      • 2-0 lead in the 3rd. Need 5 complete for official game. The umps/MLB is not going to call a game when there has been a 3rd of a 9inning game completed when a team has scored multiple runs. This is a unique situation and its a unique problem to baseball, but at the end of the day you can not call a game just because some people will have to stay up late or wait 3 hours and 17 minutes. The Nats won, are now in 1st place! As a fan, this is the bottom line.

      • The problem is that they won’t be back in town. Teams outside your division only come in once.

    • Honestly, I think everyone’s being a bit hard on OP. If I shelled out $80 for a game, only to have a 3.5 hour rain delay which I wouldn’t be able to stay for, I’d be mad. Maybe not at the Nats, but at the world. Plus it’s not like it’s a new thing to lament that metro doesn’t run after midnight or on game nights. Come on guys, he has a right to be pissed off. The game would be nothing without the fans.

    • Sorry you’re feeling down. And sorry the game got rained out. FWIW, I’m a weather nut and I somehow missed that it was supposed to storm. Anyway, hope you feel better and get to see a game again soon.

  • Rant: feeling a little ranty today for no reason
    Rant: except maybe that my boss is out this entire week and I have to act for her.
    Rave: The weather this weekend was fantastic and I did two things on my list for this year! (Visiting Roosevelt Island and renting a bikeshare – both for the first time.)
    Rave: Bikeshare – riding in the city wasn’t as intimidating as I suspected.
    Rant: I went running on Roosevelt Island and completely bit it. I have a skinned knee and hands – so not pretty.
    Rave: The damage was kept to scratches…last time I nearly broke my ankle!

  • Rant: Daughter broke her collar bone. x-ray looks positively gruesome.
    Rave: She is one tough chick and in a fine mood.
    Rave: Driving down to Richmond to see her this weekend.

    • Revelation?: I never knew Irving had a daughter. I thought he only had a clone in the form of a son.

      • She gets less play because she’s in Richmond while the boy lived with me for a year and is still in DC (a shacked-up, Petworth-based, politics-working gentrifying clone of his old man…I’m so proud!) and provided a lot more material.
        We had the thing going for a while: Mom, Dad, Bother, Sis, Cat. Kinda Dick and Jane meets The Simpsons, though.

      • Oh, you don’t remember when he mentioned buying shoes for his “girl” and people went off on him calling a grown woman a “girl” until he revealed that the girl really was his daughter and not his lady friend?

        • I think that was the same awkward post where he mentioned that she “warmed his cockles”, and half of PoPville thought “warming cockles” was a euphemism for something naughty.

          • I think of “warming the cockles” as very wholesome and Hallmark card-archaic. archaic. “To provide happiness, to bring a deeply-felt contentment. Related terms: heart-warming”

          • “Warming one’s cockles” isn’t a common expression in American English — more common in UK English.
            It definitely sounds like something that _could_ be naughty. 😉

  • Rave: Amazing, epic show at 930 last night.
    Rant: Feeling the effects of it not ending until after 1am. It was worth it, though.

  • Clarendon??

    A St. Patrick’s Day-themed bar crawl in the neighborhood on March 15 led to 45 police calls, ***17 fights, 25 arrests,*** 16 calls for medics, 105 escorts of the stumbling to cabs and 10 bouts of public urination. Capt. Brian Gough said that one of those urinators managed to hit his police car, “and it was only 7 p.m.!”
    Another crawler was a woman who police say showed up at the Arlington magistrate’s office around 11 that night, intoxicated, naked and demanding entrance to see her husband, who had been arrested for public drunkenness earlier in the day.
    “We could have made many more arrests,” Gough said at a community meeting that police convened last week to discuss the bar crawls. He just didn’t have the manpower, even with 51 officers at the scene, to take more people to jail

    Rant/Rave – Red Pants with loafers, not sure I can pull off the look. (Ladies do you dig it?)

    • never under estimate the chaotic power of a bro gathering.

    • Ugh, that night was awful. Myself and my girlfriend broke up an attempted sexual assault. A guy was trying to drunkenly force himself on a drunk woman on a public bench. She was screaming “Help! Please stop! I don’t want to be with you!” as he groped and tried to kiss her. Apparently, they knew each other but were “just friends”.
      It was truly terrifying. We called 911 three times and no one showed up in 20 minutes. Finally a $90K Mercedes drove up and the girl hopped in, while the guy tried to punch me and two other guys who were pushing him away from the girl. NEVER AGAIN!

      • skj84

        You and your friends are stand up guys for jumping in. I feel like most people would walk past and ignore. That poor woman.

        • It was my girlfriend who noticed the pair, as she’s hyper-aware of drunk men and women interactions (my GF was once sexually assaulted – roofied in college – so she really goes out of her way to assist drunk women who are by themselves).
          At that point, I (a male) intervened and started talking to guy. In the meantime, the assaulted woman was frantically calling friends to pick her up. Eventually the drunk guy grabs the woman again, has her physically pinned against the wall, she is screaming, I’m trying to pull the guy off her. Then two college-age guys in sweatpants from the building across the street come down to help me as they can hear her screams from their 5th floor apartment. My girlfriend calls 911 multiple times, the cops never show up (despite being two blocks away), the drunk guy starts throwing wild punches at us 3 sober guys, the girl jumps in the obscenely expensive Mercedes driven by another young man and woman (MD plates, of course), and then we hightail it out of there.
          F#ck Clarendon. It’s a wasteland of privilege and boorish behavior. We were only there for a friend’s house party and that was my first back there in two years. What a mess.

          • we need more men like you. thank you.

          • Why MD plates, “of course”? Seems like unnecessary judgement.

          • “the cops never show up (despite being two blocks away)”
            Saturday of St. Paddy’s Day weekend. I’m sure you were their only call and they were just ignoring it. Cops can’t get a break for doing a job that most people would never do.

          • Hey anon, I ended up walking by those cops right after the situation deescalated. Most of the cops were standing around in groups near the Metro, riot-lite gear on and talking amongst themselves, playing with their phones, or oogling drunk girls in skimpy green outfits. Yeah, some cops were dealing with drunks but most were doing their best to avoid doing any work.
            I know it’s a shitty job (just like the job my brother has in that sandhole of Afghanistan), but they signed up for it. And I’m fine criticizing them, since I was doing their job for them at the risk of my own safety (plus I wasn’t getting paid overtime on the taxpayer dime).

    • a lot of times we we white denizens of the district get badmouthed for shit talking NoVa and suburbs in general because the assumption is that is where many of us a from and now we’re just trying to be hip and urban. but the truth is that many of us have had horrible and violent experiences in the suburbs and we feel much safer in the city, and, truthfully, with fewer white assholes around. and thats not to say we don’t understand the dangers of the city, or of dc specifically. it’s just that we’ve weighed it out. i’m way more worried around a bunch of drunk white beefy dudes than around drunk beefy black dudes.

      there’s a huge problem in the white community and it needs to be addressed.

      • Nova deserves all the shit they get, and i will continue to bad mouth it! F-NoVa

      • Is this satire?

      • I agree completely. I’m from a semi-rural area originally, and didn’t experience a congested suburb until I moved to NoVA. After some terrifying experiences there (and many more day-to-day ones that were just draining all joy out of my life) I knew I could never live in a place like that again. It’s either a big city or a shack in the woods from now on. 🙂

    • The residents of Clarendon should consider themselves lucky. At least this crowd did not trample freshly planted flower beds.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: some much dust from having to move the office & library around for repainting. Combined with my realuag pollen allergies and I’m pretty non functional today.
    Rant: Possible migraine with puking coming on. If I start hallucinating I’m just going to lay down and die.
    Rave: Got out of teaching a class this afternoon, so my day is pretty easy now.

  • Rave: Date tonight with coffee meets bagle girl! will let everyone know how it goes tomorrow 🙂
    Rant: have to go out to VA today for work!!

  • skj84

    Rant: I have this beautiful Gunne Sax Prairie style sundress that I can’t get to close. My sister gave it to me a few years ago and I just found it in my closet. Fits my hips and waist just fine, but won’t close across my broad shoulders. I don’t want to sell it or give it way. I’d like to find a way to put a panel in to extend the back if possible. Or a corset close. Anyone know of a good seamstress who could alter the back?

    Rant: Shoe shopping. I need a good pair of flats to wear with skirts and pants. Ballet flats hurt my feet and I already have enough sandals for the summer. In the winter I just wore boots all the time, but it’s going to be too warm for boots soon.

    • They run wide — but I have some Dr. Martens flats that I like because they have more arch support than flats usually do. http://www.amazon.com/Dr-Martens-Womens-Marie-Flat/dp/B005GYHJYU Might these work for you? I’ve been trying to find some slingbacks for summer — but it’s the same thing problem. Flats hurt and I don’t want heels.

      • epric002

        wow the reviews for these are pretty awful. how did you feel they fit?

        • Some of the reviews are awful — and some are wonderful, with very little middle ground. They fit me fine — but are somewhat wide and a bit loose in the heel. One problem is that the European sizes don’t align well with American sizes . The leather is nice, the arch support is great — for a flat. I like them because they are the ONLY flat that I’ve been able to wear comfortably, so I’m willing to put up with a less than perfect fit. I also wear them barefoot — they would probably fit way too loosely with stockings. .

          • epric002

            thanks for the details. i’m always in between sizes, and have so much trouble with heel slippage that i think i’ll pass these by. this did inspire me to add a bunch of other shoes (mostly crocs and clarks) to my zappos cart though 🙂

          • skj84

            I may check them out. I like to try on shoes before I buy since I have wonky fit. I love Clarks though. I wore quite a few pair down when I worked in restaurants, comfy to stand in for hours and still look chic.

    • Check out Earthies. They have good arch support.

    • I love Naturalizer shoes. Cute and comfy with support. (And they come in size 4 for my tiny, tiny feet.)

    • I love Naturalizer shoes. Cute and comfy with support. (And they come in size 4 for my tiny, tiny feet.)

    • I had this done for my wedding dress so I could loosen it up a bit after dinner (don’t judge me!). Luis Tailoring in Old Town Alexandria did it, but any drycleaner tailor should be able to do it, as it is usually a pretty simple job. Have them separate the back panel (or create a separation if there aren’t panels) and add in a gusset or some holes for a ribbon, so you can tie it up like a corset. I went with a corset with a gusset (or modesty panel) underneath. It looked great and serviced its purpose perfectly.

  • Has anybody installed heated flooring elements/mats under nailed hardwood? What system did you use? Pros & Cons? Would you recommend? thx.

  • Rant: I’m apologizing profusely to my best friend via email because I acted like a huge jerk while drunk this weekend. I feel terrible and it turns out I really hurt her feelings even more than I realized. What’s worse is that I didn’t really even see it until getting an email today. I feel pretty oblivious and like a huge jerk.
    Rant: What’s worse is that this isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this (essentially an Irish goodbye pretty early in the night after getting hammered….when she came to visit from several states away).

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