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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: still loving the weather
    rant: didn’t like any of the cars I test drove this weekend
    rant: got a bad case of the mondays this week

    • GiantSquid

      What did you drive? What are you looking for (like top 3-5 points)?

      • I’m looking to downsize, my car is too big! I tried out a chevy cruze and sonic, hyundai elantra, and nissan versa. Nothing too specific, just a small useable car, and preferably not hatchback.

        • Have you looked at a Kia? I have a Kia Spectra and it’s been great. Small enough for city driving/parking, but still kinda roomy for road trips. No maintenance issues to date, and it’s 8 years old with nearly 90k miles.

          • I haven’t yet! That is in the cards for next weekend. I will definitely keep an open mind, but I think the Rio is just too small, same problem I had with the versa and sonic. Maybe I’m a goldilocks type. πŸ™‚

        • Why not a hatchback? They are particularly great if you’re looking for a “small useable car”. MUCH more efficient use of space.

          • I think they are ugly lol. I’m sure they work for some people, but I don’t do much hauling, and I’m not much of an outdoorsy person, where I would need to haul bikes or anything.

        • I’ve rented a couple of Fords lately and was pleasantly surprised. Look at the Fiesta and Fusion. I had a Fiesta (although a hatchback model) for a two week vacation in New England and it was great.

          • i actually rented a ford focus years ago and quite liked it, I will reconsider ford! thanks!

        • I’ve had great luck with my Honda Civic. It’s currently 13 years old, though only has 80,000 miles on it, and my annual maintenance costs are very low. I’ve never had a serious issue with it. It’s a good car for the city size-wise, but doesn’t feel tiny.

          • thanks, I’ll definitely give honda a try this weekend, then! civics seem to have gone up in price due to their popularity, though. Nissan seems like a better deal, but I just didn’t like the car.

        • I have a MiniCooper Countryman – 4 doors and roomy, but still small enough to park just about anywhere. It’s super fun to drive too! Minis are awesome.

        • +1 on the Fiesta. We have one and love it. Also, I would add the Honda Fit and the Nissan Versa to the list.

        • Not that you haven’t thought of this, I’m sure, but the Corolla is a great car. Like you, I wanted to downsize from my old beast of a Charger and I hate hatchbacks, and every day since I got my Corolla 2.5 years ago I have loved it more and more. It is the perfect size, so fuel efficient, has plenty of cargo room, and looks great! I went to Jack Taylor and have gotten nothing but excellent service from them since then. I swear I don’t work for them- I’m just one of those weirdos who actually loves their dealership!

          • thanks! I’ll go test drive one! Can’t hurt to give it a shot, I just feel like everyone drives a corolla. πŸ™‚ Guess there is a reason for that!

        • GiantSquid

          I’ll add the Subaru Impreza to the many suggestions. It comes in a sedan version if you’re really adverse to a hatch (tho I love me a hatchback).

          • +1 on the Impreza…. I bought one 2 years ago and absolutely love it. I wanted to downsize to something smaller and more fuel efficient than my 94 Grand Cherokee, and I have not had a single problem with my Impreza. The car is a BEAST in the snow/rain/etc (and as a former Jeep girl, this was a huge selling point for me). I have the hatchback, but my soon-to-be sister-in-law has the sedan and she loves hers as well. I get between 25-27 mpg around town and it’s a blast to drive! If you want something with a little more ground clearance, look into the XV Crosstrek. It’s the exact body as the Impreza, just a few inches higher.

          • Though for a Corolla or Civic owner, 25-27 mpg is alarming! I love the Subaru in snow country, but in this climate/terrain you just don’t need AWD and the hit in gas mileage you take for having it.

          • Absolutely agree on the Impreza love. The 2012 models and newer have the lighter Boxer engine and is better on gas mileage compared to earlier Impreza models. Plus, we get more than enough ice during the winter to warrant AWD, IMO.

  • Raves: Funk parade! Sundress party! Beautiful spring weather!

    Rant: Weekend is over; so many people not wearing dresses at the sundress party. Lame!

  • Rant: cinco de mayo and nobody to drink with. No work today for me.

    Rave: great weather

  • +1 to the weather!

    Random question: I have a phone interview with the City tomorrow on my property tax appeal. I’ve never done this before. Does anyone know what questions they might have? I already provided 3 comps that sold in the last 24 months to support my concluded (reduced) value.

    • I just went through this. The assessor asked me various questions to see if the condition of the property matched up with what they had in their database. I also made a spreadsheet of all 12 rowhouses in my square and their current/proposed valuations and sent it to him, since for some reason the city thinks my unimproved house is worth more than one next door with a huge rear extension and deck. That got the assessor’s attention and I’m hoping my assessment comes down.

      • “…since for some reason the city thinks my unimproved house is worth more than one next door with a huge rear extension and deck. That got the assessor’s attention and I’m hoping my assessment comes down.”
        It got the assessor’s attention in that they realized they probably need to jack up your neighbor’s assessment big time, rather than bring yours down. Your neighbor is gonna be pissed.

        • Anon, suffice to say there’s more to the conversation than that. What I don’t understand is how the same assessor can have wildly different valuations for nearly identical houses on the same street. If the reason for a high assessment is that a certain house sold most recently, well, it’s kind of BS.

    • I got mine assessment knocked down $100,000 or so years ago. The key thing was to bring photos showing all the problems in my house back then: water damage, hideous linoleum tile, even a sign someone posted in the alley warning of “Danger: Big rats.” By the time I was done, I was so horrified by the squalor I was apparently living in that we did a major renovation soon thereafter.

  • Rant: hungover from party I went to yesterday. Host made dangerously strong margaritas. Think it’s been around 2 years since I last showed up to work hungover.
    Rave: Work is dead quiet and no pressing deadlines to worry about today.

  • skj84

    Rave: Fun Weekend! I went to Opera in the Outfield, Running of the Chihuahuas and Sundress Fest.

    Rant: When people flake at the last minute. Look I understand shit happens. But I confirmed with this person a few days before that they would be at my event and they canceled at the last minute. They’ve done this before and it’s especially annoying since I could’ve done something else that day, but didn’t because I was expecting them. Persons off my invite list.

    • Flakes are the worst. Well, not as bad as Nazis, but still pretty bad. A few years ago, I was doing lots of events (almost uniformly Metro accessible). I’d invite people. The day of the event, I would get maybe a 10-15% cancellation rate from friends with “car trouble” or “sick pets.” People need to learn how to say no to invites.

      • I’ve never understood making up excuses. If you don’t want to go, don’t go. Tell me you’re not in the mood. Don’t make up some lame excuse that when I ask you about it later I catch you in your lie

        • Exactly. “I’m glad Rover is feeling better.” “Huh? What do… oooooh… yeah… he’s much better now.”

        • skj84

          Exactly! I’ve backed out of plans because I was tired from work, or sick. or running behind. It happens. But making up excuses is the worst, especially if you flake to go to another party.

  • Rant: PoPville onesies now available when my son has just outgrown onesies. How about some kids sizes? The princess will be a toddler someday and need to show off her kingdom in t-shirt form…

    • I asked the same, and PoP promised them in the next order!
      Toddlers can wear onesies, too, so their tummies stay covered when they’re toddling!

      • My guy is just out of 24 month sizes, so there aren’t a lot of onesies to be had. Also, I keep hoping that he’ll wake up one day and be instantly potty trained without me having to do anything. Just in case that happens, t-shirts seem to be a better idea πŸ™‚

    • What about footed onesie pajamas for adults?

    • PoP should just open up a Big Cartel shop to sell various sizes. It’s much easier than trying to cater to every single person’s whims on sizing.
      Plus, PoP could enhance his income with sales. Gotta diversify yo’ bonds, PoP πŸ˜‰

      • I take offense at you calling my child’s clothing size, or my choice to have a child, a whim. No, I don’t, just kidding.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Only raves.
    Rave: Funk parade was great, a bit claustrophobic at times, people overflowing on non closed streets but I was able to test my new camera with great results.
    Rave: Attended a great wedding and was able to not bring my camera (it takes some effort).
    Rave: Weather has been great.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Derby Day party at Southern Efficiency was a blast. It was a lot more small scale that what usually goes on at Jack Rose, but the hot brown was one of the best things I’ve eaten in weeks, and the juleps from JP Fetherston were spot on. Also, had an excuse to break in my new seersucker suit!
    Rant: Our pizza last night from the new Taylor owned spot Pizza Parts & Service was pretty decent, I’m a big fan of Sicilian style. However the sanitation practices we observed left a lot to be desired. One guy was actually making a pizza while talking on his cellphone, and in 15 minutes we never once saw him wash his hands or put on gloves. The girl at the register kept scratching her head, taking money, etc and then handing customers slices without ever putting on gloves. At least there was soap in the bathroom, unlike Steak & Ice which always seemed to be out of it.
    Rave: Management at PP&S who when contacted about the above immediately responded to address the issue and work on retraining the staff on the importance food handling safety.
    Rave: Work on new fence to begin this week!

    • justinbc

      Oh, and another Rave I forgot about: A new season of 24 starts tonight! I think this will be the third time they’ve done a final season, but whatever, I still love it.

  • Rave: Love being in the new house, even though it needs a lot of TLC. So far we’ve ripped up old nasty carpets, are in the process of getting the floors redone, and have painted the front porch. We’ve got quite a bit left to do over the next few weeks but it’s coming along nicely. Luckily I made enough off the sale of my condo to pay for a lot of these initial expenses.
    Rant: Living with all of our stuff crammed into a couple of rooms while the floors are being redone. It sucks. A lot.
    Rant(ish): Last minute work trip to Uganda, leaving tomorrow night. The timing really sucks, I feel bad leaving my bf to deal with all the chaos. That said, internal office politics are killing me lately and I’m happy to get back to the field for a couple of weeks. It reminds me of why I’m in the business to begin with.

  • Rant/Rave: I need a new hobby/interest. I met a really interesting guy last week who is involved in a number of activities, has a wide range of interests, etc, and it made me realize that I need to expand on that stuff myself. I’m thinking of taking up knitting (don’t laugh!) and running (looking at couch to 5k program). Could anyone recommend any metro or bus accessible knitting classes for beginners in the city?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! πŸ™‚

    • I wouldnt be too worried about comparing yourself to others, his hobbies were probably over glorified and just presented in a positive light. For example i just finished mentoring 5th graders teaching them math for about 15 weeks. It sounds good on paper but the daily grind there was not ‘glorified’ and i left many times feeling worse then when i went in, although there were those moments that made it worth while too!

    • My wife just started knitting and really likes it. A friend got her started and she has been looking at youtube for assistance. Perhaps you can start there?

    • I recently picked up knitting pretty easily using YouTube – there are a lot of great instructional videos out there! Also check out Ravelry.com – a great place to find a first project that you can use YouTube instructions to complete. The folks at Looped on Connecticut are also really helpful.

    • skj84

      I’ve heard Looped Yarn Works in DuPont Circle is good. It looks like it’s right by the DuPont Metro. If you’re interested in running many sports stores offer free run clubs for all levels. They usually meet once a week and are geared for runners to run a 5k in group setting. I know Pacers has a run club and LuluLemon Logan Circle did too.

    • What do you like doing?

    • I’m pretty sure this website will give you zillions of metro-accessible ideas of way to make your time feel more useful: http://www.serve.gov/

      (all in PoPville, please don’t flame me for posting it!)

    • justinbc

      The Renwick routinely does “Handi-hour” a DIY craft thing plus beers, which my girlfriend has gone to and had positive things to say about:
      There is stuff for novices and pros alike.

    • dcgator

      I’m pretty sure the local DC libraries have knitting clubs like once or twice a month, on weekends.

    • I tried to post this earlier and it didn’t seem to work, so trying again:

      Most yarn stores have beginner knitting classes. For metro-accessible options, check out:
      Looped Yarnworks: http://loopedyarnworks.com/
      Fibre Space: http://www.fibrespace.com
      Knitting Loft: http://www.theknittingloft.com

      I’m in a knitting group that meets at the Columbia Heights Panera on Saturday afternoons (starting at 2-3ish), so you’re welcome to come.

    • Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I really appreciate the help πŸ™‚

  • Becks

    Rave: Lady Carlotta and I are getting along great. She has been with me for one week already! She is uber-cute! She is still not comfortable with me holding her, but will sit on the sofa next to me and let me scratch her chin.
    Rave: Planted spring flowers: Snap Dragons, Marigolds, and little blue and pink flowers.
    Rave: Chicken wire bought! I am ready for the Attack of the Marauding Squirrels!
    Rant: Neighbor still sweeping the trash off their porch into the space between the houses which just happens to be at my eye level as I live in the basement! Grrr! I picked up all the trash and put it on their steps.

    • my cat HATES to be held but is a total lap cat. i’d say just give her a bit more time πŸ™‚

    • I’ve had those neighbor issues before, but found direct knock and inform instead of passive aggressive a lot more successful.

    • I’m someone who notices everything. My eye is drawn to trash like that, and I also find myself constantly thinking about how to NOT do things that will annoy other people. I try to remind myself that other people probably don’t even see it, so it is likely that they simply don’t realize that it is negatively affecting you. Putting their trash at their steps probably isn’t the most effective solution. Have you tried letting them know that their version of cleaning is actually negatively impacting you? I’d be willing to bet that they would feel really bad and be happy to stop doing it if it is brought to their attention.

  • Rant: woke up depressed today, it feels chemical. I don’t know how what caused it or to shake it. I have an interview tomorrow, which would be a huge rave, but for this weight on my chest.
    Rave: No self hatred this time, I can do this interview.

    • I’m so sorry. Are you seeing someone for that? Maybe meds could help?

    • Sorry, buddy. πŸ™
      I’ve been there too.
      Get outside and get some fresh air? Good luck with the interview.

  • Rave: Walking home from the Metro late Friday night with luggage. Approaching a group of Black guys (which doesn’t freak me out, at all btw). One told me I was “beautiful as shit” lol, the others cleared the sidewalk for me, one asked if he could help and made sure I crossed the street safely. Really made me smile πŸ™‚
    Rant: My grandmother suffers from Alzheimers. My father called me yesterday that she’s not doing well. She’s refusing food, hasn’t moved any bowels in a month (sorry if TMI), and said “the light in her eyes isn’t there anymore”. Spent all day yesterday sitting on my couch crying. I know it’s selfish, but I’m not ready to lose her, even though I know she’s ready to go.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. My gma also suffers from Alzheimers. And it just sucks losing someone you love bit by bit like that. Sending you big hugs.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry about your grandmother. My Gran died of Alzheimers a few years ago. It was sad to see her at the end because the spark was gone from her eyes, too. Hugs and love to you and your family.

    • If it doesn’t bother you, why do you include that in your description? I don’t say “I wasn’t scared because I walked through a group of 4 white girls.” Being black, especially in DC, doesn’t mean poor/more likely to commit crimes, especially when you’re a young (not black) girl, then the news actually cares and cops show up.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: After being sidelined for 2 weeks with an injury, I completed my longest run yet this weekend without any pain!
    Rave: Did anyone else see 60 Minutes last night about the 90+ age cohort study? Apparently, moderate alcohol consumption, moderate exercise, and 1-3 cups of coffee daily are key to longevity. I’m gonna live to 100 at this rate!

    • I saw that! Very interesting report.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      And also putting on a little weight! I have to resume drinking coffee and I too will live to be 100.

    • Rave?: So now I need to learn to like alcohol and coffee? Wonder what good “gateway” drinks there might be? I think there’s a bottle of Starbucks Frappasomething in the fridge…

      • My grandparents never drank coffee (they liked tea though) and only had a few sips of wine or beer on special occasions. My grandfather lived to be 93 and my grandmother is still doing well in her mid 90’s. For my sale I wouldn’t mind if the coffee and alcohol add a few more year though.

        • Yay! Thanks for the encouragement! I FAR exceed my tea quota — and do the sips-of-champagne thing on rare occasions. This gives me HOPE! πŸ™‚ I will say though, that the moderate alcohol, moderate exercise and daily coffee seems to be linked to longevity in my family.

  • Rant #1: No one brought rhino cookies to work!
    Rant #2: I may be a little hung over today.
    Rave: Loving this weather!

    • Mr. FBJ — I was reading over your wonderful and troubling pony essay the other day and I wanted to ask if, at the time, you were living on the 1800 block of 13th Street and if that pony picture was in the “walking alley” that ran behind the first half dozen or so houses? Something about the brickwork reminded me of my of my old place.

      • Yep, the pony entrance and exit was through the walkway behind your house. I’m still on that block.

        • Now I’m puzzled because I can’t picture you — we lived there for 7 (?) years in the 90s, two doors down from the Whitelaw Market.

          • We met a couple of times, once at JG’s house. I traveled a lot for work so wasnt around that often.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Cookies are in the library on the 4th floor!

  • Neither a rant or rave: Just signed up on OK Cupid – got a message that read, “We should get acquitted.” Hmm – maybe we should go on a date first?

  • Rave: Spent most of this beautiful weekend outside
    Rant: Disappointing date on Saturday considering we were surrounded by the (amazing) funk festival
    Rave: Fishnet looks amazing! I have no idea how I’m going to feel about a fish cigar but I cannot wait to try it
    Rant: Got literally hollered at from a passing car when walking down Hawaii this Sunday. Made me feel gross and mad that they thought that was acceptable behavior. Old news, I know, but I can’t help but feel rant-y about it
    Rave: Exciting week coming up and its only gonna last four days! Yay!!

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Lovely weekend, finally got around to cleaning up and planting in the back patio.
    Rant: Still with the allergies.
    Revel: Made grilled chicken, it was amazing http://userealbutter.com/2014/04/20/honey-barbecued-chicken-recipe/
    Revel: This time, next week, I will be on the beach in the Outer Banks.

  • special_k

    Rant: Some days this dissertation feels like it’s sucking the life outta me.
    Rave: Made time to see Aimee Mann and Ted Leo at the 9:30, go for a run on Sunday morning, and walk my cat on Sunday afternoon. Simple pleasures keeping me sane.

  • Revel: this weekend. Friday night = pitcher of margaritas at Alero in CP. Saturday = recording music followed by hanging out in Meridian Hill Park followed by catching the derby at Stetson’s followed by flat tire followed by ridiculous joint Russian/Ukrainian party in Mt. P featuring entirely too much booze consumption. Sunday = watching basketball. Great great great weekend.

    Revel: Korg Gadget for the iPad. I’ve only played with it for an hour or so, but I want to spend a lot more time with it.

    • Extra revel: I did some music for a friend’s 48 hour film project and it’s the first 48 hour film project I’ve been involved with that was both fun and good!

      • your weekend sounds amazing

        • It was and I miss it, but today is looking pretty great, too. DC Sate food truck was delicious. Tonight? margaritas and the Wizards game! Things are looking up, Milhouse!

  • Rave: Spring is the best time of year. I am loving the weather and the sunshine.
    Rave: I finally motivated my lazy self and direct seeded some crops for my garden. Now let’s see if they come up.
    Rant: Still sick and suffering from horrible allergies. UGH. I am so drugged up on meds that I just have to stay away from booze for the sake of my poor, overworked liver.
    Rave: Partner away for work, which means I get to sleep in the middle of the bed. Glorious.

  • Rave: Sundress fest – what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Wish we could do it all again this weekend with a new crop of dresses!

    Rant: None of my friends won the contest…they gave the title to a drag queen that already one. Thanks for nothing, Prince! πŸ˜‰

  • Random question: Does anybody know what’s going on in the city this Tuesday/Wednesday that every single hotel room in the city would be booked for Tuesday night? It has to be some kind of big event to fill all the city’s hotel rooms (closest available seem to be in Silver Spring) – but no one I’ve asked seems to know what’s going on.

    • The ASTD conference is at the Convention Center and they are using 20 hotels – other than that, just a busy time of year for meetings?

    • Also graduations are starting this upcoming weekend. GWU does graduation stuff all week. Then the next 2 weeks include Georgetown, Catholic etc the week after that.

  • houseintherear

    Rave: So fun to meet other Popvillers at the Funk Parade and nearby Duffy’s on Saturday! They recognized Pablo from Friday’s animal fix, yay. πŸ™‚

  • Rave – Had such a great weekend. I went out and had fun and also spent time at home baking and cooking.
    Rave – The PoPville birdwatching trip was great. We saw a bald eagle!
    Rant – Some derby party people or Virginia gold cup party people in Glover park Saturday morning had a picnic and just left ALL their trash outside. Beer bottles, campaign bottles, orange juice cartons, napkins, caps, etc. just left outside on the picnic tables at 35 & Wisconsin. It was gross.
    Rant – Have a ton of work to finish this week before I leave for vacation.
    Rave – Leaving for vacation on Thursday!

    • Thanks for letting me borrow your binoculars for a bit! Funny thing about the bird calls — there’s a white throated sparrow singing “oh sweet canada canada canada” outside my office window now… right next to the Canadian embassy! I think someone wants a passport.

    • I saw the trash too – it was incredible. There were two folks from the neighborhood trying to clean it up.

      The Capital Club http://www.capital-club.com/ had charter buses that left from that very spot – 35th and Wisconsin.
      “Cap Club Buses will depart from Wisconsin Avenue at 35th and Whitehaven (North of Safeway) at 10:30 AM sharp and will return to DC promptly after the last race (approximately 6:30pm). Upon return to DC, there will be an private after party at Mason Inn.”

      • Wow, the Capitol Club looks incredibly douchey. No surprise. I guess this was their “pre-game” prior to grabbing busses to the Gold Cup.

      • Thank you Anon! Now I can direct my outrage that the Capitol Club. I was walking by coming back from the grocery store as they were leaving the picnic to board the buses. Everyone just got up and walked away, no one even made an attempt to collect the trash or throw anything away in the garbage bins. It was unbelievable. It reminded me of that scene from Mad Men where Don and Betty drive their kids out to the country for a picnic, then just up and leave all their trash there without a second thought.

  • Rant: Almost died this weekend
    Rant2: People often exagerate near death experiences. In my case, a tour bus passed by within 4″ of me down on Haines Point. A biker rode by a couple of seconds later and said how ridiculous that was. I said the guy had to have been within a foot. The guy behind was the one who said it was more like 4″

    Rave: I did not die.

    • Rave: Had a seriously awesome weekend outside of that. Hit balls at the range at East Potomac, wine tasting at Lost Creek where brother and fiance are getting married in August, and birthday dinner at Ray’s The Steaks in Courthouse.

    • GiantSquid

      With the advent of tour bus season (thanks Cherry Blossoms), I really wish we could ban them from DC, make them park out in VA and MD, and take Metro in. I know it’ll never happen, but the tour buses really scare me as a pedestrian, cyclist, and driver in the city. They feel like bulls in a china shop.

      • I honestly would not be opposed to banning these monstrosities. Sure, it may be inconvenient for some of those tourists, but it would have been mighty inconvenient for my family and loved ones if they had to come and identify my body.

        • jim_ed

          Not to make light of your situation (I know the feeling, I came within 3 steps of being plastered on the windshield of a metrobus that blew a red downtown a few years ago), but if we’re going to ban certain groups of drivers from the road for being dangerous to everyone else, the list of priority should be as follows:
          1. Cabs
          2. Maryland Drivers
          3. Tour Buses

      • In addition to the safety issues, I have also noticed tour buses parked on my [very residential] street in Cap Hill NE. Granted it has only happened a handful of times, but they take up 4 or 5 parking spots, block visibility at intersections, and generally just annoy me. Is this legal?

    • The tour bus drivers are the worst! I almost got hit by one turning left while I was in the crosswalk a couple years ago. I wrote an angry note to the company and never heard back. They also like to park in crosswalks and generally create havoc for those people not riding on the bus. GRR

    • shaybee

      The one time I’ve been biking on Hains Point, a biker directly behind me got clipped by the edge of a tour bus (the bus then passed by me with about a foot’s worth of space. I had no idea the guy behind me had gone down until my roommate shouted at me to stop and help. He was, thankfully, fine and another (car) driver, my roommate, and a second tour bus driver all stopped to help. The driver of the bus that took him down didn’t even get out to see if he was ok. It was infuriating and made me really nervous to ride down there! I totally agree that buses should park elsewhere. They’re terrifyingly huge and don’t always know where they’re going…

  • RANT: Spent 8 hours making sweet potato lentil stew in the slow cooker, only to drop a large, surprisingly hot bowl of it down my entire body, burning my chest, arms, and legs. The bowl smashed into shards on the floor. The cats just sat there, judging.

    RAVE: The stew I picked off my severe burns tasted damn good.

    • Despite my aversion to sweet potatoes, my heart goes out to you. You spend that much time on something and man, you begin craving it in your soul, not just as nourishment and fun, but a reward for your steadfastness (Steadfasticity?) in the face of fast-food temptations and short-cut recipes. Better luck with the next batch — you got to, right? — and I hope the red burns of courage are healing nicely.

    • dcgator

      “The cats just sat there, judging.” This was my favorite part. Oh, and hope your burns aren’t too serious.

    • This would totally ruin my weekend. I hope youre okay, physically and mentally! Do something nice for yourself today to make up for it.

    • Last year I dropped a Pyrex bowl of homemade roasted strawberry ice cream and it shattered. I was so disappointed that I tried to eat some of it anyway (carefully picking out the glass shards) which was probably not a great idea.

    • Wow! Sweet potatoes are wonderful. Lentils are wonderful. Now you’ve got me wondering about the potential wonderfulness of both of them together! Glad you survived your ordeal! And LOVED your comment about the cats! lol

  • Rave: SUN!
    Rant: Pollen! Allergies are getting me down. I’m so tired of sniffling and taking allergy meds just to get a good night’s sleep.
    Rave: I found a new workout buddy and it’s a coworker. Should be fun getting out our anger and stress at the gym together.

  • Rave: Date with coffee meets bagle girl on tuesday (open for suggestions in the dupont and woodley park area)!!
    Rant: Its been a while since iv tried to go on a date, but i think my time off will serve me well in taking this one seriously, and the girl seems really cool so that always helps πŸ™‚

    • I really like the Gin Joint in Woodley. I had a great first date there 2.5 years ago and we’re still dating.

      • is there seating in the gin joint? i just read it is standing only!

      • I can’t imagine a date that starts at a place called Gin Joint ending well. Strike that. I can’t imagine a date that starts at a place called Gin Joint not ending in a memorable fashion. Assuming that you can remember it. Admittedly, gin and I have a colorful relationship.

        • The bartenders are awesome at the Gin Joint and make damn strong drinks. And yes, you’ll make some good memories after the bar! πŸ˜‰

    • Jack Rose.

    • what about spots in cleveland park, havent been out there in a while – anything new/good for a date?

      • Cleveland Park
        Casual, but pricey: Ripple (good cocktails, kinda hip); Ardeo (good wine bar, good cocktails, hip in an American Psycho sort of way)
        Sports bars: Downstairs at St. Arnold’s (great beer); Uptown Taphouse (can’t recommend it); Cleveland Park Bar & Grill (has a roofdeck!)
        Other: St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar (good Belgian beer selection, delicious mussels)

        There are also a number of restaurants in CP, still, despite losing Lavandou, Palena, and Dino.

        • I am thinking ripple could be fun, i know its pricey but i dont plan on ordering a ton of food probably just a drink or two and an appatizer. Never a good idea to order a lot of food on a first date, usually too self conscious to finish it all or to take it back with me after!

          • skj84

            Second Ripple. If you go during Grilled Cheese hour I believe wine is half off. They also have an awesome brunch.

    • If Woodley, Tono Sushi is good (and cheap! during happy hour). Lebanese Taverna is delicious. District Kitchen is great. Follow up dinner with drinks at the Gin Joint.

  • Revel: Bread Furst opens tomorrow in Van Ness!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Happy Cinco de Rhino! Who wants a few rhino facts?
    Sumantran rhinos live in Indonesia and Malaysia. There probably less than 100 in the wild. I adopt Bina for my Grandpa for Christmas (http://www.rhinos.org/adopt-a-rhino).
    White rhinos live in Africa and are my personal favorite. They aren’t actually white, they are grey like most rhinos. They have wide flat noses and 2 horns. Poaching of white and black rhinos has sky rocketed in South Africa the last few years.
    To prevent poaching some areas will use armed guards, guard dogs, or saw the horns off of rhinos.
    Rave: I got called the TMZ of science at work for sharing some rhino facts and a rumor that a white rhino at the Audubon Zoo is knocked up πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, I love your rhino facts! Being called the TMZ of science is quite a compliment πŸ™‚

    • So maybe you can answer my question about the rhino in the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy.” Is the rhino stomping out fire for real? If not, is it actually possible to train a rhino? How’d they do that?!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Is that the coke bottle movie? I would say it’s possible to train them some. When I got the back stage tour of the rhinos at the zoo the baby, Satchmo, was pretty well trained. The older rhinos were not. Auntie rhino knew to calm down and slowly come to fence when she saw a banana. But Daddy rhino was having none of it. He ginormous and scary and got no bananas.

        • some of us, rhinos and human, just don’t like bananas. I don’t, cause I’m allergic. I’m also ginormous and scary, so I feel like I could be friends with that Daddy rhino. Is he still at the zoo?

  • Rant: I’m going to try this rant again. The last time I posted it I don’t think people really understood my issue and it quickly went off topic.
    My issue is this: the traffic light at the corner of Harewood Rd NW and Rock Creek Church Rd NW. Most days this light stays on green since there is no cross traffic and almost no pedestrian traffic, however every so often (maybe once a week during my regular commute) it cycles through to red even though there is still no cross traffic or pedestrians. I realize that a few years ago Harewood was a 2 way street and it served a purpose, but since it has been 1 way for quite a few years now it makes no sense for this traffic light to even be there anymore lot alone cycle through to red and back to green.

    • Try 311.dc.gov and make a service request for a “Traffic Signals Investigation.”

      Then breathe. It’s a traffic light that’s delaying you a max 2 minutes every week.

  • Rave: Musical weekend. Received J.S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier (vol. 1) this weekend. I’m in Heaven- so much from which to choose.
    Additional music rave: will be delving into jazz this summer- Ellington, Fats Waller, and James P. Johnson (if I can swing it- their music is tough). πŸ™‚

  • rave: AMAZING weekend with friends and family
    rant: showed up too late for the funk parade but the energy on U St was still great
    rant: came home last night to a sick kitty… poor guy has diarrhea and won’t touch his food, which is weird because he loves to eat more than anything else in the world. hopefully the vet tonight can help. it’s the first time he’s been sick!

  • Rave: Sound Bites yesterday was fun! The folks at DC Central Kitchen really know how to throw a good festival.
    Rant: Right when I have the chance to stay in DC for a couple more years, I now have the ever growing desire to move. Such is life

  • Rant: I drank my depression into a further depression this weekend. Blacked out and woke up the next morning not knowing where I was… which was the floor of my kitchen.
    Rant: My mother called me later that day in hysterics about something I don’t care about. Drank more again after that, partially because of that.
    Rant: Blacked out again, woke up again not knowing where I was and feeling even more like shit.
    Rave: I pulled it together, called a friend to please come get me and take me away from my apartment.
    Rave: That friend took care of me all Sunday and had a frank talk with me, which made me feel better with some next steps to take this week.
    Rave: Reading everyone’s raves about the weather and weekend. Glad everyone enjoyed it.

    • You should seek some help and I mean that in the most loving, encouraging kind of way.

    • You should seek help.
      You should also consider moving out of your apartment, as it further enables your depression. It sounds like living alone is not working for you and you need to be around other people. Being around other people forces you to “get your shit together” as it’s not acceptable to drink yourself into a stupor. Seriously, I know people feel like they need to live alone after a certain age but not many people can really handle it. We all need some degree of companionship and social interaction.

    • Can’t say I’ve ever drank so much that I blacked out and woke up on a kitchen floor. You know you need to stop drinking ever, right?

    • I’ve thought about this all day and want to respond. I really hope the OP sees this.

      You feel stuck, and alcohol is the only thing that helps you feel unstuck. The thought of it gets you through the day, and it becomes something you hug to yourself. It feels great, and secret, and you feel alive when you’re drinking.

      But you can’t keep doing that. Your body, and your spirit, won’t let you you. And something inside you knows that, and pulls you into posting here. And that something is what pulls you forward, and can pull you into something where you feel whole. Because you don’t feel that way now, except when you’re drinking. And that’ the alcohol lying to you. Because it lies. It doesn’t feel like it, but it does.

      I wish I could tell you something you don’t already know. Some wise words that could walk you out of this. But there aren’t in (trust me, I’ve looked for them). It’s a day by day thing, and you need people around you to help you. Whether it’s a meeting (which can be a terrifying idea, but they save lives), or a friend, or even this site. You’re telling us that you want to stop, and that’s the first step. That’s the hardest part, but you’ve already done it. You can do this. It’s scary, but something in you wants you to do this.

      Anyway, I hope you can see this. I don’t want to give you my email here, but please contact PoP if you want to connect. I really hope you do.

      All the best.

  • rant: people keep saying i have an “old” personality. what does that even mean? I’m 26. I don’t like crowded bars, and like to stay in some weekends. Isn’t that just a personality thing?

    • I’ve been considered “old” since I was about 8 years old. You might consider reading Susan Cain’s Quiet. It’s an excellent book about introverts.

      • Thanks, I’ll look into it! I’ve been considered old since I was young, too. I tried to party in college, but it just exhausted me. I just don’t see whats so wrong about preferring to take in a movie by myself rather than drink with 10 other people who I hardly know.

        • I don’t think any of those “people” are saying there’s something wrong with it.

          • It has definitely been intended as an insult. Not sure what the quotation marks mean.

          • You’re sure you’re not taking it the wrong way? In any case I’ll put it this way: when I’ve heard people say it, it was never meant to be an insult. Maybe an expression of surprise or amazement, but not of derision. (As for the quotes, just referring back to your use of the word “people” – probably unnecessary in retrospect.)

          • I’m certain the last two times have been an insult. Previously, its been more of a “your an old soul” kind of comment, but this weekend it wasn’t that way at all.

    • I get the same comment all the time. I take it as a compliment now. I take it to mean we value the quality of our life experiences over quantity.

  • Rant: Drove to New York and back in one day with husband yesterday. I am totally out of it and I feel like it shows.
    Rave: My husband got to see an old friend and I was reminded why people who live in NY really love it, it just isn’t for me.
    Popville query: Is anything going on this weekend that would be of interest to a 29 year old physically active guy? My brother loves kickball, adventure sports, etc. and somehow my idea of eating good food and taking him to a show don’t seem like the right ideas.

    • justinbc

      Maybe an NFL draft party? There are SAVOR (beer related) events all over the city this week, some are really unique…if he’s into that. Sorry, not sure what specific active events to suggest unless there are like pick-up frisbee/kickball/other random “sport” leagues or something.

    • Maybe you could go rock climbing at an indoor rock gym?

    • skj84

      Bring him to the EU Open House Saturday! It’s when the European Union Embassies open their doors for the public to tour, plus most embassies offer food/drink and cultural performances. It’s a uniquely DC event.

    • I’ve always wanted to try the rope course in Rockville. I think it’s called Go Ape. You could do that, THEN go eat good food.

  • Rave: we were having a meeting this morning as we watched through the window, we saw a cat with a small plastic bag on its head trying to cross the busy North Capitol street. Needless to say the cat looked very disoriented and it was a matter of time before this cat got ran over. A man (who looked like he could homeless) tried to grab the cat and remove the bag from its head. It wasn’t easy as the cat was disoriented and trying to run way. Anyway the man was able to remove the bag from the cat’s head, but the cat was still disoriented laying on the street. A car drove by really fast and we thought the cat was ran over and dead, but this made the cat wake up and run away to a save place. The man saving the cat made my day!
    Rant: I have somes but I will just enjoy my rave for today.

    • oh I wanted to stop in the middle of your story because I was afraid of where it was ending, but I’m so glad it went where it did and that I finished it! Hooray for that guy, I would buy him a dinner and a drink.

    • Great story!

  • Rave: I got my new couch pillows from society6.com and they are ridiculously cute. I’m super obsessed with this website now. Thanks for the recommendations everyone πŸ™‚

  • Rave: I rebuilt my back deck over the last couple weekends and I’m almost done. My body aches and my hands are torn up but I love the results.

  • Rant: Allergies. This weekend was lovely to watch from inside my apartment. Pretty sure everything outdoors is trying to kill me.

    Rant: Coworkers. I’d like just once for the “SOP” to live up to its title of Standard. Why do we have to change every activity each time we do it? And don’t get pissy when we ask questions, since the changes are made without informing the rest of us!!

    Revel: ???

  • Rant: Allergies. I’ve been wishing I could yank my eyeballs out and rinse them off. And this is the first year that I’ve had a cough.
    Rave: I’m new to this. Claritin stopped working, and Zyrtec makes me sleepy, but I just started Allegra and it’s helping a lot!
    Rave: So now I can blather on about things a LOT more entertaining then allergies.
    Rave: Sweet potatoes….So wonderful! My perfect breakfast!
    Rave: Flirting! As DC has become more “Northern”, people here seem to flirt less. I actually have to go North to Baltimore to get back to social flirting. (As opposed to more goal-oriented flirting.) Is there a National Get Your Flirt On Day? If not, there SHOULD be!
    Rave: Hit a nice turning point in my music lessons this week. I’m loving being a perennial student!

    • Agreed, the art of flirting is few and far between – but when it does happen and sparks fly, it makes it much more memorable

    • Emmaleigh504

      I like your idea of National Get Your Flirt On Day! Seems like only toddlers and small children flirt around these parts.

  • Rave: I had lots of fun this weekend and I got a lot of sleep, who knew that was possible?
    Rave: I love spin class at Ride DC.
    Rant: I would go to spin class all the time if it weren’t so expensive.
    Rave: I made it to the funk parade and still got to watch the Derby.
    Rave: I had a great time socializing and drinking bottomless mimosas in the sun yesterday.

  • Rave: Hill Country’s backyard bbq series is back! This Saturday’s actually felt like a backyard bbq and it was a blast – especially getting pushed in under the tent during the thunderstorm and being treated to a special a cappella set from the band.
    Rant: THE POLLEN

  • nightborn

    Rant: paid $55 bucks to DC parking enforcement to block off a few spaces for a moving truck last week. Trekked to the police station to print off “emergency no parking” signs, put signs up 72 hours in advance and called parking enforcement to let them know, put those signs back up over and over again (they kept coming off thanks to pouring rain all week). Did everything I was supposed to in order to be a considerate neighbor/citizen.

    And of course the parked cars that were in the spots I was reserving (for just a few hours on Friday morning!) never moved. I called 311 as instructed and nothing happened for several hours, after which they all got a $50 ticket (at that point we were long gone.) The moving truck ended up blocking a nearby alley while they loaded up. It made an already stressful morning that much more stressful.

    That’s $205 in DC’s pocket for no good reason.

    • Ugh, the same thing happened to me when I put up no parking signs outside my building for a moving truck, following the 72 hours notice and everything. People parked in them anyway! The movers ended up parking their truck illegally in front of a stop sign. I called 311 and someone finally showed up as we were finishing the move and gave out tickets. What a waste of money.

      • nightborn

        total waste. I should have just saved myself the time and money, and had the moving truck park illegally. sorry that happened to you too!

    • I think you have to call 911 and ask for the vehicles to be ticketed and towed.
      I had something similar happening when I was moving in and the cop actually made an effort to find the driver of the car, rather than ticketing him.
      Sorry to hear your neighbors (or whoever the owners of the cars were) were so inconsiderate.

      • nightborn

        When I spoke with parking enforcement prior to putting up the signs, they specifically told me not to call 911, but to call 311 for ticketing and towing. They told my fiance the same thing when he called again on the day of the move. Maybe I shouldn’t have listened…

        • It was a few years ago that I moved, so it’s possible I’m misremembering… but whichever number it was that I called, a cop came out pretty quickly. (I think I called 911 and asked for police non-emergency.)
          Sorry to hear your experience was so frustrating.

    • what a bummer! those signs worked out great for me, I assumed people feared the tickets all over the city.

    • I cannot stand the DC “rent a space” scam…It NEVER works. I always try and be considerate and not park or move my car. Except if someone puts them up the night before. Unfortunately the issue is it is a bad system so there are many flaws. Once pepco put them up the same day and I got a ticket. Had pepco send me a message saying oops but still didn’t get that ticket overturned.

    • The trick is to get some tall items (cones/garbage can/chairs) and some yellow caution tape to “claim” the spots either early in the morning or the night before your move. People will straight up ignore the signs and the fines are only $25/each, I think. Completely useless.

  • how does one go about getting one of these awesome tshirts?

  • justinbc

    Afternoon Rave: Just saw Impala will be unofficially opening tonight for a Cinco party. I think we’ll head over there to check out the new location, if any of the internet who apparently hates me so much would care to join us.

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