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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Smilla

    Rant: new restaurant (guess which one!) is located on the corner of a major street. The crosswalk on this corner has become a de facto spot for cars to stop for valet parking, cars block the crosswalk while they wait for a valet, and the valets seem to encourage it. Is this legal? I cross the street at this corner every evening, and I want to complain, but I want to make sure it’s illegal first.

  • pablo .raw

    Since there was some support for my idea of an (unofficial) PoPville Happy Hou.. Potluck Picnic, I propose MalcomX-Meridian Hill Park on May 25th at 4:00. I’m not the best social event organizer, so just bring something edible to share and that’s it!

  • Rant: Woke up very early this morning.
    Rant/Rave: Found a half eaten cup of Chobani on my floor this morning. Last night must have gotten crazy!
    Rave: Went and got an awesome work-out in this morning. Feel like if I am going to wake up early, may as well get after it.
    Rant2: Still hungover. Was hoping the workout would cure that, but alas, it did not.
    Rant3: Forgot a belt at home.
    Rave2: DSW is quite close to the office, and right next to Chipotle!
    Rant4: Credit card was left at the bar last night
    Rave3: That bar is not too far from the house, so will get it back tonight.

    Rave4: Awesome weekend planned. Driving range and wine tasting with brothers and brother’s fiance tomorrow, and then Ray’s The Steaks with the family for birthday dinner!

    RAVE HUGE: 288,000 jobs added. Go America!!!

    • Oh man, reminds me of my college days, waking up hungover next to god knows who and seeing half-eaten yogurt all over the bed. WHAT DID I DO LAST NIGHT?!?!

      • how did things go with kickball girl?

        • You’d have to ask Anonymous. I’m a little disappointed we haven’t heard about a popville happy hour hookup between notable commenters. With all the cat pics and pizza, it seemed bound to happen.

          • Clearly you need to overcome your meeting-internet-strangers apprehension and instigate this at the next HH.

          • So there were definitely people trying to hook up from what I could tell, haha, but can’t speak to whether anyone was successful.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I tried to help people hook up but they were all fraidy cats!

        • wow, I am clueless. There were? Emilie, you were wingwomaning for everyone? Is this the same happy hour with my raccoon?

  • Rave: Funk Parade tomorrow! And double rave that the weather is supposed to be good for it!
    Rant: Funk Parade is going to make me super sad that my husband and I are moving away from U street soon.
    Rave: Moving to our new place Bloomingdale in a couple weeks!

    • Rave: Funk Parade! My soul lives on through the music!
      Rant: I’m dead.

    • but bloomingdale is adorable and fun. I think you’ll be happy there!

      • bloomingdale and u street are like 2 minutes apart?

        • I know I know. It’s only like a 20 minute walk from old place to new place. Living at 12th & U definitely has an exciting vibe to it that the Northern part of Bloomingdale does not. I’m extremely excited to make Bloomingdale home though; it’s so charming! Plus, not being woken up at 3 am by drunks loudly stumbling to cars while be nice.

          • northern bloomingdale is the *best*. it’s like living in the country in the middle of the city.

  • Bittersweet Rave: Remembering a long-ago Kentucky Derby party back when you could have a real live horse in your yard near Logan Circle and no one thought a thing about it.

  • rant: friend owes me money. writing it off as dumb tax at this point, but really want to help get friend’s finances straight. but idk how to do so.
    rave: weather!
    rave: friday!

    • in college I lent my friend money to help pay for tuition. Prior to me lending him $ he was doing payday loans, so being a friend I offered to loan him money interest free. I gave him 6 months to pay me back in full as I was applying to law schools and needed the funds for application fees. I didn’t get any payment during the 6 months. Eventually, I had to have a talk to him and setup a monthly plan. It took 1.5 years to get my $ back.

      • yes we’ve discussed a payment plan. I sort of knew when I loaned the money I wouldn’t get it back, so if I couldn’t afford to lose it, I wouldn’t have done it, but I wish friend would learn some responsibility. I’m hoping I’ll get it back, and wont’ let it ruin a good friendship, but probably won’t be loaning money again. I guess that’s why we have credit reports. πŸ™‚

        • If you really need the money back, are paypal invoices an option? Like, if you sat down and talked, could you a agree on a payment plan, amount, and that you’d send a paypal invoice as a reminder? I don’t know if that would be too awkward, but at least then it’s actionable.

          My friends and I use the invoices from time to time, but for smaller things. Like, if someone buys concert tickets or nats tickets or whatever, they just send an invoice. I find it helpful because I’m forgetful and I hardly ever carry cash.

          I think you’re right that when you loan money, you unfortunately have to do it with the assumption that you may not get it back. Hope it all works out!

          • we use venmo and I’ve sent an invoice that has gone unpaid for a few months, which then brought up the payment plan. I’m just going to sit on it and see what happens, I’m not struggling, and I know friend is, so I’m trying to be lenient. Thanks!

  • epric002

    rave: friday! this weather!
    rave: million pibble march tomorrow, hope to see you there!
    rant: brother and SIL moving across the country today πŸ™
    rave: depressed doggie is doing better now that the sun is out.
    rave: my adorable nephew is 2 months old!

  • Rave: My mood today – http://bit.ly/R7E1Hk

  • Rave: Had an awesome morning cuddling with my puppy and eating breakfast with my husband. Love these days.

    Rant: It’s not feasible, but I wish I could be with my mom for Mother’s Day and her birthday (same day this year). A wonderful care package will have to suffice!

    • my rant is the same as your’s. I am so sad every year, I realize my mom is nearing 60 and I just get so freaked out that time may be running out. I need to move back home, soon.

      • Obviously everyone is different, but 60 isn’t that old. I just ran a 5K with my 69 year old mom this Spring and plan to do a 10-miler with her in the Fall. She also has a bf who she’s been seeing since December (my dad passed away a few years ago)… I think she’s more active than me these days!

        • Aw… I love that you did that with your mom! How sweet.

          Unfortunately, to some of us, 60 *is* old… My mom has several health issues, and I hope she’ll get to 60. We’ve already agreed to have a big party (in 2 years)!

          That’s not to negate your experience with your mom– I absolutely love how active she is, and that you guys do fun things together.

        • yes and my parents do seem younger than their peers for the most part, and i know barring any freak accidents or surprise/shocking diseases, she has quite a long life left, i just worry. man i love my parents so much, I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it when they do pass. I spend most days hoping I go first. I should probably get therapy.

  • Rave: Woke up to an e-mail from GWU, I’ve been accepted to an MPH program!
    Rave: Beautiful sunrise on my 12 mile run this morning!
    Rant: None. NOTHING is bringing me down today πŸ™‚
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Rave: the garden has survived the Annual Late April Plant Killing Downpour From Hell.
    Rave: Cathedral Flower Mart tomorrow for more plants.
    Rave: going to mix it up and go with the Grandpa Ott radiant purple morning glories for the trellis this year. Soaking my seeds now.
    Revel: ahhhhhhh plants, I love you so much.

  • Rave: Friday and a nice weekend planned. I am going to lunch with a recent number one draft pick in the NFL (will not say who) on saturday in DC. Come try to find us!
    Rant: Kickball last night, i was kinda a dick but i called the other team out for stacking there best player and putting him out of order. The team was full of douche bags and im sorry when you say im a dick for calling you out and you say “we are here to just drink”, no just no, you are CHEATING i dont care if its kickball or not, i just dont see the rationalization to cheat and say we are just here to drink.
    Double Rant: Kickball girl barely talked to me or ackowledged me. Not sure if it was a result of the above, or whatever happened 2 weeks ago was just a fluke. But i am fine with it, still had a good time with my friends.

    • I were kickball girl (you’ll just have to trust me I’m not) I’d be thinking “he had my email and easily could have gotten my number from mutual friends and I never heard from him.” So I’d be probably a little standoffish especially if I were interested. My personal lame defense mechanism is to ignore people when I like them. Yes I’m still 10. Or maybe she reads this blog and saw the rumors you posted about her from college days?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Tarnation. I was rooting for kickball girl. I hope the CMB girl works out better. Or maybe you should hit up a Popville happy hour and let me set you up! πŸ˜‰

      • I do think we both like each other and it probably just is standard defense mechanisms, but also that wasnt the point of going to kickball, it just happened. Maybe once the season is over and we see each other and go out things would go further but I am a little old to be making out in a bar basement in public haha. I want to come to the next happy hour, I will reveal myself! I also live very close to meridian hill park (so i hope this picnic pot luck happends) i am up at the park most sundays for the drum circle anywho!

        • Emmaleigh504

          One is never too old to make out in a bar basement! Just don’t do it on metro. πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Beautiful weekend and have plans to go backpacking.
    Rant: Feet are still too painfully blistered from last weekend’s backpacking to go again.
    Rave: I guess I have no choice but to sit lazily outside at home. And go to the Funk Parade!

  • Rave: Everything about this weekend! Volunteering at Drink the District’s Derby Days festival so I don’t even have to pay to drink for free for five hours and then headed to U Street for the Funk Parade (and Liv’s 90s dance party)!
    Rant: Little apprehensive about Liv. Not sure if its my kinda place. But I can’t say no to 90s music so I’m going to give it a try.
    Rant/Rave: Planning on doing athletic things on Sunday. Happy to be finally getting back into it but nervous that I’m so out of shape that I won’t do well enough at tryouts. It’s been a whole year.
    Rave: Date on Saturday with a very promising guy
    Rant: Lives farther away than I would like (should anything evolve), though he is trying to move into the city
    Rave: My rants are silly, and there’s so much to rave about. Happy Friday!

    • Liv is pretty good and I say this as a snob when it comes to clubs. I like the layout of the place, big dancefloor, and people are generally getting down on the dancefloor. People can get a bit sloppy with too much booze, but the vibe is generally fun loving. Sound system sucks, bring ear plugs. 7/10.

    • IMO, Liv is OK as long as it’s not too crowded. Be warned that actually getting a drink at the bar will require some tenacity.

      • We just had our Sunday dance there and it was crowded, but the upstairs loft area was a nice relief. If that bar is also open I recommend over the main floor bar.

  • Rant: Couldn’t make it to the Chvrches’ gig on Wednesday due to an unexpected and unwanted work event in Baltimore.

    Rave: Posted the tickets for sale on Craigslist and got almost 100 responses. Sold them to an excited fan at face value and felt good about giving someone else the opportunity to see an amazing band live.

    Rave: It’s feckin’ Friday, innit?

  • Rave – Friday! It’s sunny! Looking forward to a low key weekend enjoying the beautiful weather going to the world embassy open houses. It’s one of my favorite events in DC.
    Rant – I can already tell that this work day is going to drag on. I can’t wait to bust outta this cubicle and get my weekend on.

  • Rant: one of my bosses. Feels like she makes it a point to yell at me for something every day. Earlier this week it was that I wasn’t making sure a task gets done – a task which has never been my responsibility to do or supervise – saying that if I had time to do (x part of my job), I had time to do (y task which is not my job). She also says I’m “too defensive” and should just apologize when I screw up rather than explain why I did it this particular way and how I can change that in the future. When I DO apologize, it only seems to make her angrier. I’m at a loss with what is causing this or how to deal with it.
    rave: everyone else at work – including all my other bosses – seems very happy with what I do and how I do it.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Friday, sunny, working from home with all the windows open.
    Rave: Derby Day tomorrow, but still not sure what event we’ll attend. It’s a real toss up between Bourbon, Southern Efficiency, and Poste. I’m bummed Jack Rose isn’t continuing their annual tradition thanks to a conflict with the BuzzFeed WHCD party, they always put on a great party.
    Rave that may become Rant next week: Will be attempting to create my own Dutch door for the kitchen with one we found at Community Forklift. Crossing my fingers that I still have all my fingers to cross next week after I’m done sawing and sanding.

  • Rant: This cold is kicking my ass. My poor partner had been sleeping on the couch all week.
    Rave: Friday! Most blessed day of the week.
    Rave: Spaghetti for breakfast
    Rave: This weather!

  • Rave: Friday! Gorgeous weather!
    Rave 2: Get to volunteer alongside one of my favorite restaurant’s chefs this weekend!

    Question: Is the POP/Nature Conservancy birding trip still on? Haven’t seen any updates.

  • Revel: grapefruit juice, bacon, and eggs for breakfast.
    Revel: a good friend is in town.
    Revel: we are getting margaritas tonight at Alero in CP. Feel free to join.
    Revel: I may wake up early enough to play soccer tomorrow unless tonight features too many margaritas and that’s okay.
    Revel: another friend is in town and we are recording Saturday afternoon.
    Revel: Kentucky Derby. I love hearing the call, but I always end up watching it by myself with a deliciously sweet whiskey drink or two.
    Revel: outdoor party afterwards
    Revel: scoring music for a 48 hour film fest project Sunday
    Revel: Sunday night = A Minor Forest at DC9. Anyone want to join?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Did you make that breakfast yourself?

      • I did. I made dinner last night, too. I feel like I’m all growned ups!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Hi, may name is Emily, can I come over for breakfast πŸ™‚ I’m very nice and will tell you amusing stories and make delicious cafe au lait.

          • I think I see at least one hook-up on the horizon! But really though, Wed’s hh was one of the highlights of my week. You two are a hoot!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Would it be wrong to say I’m whore for good food? I’m mean not a DTF whore, but I love me some food and will go out of my way for it. πŸ™‚

          • Wait, bacon and eggs is a culinary feat now? You should see some of the feasts I make!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Breakfast is a culinary feat b/c I am not a morning person! Coffee is about all I can do when I wake up. I’d be happy to be your taste tester!
            I used to have this friend college who was always up early and she would bring me and my roommate McDonald’s breakfast in bed. It used to annoy me b/c I wanted to sleep, but now I wish she lived here and could still bring me breakfast in bed. *sob* As Cinderella sang, “Don’t know what you got til it gooone…”

        • Yes, Emily, you’re welcome to come over for breakfast some time. I just need to get in the habit of making breakfast again. No need to be DTF.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Have I mentioned that you are my favorite?

          • No, but please keep doing so!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Please arrive at my apt on Sat morning with breakfast and you can have my first born (figure of speech I won’t be incubating parasites, but I’ll steal you a kid if you want one).

          • I’m old fashioned in that I need to date, fall in love, get married, then have the kid. No need to steal one. But, theoretically, despite tonight’s margarita extravaganza, I shall arise shortly after dawn to kick a ball around a field for a couple of hours, thus foregoing the breakfast thing.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Trying to order a new computer has been a total cluster. UPS is the worst. They won’t let my building manager sign for the package so they sent it back. I hate them.
    Rant: People at work who don’t empty their voice mail, return calls, or return emails. I can’t do research for you if I don’t talk to you, asshats!
    Rave: Monday is Cinco de Rhino and there will be rhino cookies!

  • skj84

    Rave: Busy Weekend ahead of me. Going to Running of the Chihuahuas, an audition and Opera in the Outfield tomorrow and then taking a class on Sunday. I also want to hit up Sundress Fest on Sunday.

    Rave: Had a very productive past two days. Got a lot of business and house work done. Plus I was out socializing/networking both Weds and Thursday. I think I’m going to take it easy today. Veg on the couch and watch Sex and the City.

  • Becks

    Rave: My new kitteh, Lady Carlotta of Columbia Heights, hasn’t let me hold her. But last night, she jumped up on the bed and curled up on my tummy purring!
    Rave: Kitteh purrs!
    Rave: Re-potting my new flower and basil sprouts tonight!
    Rant: Neighbors that feel they can dump trash between the houses. Everyday!
    Rave: It’s Friday!

    • Emmaleigh504

      awww kitties purring on tummies rock! Miss Donna Martin lets me pick her up & put her anywhere I want to snuggle, my late kitty Ashlee Barrington did not. I think it’s just different personalities. Hopefully Lady Carlotta is just shy, and becomes a super snuggly kitty.

    • pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rave: I found a stolen package in our alley this morning and was able to return it to it’s rightful owner.
    rant: It looked like the thief took half of the stuff and only left the a few things in the box.
    super rave: I am working from home today, far far away from my jerkface coworker.

  • Rave: Throwing a party this weekend! We have a great outdoor space but never get around to using it until it’s too hot/humid/mosquito-y. Weather looks fabulous and the patio umbrella I ordered arrived just in time!
    Rant: Will have to miss all the fun events happening tomorrow to get ready for it.

  • Rave: I started the day with a latte and cinnamon pecan scone at Qualia. I love dipping the scone in the foam, it’s delicious. I snacked on lightly fried marcona almonds. Working from home is great.
    Rant: I have to call everyone and their mother to get stuff fixed right now. Mortgage lender to find out how to straighten out incorrect tax, DC office of tax and revenue to get a new updated bill, Nespresso about my broken machine, Frigidaire about my broken dishwasher, Microsoft because they charged me to renew my live account even though I canceled it (switched to Amazon Fire TV, no more paying to stream content I already pay for on a machine I already paid for). Ugh.
    Rave: it’s beautiful out.

    • Depends on how old your dishwasher is and if it’s still covered by warranty, but when my Frigidaire crapped out I was told to not even bother fixing it and to buy a Whirlpool or Kenmore πŸ™‚ this was by a repairman who easily could have ripped me off.

      • It’s about 7 months old, so definitely under warranty. I assume I’ll get some trouble shooting advice. I hope I don’t need to get someone out here.

  • Rant: Won’t be moving to LA, won’t be getting a year-round tan, won’t be renting a funky bungalow in an artsy neighborhood, won’t be sleeping with expensively preserved/no preservative organic-eating California women, won’t be a highly paid contributor to the military-industrial complex.
    Rave: Will be living in a real city, will be living in a comprehensively and beautifully renovated house (someday, hopefully), will be sleeping with a woman I really like, will be rowing my little heart out every morning at dawn, will be enjoying the lower-stress life and regular hours of a mid-level bureaucrat (will be posting on PoP).
    When God closes a door… he probably wants you to open a beer, turn up the stereo and enjoy the hell out of wherever you’re at.

  • Rave: More responsibility, more money at work. Moving on up!
    Rant: I’m 20 weeks pregnant and have zero interest in working harder. I was really planning on playing the P card and coasting for a bit.
    Another rant: I really don’t care for this job, this work, or this client.
    Compensatory rave: Looking forward to sixteen weeks of maternity leave, and feeling enormously privileged that I can do that. Job may suck, but the benefits will be worth it.

  • rave: boyfriend hid a box of thin mints for me to find after he left town this morning. i love him.
    rant: already ate a half of them.

  • RANT: The city contractors hacked away at several trees on Varnum, Webster and 4th streets NW completely destroying their canopies. They came by last fall and trimmed them to avoid the power lines and did a good job. Now they came back again and are cutting the same trees in half. These trees now look ridiculous and provide no benefit to the neighborhood whatsoever. Gross and wasteful.
    RAVE: None. So upset at the destruction of these trees.

    • They weren’t Kentucky Coffeetrees were they? Because if they were, I think I can point you in the right direction for the cause of their destruction…

  • Rant: My parents bailed on weekend dinner plans…they have no idea that we made the plans to announce that we’re expecting their first grandchild. I’ve had a rocky first trimester and was SO looking forward to finally telling them at 12 wks. I want to keep plans casual as to not tip them off, but they are making it so difficult!
    Rave: Thrilled to have made it to 12 wks this time around.

    • congrats! don’t make your parents cry in public, invite them over for a nice home cooked breakfast instead, they’ll make it. (I am the parent whisperer).

  • houseintherear

    Rave: It’s my bday. I’m 33 now but today I told my elementary school students that I’m 24 and **they all believed me**.
    Rave: My amazing, stubborn old Westie is going to be in the Animal Fix today. Thanks, PoP! He’s excited. I can tell because when I told him, he tooted and growled a little.
    Rave: Going to the Red Hen tonight for a bday dinner.

    • epric002

      hahahah, happy birthday and congrats πŸ™‚

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy Birthday! Soon you need to add years so you look really, really good for your age (my grandmother gave me this advice). I keep trying to be 45-46, but no one believes me πŸ™‚

    • Happy Birthday!

      Possible downer alert:
      Just to widen your perspective though: I once had a 5th grader describe someone as being “really old…. Like 25”. She then reflected a few moments and said “When you’re that old, why even go OUTSIDE”. I asked her what she thought someone that old should do and she thought for a few more moments, and said “They should like find a chair and SIT in it.” Since I was in my late twenties at the time, I was pretty chagrinned by the conversation. I think I bought sunscreen and oil of olay on my way home from work that day.

      • houseintherear

        hahahahahaaaa that’s awesome! (note: If there’s a chair anywhere, I’ll probably want to sit in it, so she’s not far off.)

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